Story: Lauren (chapter 6)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 6

Sam stood on a dock arguing with the captain of a small fishing boat. "Oi, ye can't tell me yer not gonna let me on yer boat. Ye need some young blood aboard!" She said her arms out to her side, chest shoved out to show what a fine specimen she was.

"Are ye callin' me old boy?" The old captain said glaring at the arrogant boy in front of him, his gray hair shined in the bright dawn light. Thought it was only a few hours past sunrise the captain already smelled like whiskey and was swaying in place.

The smile fell off Sams face and she dropped her arms. "Oh come on now I’m sorry!" she yelled as he pulled off the dock and started away. "I DIDN'T NEED YE ANYWAY YE OLD COD!" Sam yelled out at him. She turned around and kicked the ground, "Well shit. What am I supposed ter do now?" She mumbled sliding her hands into her pockets and looking out at the sea.

Illiana left the ship and walk onto Tourtoga, she was headed to get some rum for her first mate

The sea always calmed her down. Ever since she was a little girl, and she'd first heard stories about pirates and sea monsters, mermaids and Davey Jones she knew that was the life for her.

"Aye lassie ye can't be a pirate!" Her father would say

"Un how come?" Sam would reply hands on hips

"Cause darlin' only men are pirates. Plus ye'll want ter meet ye a nice boy and settle down before ye know it lassie!"

"Boys are icky! And besides pa, ye say i can be whatever i want, and i wants ter be a pirate!" she argued.

He just shook his head and picked her up carrying her back to the house and tickling her.
She smiled as she remembered it all. Sam missed her father dearly, and cringed at the thought of the man her mother had remarried. He was the main reason she ran away in the

first place.

"You'll be needin' to go to a finishing school this fall Samantha," he said "No man will ever want to marry a girl like you. You're filthy and you have no manners. It's all been settled, you'll need to start packing your things you leave in two weeks. And don't bother going crying to your mother, it was her idea." he had said to her five days ago.

And here she stood looking out at the sea, smelling the salt and looking for another boat to board.

Illiana saw a boy standing on the dock, "Oi! You boy!" SHe called, tipping her aptian hat down to keep the setting sun out of her face

Sam looked up, "Aye miss how can i be o' service to ye?" she said approaching her.

Iliana alked over to the boy, "Wach' yeh sanden ere all alones fer?"

“Lookin fer work jus like any other person out here miss. I was a sailor before, but my last tour has ended and i find myself free." Sam said looking her in the eye, she's never met a lady captain before and couldn't help but grin like a fool in amazement.


"Well, me boy, seems I's in need o a crew hand. Yeh interested?" Illiana smiled

Sam could hardly contain herself, "Yes miss! I mean, of course twould be my pleasure." And she shook her hand smiling, but trying not to look to excited.

"Come" Illiana said, leading the boy back to the ship. She got to the ship and bade him wait for her above deck for a moment while she went to fetch Lauren


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