Story: Lauren (chapter 5)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 5

Lauren awoke to the feeling of warm arms wrapped around her, confused she opened her eyes to find herself curled up in bed with Illiana. being a daughter in a big family she was used to sharing a bed with her siblings but sharing with a complete stranger felt different, still the bed was warm and she hadn’t had a good nights sleep since she ran away. It was too early for her to question things that were happening around her so she decided on shrugging it off so she closed her eyes and went back to sleep. A peaceful smile curled around her face as she snuggled into the chest of her red haired captain, Illiana’s arms wrapped around her in return making her snuggle in deeper and get taken away by sleep.

Illiana turned in her sleep, and woke up to see she had an arm around Lauren, she looked around trying to understand how she ended up in bed with the shy girl she saved. She remembered spending most of the night helping the poor wretch she rescued get cleaned and straightened up, the girl actually looked clean now and respectable even with the large bruise on her face. The night cloths Illiana was wearing were a sign that she had planned on going to bed and that it didn’t just happen randomly. Lauren opened her eyes slowly not really wanting to get up she knew that she was safe and that the Irish captain next to her wasn’t going to ravage her while she slept but she still didn’t know how she ended up in bed with her savior. “morning love” the captain said sitting up to get out of bed.


Lauren sat up and looked around trying to remember when exactly she went to bed "I take it you're as confused as I am captain" she was speaking freely for the moment, her confused state made her forget her submitance. She looked almost normal now in her borrowed white shirt and breeches, the corset was giving her some problems but she wasn’t so uncomfortable that she had to stop wearing it. The smell of the bed sheets still filled her nose bringing up warm feeling something the abused girl wasn’t used to experiencing, the only emotion she was familiar with was fear but the feeling in her heart felt safer that and much warmer.

"Aye, tha' I be love" Illiana said, scratching her head, she knew she was starved for affection and really lonely but she didn’t think she was in such a state as to bring an innocent unknowing girl to bed with her. Even though the younger girl was fully dressed the captain felt like the was using her and tainting her innocence by even thinking about touching her. Heat filled her face as she thought about the way the girl buried her head in her chest, how good it felt, desire burned through her body but it was quickly doused by shame at her needs.

"I don’t remember falling asleep, let alone falling asleep in your bed, please forgive me" Lauren was waking up and fear flashed through her mind, she had fallen asleep without permission in the bed of her owner, fear filled her mint colored eyes and bowed then stood still waiting to be struck. She was scared that Illiana was going to throw her out now that she found out she couldn’t obey the rules, she would rather die than return to that hellhole of a tavern with its slave driver owner.

"What yeh appoligizin fer?" Illiana asked hopping up out of bed. "Nothin yeh done wrong.

I's headed to get some grub, yeh comin?" She could see the fear in Lauren’s eyes and wanted to reassure her that everything was ok, her own days of being afraid were still very real in her mind even though they were many years ago, fear never really left you after you lived it for so long. The only thing she could do for now was be patient and keep everything calm, she couldn’t force her strong personality onto the girl even if she was only trying to help her relax, everyone recovered at their own pace if she tried to speed things up she risked damaging the poor girl more.

"yes captain" Lauren followed behind Illiana still nervous, her savior had been very kind to her so far but even the tavern owner was kind to her in the beginning; the abuse didn’t start until after a contract was signed. Her eyes darted around the ship wondering why she hardly ever saw any other people aboard except for the captain in herself, as they got closer to the galley she could hear noises from above deck and understood that the other crew members were working.

Illiana lead the way to the kitchen weaving through the narrow and cluttered hallways of her ship God’s Grace as if they were the widest streets in all the world, she had been on this ship as captain and crew for well over 10 years, she could walk the ship blindfolded if she wanted too. Once they entered the equally cramped kitchen she threw some fresh wood into the iron stove to get it hot and then she grabbed a skillet, the cook was in the pantry peeling potatoes and doing the massive amount of breakfast dishes. Without ceremony she threw some potatoes and onions in a skillet along with eggs, sausage, and ham to make a nice filling breakfast.

Lauren stood off to the side waiting to see what Illiana needed her to do she wasn’t used to people waiting on her and she wanted to feel useful in some small way. Her stomach grumbled as the good smell of food filled her nose, the captain it seemed was familiar in the art of filling up starving crew members. All the ingredients in the skillet were high carb and high fat to get you full fast and keep you full.

"Here," Illiana handed the girl a plate after getting her food made "Me favorite brekfast, enjoy love". Lauren scarffed the food down without even looking at it, she hadn’t had a proper meal in weeks. lliana smiled and handed her another plate as she ate her own, "Hungry?"

"yes captain the tavern owner charged me for meals and I couldn’t afford to eat much" Lauren ate the second plate as quickly as the first starting to finally feel full and content

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