Story: Lauren (chapter 2)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: thanks to my friend Kara for letting me use her character in my story]

Illiana strolled into The Boar and Charter tavern, affectionately nicknamed 'The Whore and Garter by its regulars. She swept her hat off and unbuttoned Stripes old jacket. Her new short breeches and tight black shirt with a vibrant red ribbons at the sleeves made her look quite the dashing pirate captain. She was tanned from her time at sea and her movements were full of authority and confidence. Her wavy red hair was tucked under her three pointed hat so only a few strands fell down her face adding depth to her deep green eyes.

She was here for a special type of whiskey that only they sold that was the only reason she would come to a tavern with this sort of bade reputation, she may have been a pirate but she still had some class. Her days being trapped in a place like that were still fresh in her mind making her shudder as she looked around. But she was Irish and whiskey was her passion

The tavern was filled with the usual assortment of drunks, sailors, whores, and commoners. An old man missing his right eye gave her a saucy wink with his good eye and made obscene gestures by putting his tongue through his broken teeth. She flipped him off and headed towards the bar yelling

“bloody ell was a body got ter do ter get some service in this shite ole o a tavern?” she wanted to get out of there as quick as possible before her patience completely evaporated and she hit or shot someone. Her tolerance for dirty old men died a long time ago when she worked at a tavern similar to this one, they would always pinch her bum or stare at her chest much to the amusement of her master the tavern owner.

She looked around again for someone who worked at the tavern and her eyes caught a glimpse of a girl in the back, she was walking with a limp and had a large bruise over her right eye. “poor dear” Illiana murmered slowly approaching her, she dearly hoped this girl wasn’t stuck in the same situation that she had been but somehow she knew that to be the truth.

[End notes: I know this chapter was short but I'm just introducing character backstory at the moment, chapter 3 will be up soon]

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