Story: Lauren (chapter 10)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 10

[Author's notes: those of you who have read the story <a href=""To The Arms Of The Sea</a> will recognize this chapter as the opening chapter of that story. the parts you recognize I didnt write my friend the author of that story did, she and I are tying these stories together.]

Illiana tossed and turned, nightmares of her tavern days playing in her mind brief images flashed across her mind followed by feelings of pain and hopelessness. No real memory planted itself for a long time until finally one came to the surface, the memory of the first time she was used.

Illiana woke up on the cold ground of the tavern’s storage room. She was still sore from scrubbing the floors the night before. The owner had made her work harder tan ever before, simply because she refused him. “Another day, another copper poorer” She said, rubbing her eyes. Her once long red hair had been cut short and choppy as a punishment, and her hands, arms, legs , and back were all badly scared from the whip.

Illiana opened the door and walked out into the tavern, she limped over to the bar, as her ankle was badly swollen, and most likely broken. “Can I helps yeh sir?” She asked keeping her eyes down.

“Get me a pint of ale.” He said in a gruff voice. When she brought him what her asked for the took her chin in his hands twisted her face around and looked her over. The he called to the owner, “This one fer sale?”

The owner laughed, “Nah, but cha can ‘ave ‘er fer the night” He looked at Illiana again, “Give ‘er to yeh cheap too” Illliana’s eyes got wide in her head as the man took out 4 coppers and handed it to the tavern owner.

“I won’t” She said, then was shocked that she had had the nerve to speak. The owner was livid, he walked over and took her by the neck, slamming her into he wall.

“Ye’ll do as I says er I swear I’ll make yer life ‘ell” He threaten and threw her at the man’s feet. She was tall, but lack of food made her thin and she was easy to throw. Not that that isn’t already She thought to herself as she obediently said, “Yes master”

Illiana decided then and there, that no matter if it cost her her life, she was getting out of here. That small glimmer of hope kept her silent and obedient. She worked harder than ever, and took her weekly meal before he came for her

That night the whole tavern was filled with his moans of pleasure mixed with the sounds of her screams

Finally she woke and went up on deck, hoping to shake the memories away she climbed into the rigging and looked out at the churning gray water of mother sea.

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