Story: Lauren (chapter 1)

Authors: Skavo

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Chapter 1

a young, nineteen year old, girl sat in the back corner of a less than reputable tavern filled with smelly old sailors, cut throats, thieves, and whores. The tavern owner was away from the bar again so she was using the opportunity to rest. Her chin length white hair was soaked with sweat and her hands were bleeding because one of the blisters on them broke, no one cared though as long as she gave them their drinks on time and kept the floor cleaned. Small tears slid down her face as she sat in the dark, smoke filled room, she just wanted to go home now; being the forgotten daughter in a family of twenty was far better than this torture that had become her existence.

She couldn’t believe she thought she would be able to make it on her own, she was born and raised as nobility so everything was always handed to her, the world outside of her father’s castle wasn’t as free or beautiful as it seemed from her windows. This new world was found to be dark and frightening, the people were just out to take advantage of each other and no one knew how to be kind or trusting. Those who were naive enough to believe in the good of their fellow man were swiftly used and abused until their whole concept of right and wrong disappeared.

On paper she was employed at the tavern but in all reality she was a slave. The owner had found her out on the streets after she ran away from home and tricked her with the promise of a hot meal, a place to sleep, and even a job so she could earn money. As soon as she agreed to work for him however things took a dark turn, he charged her for her meals and room making sure they cost far more than what she earned working for him. She was a debt slave now forced to serve in the tavern until the owner got bored with her and decided to sell her off, thee had already been a few offers made but they weren’t high enough for the greedy owner so she remained his property.

she wore the cloths of a pirate but they were way to big for her, half her head was lost inside the bandana she wore and her sleeves were so long she had to roll them up to use her hands. Even though she was 5 and a half feet tall the cloths made her look small, her starved state made her look even smaller than normal, the tavern owner charged her for every meal so she tried to avoid eating until she absolutely had too. The self inflicted starvation left her weak and tired, dull mint green eyes watched the crowd waiting for the right person, she needed to find a pirate captain willing to take her aboard their ship. She had been trapped here in this horrible place for almost a year longing for escape even if it meant danger on the high seas or death at the hands of others.

[End notes: I will add the second chapter soon]

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