Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 9)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 9

Title: Chapter IX - A Match of Minds

“Oh! Oh my Gods!” Vinya was shrieking as Mirinda sat on her breasts, her bared nether lips sitting right in front of Vinya’s face.

“Oh, such a cute blushing; are you really ready for this...” Mirinda made a suggestive pose as she stuck a finger in her mouth, letting her tongue all over it and then taking her finger out again and holding it not five centimetres from Vinya’s face; “...or are you going shy on me already?”

Vinya replied by snapping out for the finger in hopes of catching it in her mouth, but Mirinda proved faster as she now smiled, bend down and kissed Vinya hotly; as their tongues met, Vinya saw their drool flowing down each other’s chins and onto the table, but she simply felt satisfied; after all, this experience was a paradise to her; she had never yet to feel so horny thanks to Mirinda, and she decided she should ‘thank’ the shin’idun girl for it later on.

As she kept tongue-kissing Vinya, Mirinda silently let her hand down towards Vinya’s nether lips, spreading them apart and sticking her fingers deep inside the shin’saras girl’s channel of innocence.

“Uhmm?! UHM UHM!” was all the still tongue-locked Vinya could reply as she felt herself getting even hotter.

“Hihihihih! Oh, it’s good to play the bad girl, you know?” Mirinda now teased as she pulled her tongue-licking back, seeing Vinya lie panting in heat in front of her.

Suddenly, a devious smile crept over her mouth, and Vinya now mustered her remaining energy in jumping on Mirinda, surprising the shin’idun girl as she began molesting and groping Mirinda’s breasts and to suck her nipples.

“Oh! Hey, first-timers can’t...oh! Uhmm, ye-e-e-e-e-es-s-s-s-s-s-s...!” Mirinda now hissed as she felt the younger girl all over her, rubbing herself against Mirinda, never letting go of her breasts.

Vinya outright chuckled, she borrowed her face between Mirinda’s breasts, sucking on them and her nipples, pinching them teasingly.

“Oh! Uhmm...!” Mirinda moaned, feeling clearly that it was time to take her ‘game’ to the next stage; calmly stroking Vinya’s head, she let the happy shin’saras girl have her way with her in order to gain her trust...and the fact that it felt as good as it did to Mirinda.

However, as two of the other girls snuck closer, Vinya caught eye on them and tried a rather sheepish smile to no avail; in a matter of seconds she found herself, Mirinda and the two other girls playing about, the two of them rather obsessed with tickling Vinya.

“N-no-O-O-O-O-OH! N-not there...!” Vinya shrieked as she tried and mask her hysterical giggles as the girls now tickled her under her armpits, while Mirinda were licking at her neck and caressing her butt.

“Hihih! It’s kinda funny; you always yell out ‘no’ when you really mean ‘yes’, right?” Mirinda asked as she stuck two fingers in Vinya’s mouth, the shin’saras girl sucking hungrily on them.

“OK girls; let’s finish her off nice and gently!” Mirinda now winked, her girls stopping their tickling of Vinya; as she looked, she saw how the girls began rubbing against each other, moaning and making suggestive gestures...

That, combined with Mirinda’s sudden molesting of her breasts, made Vinya let out a high-pitched shriek as she came; as her cum slowly flew out, Mirinda could clearly see that Vinya had a lot to learn as for lovemaking; however, as she looked at her, Mirinda was rather touched to see the shin’saras girl simply beam and smile at her; as she soon as her strength had returned, she threw herself over Mirinda, laughing down in between her breasts to her heart’s content.

“Oh, Mirinda! I’m glad it felt so good! Thank you, girls” she now sat up, tears of happiness in her eyes.

The girls stopped their moaning and turned to face her, smiling as they knew how it must have felt for Vinya.

“You’re kinda cute when ye blush, you little darkling” one of them teasingly rustled Vinya’s hair, making them exchange giggles.

“So...” Vinya asked, a clearly fake innocence in her voice; “would you mind teaching me some more tonight?”

“Oh, we will see it as quite the pleasure if we may” Mirinda winked, kissing Vinya’s cheek as thanks for her patience and partaking; after the banquet she would let Vinya have the time of her life.

“So...I accept” Allisia said meanwhile back at her room; “you will help me at this ‘orgy’ my mistress has planned for tonight, and in return...”

“...You’ll show us some cool moves and a little skin!” Jiraz finished, her and Shica sitting on the floor in front of Allisia.

“Can you show us some fighting moves?” Shica asked, perplexing Allisia as she had always trained while she was fully armoured; she had no idea how her techniques might look when she wore nothing but a simple, loose kimono.

“...I suppose so” she nodded, took a deep breath and started demonstrating her abilities; as Shica and Jiraz enjoyed the sight of the warrior girl training, they found themselves to sit closer to each other and having moved their hands towards each other’s crotch, making them exchange challenging smiles.

After a while, after having shown her most basic combat techniques, Allisia stopped, facing Jiraz and Shica again, both of them applauding.

“That was some sweet-ass moves; I wouldn’t get too near if I were one of your targets” Jiraz commented, Allisia nodding slightly in acknowledgment.

“ you wanted to see me naked...?” Allisia asked, finding herself not to mind it after all her training, as her skin was warm and sweaty by now.

“Sure, we’d love to!” Shica smiled at her, sitting down, spreading her legs and lying in between Jiraz’s thighs, her girlfriend rustling her hair.

While it was not her strongest desire, Allisia let her kimono fall to the ground, much to Jiraz and Shica’s amusement.

“Wow, that’s quite some boobies; careful you don’t end up having that little cutie Chinyi suffocating in there” Shica teased as she and Jiraz studied Allisia; as she felt rather embarrassed, they told that it was perfectly fine, and that she did not need to show off more than she wanted to.

The day passed, and besides from Breeze’s visit to the kitchen, nothing truly particular happened to delay the banquet; however, the maids in the kitchen found the griffon rather helpful at carrying plates and cutlery to the dining hall on her back and in her beak, as well as on her hind legs; one of the maids even used a spare moment to stroke the purring griffon under her massive, golden beak.

“I’d say, you Nightwind gals are rather the pleasant company” she at a time spoke to Minyoki on her way to her room.

“Yeah, you’re kinda right...” Minyoki nodded, still not really used to talk openly to a creature that barely reached her waist while walking on four legs.

“I confess, I feel very much at home here; it’s not like my mistresses’ home, but still” Breeze nodded, walking down the corridor; however selfish it would be, she needed to ask the maids at the kitchen if they planned on making any chicken wings for the night’s banquet; Breeze chuckled with the sound of an owl hooting at the silly thought that she might be eating a distant relative to griffons.

Climbing down the stairs to the entrance hall, she saw a smiling and giggling Chinyi walk up from the dungeons, a rather blushing, yet eagerly discussing Vinya walking besides her, dressed in with appeared to be a simple white night gown.

“What weird humans those girls are...” Breeze shoke her head, her golden eyes now finding the door to the kitchen; inside the white-marbled room, ovens and other furniture suited for a typical kitchen were already preoccupied by the maids, as they exchanged jokes, talked and prepared the banquet, all the while soups bobbling, meat simmering and potato slices floating in their searing, hot water.

“Oh, hallo Breeze” a maid greeted the griffon pleasantly; as she stretched out her hand in a formal greeting, Breeze tried her best not to let the claws on her left foreleg scratch the girl’s hand.

“Uhmm, it may seem odd to ask, but...” Breeze began, but the girl simply winked and held up her hand in a gesture likely to mean ‘it doesn’t matter’.

“You’d like to know what’s to be served tonight?” she teased Breeze, who were simply amazed and perplexed at the same time.

“How would you know?” the griffon asked.

“Hihihih; Mirinda once borrowed me a book about magical creatures, and I read that griffons are quite picky with their food” the girl giggled; “and don’t you worry, birdie; there’s some good meat included tonight.”

Hearing that, Breeze tried her best to mask her slurping tongue at the thought of all the meat she would have, even if it were to be remains and leftovers.

“Girls of Nightwind Manor...” Narrisha formally announced from her throne at the end of the large dining table; “let the banquet begin!”

As the girls now began eating, Jiraz helped herself to pierce a roasted sausage with a claw, making Allisia, who sat next to her, clearly lift an eyebrow.

“What? It spares you the fork” Jiraz teasingly winked, swallowing the sausage whole.

Sitting right over in front of her, Shica helped herself to some elven wine, looking rather pleased as she had already emptied about two other glasses.

Shaking her head and smiling, Jiraz rather hoped that Shica would be well drunk later in the evening; as it was known to her, Shica were even wilder, if it was physically possible, when she was drunk.

“Hey, Jiraz, can you pass me some deer?” Chinyi now asked a few chairs from her; nodding, Jiraz stretched out and handed Chinyi the plate with deer meat; as she received it, she saw her sister sitting with a rather awkward look on her face.

“What’s wrong, sis?” Chinyi asked.

“There’s something under the table...!” Minyoki mumbled, trying not to laugh; as she lifted the cloth, Chinyi could see Breeze sneak about in search of dropped leftovers or meaty remains.

“Seems like we’ve got ourselves a hungry griffon lurking about” Minyoki now chuckled as she saw Breeze’s beak accidently stroke the inner of one of Hiroi’s thighs, making the blue-haired girl let out a small yelp.

“What in the fu-...!” she began, but soon found the griffon to just lurk about for some food.

“Here ye go, you skirt-chasing birdie!” she snapped at Breeze, handing the griffon a small piece of wild boar; not as soon as her hand reached down with the food, a quick snap from the solid beak told that that piece of boar meat was gone for good.

As the feast was nearing its end, Narrisha stood up from her throne, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Girls, I am glad you joined me for this wonderful banquet, and let us thank our kitchen staff for a good meal...” Narrisha now gestured to a small group of maids; applauses were heard, and Shica and Jiraz took part and saw the maids lightly blush and nod in thanks; “and, of course, our dear guests, for their arrival.”

As the applause were now heard again, Jiraz and Shica smiled and nodded; comically, Breeze now popped up from under the table, a small chicken wing still dangling from her beak, making many of the girls laugh at her.

“As we are about to reach the main event of this fine evening, I will ask everyone to go and prepare themselves; an hour from now, I ask you to meet me in the entrance hall; you may now leave, and thanks for a good dinner.”

As the chairs now scrambled as the girls rose up, everyone took up cutlery, pans and other things they had used and went for the kitchen; the kitchen staff, being the ones to clean up, did not seem too worried about making it to meet their mistress in an hour, and were whistling and giggling with each other as they began washing and cleaning up.

“Jiraz, when I get older, I’ll ask my mom if we can move in here” Shica smiled as she were carrying out her plate, Jiraz following behind.

“How come?” Jiraz asked for fun, already knowing the answer.

“Honey, this is like a lesbian playgirl mansion! Imagine: We can just about grab a little maid for a few 10 minutes for some fun, and then proceed to have Mirinda dominate us for doing something bad” Shica laughed, Jiraz joining in; around them, the girls could not help but smile, almost hoping Shica and Jiraz would really move in; a somewhat slutty shin’saras girl and a seductive succubus humping each other all night would not really be a problem.

“Mistress, may I have a word with you?” Vinya now appeared behind Shica, looking rather nervous.

“Why, sure; c’mon Jiraz” Shica nodded, the three of them sneaking slowly out of the dining hall and entered a dank corridor.

“I, uhmm, I have a confession, mistress...” Vinya now tried, her false mask of nervousness hiding her eagerness of what had occoured to her still working.

“Really?” Shica asked, having already figured out Vinya’s intentions by her stance; seeing so as well, Jiraz swallowed a chuckle as she had a feeling this would be good.

“You see, Shica...” Vinya now took a slight step forward, slowly approaching Shica; “I was with Mirinda and some of her girls a while ago, and...”

“...And you wanted to say you liked it? Did it feel good?” Shica now teased, Vinya trying not to look too perplexed.

“Oh! Uhmmm...” Vinya began, but as she found that her message could be given more simply, she took the risk, lounged forward towards Shica, her mouth ready to kiss her...

However, her mistress’ giggling face were sooner in range than Vinya had thought, for Shica had reached out and seized Vinya’s arms, forcing her maid slowly to the floor, who, in her surprise, forgot to resist; not a few seconds after, Shica placed an extremely passionate and erotic kiss on Vinya’s mouth, causing her to drop her guard completely, letting out a long moan.

“Mhmmm...” Shica simply commented, standing up after having departed her lips slowly from Vinya’s.

“Don’t you get me jealous!” Jiraz now joked and smiled at Shica, who simply chuckled as the succubus delivered the same, if not rather more wet kiss to Shica, who in turn embraced her girlfriend passionately.

Confused, Vinya stood up, Jiraz and Shica turning their attention to her.

“We’ve got it on tape, you silly little girlie!” Jiraz said, a strap with a small cassette attached to it swinging around her claw.

“But, but how?!” Vinya now started to worry, but Shica simply kissed her cheek.

“Don’t worry; even if we told anyone, you wouldn’t be a bad person; all of these maid cuties want into each other’s panties” Shica explained with a teasing wink.

“But what did you tape??” Vinya asked, although her worry was decreasing as she already knew she would not be looked down upon.

“Lemme show you” Jiraz winked at her, pressing a bottom on the cassette:

“Oh! Oh my Gods!” Vinya heard herself shrieking, remembering her love-making with Mirinda, whose voice were heard next; “Oh, such a cute blushing; are you really ready for this, or are you going shy on me already?”

“I kinda like that part; it sounds cute” Jiraz said, pressing another bottom, stopping the recording.

“ recorded me making love with Mistress Mirinda...?” Vinya asked; somehow, this daring act did not feel wrong to her, as she did not think that her mistress and her girlfriend would blackmail her.

“Uhmm, yeah; I kinda wanted to see if I had ‘trained’ you well enough” Shica joked, embracing Vinya as she felt a strong urge to either yell back at her mistress and Jiraz, or start laughing.

“ was OK that I...” Vinya now looked rather confused; sighing, she decided to end the question; “it was OK I was frolicking with Mistress Mirinda?”

“Hell, if I weren’t already set on fucking Shica all night long, I would’ve chosen Mirinda” Jiraz smiled at Vinya, stroking under Shica’s throat, much to the shin’saras girl’s enjoyment as she began to purr.

“What’s going on here, if I may ask?” Allisia now suddenly appear behind a pillar, wearing a tight blue leather bodysuit, black leather gloves and boots, and her sword strapped in its belt and scabbard around her waist.

“We’re just having a little fun with Vinya, that’s all” Jiraz said in a rather failing attempt to sound innocent; although she still looked strictly at them, Allisia allowed herself an understandable smile.

“Still, I would suggest you wait until we head down for the dungeons; Vinya, would you please follow me? I have a favour to ask of you” Allisia now nodded at Vinya, the shin’saras girl hurrying over to her.

“Way to go, Mrs. Killjoy” Shica mumbled teasingly under her breath at Allisia.

“Worry not, I will not do anything to her that you would not do, yourselves” Allisia joked, making Shica and Jiraz laugh as Allisia and Vinya made their way down towards the entrance hall.

“I have a question for you, first of all, Vinya” Allisia said.

“Uhmm, what’s that?” Vinya asked.

“Do you feel insecure here, away from your mother and living in a manor of girls that pretty much seeks to frolic with you daily?” Allisia asked her.

“Oh? Well, not really, they’re all pretty nice to me...and I don’t really mind their flirting...” Vinya said, feeling herself blush at her last statement.

“So you would not mind if, say, I, personally were to be one of those frolicking she-wolves?” Allisia asked again, stating her point more firmly as she laid a hand on Vinya’s shoulder as they walked.

“No, not really; I mean, you’re a knight, you know how to treat a lady” Vinya joked, she and Allisia exchanging a short laugh.

“I’m glad you are not, well, afraid of us and our directness; although it may just seem like a mere excuse to make out with other girls, the maids here also share other things than their bodies with each other” Allisia told Vinya.

“Like what?” Vinya asked curiously.

“Well, personal matters, fashion tips, all sorts of information, and in rare cases, they also help to solve eventual fights” Allisia said.

“Uhmm, fights? As in who screws Hiroi first?” Vinya partly joked, knowing fully well of the ‘biker babe’s later ‘punishment’ by Jiraz and Shica in the dungeon.

“Somewhat, yes, but also those of real feelings; they are not simple, brainless frolicking flesh golems” Allisia said, a sense of strictness in her voice making Vinya feel ashamed.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to-...” Vinya began, but Allisia cut her off.

“It’s alright; you didn’t know, as you are quite a newcomer, but you will know it eventually” she comforted Vinya by teasingly rustling her pink hair, making her smile.

After an hour’s time, the girls headed down towards the dungeons, eagerly discussing the coming party; Jiraz and Shica were the first to step into the room that was to serve as tonight’s entertainment:

A stone platform of about a half metre’s height served as scene for what was to be Christy’s strip show, and red velvet curtains hid what one could only assume was a dressing room behind it; the floor of the scene were covered by red velvet as well, and projectors emanating a mix of pink and red lights shun over the scene, giving it an alluring, yet cosy look.

The rest of the room consisted of a few dozen round table with matching chairs, a small bar, a pool opposite the stage, a sweet scent coming from it; comfortable beds around in circles around the four round corners of the room, and what appeared to be some form of arena in the middle of the room; it was sunk a few centimetres down into the floor and oval in form, and covered about 7 metres all the way around in height and length.

“Hmm I like the atmosphere down here” Jiraz commented, sniffing heavily to try and trace the source of the sweet scent from the pool.

“It’s ‘Swift Seduction’; my mom’s uses it when she and her Scarlet Sisters plays around” Shica explained, winking suggestively at Jiraz.

“Now that’s just a nice title, ‘cause it kinda works, already” Jiraz said, feeling the thin, white dress she wore somewhat unable to contain her need to jump up and make passionate love to Shica...

“Uhmm...!” Jiraz found herself moaning, Shica chuckling at seeing her girlfriend struggle so hard not to go ahead and molest her.

“I wonder what that circle in the middle is for” Allisia said, having appeared behind them; she wore an elegant, dark-blue knee-length silk dress with silver trims, elbow-long matching gloves, and, surprising, her steel-armoured black leather boots.

“I dunno, but I kinda hope it’s for something really special” Shica winked at Allisia, who simply sighed.

“I gotta admit I look forward to molest Hiroi; she seems like that kinda biker babe who’s got it all in her mouth” Jiraz commented, Shica sending her an equally eager look.

“Yeah, it’ll be a good threesome, but remember, Jiraz; she’s a virgin, so we gotta move fast, swiftly and carefully.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it...oh, and that thing about her being afraid of strap-ons? I dunno what’s to worry about with those things!” Jiraz chuckled, remembering all the times her and Shica had used them, themselves.

“Yo, what’s up, girls?” Minyoki now came down the stairs, clad in an elegant, knee-high pink dress with silvery trims around the neck.

“Heh, that’s kinda a stylish dress you’ve gotten yourself there” Jiraz commented, liking how the dress was light and transparent for her to see that Minyoki wore no other underwear than white panties.

“Yeah, Christy helped out a bit with selecting colours; she said it’d match the hair” Minyoki said, adjusting the neck of the dress.

“You look very elegant in it, Minyoki” Allisia said, Minyoki sending her a thankful smile.

“Thanks, yours are not too bad either; goes well with the hair” she nodded, Allisia nodding in reply.

After a few minutes the rest of the girls arrived, eagerly discussing the coming night’s events; some of the last to arrive was Chinyi, who complained about having difficulties in fitting into her uniform; as she was dress as an anime schoolgirl, with a traditional blue and white uniform, white stockings and black leather boots, quite a few eyes turned towards her, as well as a few lusty grins from Fars and Hiroi.

The last one to arrive was Siriki, an ice-haired girl wearing what could only be described as a right out cosplay costume of Joanna Dark’s blue leather bodysuit, with the slight alteration that Siriki had replaced the blue colour with a more bluish tone to match her hair; as she made her way down the stairs, Shica noticed a small, hand-held camera in her right hand.

“She’s gonna film the whole thing, isn’t she?” Shica asked Jiraz, the succubus sending her a suggestive wink; “yep; once she starts filming us, though, they’ll run outta dry panties and start using toilet paper!”

“...And now; let the entertainment begin!” Narrisha finished a short speech from atop the scene, the different girls now finding themselves in different groups, while Allisia seemed rather curious as to know what the mysterious, circular spot in the middle of the room was.

“Should we reveal it now? That knight chick’s gonna be loving it, anyway” Faris whispered in Narrisha’s ear, the vampire girl grinning and pressing a small, red bottom on her throne-like chair in the room’s eastern corner.

As Allisia, alert as she was, jumped back as the circular spot began slowly rotating, she and the other girls standing around it witnessed a rather alerting yet, to her own surprise, alluring sight:

As the platform has sunk about a quarter of a meter into the ground, a brown liquid were emerging to the surface; leaning down by her sword, Allisia removed her right glove and stuck a finger into the substance...

“Oh my Gods!” Jiraz smiled as her eyes switched from the circle to Shica between seconds; “it’s a freaking...-“

“Mud Wrestling Pit; you guessed it, succu-smart” Shica now teased Jiraz, not really minding the idea of having a go down in the pit with Jiraz; however, Narrisha, followed by Faris and Mirinda, now approached Allisia, Faris at one time stepping over and smiling at two girls locked in a passionate and wild kissing.

“I know of all your moralities, Allisia, so I’ve set up this little surprise for you” Narrisha now approached the lady knight; a look of confusion and curiosity were clearly marked on her face, and she sent Narrisha a questioning look.

“Why, you’re to fight some of those girls around here, of course! Nothing lethal, though, as if you’d flip a warrior on them” Narrisha continued, Allisia seeing Faris’ already broad grin widening.

“And I can choose whom I am to fight, myself?” Allisia asked, although neither enjoying or despising the idea of wrestling and rumbling about in a mud pit with an over-eager, silly little girl.

“Oh yes; it’d not be really fair if you were forced the fight someone you’d not wanna fight” Narrisha explained, her smile spreading further over her lips; “but personally, I’d prefer if you’ll be quick about; I kinda wanna wrestle Faris.”

Faris’ smile faded and her face assumed a sunset-bright blushing; at that sight, Allisia found herself letting out a small giggle.

“Oh, uhmm, very well, then...” she now said, her self-control returning; as she had chosen the ones she would fight, for the sake of ridding her mind of them as being petite and too immature, she said; “I wish to fight Chinyi and Siriki.”

“So it’s the Lady Knight against the Prankster Punks? Ah, nice combination...” Narrisha said, asking Allisia to wait behind, her and Faris trying to find Chinyi and Siriki in the room, which were, by now, filled with love-making, screaming and moaning girls.

“You have no need to fear this wrestling, Allisia” Mirinda pointed out, Allisia raising an eyebrow in interest; “to get dirtied by simple mud is not a sin or break of any morality code you might have” Mirinda said, reaching down, dipping a PVC-clad finger into the pit, smearing the fresh mud over Allisia’s unguarded left chin.

“I must confess...” Allisia said as she wiped the mud off with her palm; “...that I begin to think I should...well, cut myself more loose and enjoy myself some more...”

“That’s exactly what this match is all about! You’re gonna need to cut loose from all your thoughts of morale and codes of honour and just enjoy; heck, your greatest worry should be those two little teasers...” Mirinda said, smiling seductively at the more relaxed look on Allisia’s face; “so...can I help you out of your suit? You’re not gonna fight them fully clothed, are you?”

“Well, no, not really, but I’ve come prepared for an occasion like this” Allisia said, slowly slipping out of her elegant, blue dress; as she folded it neatly together and placed the shawl around the pile, she revealed that she had been wearing a bikini and a set of bandeaus underneath her dress alongside her steel-armoured boots.

“Uhmm, Mirinda...?” Allisia now asked, rather uncomfortable with Mirinda’s sudden starring and ogling at her.

“Huh? Oh! Oh, sorry, Allisia; it’s’s just the first time I’ve seen you without that platemail armour on...” Mirinda now smiled sheepishly, not aware of what she said next; “I’ve always thought you’d wear that suit to compensate for your boobies being small.”

At that, Allisia outright laughed at Mirinda, and not a simply polite, short one; the joke in itself were hilarious, and Allisia's newfound playfulness had, for the first time since her arrival at the manor, sparked her 'inner lioness' as she looked lustfully at Mirinda, still trying to catch her slightly gasping breathe.

“Hiya, Allisia! You wanted to fight us, huh??” a voice suddenly rang, Chinyi waving at Allisia, walking besides Siriki, who had apparently forsaken her camera and joined in the games.

“Where’s Faris and Narrisha?” Allisia asked, not seeing the two older girls behind Siriki and Chinyi.

“Well, they stayed behind to seduce Gloris; they’re getting in heat over there at the pool” Siriki pointed out, Allisia clearly seeing the pool at the other end of the room, three figures moving wildly about in the light of the dim-lighted room.

“Are you ready to face me, youngsters?” Allisia now asked, heading towards the pit; as she mentally and physically prepared herself, a new feeling of outright anticipation coursed through her mind, making her smile to herself.

“Sure! We’re gonna kick your ass, missy!” Siriki smirked, her and Chinyi giving each other a thumbs up and smiling at each other.

“I will just stay here as audience” Mirinda said, sitting down on a small, velvet-covered bench outside the pit; however, she was soon joined by a panting Ukuni, dragging herself up t a sitting position, exchanging a wave and smile with Christy, the stripper now walking up towards her scene, a small group of eager fangirls waiting for her.

“I’m...never gonna...ask her to suck on my nipples...ever...again...!” Ukuni panted out, still smiling happily as she licked around her mouth and lips.

“How come? Did she bite them too hardly?” Mirinda partly asked, partly teased her.

“She’s just...too, fucking...good...” Ukuni giggled, enjoying herself as she openly masturbated in direction of the scene, where Christy, at the united cheers of her fangirls, began sliding up and down her dancing pole.

“I don’t hope you mind that I take your mind off her a moment...” Mirinda now smiled, leaning over Ukuni like a right out sexual predator.

“Oh, shi-...!” Ukuni barely managed to say, before she with a small shriek and giggle found Mirinda licking all over her face, tongue-kissing her and stroking her chins.

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