Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 8)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter VIII - The Dark Damsel in Distress

[Author's notes: j]

“So, let’s get to it!” Mirinda smirked, beholding her latest ‘victim’; in the dark dungeons under the manor, although kept spotlessly clean and useable by the maids, it was still a quite scary place for those new to the manor.

Which in this case were none other than Vinya, lying on a polished stone table, her ankles and wrists locked with steel shackles.

“What’s going on? I thought you said you’d be gentle!” she exclaimed in a clearly panicking voice; around her, the sounds of giggles from what she saw to be dark silhouettes did nothing to calm her.

“I did, but I did not say for how long” Mirinda now menacingly replied.

“Uhmm, actually you said five minutes” Vinya reminded her; following that, the giggles turned to outright laughs, and Mirinda herself took part in them.

“Eheheheh; sorry, I think I forgot that” she apologised, knowing that she preferred her victims willing and in a desperate need and desire for her to make love to, not to be in a state of utter horror.

“But still, what are you going to do to me??” Vinya asked, although she already knew and dreaded the answer.

“Well, I’m going to ravish you, of course, but as promised I will spare your virtue for the fortunate girl you will one day call your true lover” Mirinda said, adjusting her black PVC latex gloves a bit as well as her mask; she loved the feeling the black PVC latex outfit as a whole gave her, and the riding crop sturdy, black leather in her hand was exactly small enough to really leave some marks on Vinya’s butt if she so choose it.

“Mistress, are you going down on her soon?” an eager and young voice that Vinya recognized as Chinyi’s at once were heard from the shadows.

“Chinyi! Why are you here! Help me out of this!” Vinya began calling her in hopes of having the human girl help untie her.

Stepping out from the shadows, Chinyi approached Vinya, looking at Mirinda, receiving a nod from her; smiling she began softly stroking Vinya’s bared stomach.

“It’’s tickling, Chinyi...” Vinya mumbled, surprised to find herself giggling.

“Mistress Mirinda will take good care of you, Vinya” she leaned towards Vinya’s head, whispering playfully; “don’t worry, she’s just playing with you; you should know what she once did to me.”

“What did she do?” Vinya whispered back.

“Well, let’s just say that I began to get horny simply hearing the letter ‘M’” Chinyi said, trying not to laugh at the hot memory.

“Enough whispering!” a strict voice now echoed in the room; cracking the crop, Mirinda lightly hit Chinyi’s right buttock, making her let out a small yelp.

“Girls, ready my love toy for me!” Mirinda snapped, the shadows around the sides of the room taking form of the girls of the manor; apart from Vinya, who wore her standard maid uniform, they were all clad in very revealing black latex outfits, all carrying a small and barely visible ‘M’ on their gloves, and all of them very much as beautiful and alluring as Mirinda.

“These are my slave girls, and soon, so shall you be!” Mirinda now smiled, letting out a long and evil laugh.

Horrified, Vinya found one of the girls to lean to her head, whispering to her; “it’s just role-play; we’re not really gonna hurt you.”

“T-then why are you...?” Vinya began, only to see the other girls slowly and carefully undressing her, leaving her naked expect from the boots, which still sat locked in the shackles.

“My, what a lovely, white flower this shin’saras girl has” Mirinda smiled, licking her fingers in a most suggestive way; Vinya, knowing full well what the crazy shin’idun witch might do to her, simply tried her best to calm down, remembering her first lovemaking with her mistress Shica.

Filling her lungs with air and slowly breathing out again, Vinya accepted what was to be done to her, and finding strength and trust in the girls’ promises not to harm her, she managed a smile, her sense of uncertainty and dread vanishing.

“Your smile tells me you have accepted your fate; very good” Mirinda winked at Vinya, her slave girls clearly eager to go ahead of their mistress and molest Vinya.

As if she had read the shin’saras girl’s mind, Mirinda walked towards her, gently stroking her face and smiled; “accepting to be made love to and enjoying it does not make you a slut; if I, in my coming ecstasy, are to call you that, you’ll have to know that I mean no other ill then simply to enjoy your gifts.”

Feeling herself getting excited, Vinya smiled gratefully at Mirinda’s assuring words; she trusted her skills now, as well as her intentions.

Falling back into the role of dominatrix, Mirinda leaned back, and with a seductive look on her face, she began dancing and posing in the most erotic ways she could think of; some of her girls, including Chinyi, turned their eyes from Vinya, finding their mistress very attractive by now.

“Uhmmm...” Vinya mumbled to herself, feeling her fingers fold and unfold, her boots moving as much as they could in their shackles, and her naked body rolling on and about in rhythm with her head; a small white substance could nearly be spotted between her legs, and she felt a great urge to break her bonds and throw herself hungrily over the dancing seductress.

“Oh? Already excited?” Mirinda now said with a seductive giggle, pausing her dance and went towards Vinya, who felt her heartbeat rise, her blood nearly boil and her nether lips getting moist.

“Hihihihih! Oh, this is truly one of life’s greatest joys!” Mirinda smiled, leaning slowly down towards Vinya, letting her fingers run delicately and lightly over her stomach.

“Now, my little love toy...” Mirinda said in a sugar-sweet voice; “I’ll teach you all the pleasures your body will ever know of!”

While not too nervous, Vinya felt the excitement heighten as Mirinda proceeded to lightly touch all over her stomach; suddenly, though, she saw her nipples, very slowly, shallow up.

“W-what’s this feeling? I’m getting dizzy and...!” she nervously asked Mirinda, who simply smiled at her, her golden hair and blue eyes making her look like that of a goddess descending down upon Vinya.

“You’re liking it, and your body replies to me; it wants me to suck and molest your breasts, silly” she teased, now holding her hands barely above Vinya’s breasts.

“But they’re so small!’s really not worth the effort!” Vinya tried and excuse herself, but she felt like she was partly joking; behind them, Mirinda’s girls began laughing at her, calling her a ‘silly sweetie’.

Smiling, Mirinda let a finger touch the tip of Vinya’s left nipple, causing a rush of excitement through Vinya’s body; moaning, Vinya knew that it was no use fighting what appeared to be her own desires; however, deep inside her own heart, she felt like letting herself go wild for one time’s sake, and enjoy the pleasure Mirinda would give her.

“Mi-...mistress Mirinda...” she spoke through her moaning as Mirinda playfully twirled her nipple around with her finger; “...I can’t deny the truth! I want you to make love to me, Mirinda!”

Hearing that, Mirinda near beamed; she loved the fact that Vinya had realised what pleasure she could have, and opened her heart to Mirinda and the girls of Nightwind Manor; whistling lowly, Mirinda called one of the girls up besides her, asking her to remove the shackles.

The other girls now stopped laughing, and eagerly looked forward to the real love-making.

As Vinya was untied, she did not bother to rise up, and instead kept down, needing to catch her excited breath; Mirinda had barely touched her, and yet she felt like she was in heat for the shin’idun’s girl’s gifts to her.

Leaning down over her, Mirinda’s face was but a half meter from Vinya’s, the two girls smiling at each other in expectancy.

“Pretty girl...” Mirinda purred lovingly at Vinya, rising up again and stepping down from the stone table.

“I’d better relieve myself of this” she winked at Vinya, who, amongst Mirinda’s slave girls, bore witness to the shin’idun girl’s unbuttoning of her latex bra, her plump breasts bouncing out.

“Hihihih! It’s such fun to make cute girls cum; I’d better be a little more appealing to you” Mirinda teased, unfastening her skimpy latex thong as well; as it fell to the ground, a small, neatly trimmed and shaved bush of golden hair hid Mirinda’s nether lips, much to the now panting Vinya’s appreciation, as her own wish to bolt up and molest the buxom elf girl increased dramatically.

“Aw, so cute; as shy as a little schoolgirl at her first time being molested by the head cheerleader...” Mirinda teased, Vinya now clearly blushing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take your virtue, unlike what I did to the other girls...” Mirinda chuckled; “...but then again, they were even begging me to rid them of it.”

“ love virgins like me...?” Vinya asked carefully.

“Of course, just as much as I love any cute little girl...or the closest, hot, experienced leather-clad redhead that’ll fuck me until sunrise!” Mirinda now licked her lips, feeling good from the mental image of having Faris and her Night Guard girlies going bondage on her.

Suddenly, as Mirinda was slightly drifted away in her daydreams, Vinya found her own hand slowly run along her thighs, approaching her own small bush; surprised as she was, Mirinda chuckled and leaned down over her, Vinya’s mental state now ablaze with anticipation as she fought desperately for not to reach out, grab one of Mirinda’s busty breasts and put it in her drooling mouth.

“You’ve never masturbated before?” Mirinda asked her as she awoke from her daydream.

“I...I’ve been touched by my mistress, yet...she seems far away in my mind...” Vinya answered, her lustful ecstasy cooling somewhat down at the thought of if she had not enjoyed Shica’s touch back then.

“Maybe it’s because you turn on this” Mirinda suggested, Vinya’s curiosity getting the better of her lust, although she still felt as if liquid fire burned inside her from below and above.

“’T-turn on’?” she asked confused.

“Yes, your deepest and best erotic fantasy, the thing you’d like the most to be done to you” Mirinda smiled, now lowering her voice to near a whisper; “personally, my turn on, or fetish more popularly called, is to simply have all the girls of the manor licking, kissing and molesting me from every single direction, making me climax over and over again, soiling my latex suit and leaving me to rest in a puddle of our cum.”

As Vinya mentally imagined Mirinda screaming her lust out as hundreds of girls kinkily threw themselves over her, she let out a small shriek of excitement, as she could not help but to think of how that might feel to herself; opening her eyes, she saw a grinning Mirinda point her gloved finger at her nose, a slightly transparent liquid with a bluish hue dripping from it.

“Wha-what’s that?” Vinya asked, but Mirinda merely winked, leaned back from her and sucked and licked the fluid off her gloves in her own, seductive way; letting herself lie on the table slightly in front of Vinya, their boots touching each other, she made a short laugh.

“It’s your cum, silly; it’s the thing that makes you feel so good when you feel kinky and after you have your orgasm” she nodded, Vinya now understanding that as she thought of those girls all over her, she had been cumming lightly without knowing, lost in her lust as she was.

“But don’t worry; we girls can cum a lot more...” Mirinda assured seductively; rising up, she grabbed Vinya’s wrists lightly, helping her up in a sitting position.

“Now I’ve got a little pleasantry for you” Mirinda said, Vinya eagerly listening, although the girls still haunted her mind; “move your hand down your thighs to your vagina and begin touching it gently.”

While confused, Vinya did as she was told, but as she touched, she could feel a warm fluid even through her white leather gloves; it felt warm and smelled nicely both sour and sweet; as she decided to go ahead, Vinya began making suggestive at moves to Mirinda by letting her teeth bite the fingers of the glove, sucking the fluid off and pulling off the glove, as she proceeded to the other hand.

“You learn quickly; Chinyi, will you go ahead and explain the more intimate, please?” she asked the pink-haired girl, but it appeared that all she could utter was moans alongside the other girls.

Vinya now began letting her bared fingers over her vagina; while she only touched it lightly, it felt quite wet, as if it had been hit with water; however, according what Mirinda had told her, her lustful feelings had taken a physical form by making her feel as if set on fire, dizzy and wet between her thighs.

Not hesitating, Vinya smiled due to her growing experience in the arts of ‘forbidden love’, and dared touch herself more firmly, while letting her other hand reach her breasts, rubbing the right one’s nipple just as Mirinda had done; however, a fiery explosion of nerves began in her nether lips at the thought of having hundreds of tightly-clad, PVC-wearing attractive girls descend upon her, bend on her ultimate pleasure as well as their own.

“UHMMMM...!” Vinya groaned as she let the hot fluids hit her fingers; it felt so warm and good, and the girls in her mind fuelled her lust; how she wanted them...!
Amused, Mirinda leaned over Vinya, who barely noticed her presence until the teasing shin’idun girl let her breasts’ nipples hit Vinya’s; as her mental image changed to that of Mirinda all in the middle of her sex play, Vinya found the attractive seductress irresistible by now:

With a small groan, she grabbed the shin’idun girl’s light and busty breasts, feasting, sucking and licking on her pink nipples; feeling her naughty side flush all out, Vinya forced the rather willing Mirinda down on her, feeling the weight of their breasts and nipples against each other.

She wanted this; she wanted this crazy and beautiful shin’idun girl to molest, ravage her and cover her body in kisses and other acts of this irresistible and naughty love play; she kept moaning, gasping and muttering lines in a dirty language, her desires for every single girl in the manor to make love to her, wanting to feel the tight latex and leather all over her body, then the warm skin from those she-wolves in heat.

“You’re catching on quickly!” Mirinda chuckled between her own moans; her tongue were already hanging of her mouth in unbridled pleasure, and drooling fell from it down on her lovely Vinya’s breasts.

“Well girls; it’s time to teach young Miss Vinya about sharing the love!” Mirinda now smirked at the girls around them, all of them in the same kind of heat as they approached with naughty intentions shining out of their eyes and lustful smiles on their lips.

“Blessed be thee, Lady Shinris!” Vinya weakly mumbled as the pleasure did not seize its grip on her; the Goddess of Love had truly blessed her on this greatest of all days...

Meanwhile, back at Jiraz, Shica and Allisia in her room, the azure-haired girl were carefully polishing her sword, armour and belts; as she sat in nothing but a loose kimono, Shica and Jiraz commented openly about the Dragon Knight’s very alluring attitude.

“What is up with my attitude, then?” Allisia finally asked, rather bored with their whispers.

“Well, it’s just those ‘high moral’ girls like you are kinda fun trying to seduce” Shica explained, Jiraz sending her a flirty look.

“So you believe that I’m to expect to be caught off-guard, drugged with wine and then taken to the dungeon serving as the maids’ play toy?” Allisia asked, although the thought of it neither seemed as surprising or terrifying to her as she had thought.

“I dunno, but we’d love to watch that!” Jiraz teased, Shica letting her head fall to the succubus’ lap, relaxing pleasantly.

“I must confess something” Allisia now turned slowly around from her sitting position, her fingers lightly greased from the oil she was using on her sword; “I...I am rather scared; I mean, I’m a Dragon Knight; I should not fall this easily.”

“Allisia...” Shica now mumbled from underneath Jiraz’s lap; “to simply have fun with some girls you both like and find rather attractive doesn’t make you a mindless slut, if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

“The girls won’t start disrespecting you as a knight; they’d rather go about whispering ‘if she’s as good with her sword as she is in humping in the bed, I’m in for it all night long, baby!’” Jiraz commented, her last statement causing Allisia to blush.

“ is OK for me to have...uhmmm...” she stopped dead, not really daring to say it.

“Oh, for the love of...!” Shica now sighed, irritated with Allisia’s stubbornness; as she rose up, Jiraz sitting back with and chuckling, Shica walked right towards Allisia, grabbed her kimono and molested her breasts through the thin silk.

“It’s called sex! S-e-x! Sex! You can have the best girl-on-girl fucking you’ll ever have, baby, so start getting in the mood! Pull your boobs together, for Shinris’ sake!” Shica now clearly imitated to be angry; as Allisia neither could or would resist her groping, she simply stood by, letting Shica have her way with her as a matter of studying what the shin’saras girl could ‘teach’ her; with the thoughts of morality and honour gone, she let out a small groan, finally ‘letting the sword back in the scabbard’.

As Shica stood back, Allisia looked down on her breasts; to her surprise, she experienced something truly new; from the excitement she had felt when Shica touched her, her nipples were clearly extending.

“What is this? Is this...?” she asked, confused to see her body react in this way; then, as a lightning fast strike, the images of the barely armoured girls with the lust for her shining in their eyes returned to her mind; she caught herself moaning, the heat now working its way through her whole body.

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