Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 7)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter VII - The 'Fall' of the Lady-Knight

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“; that’s so fucking awesome! And it’s real magic, you say?!” Minyoki asked Narrisha; her, Chinyi, Faris, Hiroi, Innoki and a couple of the other girls were sitting in Narrisha’s quarters in front of her plasma TV, watching Jiki and Kiro’s DVD; from the menu, they had selected the concert Narrisha had heard so much about, but they had decided to wait with Jiki and Kiro’s mysterious ‘message’ until after the banquet.

“It defiantly looks like it!” an Asian-looking girl named Ukuni smilingly commented; she always wore PVC-related outfits, as she was near obsessed with it, and her eyes were slightly red for unknown reasons; a joke had once been running throughout the manor that she was a werewolf, which the girls, Ukuni herself included, had had quite some laughs at.

On the screen, they could see Rhanar walk up and down the stage in his shin’saras form, a small blue crystal floating a meter around his head; a sonari crystal, a magical item charged and enchanted with Mystic Magic to absorb sound waves and project them back out in higher volumes.

“Uhmm, what was the band called again?” Hiroi asked.

“Rhanar named them ‘The Immortals’, a kinda tribute band; they don’t really make their own music, they just sing tributes and new versions of the original songs” Narrisha explained.

However, before Hiroi could reply, a collective gasp caught the girls’ attention as a black smoke lifted on the screen, revealing the rest of the band as a beautiful keyboard tone alike that of a church organ began playing.

“What the fuck?!” Minyoki now gasped in disbelief as she saw Narrisha sitting by the keyboard, playing; next to her sat Shica, ready at the drums, and again next to her stood Jiraz with an electric guitar; all three of them were dressed in black leather outfits, but not as revealing as the girls had anticipated.

“ can play keyboard, mistress...?” Chinyi asked in direct awe.

“Heh, yeah, it’s not so difficult” Narrisha smiled shyly, quite embarrassed to see herself on her own TV.

“Who are those two?” Innoki now asked, pointing at two younger girls standing side by side next to Jiraz, a bass in each their hands.

“That’s Jiki and Kiro, those girls we’re gonna see later tonight” Narrisha explained.

“Awww, they look so cute...” Chinyi now smiled, as the first of the girls to fall for Jiki and Kiro’s charms and outright adorable looks.

“Trust me, they are, but they’re girlfriends as well” Narrisha giggled at Chinyi, clearly knowing that the pink-haired girl would most likely be eager to seduce them.

“Dang it! That’s some pretty goodies we’re missing out” Hiroi joked; however, a sudden roar caught the laughing girls off-guard, as Rhanar had given off his draconic roar to catch the audience’s attention, not that it by any means were really necessary.

As the group now began lining up to play, Shica’s drumming were the first to catch the attention, followed by Jiki and Kiro’s work on their basses; as they song now began, Rhanar concentrated, sending missiles of his Mystic Magic into the sky from the palms of his hands, his heavy spiked adamantine armour clinging as he moved, and his cloak blew in the wind as he started singing.

“Hey, he sings kinda nice for a...what was it? 'Draconoid'?” Faris commented.

“Yeah, I thought it’d be kinda all roaring and no tact” Minyoki shoke her head.

As the song reached the chorus, Rhanar made way for Jiki and Kiro to stand beside him as they provided an excellent, light-voiced choir, one that the girls instantly felt the back of their hair stir at.

“Uhmm, what’s the ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ about?” Ukuni asked.

“He’s a zealot; I don't really know what it's all about...” Narrisha shrugged, really liking how the sound of Jiki and Kiro’s voices and the rhythm of the song appealed to her.

As the tune ‘wings on my back...’ started, the girls were rather shocked the see Rhanar transform into his draconic form, his horns, claws and wings sprouting from his back, forehead and fingers; understanding now why he was described as a monster, they could see his eyes glowing dark purple as he now started the last of the choruses.

Meanwhile, in Allisia’s room, her, Shica and Jiraz were fighting fiercely like raging lionesses, despite the fact that none of them seemed too eager to win, but rather just enjoy the fight.

“I must say that you fight well...considered your swinging to be like that of a loose scythe over a wheat field” Allisa partly mocked, partly teased, as Shica’s katana slowly slid over Allisia’s steel gauntlet; Silvarciraian steel was extremely strong, and despite using nearly all her strength, Shica’s blows simply ended up weakening her instead of gaining on the Dragon Knight.

“Yo Allisia; how’s this for you?” Jiraz now taunted, as she smilingly struck out with her own weapon; a long shin’idun steel spear, which got through Allisia’s parry, but even elven steel combined with Jiraz’s demonic strength could not do anything to Allisia’s armour; it simply made a low-pitched ‘cling!’

As they continued fighting, Allisia had to admire the two girls’ eagerness and courage to face off against her; only her, alone, clad in her heavy steel armour, wielding her sword against those crazy little girls, clad in nothing but slightly non-protective latex suits...

Suddenly, Allisia snapped; her guard was lowered, but she did not even notice the soft blow Shica’s katana made over her left shoulder plate; to her embarrassment, her mind became blurry, showing her Mirinda, Narrisha and all the other girls of Nightwind Manor, leaning towards her, lusty smiles on their lips and baring themselves to her, intending on frolicking with her; none of them wore anything but very loosely placed steel armour in fantastically complex and alluring designs, baring both their nether lips and bosoms...

Clinging, Allisia’s sword fall to the ground, as she felt as if a dragon’s fire had begun its raging through her body; the small, thin blue skirt below her waist, carrying the symbol of the golden dragon, felt frustratingly in the way, and as she fought a mental battle that she knew she would lose, she opened the visor of her helmet and let out a long moan.

“...O...K; what’s gotten her horny?” Jiraz asked Shica, who merely giggled at Allisia’s attempt to avoid letting her hands get too close to her chest or waist.

“Hang on, I think I might what’s gotten her all heated up” Shica now smirked as a thought hit her; standing very close and leaning in on Allisia’s head, she whispered in her ear; “you turn on duelling hot chicks until they become exhausted enough to screw around with?”

Allisia could not speak the answer, but Shica could clearly see that she had hit right through both Allisia’s armour and any hint of denial.

“I...I can’t lie about it; I just think it’s so...” Allisia now panted as if she had been running a marathon.

“Exciting to watch hot girls clad in steel testing you and then fucking you until you faint?” Jiraz joked.

“...Yes, that I do; I...I know it’s wrong, but...” Allisia began, but Shica cut her off with a clearly fake frown of annoyance.

“’Wrong’?! Heck, mine and Jiraz’s fetish are extreme bondage that’d make you and your knightly honour and morale run around in circles, screaming and praying Tanrisa for salvation!” she jested, clearly hearing the bump of Jiraz falling to the ground in laughing.

“But...I’m a knight; knights are not supposed to...” Allisia tried again, but her voice died out.

“Allisia, listen to us” Jiraz now spoke, her voice clearly stating the seriousness; “if you want or desire something, you should not deny it; go ahead and take it, just as long as you do not hurt the one you want it from.”

By that, Allisia began to concern the morality of what the succubus told her, but on the other hand, she knew that Jiraz and Shica, being two of the most lustful and physically active girls she had ever met, were still very happy for each other, if not in real love; if you could frolic so much with a loved one without hurting them, then why did she keep blaming herself for lack of sensible judgement?

“I’m grateful, Jiraz, but I fear that my discipline has too deep roots in my being; I fear that I’d might hurt more than I may please...” she sighed.

“Don’t worry about that; we’ll have plenty of time for that tonight” Shica winked suggestively at Allisia.

“I fear so...” Allisia sighed once again, but to her own surprise, a small smile crept over her lips.

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