Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 59)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 59

Title: Chapter LIX - Narrisha does NOT sparkle!

“O-o-o-o-oh! Vanessa, you-...!” Allisia squirmed as Vanessa began groping her, the albino girl chuckling at Allisia.

“You’re so well-built, such a beauty...and your massive, magical energies sure add to the appeal...” Vanessa teased, nipping at Allisia’s neck.

“You’re a little charmer, are you not?” Allisia smirked, rolling over on top of Vanessa, the albino girl flapping her wings lightly in coyness.

“Oh...h-hey, it’s you again, huh?” Allisia suddenly found something soft stroking against her back, finding it to be Scarlet, the kitten meowing at her, Vanessa sighing at her pet.

“Scarlet, don’t come in here when I’m having a little fun, OK?” she asked the kitten tiredly, Allisia chuckling heartily.

“!!!” Chinyi cheered, as she, along with Narru and Siriki, tried out the new jumping mat Narrisha had set up outside the manor, Chinyi giggling happily as she jumped higher and higher, Narru lying on the mat, enjoying the powerful bumps as the girls landed descended and ascended again and again.

“Now, this is the real thing, indeed...” Dracaia growled comfortably, lying in a sun chair besides Jiki and Kiro, the two of them enjoying soda cans and sunbathing besides the dragon girl.

“Is it right you dragons can affect the weather, Dracaia? Jiki told me once that some dragons can change the weather to their liking...” Kiro asked, Dracaia lazily opening an eye.

“Yes, but only golden, emerald and sapphire dragons can do it; other kinds of dragons have other powers, like shaping mountains and such things...” Dracaia said, yawning as she smacked her lips, curling herself up for a nap, Kiro looking smilingly at Jiki.

“She’s really like Breeze, if you ask me” Kiro said, Jiki smirking as she looked at her and Kiro’s pet, the poor Breeze panting out as the summer heat were turning out to be much hotter than the griffon had expected.

“Mi-Mistresses...I fly a round or two...” Breeze clapped her beak, taking off into the sky, letting out a relieved hoot.

“HUH?! What the-...?!” Breeze suddenly got a shocked surprise as a grinning Chinyi met her in midair, Breeze flapping her wings with all her might, flying backwards as Chinyi realized she had nearly collided with the griffon.

“Whoops! Sorry, Breeze!” Chinyi called as the griffon flew up higher, Breeze beginning to ask herself if Chinyi had been playing around...or really just were that silly.

“It’s alright, Miss Chinyi!” Breeze hooted over her shoulder, the griffon flying further upwards, the cool air feeling good to her hot feathers and fur.

“...You can really please girls, Miss Janice...” Innoki moaned smilingly, her and Vinya having found themselves overwhelmed as Janice took her turn in the dominating role, Janice quickly making them both climax as she teased and fingered their pussies, Vinya still gasping from the intensity of her own orgasm.

“It’s a gift, ladies...” Janice chuckled to herself, combing a hand through her red mane of hair, moaning to herself as she could not help but enjoy teasing these girls; wherever she looked, she found a cute maid or a sexy dominatrix of a blonde elf girl.

“Hih-hih, I really look forward to tonight; I sure hope you’re ready for it...” Janice smirked at Innoki and Vinya, Vinya lazily raising her hand, showing a thumbs-up.

“Well, tonight’s the first night I’ll...well...I was kinda hoping to have Cassandra and Mirinda show me how to act like a real dominatrix...” Innoki blushed, Janice giggling joyfully.

“A little dominatrix aspirant, are we? That’s just adorable...” Janice leaned over Innoki, winking at her; “ got a little too much pleasure from the other girls, and now you want back, eh?”
“H-How could you-...?” Innoki tried asking, Janice holding a finger to her lips, silently hushing her.

“It’s clear as glass, Innoki: You’ve properly spent so much time being molested and never having a chance to give back, and now that you feel you’re ready to take the initiative, you’re hyped for lots of lovely sex...” Janice jokingly pinched Innoki’s cheek; “...if I can give you some advice, remember: If they scream for more, you’re doing a great job.”

“That’s really helping...” Innoki said sarcastically, Janice smiling at her as she pinched Innoki’s left nipple lightly, Innoki whimpering a moment in pain.

“If the girl you’re dominating gets a little stimulation, she’ll be begging for more pleasure, and that’s what you both want...” Janice said, looking a moment at her gloves, smiling as she saw how Innoki’s and Vinya’s cum ran and dripped heavily from them, Janice beginning to bite at the glove’s tip, then pulling the glove off, putting it in her mouth as she started sucking on the latex and cum, Innoki watching in amusement and excitement as Janice lay herself down, fingering herself as she licked the glove more intensely, Vinya rising up, blushing violently as she realized how hot and right out erotic Janice could make the simple act of licking a glove look like.

“...I think it’s my turn to cum; could you be two little sweeties and lick my boots a bit?” Janice asked as she put her glove back on, Innoki looking at the shy Vinya, smiling at her.

“Seems like the mighty amazon girl has a little boot fetish...” Innoki teased Janice, Vinya slowly crawling towards Janice’s legs, Innoki already beginning to lick the latex of Janice’s left boot, Vinya carefully closing her lips onto Janice’s right boot.

“What? Well, uhm, that’s certainly a good try...oh, whom am I kidding?? Hih-hih, it looks good on you, Vanessa...” Allisia could not help but smile, looking at Vanessa as she showed Allisia what she called a ‘protective suit’:
A golden, lightly armoured suit of metal, heavily decorated with mysterious inscriptions, Vanessa showing Allisia a katana of the same material, the blade looking razor-sharp.

“Well, uhm...I thought we could spar a little later...and that, uhm...that you’d think it was a little-...” Vanessa began shyly, surprised to see Allisia slowly rise up, unsheathe her sword from its scabbard, walking towards Vanessa, a simple, light swipe with her sword disarming Vanessa, Allisia reaching for Vanessa’s head, pressing herself towards Vanessa, kissing the amused albino girl.

“Hm-m-m, I think I will take advantage of your soft spot here...” Allisia carefully let her sword caress against Vanessa’s tail; “...and then I will molest you mercilessly with my newfound powers, listening to your moans as if it were angels singing...” Allisia said, smirking to herself as Vanessa grinned at her.

“You talk so much, Allisia...but I hope you keep your promise...” Vanessa lay herself down on the bed, Allisia thrusting her sword into the ground, taking a careful, firm grip around Vanessa’s tail, the albino girl moaning, looking in shock as Allisia knelt down, placing the tail between her breasts, sucking on it.

“I hope this arouses you, Vanessa...” Allisia smiled at the albino girl, Vanessa’s moaning escalating in volume as Allisia sucked harder and harder on the tail tip.

“N-no...! Stop it, Allisia...!” Vanessa whimpered, Allisia sneering passionately at her.

“I’m really tired of this ‘no’ nonsense! Admit it, Vanessa; you not only like it...” Allisia licked the tail tip’s fins, looking happily at Vanessa; “ right out love it!”

“I, I do! My tail’s so sensitive!” Vanessa leaned back down on her wings, Allisia carefully stroking Vanessa’s tail.

“It sure is a smooth tail…was it the one you stuck into my mistress, then?? Hm-m-m, you sneaky little devil…” Allisia could not help but smile as she moved up, kissing Vanessa, the albino girl hugging her warmly as the kiss continued…

“Hm? What are you smiling at, Dracaia?” Narrisha asked, lifting her sunglasses as Dracaia lay in her sun chair, sending quick looks to Narrisha, chuckling.

“’s just that...I’m sorry, Lady Narrisha, but seeing, well, a vampire girl take is like seeing a fish fly, or...or...or something like that...” Dracaia smiled to herself, Narrisha stretching out, examining her left arm happily.

“Yep; I’m one sun-proof, skirt-chasing, seductive dame of the dark, Dracaia...” Narrisha grinned to herself, looking up as she watched Chinyi and the other girls still jumping on the mat, shrugging as she rose up, running towards the mat, jumping onto it.

“Mistress! You’re such a silly!” Chinyi grinned, Narrisha beginning to jump after her, Chinyi’s happy shrieks making the girls laugh out loud, Jiki and Kiro snickering to themselves, Jiki sipping to her soda can.

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