Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 58)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 58

Title: Chapter LVIII - Domination, Seductions and Confessions

“Sharla, shouldn’t we go out and find some of those more hardcore chicks? I’d kinda like to get a whiff of their panties before tonight...” Shirli grinned to herself, Sharla sighing to herself, sending Shirli a taunting smile.

“Am I suddenly not good enough for you, huh?” she teased, Shirli purring and stroking herself against Sharla.

“Sharla, we’re awesome together, but-...” Shirli began, Sharla pressing Shirli’s head between her breasts, grinning.

“But you’d rather start drooling over me while some blonde dominatrix is fucking our pussies inside out?” Sharla asked, seeing Shirli do the best she could to nod, Sharla rustling her hair.

“Gods, you’re predictable...” Sharla smiled, falling back unto their bed, Sharla letting Shirli go as the two catgirls continued their lustful humping.

“You shouldn’t go make so much noise, ladies...” a knock were heard from the door, Faris stepping in; “...I could hear you halfway down the corridor.”

“Oh, hey Faris!” Sharla greeted as Shirli kept licking on her massive breasts, Faris feeling her nether regions beginning to react to seeing Shirli’s butt stick right in the air as she molested Sharla.

“Is this real what I read?” Faris now headed for the two catgirls, who stopped their lovemaking as Faris handed them a magazine.

“Vanessa gave me it; you sluts have been gangbanged by that empress Shinris’ Scarlet Sisterhood?? That’s over 100 sizzling, busty hot elf chicks!” Faris could not control her sense of envy and wishing to punish Shirli and Sharla for being so completely erotic with those girls.

“Yep! They really liked us; I had almost 229 orgasms, and Sharla had 227 orgasms!” Shirli grinned, Faris feeling as if her mouth fell agape in awe.

“...And had an orgasm...every…single…time…..??” she carefully asked, Shirli and Sharla grinning to each other.

“Oh, ye-e-e-es; we don’t mind going all the way with those chicks; all that battle training really works up the need for a little lady lovin’...and we sure got some lovely juices to drink...” Sharla said, stroking Shirli’s hair, the two of them licking their lips suggestively.


Before Shirli and Sharla could react, catgirls as they were, Faris sat on top of them both, drool and frowning at them, her eyes looking as if lit ablaze.

“..…FUCK.....ME.....NOW…..!!!” Faris grit her teeth, Shirli and Sharla both smirking to her, the two of them delicately licking and coating Faris’ latex suspenders with drool, their bodies already shining in sweat as they could not help but to think of Faris as indeed being a really hardcore chick.

“Your little Christy could hardly handle us; can you-u-u-u?” Shirli teased, Faris grabbing her head in response, kissing her wildly, Shirli meowing longingly, Faris pulling away from the kiss.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! You’re just two bad little sluts needing some cunt all the time, huh?” Faris grinned, throwing herself onto the bed.

“C’mon, then, kitty girls! Fuck me as you please!” Faris tugged her cap over her eyes, Shirli and Sharla humping themselves over Faris, the redhead moaning lustfully at them, seeing their long tongues drip with drool and lick her nipples.

“’re really testing my limits, Minyoki...!” Dracaia grit her teeth to try and choke the pleasure the human girl gave her, Minyoki snickering as she molested the dragon girl, enjoying her soft, tanned skin and excited moans.

“Fuck, I can even get a dragon chick hot, now; maybe I should try going dominatrix on you, someday...” Minyoki teased, Dracaia’s golden eyes shining brightly as Minyoki leaned over her.

“But, for now, I wanna fool a little around with you...” Minyoki smirked, gesturing Dracaia to stand up, Dracaia doing so, not noticing the edge of the pool not two meters from her.

“I say we get down and wet a bit; brace for impact!” Minyoki teased as she stepped slowly towards Dracaia, the dragon girl landing in the pool with a small yelp, the warm water comforting her as she resurfaced, just to see the still fully clothed Minyoki jump in, as well, resurfacing and shaking her head, her white shirt completely transparent from the water as she began stripping herself.

“You little wench, Minyoki...” Dracaia sighed to herself, smiling as Minyoki jumped on top of her, the water deep enough for them both to stand in, Minyoki’s excited kisses forcing Dracaia back to a stone bench in the pool, amazed at the human girl’s eagerness.

“I can hardly believe this...” Allisia smiled to herself, enjoying the fact that due to her new weapons and armour, as well as her now angelic strength, she had replaced the normal trunks of wood she used for practice with iron bars, feeling them being cleft just as easily.

“Uhm, Allisia, are you done, soon?” Vanessa asked from Allisia’s bed, having set up a barrier of magical energies around herself in case a splinter of metal was to fly in her direction.

“Just one more bar...” Allisia spoke over her shoulder, grabbing with both hands around her sword, hearing the hiss of wind as she struck, the iron bar cleft perfectly in the middle, Allisia smiling as she sheathed her sword, opening her visor.

“I have to say, Allisia; you’re a woman of many wonders...” Vanessa smirked, enjoying watching her warrior girl practice.

“Thanks, but the armour is getting quite hot; can you take the blue kimono in the closet for me?” Allisia asked, Vanessa sending her a small smile.

“Well, I could, but don’t you want your price first?” she chuckled, Allisia taking off her helmet, putting it on a nearby table as she headed towards Vanessa.

“You really have gotten a liking to the way things happen here at the manor, haven’t you?” Allisia teased, Vanessa responding by rising from the bed, kissing Allisia warmly, the warrior girl chuckling amused as Vanessa let herself fall back on the bed again.

“Oh dear, help me! I’m about to be violated by a valkyrie!” Vanessa grinned at Allisia, the warrior girl leaning over her, letting a finger caress across Vanessa’s dress.

“For such a little scientific bookworm, you surely have a massive bosom...” Allisia flirted, playing with the rings in Vanessa’s collar; “ really are a naughty girl, Vanessa.”

“Naughty, my tail; what woman could resist all you Nightwind gals?” Vanessa grinned, Allisia smiling as she let herself slip besides Vanessa, the demon girl helping Allisia off her armour.

“I honestly didn’t think Janice was so touched with all the girls accepting her that way...” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia sending her a questioning look.

“She were sniffing when we left her room; I think she were so happy she was crying, for now she really has a place I will wager she feels like a home” Vanessa explained, Allisia smiling at her.

“Janice’s a frisky vixen, indeed, and she has her heart at the right place; she deserves it” Allisia said, Vanessa nodding.

“Why are you crying, Janice?” Innoki asked, her and Vinya visiting the redhead’s room, Janice looking smilingly at them as she whipped her eyes.

“It’s just...I feel like I really belong here; no long journeys around Silvarcira to find some half-hearted courtesan, no crossing oceans to feel a little fake lady girls really are real, and you’re there for me...” Janice sniffed; “...I love you girls, and it’s sure as fuck not just for your tits.”

“Aw-w-w-w, I feel so touched, now...” Vinya blushed, crossing her legs and hiding her arms behind her back.
“Janice, you’re such a little minx when you fool around with us, I’ve heard...” Innoki said, Janice’s eyes widening as Innoki began stripping off her uniform; “...and not even Mirinda’s whip is going to stop me from enjoying myself with you...”

“But Innoki, we’re supposed to be in the kitchen in an hour! We’re on the cooking team for tonight...” Vinya tried and speak out, but the sight of the exhausted, exotic human girl Janice had already triggered her complete attention and desire.

“Vinya, I was nervous about crossing my limits, too, but for all it’s worth...” Innoki faced Janice, smiling at her; “...Janice, make it worth our punishment later, OK?”

“You’ve got it, ladies! Come here, you...” Janice smirked, grabbing around Innoki’s waist, licking her stomach as the brown-haired girl continued to strip, Vinya looking curiously between Janice’s legs.

“Our Lady Shinris, you’re already wet, Miss Janice!” Vinya said in surprise, slurping as she reached her tongue into Janice’s bared pussy, surprised by the amazon girl’s honey-like taste.

“Um-m-m! Munch! Munch! Munch! This tastes lovely!” Vinya giggled to Janice, the amazon giggling herself as Innoki sat herself on her stomach, groping her breasts.

“Hihihihih! Oh, this is my kind game, ladies...oh! Oh yes, right the-e-e-ere...oh-h-h-h...!” Janice panted out as Vinya’s tongue reached further inside her, Innoki’s groping and pinching of her nipples filling Janice with complete, lustful bliss.

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