Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 57)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 57

Title: Chapter LVII - Draconic Passions

“Um-m-m-m-m...a-a-a-a-a-ah, this feels so divine...!” Kiro moaned pleasantly as Jiki smeared her back with oil, massaging her girlfriend by the pools, Kiro’s short, spiky white hair resting over her pleasantly smiling face.

“I heard the girls mention they are having one of their more erotic nights, tonight...” Jiki whispered in Kiro’s ear, teasingly nipping at it; “...should we do as we plan and whip out that little gift we made for Narrisha?”

“Hihihih, she’ll properly like it...” Kiro slowly turned around to face Jiki, her girlfriend kissing her lovingly, neither of them realizing how close to the edge of the pool they had moved.

“Hm? What’s this, girls?” Narrisha asked, Jiki and Kiro handing her a large, square, white box, Narrisha tempted to rustle it to find out.

“It’s a gift we’ve designed for you, and we think you and the rest of your girls will like it...” Kiro explained; “...can we come in and see you open it?”

“Sure! Uhm, well, I’ve just fooled a bit around with Siriki and Innoki, so-...” Narrisha smiled shyly at Jiki and Kiro as they entered Narrisha’s room, Narrisha giggling as she saw Innoki nudging her head against Siriki’s breasts, both girls cuddling together and grinning at each other.

“Now I think of it, they look exactly like us after our first time, eh Kiro?” Jiki teased, Kiro blushing and smiling at Jiki.

“Yeah, except we’re not that busty, not that you complain...” Kiro teased back, Narrisha trying her best not to laugh.

“Girls, Jiki and Kiro’s come with a gift for us! Wanna see it?” Narrisha asked, Innoki and Siriki looking up, seeing the large, white box.

“Hmm? What’s that?” Innoki asked, pinching Siriki’s nipples before she rose up, her and Siriki looking over Narrisha’s shoulder as she sat on her bed with the box.
“Can I open it now?” Narrisha asked, Jiki and Kiro both nodding.

“Hm-m, let’s see...” Narrisha slowly opened the box’s lid, finding a large, square board inside it made of a white, plastic-like material, its surface covered with silvery buttons, a large portion of the board’s middle looking like it was made of class.

“You know that game Allisia likes, chess? We’ve decided to make a sort of...Nightwind version of it...” Kiro shrugged, Jiki pointing at a small, circular button on the board.

“Here’s a little demonstration...” Jiki said, pressing the button; a quick, techno-like tune played, Narrisha seeing the glass-like surface illuminate, small silhouettes appearing on the board, Narrisha seeing a list of text appearing in a small, text-like bubble of a hologram right in front of her.

“’Welcome to Erotic Fantasy Wars; press ‘START’ to initiate play, select user, or play the tutorial’” a female voice spoke from the board, Narrisha’s eyes widening.

“...You made a yuri chessboard game?!” Narrisha gasped, Jiki and Kiro grinning to themselves.

“We had some time to spare, and heck, we’re both scientists” Jiki said, leaning back, gesturing to Narrisha press the advised button.

“’Input desired username, please’” the female voice spoke, Narrisha pressing the letters appearing on the small, circular buttons.

“’Thank you; would you like to play the tutorial?’” the female voice spoke again, Innoki and Siriki now leaning even further in on Narrisha’s shoulders.

“You bet it!” Narrisha smirked, pressing the tutorial button.

“’Thank you; select your starting army, please: Devilish Dominatrices, Sacred Sisters, Elven Amazons, Monster Maidens or Sci-Fi Seductresses’” the voice spoke, Narrisha beginning to drool.

“’Sacred Sisters’, please!” Narrisha pressed the button, a new hologram appearing in mid-air, showing several girls with a more than fitting appearance to a name like ‘Sacred Sisters’.

“’Army of Sacred Sisters chosen; units include Nuns, Priestesses, Paladivas, Angels, Valkyries, Singers and Seraphima...’” the female voice spoke, its voice now sounding less like a machine and instead like a quite eager girl; “’ then, let’s get your army moving!’”

As a new techno tone began, a screen on the board read ‘loading textures’, and a few seconds after, various areas appeared in a select-like menu.

“’Pick your battleground; Dominatrix Dungeon, Sunny Battlefield, Twilight Battlefield and Castle Courtyard are the current ones available’” the voice spoke again, Narrisha selecting the castle courtyard.

“Oh-h-h-h...Allisia, you just went from goody two-shoes to badass dominatrix! Hih-hih-hih!” Janice grinned as she woke up in her room, Allisia and Vanessa having carried her back, tugging her under her bed sheets.

“I’m sorry if I overdid it, Janice...” Allisia said, caressing Janice’s forehead, Janice looking in admiration at Allisia as she had dressed up in her armour once again.

“Allisia, you’re such a fucking angel...” Janice smiled, looking over to Vanessa; “...I can’t wait until you go hardcore on me, you little witch; I kinda wonder what sort of powers I’d get if we fucked hard enough.”

“I think you’ll find out in time, Janice, but now, you need to rest; heck, I’m surprised you woke up all of a sudden…” Vanessa said, kissing Janice’s forehead, her and Allisia heading for the door, Janice smirking to herself, rubbing her knees together under the bed sheets, yawning.

“You damned Nightwind girls...I fucking love you all so much...” Janice gave way to a feeling that had built itself in her heart: Love for the girls at Nightwind Manor; as she tugged her pillow, she felt something wet fall from her eyes...tears of joy.

“Hm-m-m-m...who were I to know that the sunlight is mobile, now?” Dracaia mumbled, enjoying the sunlight rods in the pool area, her naked, tan skin soaking in the light, Dracaia moaning pleasantly as she enjoyed it.

“You’ve got quite the racks for such a mighty dragon, you know?” Minyoki’s voice came, Dracaia opening an eye to see the gamer girl standing above her, smirking teasingly.

“Tell me, dragon lady; what’s to stop me from playing a little with your knockers here?” Minyoki teased, Dracaia’s lips forming into a smirk.

“This, maybe?” she asked, her eyes getting a fiery glow, her open mouth showing sparkles of flames forming inside the mouth, Minyoki’s eyes widening in a mix of awe and shock.

“E-easy there! Geez, I’m just pulling your leg, girl!” Minyoki gasped, Dracaia smiling at her.

“Your language is so vulgar compared to Allisia’s...I wonder just how good a lover you would prove had you put half your effort into the lovemaking, itself...” Dracaia said, gesturing Minyoki closer, the gamer girl hesitantly moving towards the dragon girl.

“See, if you want to feel my touch, be aware that you may not bring me to my own edge; I fear that my roar of ecstasy would shock you...” Dracaia told Minyoki, the gamer girl having already heard that Dracaia were infamous for her draconic side showing itself during her throes of ecstasy.

“...So, what you’re saying is, I can fuck you a bit, but then you’ll fuck me the rest of the time, right?” Minyoki asked, Dracaia nodding, smirking at Minyoki.

“Really, if you fancy yourself with such vulgar language, I should be happy to teach you some manners...!” Dracaia said, gesturing Minyoki to sit beside her, which she did with no hesitation.

“Wow, what have you set the rods to? It feels like a fucking day at the beach...” Minyoki mumbled, suddenly hearing a growling from Dracaia, turning around to find the dragon girl’s eyes glow golden.

“Let me see, such a ripe little courtesan, you are....” Dracaia chuckled, caressing Minyoki’s bared stomach, Dracaia letting her right hand undo Minyoki’s top; “ even dress vulgarly! My, what invitations you make of yourself, little girl...”

“Hey, Faris and those chicks dig it, so why not? Hell, it’s actually practical considering how much I let them bend me over...” Minyoki grinned confidently, Dracaia blinking her eyes.

“You enjoy yourself as a courtesan? Really, if you are not a frisky little lady...”

“You’re talking, missy; last I heard you spent 2 hours fucking with both Allisia and Cassandra...” Minyoki teased; “...I didn’t know you could have threesomes; I kinda thought of you as a beginner...”

“I have been seducing women for a millennium before you were even born, Minyoki...” Dracaia said, Minyoki’s eyes widening in surprise; “...I am a patient being; I do not rush headlong unto the battlefield of passion unprepared.”

“So half the time, at least, you spent on your cave, practising using your tail...hihihihihih, oh that’d be hilarious!” Minyoki teased, Dracaia taking the human girl’s teasing maturely; however, her sharp, claw-like nails moved more eagerly towards the gamer girl’s skirt, Dracaia wanting both to punish Minyoki and reward her for being such an amusing lover.

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