Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 56)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 56

Title: Chapter LVI - Allisia Changes

“WOW! Easy on my tits, Vanessa!” Janice joked, Vanessa having been licking her breasts for well over seven straight minutes.

“But, but I can’t help myself! Allisia, please...please do me! I don’t care how, just...fuck me, please??” Vanessa pleaded, Allisia letting her fingers softly under Vanessa’s legs, caressing her pussy gently, Allisia feeling how wet Vanessa had become.

“After you are done, Janice is mine for the taking...” Allisia stroke Vanessa’s back, feeling the albino girl’s wings flap lightly, Allisia more than once having felt Vanessa’s tail hit her legs, although not really minding it.

“So you’re still all frisky about my tits...” Janice asked Vanessa, the redhead amazon slowly grabbing the albino girl’s collar; “...I’ve got a news flash for you: You suck and harder, and I’ll cum for you, OK? You better make me feel all horny.”

As if by a command, Vanessa moaned loudly, let out her long, drooling tongue, Janice surprised as it actually whipped its way around her left breast, Vanessa returning to her sucking, Allisia seeing as Vanessa’s tail went between her legs, inserting itself into Vanessa’s dripping pussy, Allisia sitting herself up by Janice, watching as the amazon girl were chuckling amused, Allisia smiling at her as she stroke Janice’s hair, her and Allisia soon kissing aggressively and passionately as Janice folded an arm behind Allisia’s shoulder.

“You know, Allisia, you’ve really cut yourself loose from that stuck-up babe I met the first time in that dungeon...” Janice teased, Allisia blushing slightly, smirking at Janice.

“As have you, with more women around you than ever, and still you remain such a caring little vixen...” Allisia kissed Janice once; “...I’m happy to call you a fellow Nightwind girl.”

“Hey, now you mention it...” Janice winked, smirking suggestively; “ did you lose your own virtue, huh? I thought Nightwind girls gave theirs to their mistress.”

“I gave mine to Cassandra; what choice do you have when a dominatrix comes into play...” Allisia shrugged lightly, grinning at the surprised Janice; “...let us just say I enjoyed it, as I do today.”

“Oh! Uhm, hih-hih, sorry Allisia, but Vanessa’s getting real naughty...” Janice smiled at Allisia and Vanessa, the albino girl panting out loud, her eyes rolling upwards in pleasure as Janice felt something sharp at her breasts; as she were so far out in pleasure, Vanessa’s claws gnawed their way into Janice’s skin, leaving small marks as Vanessa returned to her licking.

“Hmm, let’s finish her off, shall we?” Janice grinned, removing her arm from Allisia’s shoulder, using both hands as she grabbed behind Vanessa’s head, the albino girl surprised as Janice pressed her head between her breasts, Vanessa wailing in joy, Janice and Allisia grinning...

As the night slowly turned into morning, the girls of the manor found themselves waking up to a bright and sunny day, Dracaia’s roar as she turned into her dragon form and flew towards the skies waking most of the girls, not used to be wakened up by the roar of a dragon.

As the sun baked down from a clear sky, the dragon soared around the house, Dracaia loving to sunbathe like this, her golden scales shining like a hundred suns.

“Good morning, sleepyhead...” Kiro softly kissed Jiki, smiling as she lay naked on top of her snoozing girlfriend, the morning sun’s rays bathing them in golden light.

“.....Uhm?’s so early...little teaser...” Jiki mumbled in her sleep, opening her eyes, Kiro nudging her head against Jiki’s, kissing her again and stroking her blonde hair.

“Hmhm, you’re just so cute, Jiki...” Kiro teased, napping lightly at Jiki’s ears, Jiki giggling lowly.
“K-Kiro! It tickles!” Jiki whimpered pleasantly, Kiro tugging herself deeper into Jiki’s arms, the two of them cuddling together.

“...You little minx, Kiro; it’s only 7 o’ clock...” Jiki mumbled as she looked to their watch, Kiro smiling at her and kissing Jiki again.

“Old habits die hard, huh?” Jiki teased back, giving Kiro a long kiss, Kiro as Jiki turned the tables, slowly moving her left leg between Kiro’s, slowly changing their positions, Kiro finding herself lying beside Jiki now.

“.....Um-m-m-m-m...nipple, nipple, hihihihihi-i-i-i...” Chinyi mumbled in her sleep, her hands reaching out in the air, a small smile forming on Chinyi’s lips, Chinyi having found the point of a pillow, munching on it in her sleep.

“Um-m-m....that girl’s really just blissful about titties...” Minyoki sat up, stretching out and looking adoringly on her little step-sister, reaching out for her desk, finding her glasses as she returned her attention to Chinyi.

“It’d really be a pity to spoil this...!” Minyoki snickered to herself, slowly reaching under the bed sheets towards Chinyi’s legs.

“Huh??” she smacked a hand over her mouth, feeling in surprise as she felt the smoothness of Chinyi’s boots, a birthday present from Minyoki, still sitting on the naked Chinyi’s feet.

“Sure didn’t know you slept with the boots on, sissy...” Minyoki smiled to herself; “...heck, maybe Janice’s right; girls in boots are so hot!”

As Minyoki saw Chinyi keep munching on the pillow, her sister’s light, pink hair lay like a protective sheet of silk over her head, Chinyi moaning softly as she began folding her legs inwards, Minyoki feeling herself lucky that she were the only one to ever see the silly Chinyi so early in the morning and squirming so adorably around with a pillow stuck in her mouth, Minyoki looking excited as Chinyi’s tongue appeared, licking intensely on the pillow’s point.

“If she keeps that up, that pillow’s not the only thing going wet here...” Minyoki moaned, licking her lips as she could clearly see the shape Chinyi’s busty breasts took even under the bed sheets, Minyoki letting out a low, longing moan.

“I, I can’t help myself! Sorry, sissy...!” Minyoki mumbled, leaning over Chinyi, licking her hungrily at her neck, Chinyi’s moans growing more and more pleasant, Minyoki almost certain she heard her let out a small chuckle as Chinyi’s smile grew broader.

“You’re just too damned cute...” Minyoki gritted between her teeth, her eyes flashing lovingly and lustfully; “...I’m sure as fuck not gonna miss this one out...!”

As she began panting out in lustfulness, she dived under the bed sheets, found Chinyi’s plumb breasts, swallowing in deeply as she burrowed her face between them, chuckling happily as she felt Chinyi react.

“E-E-E-E-E-E-EP! Minyoki, you dirty pervert!” Chinyi’s wide awake voice came as she found Minyoki’s butt to stick out from her bed sheets, amused as her older step-sister snuggled deeply between her breasts.

“Naughty girl! NAUGHTY GIRL!” Chinyi now grinned mischievously as she let her hand let down spank after spank on Minyoki’s butt, her sister’s muffled, meek chuckles heard under the bed sheets.

“I’m gonna come and get you, sissy!” Chinyi dove under the bed sheets, her and Minyoki wrestling playfully, laughing as they began tickling each other, Chinyi holding up her breasts for Minyoki to suck on, Minyoki letting Chinyi suck on her tongue.

“Wait, sis; I wanna try something!” Chinyi smiled and winked, jumping up from her bed, a confused Minyoki having never understood Chinyi’s crazy sex fantasies, but she nevertheless loved when sere were on the receiving end.

“TA-DA-A-AH! Cosplay sex, sissy!” Chinyi suddenly exclaimed cheerfully behind Minyoki, her sister soon getting over the shock, turning around to look at Chinyi, her mouth starting to drool; Chinyi had put on pink glasses, set her long, pink hair up in pigtails, equipped a pink and white nurse hat, white latex gloves and holding a small, vibrating orb with a short cord in her left hand, a remote controller in the right hand.

Janice moaned lazily and yawned; after the last night’s threesome, she felt her dark tanned body still covered in sweat, chuckling to herself; she loved humping around with these Nightwind girls by now, and including that goody two-shoes Allisia were even better; next to Chinyi and the younger girls, Janice were most amused at teasing, seducing and molest Allisia limitlessly.

However, a strange glow caught her vague attention, Janice discovering it to be Allisia lying on her, her body giving off a strange glow.

“Uhm...oh-h-h-h...O...K...someone just tell me what the fuck’s going on for Allisia...” Janice began to mutter as she slowly woke up, seeing Vanessa moving, as well, the albino girl yawning widely, stretching out her arms, Janice unable but to suppress a giggle as she saw Vanessa’s tail and wings fluttering as she flexed her muscles.

“Oh-h-h...uhm...?? What the-...?!” Vanessa perplexed as she spotted the glow from Allisia’s body, Allisia moaning and rolling over, slowly waking up.

“W-w-w-what is all those noise for...?” Allisia yawned, sitting up, noticing Vanessa and Janice’s looks at her, Vanessa amazed at what she looked at:

Allisia’s eyes had begun glowing slightly light-blue, her blue hair lowing with the same exact same colour as whatever energy went through her as it began to take its effect.

“Allisia, look at yourself” Vanessa muttered, conjuring what looked like a watery orb, revealing itself to be a mirror, Allisia letting out a shocked gasp as she saw her own mirror image.

“Vanessa, you’re a sorceress; what’s happening to me??” Allisia asked, Janice quite shocked as it were heard as if Allisia’s voice echoed slightly.

“Wait, let me think...” Vanessa pondered, looking all over Allisia, finally snapping her fingers.

“It’s almost like when Narrisha evolved when she kissed me the first time; because of your good qualities, I think, and my affinity for magic, I triggered something inside you, like an opposite to that...Calistia woman that spawned from your mind.”

“But...but this feels so much more powerful...” Allisia asked herself, looking as the glow of light-blue energy began spreading through her entire body.

“This energy is angelic; I feel the exact same when I see those two Jiki and Kiro girls together...” Vanessa told, Janice sitting behind her, grinning at Allisia.

“So you’re glowing a bit, big deal; don’t worry, Allisia...” Janice said, failing to suppress a giggle; “ least it’ll be fun to see what colour that glowing turns when you climax!”

“’Very’ funny, Janice...” Allisia crossed her arms, suddenly feeling something in her shoulders; from them, what looked like tendrils formed by the light-blue light and glow as it took form, stretching out, at least six tendrils sprouting from each shoulder, their length stretching out over a dozen meters, illuminating the otherwise dark room as if it were sunlight.

“...OK, did Allisia just grow tentacle wings?! Don’t you think of using them!” Janice backed away, Allisia feeling how she could use her tendrils like wings, the serenity in her body comforting her like a warm, feathery pillow, but looking at the half-naked Janice and the spread legs of Vanessa, Allisia could not help but smile.

“By my new angelic right, I declare both of you at my mercy...” Allisia joked, descending over Janice and Vanessa, the two of them cuddling together, feeling a mix of awe and excitement at Allisia’s new power.

Allisia chuckled to herself, letting her tendrils stroke Vanessa and Janice’s bodies, feeling to them like rays of warm sunlight.

“I will engulf you in the pure flames of my love, and I will set ablaze your desires...” Allisia now spoke, almost as if descending on Vanessa and Janice, the two of them exchanging looks.

“Vanessa, you gotta stop turning every girl you fuck into some kinda super-chick...” Janice joked, Vanessa smirking as Allisia began to stroke both hers and Janice’s heads.

“NARRISHA! Didn’t you feel tha-...?” Dracaia barged headlong into Narrisha’s room, finding her chuckling with Innoki and Siriki, the three girls looking at the perplexed dragon girl as she starred in disbelief.

“Narrisha, a surge of energy, holy energy, just broke through the mystical layers of this manor...” Dracaia said, Narrisha narrowing her eyebrows sceptically, looking at the now quite alert Innoki and Siriki.

“Is it dangerous to us?” Narrisha asked, stroking the two girls’ heads, Dracaia glad to see their mistress cared so much for them.

“No, but it feels weird...never mind; I’m sure we will find out more about it tonight when all are gathered in the dungeons...” Dracaia said, not wanting to worry Narrisha or the girls too much.

“I cannot believe this; it feels as if I have lying unconscious and then just woken up...” Allisia looked at her hand, sensing the enormous energies, sending a teasing look to Janice.

“I wonder if this is something other girls you have slept with can show you...” Allisia said, placing her hand between Janice’s legs, concentrating her energies, feeling a warmth as she touched Janice’s pussy lightly, the redhead giving a surprised yelp, beginning to giggle uncontrollably.

“Noh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh! You meanie, Allisia! It tickles!” Janice laughed, Allisia feeling a coy pleasure in teasing the redhead, enjoying herself even further when Vanessa began to grope her from behind, sniffing heavily into her hair.

“This’s so pure, and yet we’re making love like crazy...” Vanessa sighed happily, resting her head on Allisia’s shoulders, holding her arms around her neck.

“So tonight’s another orgy night for them Nightwind ladies?” Shica asked, Jiraz letting her tail swing back and forth, shrugging.

“Yeah, but now those two sex kitties’ the stars of the show...” Jiraz mumbled, smiling suggestively at her girlfriend; “...sure felt nice the last time; I don’t remember you fucking me so hard back home at your mom’s palace.”

“Hey, we gotta keep it down back, speaking of home...” Shica mumbled, Jiraz seeing Shica’s infamously evil smile spread on her girlfriend’s lips.

“I’ll ask my maids if they want to join; I mean, who wouldn’t?” Shica grinned, snapping her fingers, one of her maids coming running towards them as fast as she could, looking eagerly at her mistress.

“Yes, Your Highness?” she asked, Shica leaning forward in her chair.

“Go and get the head maid; I need to talk to her about something” Shica nodded, the maid running off after bowing to Shica.

“...Hm-m-m? Shica suddenly felt something sneaking under her dress; looking sourly at Jiraz, the demon girl began whistling loudly and innocently, Shica’s head slowly falling unto the table.

“...What??” Jiraz asked, trying to keep a straight face, although she felt like laughing out loud.

“Jiraz, you’re such a fucking pervert...” Shica’s voice came from the table, Jiraz clearly hearing Shica struggling not to laugh.

“Hey, my tail’s been in your pussy a lot, and she likes it there; so so-o-o-oft... so pi-i-ink, so we-e-e-e-e-et...” Jiraz now leaned over the table, grinning; “...and so-o-o wa-a-a-a-a-a-arm...”

“D-don’t tease me like that! You’re such a...a-...!” Shica fought against her wish to just break down and laugh out loud, or give in to the burning in her nether regions to molest Jiraz.

“Don’t tell me, sugar; I know what you want, remember? All those chicks at that orgy would be all fine and cool to lick and fuck, but I love you, and when we fuck, you feel it do deep...” Jiraz continued to tease Shica, seeing as the shin’saras girl rose her head up, smiling at Jiraz.

“You do, Jiraz! I really love fucking you and having sex with you...” Shica sniffed happily, Jiraz both surprised and touched to see Shica’s eyes water with tears.

“And it’s not just the sex, you’re just...just so fucking good to me!” Shica exclaimed lovingly, suddenly standing up, surprising Jiraz as she stood up, herself, Shica mildly tossing Jiraz into their bed, pulling down her leather pants, humping the more than amused demon girl, moaning longingly and, to Jiraz’s mind, adorably.

“Hih-hih-hih, I love it when you get so romantic, Shica; you’re such a little gem...” Jiraz hugged Shica, the two girlfriends slowly stripping off each other’s clothes, but apart from their usual humping and lovemaking, they took their time giving each other sensitive kisses.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! Chinyi, turn it off! I’ve never used these kinda toys!!!” Minyoki yelled out loud, the vibrating orb stuck into her pussy, Chinyi grinning as she kept tuning up and down on the remote so the vibrations increased and decreased rapidly.

“Hih-hih-hih! Liar, liar, your panties’ on fire, sis! You pause your Rumble Roses game all the time to masturbate at the girls, and you use a pretty big dildo for it, so you should be used to this!” Chinyi teased, Minyoki’s eyes starting to water and her drooling increased as her smaller step-sister were so sex-appealing in her cute uniform, her humming and cheerfulness making Minyoki smile; it was no wonder Chinyi were so popular with the other Nightwind girls.

“Uhm, Allisia, you OK?” Janice asked, Allisia blinking her eyes, closing them as she groaned; almost like vapour, her tendrils of light vanished, her hair returned to its normal, azure colour, and, as she opened her eyes, they had returned to normal, as well.

“Hmm, I see; you can only channel your powers when you’re filled with a strong feeling, it seems...” Vanessa concluded; “’s quite simple, really; emotion-activated powers...”

“Yeah, sure looks like it...” Janice commented, actually not minding this lighter side of Allisia.

“I wonder if...” Allisia pondered, standing up from the bed, walking over to the chair her sword sat on, unsheathing the blade.

“...I feel almost angelic again, now; this...this feeling that I’m protecting you girls, and serving Mistress Narrisha’s interests...” Allisia let her sword swing lightly around in the air, enjoying the soft gusts of air it made, sighing happily.

“Hey there, angel girl; shouldn’t you get back in bed? We’ve gotta prepare for tomorrow’s orgy!” Janice smirked,

“It’s actually tonight, Janice; it is 5 o’ clock in the morning...” Vanessa noted, Janice looking in wonder at her.

“Trust me...” Vanessa held up a hand as if to prevent Janice from asking, smirking; “...I’m a geek girl; I know stuff.”

“None of the girls at the orgy will do more than they will...” Allisia said, turning to face Janice, who was almost shocked at Allisia as her eyes were flashing light blue, her voice once again getting that chilling, echoing undertone.

“With these powers...I sense something, as well...” Allisia mumbled to herself, looking directly at Janice.

“Janice, you and I have often teased, toyed and made love to each other, but I think it’s time I showed you just how much passion I have boiling in my veins...!” Allisia stood in front of the bed, reaching her arms out, flexing her muscles as the light returned, Vanessa just as amazed at the sight as before, Janice leaning back into the pillows, smirking.

“Here, birdy, birdy, birdy! C’mon, be a good little show-off and come punish me, alright?” Janice teased, Allisia’s lips curling into a smile as she stepped towards Janice...

“Hey, check that out, Jiki...” Kiro pointed out to her girlfriend, the two of them seeing Rachel slowly massage Narru’s back with an amber-coloured oil, the two of them clearly relaxing and enjoying themselves.

“It’s almost weird; I’m beginning to get used to see them hump each other...” Jiki grinned at Kiro, who smiled at her.

“I know they’re a little...well, erotic, these Nightwind ladies, but I just can’t help but think they’re cute...” Kiro blushed, Jiki stroking her girlfriend’s white hair, chuckling in her ear.

“And because you imagine it was us doing that thing, and that I were smearing your back with oil?” Jiki teased, Kiro blushing heavily.

“You little pervert, Jiki!” she grinned, sighing as Jiki smiled at her.

“...But yeah, it’d actually be nice to try if you’d...uhm, massage me?” Kiro asked, Jiki kissing her girlfriend, gesturing her to lie down.

“YA-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!!! OH, GODS! YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, I CAN’T CUM ANYMO-O-O-O-ORE!!!” Janice yelled to the ceiling from the top of her lungs, Allisia using her newfound powers to put more weight into her groping of her breasts and fingering of Janice’s pussy, the redhead amazon’s face twisted in horniness, Vanessa watching in amusement as she saw how Allisia could now please Janice so well, Vanessa laughing at the comical faces and gestures Janice found herself making, including to grab Allisia’s head and kissing her so hungrily Vanessa could have sworn she were trying to suck Allisia’s lips off.

“It seems the vixen has become the pet...” Allisia could not help but chuckle; “...under that frisky exterior, you have a good heart, Janice; you deserve all those girls who fell under your charm...”

“A-ALLISIA! I...IT’S SO GOOD! I LOVE HOW YOU FUCK ME-E-E!” Janice yelled out, Allisia amused as Janice hugged her, Allisia’s light tendrils slowly and lovingly caressing Janice’s body.

“MAKE ME CUM! I wanna cum...all over your glowing body, baby!!!” Janice shrieked out, Vanessa taking the opportunity to grab Janice’s breasts from behind.
“Huh?! Oh...oh my Gods! Demon girl and angel girl, both?! HELL YEAH! FUCK MORE, YOU TWO! I LOVE THIS! I LO-O-O-O-OVE THI-I-I-I-I-I-I-IS!!!” Janice finally let out a high-pitched scream, Allisia taken aback as Janice’s orgasm came so wildly and uncontrollably that it felt as if a breaking dam, Janice continuing to climax more than seven times in a row, her face formed into a lustful grin as she slowly sank down.

“...Is it me, or do I get the feeling she likes women from both Heaven and Hell?” Vanessa joked, Allisia laughing as she leaned over Janice...the redhead not responding as she lightly poked her shoulder.

“Uhm, Allisia, she passed out...she’ll be out for a few hours...” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia looking to Vanessa, both of them feeling as they began smiling, both of them soon finding themselves laughing out loud, laying back on the bed, not able to stop laughing at the thought of Janice actually meeting her match.

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