Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 55)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 55

Title: Chapter LV - Magical (Mis)Fortune

“MOMMIES-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Jisha yelled in panic, having just woken up from a small nap, realizing three things: Firstly, that she had missed dinner; secondly, that something long, slick and weird were caressing her thighs, Jisha looking in shock to see a tail sprout slightly above her butt; and thirdly, something fell from her forehead, something red and thick...

“Jisha! What is it, sweetie?!” Shica’s voice came, her and Jiraz storming into their daughter’s room, Jiraz instantly spotting Jisha’s tail.

“It, it’s just like that Vanessa chick said! She’s getting more demonic-looking...” Shica mentioned, Jiraz searching for a handkerchief or something alike it for Jisha’s head.

“Mommies, it hurts! My head feels like it’s been stabbed...!” Jisha whimpered, tears of pain forming in her eyes, Shica and Jiraz both sitting down, Shica holding Jisha tightly, cuddling her while Jiraz stroke her head, hushing and comforting her daughter.

“There, there...take it easy...” Shica hugged Jisha easily, Jiraz slowly wiping the red substance from Jisha’s forehead: Blood.

“Uhm, honey, there’s news; one, you’ve got a nice tail growing from just above your butt; two, you’ve grown some small horns...”

“HORNS AND TAIL?! Oh, Gods, so then Vanessa was right...!” Jisha began whimpering again; “ all the Nightwind chicks will start pointing fingers at me...”

“Hey, they didn’t at me or Shica...” Jiraz tried to cheer Jisha up, Jisha looking miserably at her mothers.

“But...but will they ever like me again? I-...” Jisha began, suddenly seeing Shica’s eyes look strictly at her.

“Now, now, young lady; Jiraz’s got horns, and that doesn’t bother us when we’re humping around...” Shica informed, giving her daughter a hug; “...horns aren’t really so bad.”

“But it hurts! It feels as if they just popped outta my head like pimples...” Jisha said sadly, feeling the small, sharp point of one of her horns, feeling how roundly it twisted upwards a few centimetres over her forehead.

“You’ll get used to it, and hey, with a tail like that...” Jiraz said, smiling secretly at her daughter; “...I think you’ll be quite popular with both the Nightwind ladies and the girls at your school.”

“Jiraz! She needs to learn how to control it, first!” Shica said strictly, Jiraz giving her girlfriend a naughty wink, sticking her tongue out at her, Jisha smiling at her mothers’ silliness.

“Oh? Hey! Look!” Jisha suddenly exclaimed, feeling as if her nerves registered her tail’s movements, feeling it swing back and forth, and then from left to right.

“She’s already beginning to control it; wait and see, baby; you’ll learn that having a tail ahs many advantages...” Jiraz nodded, Shica looking sarcastically at her girlfriend.

“What, you mean like when you shove it into me, or just using like a third arm?” Shica asked, Jisha blushing as Jiraz could not help but laugh.

“This sure isn’t sunbathing, but it feels so serene...” Kiro mumbled at Jiki, the two girlfriends lying on a sun chair on the balcony of their room, bathed in the moonlight and warmed by the summer air, Jiki enjoying the feeling of hers and Kiro’s naked bodies pressing together softly, their hair blowing slightly in the wind.

I sure wouldn’t have known Nightwind Manor had this kind of view...” Jiki sighed, her and Kiro looking at the stars, enjoying seeing their reflections in each other’s eyes.

“It’s so warm…and that smell…” Kiro silently sighed happily, nudging herself against Jiki, the two of them kissing intimately, Kiro surprised and amused as Jiki’s tongue played around with her own.

“OK, lie down, please; this will only take a moment...” Maya, the head nurse of the hospital wing asked Zyrah, the shin’saras girl wondering why she had not seen the nurse before.

“What’s this all about, sexy? I’m about to find those little catgirls and take ‘em from behind...” Zyrah lay down, crossing her legs and smirking to herself.

“I need you to take this seriously; we can’t have you come unprepared, now can we?” Maya asked, Zyrah raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t recall there being a head nurse as well as a head maid...” Zyrah asked curiously.

“Well, I’m not often running about humping like the others, but when I do...oh, never mind; let’s focus on this...” Maya began, Zyrah seeing Maya lean over her, finally seeing the head nurse in the full light; her platinum-blonde hair and white makeup were a surprise, as well as her dark skin and kinky black and white uniform, but her face was serious as she gave Zyrah what looked like a pill.

“It’s a pill Vanessa asked me to test; we just needed someone resistant enough...” Maya mentioned, Zyrah looking in surprise at her and the pill.

“What’ll this thing do? I won’t start getting allergic, will I? Zyrah asked, Maya surprising her again as she smirked.

“Nope, it’s a kind of aphrodisiac that’s supposed to make the consumer get 5 hours of ecstatic pleasures before the effect wears off, and it’s not addictive unless...hihih, well, unless you’re a little sex kitten like these Shirli and Sharla you mentioned...” Maya informed, Zyrah happy that maybe Maya were not such a boring pencil-pusher, after all.

“Let me tell you; you can give me that if you wanna, but I want to have a little fun, as well...” Zyrah winked; “...and since you’re in such a sexy getup, I kinda wanna feel you down there...”

“Ah, to have sex to test the effect; excellent idea!” Maya nodded, tapping something in on the keyboard of her computer.

“Hey, how else to test it?” Zyrah smiled, Maya shrugging.

“Well, I planned to strap you down and let you watch yuri hentai movies and see how much you climax and examine the quality, but I’m sure glad you think I can help out...” Maya said, standing up from her desk, putting down her glasses.

“Let’s do this properly...” Maya winked at Zyrah, leaning over her, putting the half of the pill in her mouth.

“We’ll take a half each; I haven’t gotten laid since last night...” Maya said, Zyrah grinning as she took her share, snapped it over with her teeth, swallowing the half pill, glad there were no bitter or chemical after-taste.

“Hih-hih, who fucked you?” Zyrah asked, Maya blushing and smiling slightly.

“Faris; she heard me masturbating about her fucking me with a strap-on, so that she did...” Maya winked, feeling the pill begin to take effect.

“So...I hope you shin’sari ladies really are good at fucking girls...’cause I need some fucking soon...!” Maya bit her lips, Zyrah seeing the nurse trying to suppress the excitement rising from inside.

“What a naughty girl!” Zyrah grinned, Maya surprised as Zyrah suddenly reached for her breasts, groping them passionately, slowly turning Maya around, stripping her slowly of her uniform until nothing but her gloves were left.

“Boots on a chick like you are hot, but gloves on you in particular...” Zyrah whispered playfully in Maya’s ear; “ as Hell...!”

“...What in the grandmother of fuck is this shit?! Gods, they really meant those warnings...” Minyoki bit her lower lip, Chinyi having joined her step-sister as she played her games, having turned to another new game taking place in Hell itself.

“Minyoki-i-i-i! This game’s freaking me out!” Chinyi cuddled herself to her older sister, Minyoki caressing her head, Chinyi looking afraid as she did not really like how the game was set in Hell.

“Wha-...what’s that?!” she panicked, pointing at the screen, Minyoki looking equally shocked as a small infant baby rose from its flaming cradle, slowly walking towards Dante with sharp blades swinging from where its arms should have been.

“Were the designers on crack when they thought this up?!” Minyoki gasped, instinctively slashing out against the demonic baby, Chinyi’s eyes still blinking in shock.

“Sh-Shouldn’t we shut down, Minyoki? It’s almost 1 o’ clock at night...” Chinyi whimpered, Minyoki looking in pity as her sister’s eyes looked blank in fear of the game she were playing.

“Aw-w-w, you whimper so easily...” Minyoki could not help but smile, pausing the game and kissing Chinyi’s cheek; “...OK, I’ll tug you in; you can sleep here tonight.”

“Of all the sex I have had with the girls of Nightwind Manor...” Vanessa could not help but grin, Allisia joining in; “...I’ve never felt so awkward.”

As Allisia found herself faced down between Vanessa’s breasts, she felt as Scarlet wandered on her back, the red cat curiously sniffing around, having no clue what was going on besides her mistress and another girl lying on each other, making panting noises.

“Uhm, Vanessa, your cat is starting to use her claws...” Allisia pointed out, Vanessa blinking, barking out sharply at Scarlet.

“No! Bad kitty! Down!” she snapped, Scarlet looking at her mistress, meowing lowly as it leapt down, sitting itself not two meters from Allisia and Vanessa.

“Honestly, Allisia, I’d feel a bit naughty if it was some other girls watching us...” Vanessa chuckled, “...but with my cat watching me, it feels so weird.”

“I say we take the chance...” Allisia leaned herself over Vanessa again, feeling her earrings and slowly pulling down the top of her dress; “...I have a busty albino girl who craves my attention.”

“I crave it, indeed! You’re so strong, so honourable...oh, I could swoon over you any day!” Vanessa said happily, Allisia stroking her hair, kissing the albino girl warmly.
“Kind words...from such a little vixen...” she gave Vanessa’s nose a little pinch, making her giggle girlishly.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H-H! OH, FUCK! I, I sure hope we can use on Hyracha back home!” Shirli cried out, her and Sharla having continued their wild sex games while the other girls ate, the two of them perfectly happy as they had moved from Narrisha’s room back to the dungeons.

“Ohohohoh, I’ll bet she’ll like it! I remember last time she asked us to learn some new stuff to use while she fucked Tirah...” Sharla mentioned, Shirli’s eyes lightening up.

“Hey, maybe she’ll use those magic spells on us again! She’s such a fucking hot little bitch of a witch...” Shirli winked, throwing herself over Sharla, munching on her ripe breasts.

“Or that time the elf chicks banded together and gangbanged Cilistia? Hihih, she’s such a whore; she’ll take anything a girl gives!” Sharla mentioned, Shirli slurping even harder, moving between Sharla’s legs.

“Oh, I’ll make you scream like a whore, alright! How does it feel having your pussy sucked inside out?!” Shirli eagerly sucked on Sharla’s pussy, the other catgirl wailing in lustfulness as Shirli dove deeper and deeper with her tongue into her pussy.

“Get up! You’re gonna get your share, baby!” Shirli smirked, grabbing around Sharla’s waist, holding up her legs over her shoulders, Sharla wailing out loud as she helplessly squirmed around, her face turning into a perverted smile as Shirli’s tongue reached deeper and deeper in...

“OH! Hey, Allisia...not so...rough...!” Vanessa whimpered as Allisia stroke her head against her breasts, enjoying the small, pink nipples on the albino girl, letting her tongue all over them.

“I cannot help it, Vanessa; you are so cute for such a ravishing demon girl...” Allisia blushed slightly at Vanessa, sitting herself with her legs on Vanessa’s stomach, spreading her legs, Vanessa surprised to see the warrior girl’s nectars run from her vagina in a small, slow, glittering stream, Allisia obviously feeling very horny for her.

“You poor thing, Allisia; come, let me deal with that...” Vanessa smirked, sitting up and leaning towards Allisia, kissing the azure-haired girl passionately, Allisia feeling Vanessa’s claws run over her hair, grabbing it in Vanessa’s desire to do away with the warrior girl.

“Vanessa, please, for both our sakes...finish me off; Vanessa, I crave of you to put out this fire in me!” Allisia desperately pleaded, Vanessa grinning amused, beginning to suck on Allisia’s firm breasts, the warrior girl letting out a long-suppressed moan, moaning again and again now, all the time more and more desirably until Vanessa felt Allisia’s arm flex around her head, pressing Vanessa’s face in between Allisia’s breasts.

As Vanessa waved her hand weakly, Allisia were unaware as the albino girl cast a spell, Allisia suddenly feeling weak, silvery light shine on her and Vanessa, barely seeing it out of her eyehook as the moon shun from the ceiling, amused as she enjoyed Vanessa’s licking of her breasts.

“...Huh?!” Allisia suddenly exclaimed in surprise, having leaned back so much that she fell on her back on the bed, a smiling Vanessa leaning over her again, Allisia closing her arms around her head, slowly pulling her down, loving to feel Vanessa’s tongue wrestling with her own for control.

“Next time, maybe we should have Janice join us...” Vanessa winked, Allisia grinning.

“That vixen...that might actually be fun...” Allisia smiled meekly.

“She’s very sex appealing, and as you said, a real vixen; you have the compassion and she has the passion...” Vanessa said, beginning to laugh; “...hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! Kind of funny now I think of it!”

“Someone spoke my name, ladies?” Janice appeared in a flash of blue light, Vanessa and Allisia both looking surprised at her.

“I did a little digging through your books when you weren’t looking, Vanessa; don’t look so surprised...” Janice winked, stretching out, moaning happily as she headed for the bed.

“Do you ever really take off your outfit, Janice?” Allisia could not help herself but to ask.

“Nope, this latex getup suits me; so tight and kinky, and hey, what babe wouldn’t love to dive between these?” Janice grinned, groping her breasts, Vanessa failing to hide an excited blushing.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m hot in latex; it kinda feels like it allows me to show the girls who I really am...” Janice sighed happily, letting herself fall unto the bed.

“A red-haired little harlot in heat for women?” Allisia teased, Janice opening her eyes, winking and smiling at Allisia.

“You should talk! I’m there for those chicks who just wants a good, rough, fun fuck; you’re there for those little, intimate hump-a-while goody two-shoes…kinda like Vinya…you done her, yet?” Janice teased back, Allisia and Vanessa exchanging looks, both of them getting the same idea.

“H-Hey?!” Janice gave a small yelp in surprise as Vanessa’s fingers burrowed their way into her thong, soon joined by Allisia’s as the two of them lay themselves besides Janice, both of them leaning their heads on the amazon girl’s breasts, Janice looking very amused as she stroke their heads.

“Wow! I didn’t expect the pompous head maid coming here for the second course!” Zyrah flirted teasingly as Lillian had entered the hospital wing, Maya busy fondling Zyrah’s exposed breasts as Lillian headed towards them.

“You really thought all I cared for was working? Hah! Silly girl...” Lillian proudly stroke her white-purple hair, letting it fly in the air; “...I have done my service to my little maids for a long time, and since we have such an exotic guest staying at us...”

Zyrah barely listened as she were busy drooling over the busty head maid, her outfit of corset, elbow-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots of black latex and trims and panties of white silk revealing everything Zyrah would love fawning over; noticing her eager, Lillian smirked slightly, looking to Maya.

“Please, move on to lick her; I love the cries from squirming little girls writhing in pleasure...” Lillian said, crossing her arms as Maya obeyed, Zyrah feeling as Maya slowly removed Zyrah’s vest and skirt, the shin’saras girl feeling herself all too willing as she grabbed around Maya’s head, Maya grinning to herself in anticipation.

“Wait...” Lillian suddenly said, fetching something on a nearby trolley; “...try using these; I still can’t believe how much Ukuni liked it last she was ‘examined’.”

“Got it, ma’am” Maya nodded as Lillian handed her something, Zyrah discovering it to be five large strawberries.

“Here we go...” Maya winked at Zyrah, the shin’saras girl looking surprised as the head nurse squished a strawberry just enough to let it let out its rich, light-red fluid, the juices falling around Zyrah’s exposed pussy, Zyrah giggling as she understood Maya’s intentions.

“Ukuni must’ve had a kick from this; I’ve heard she’s into this kinda stuff on the girls...” Zyrah mentioned as Maya squished the last of the strawberries, unable to keep herself from waiting as she dove between Zyrah’s legs, licking intensely around her pussy.

“Yes, the little girlie fancies using food during her romping about...not that any other girl has come to me with complaints...” Lillian mentioned, turning around as she saw Zyrah’s face twist in pleasure, Lillian licking her lips, smiling to herself as she really did enjoy seeing the frisky little elf girl being sexually molested in this way.

“E-enjoying the show, are we?” Zyrah mentioned, looking at Lillian, who blushed slightly, winking in reply.

“I do; you’re such a willing little minx, you’d even let a boring head maid like myself fuck you...?” Lillian stepped closer, Zyrah smiling at the opportunity to be molested by both a head nurse and a head maid.

“I’d love to; I kinda need some real gentle lovin’, ladies...” Zyrah teased, feeling as Lillian forcefully groped her breasts, Zyrah clearly hearing the head maid enjoy herself as she moaned loudly.

“Tomorrow night, at the orgy, I’m gonna ask Narrisha to make you Shirli and Sharla’s first course...” Lillian chuckled wickedly, Zyrah letting out an excited moan at the thought of being ravished and molested beyond belief by the two catgirls.

“Aw-w-w-w, so cute; the little slut gets so excited when I mention those two kitty babes....oh, but you’re not all done with us, little elf...!” Lillian smirked as Maya held up the slightly blushing Zyrah, who felt herself even more excited as she was now put down before Lillian, her and Maya having spent quite some time teasing Zyrah by playing with each other, the elf girl feeling her limit about to be reached.

“Maya, reward her, please...” Lillian smiled wickedly at Zyrah, feeling as a small kind of orb, almost in the shape of an egg, were inserted into her pussy, its meek vibrations making the shin’saras girl yelp out as she tried and suppress the urge to reach her climax.

“Enjoying what you see, little girl? I’ll bet you’re getting pretty thirsty, huh?” Lillian teased as she reached below her corset, undoing her thong and letting it drop to the floor.

“Come on; I love it when girls get on their knees and lick my pussy real good...” Lillian purred, Zyrah not able to resist the soft, fleshy pink folds, her long tongue delving directly in, hearing Lillian let out a small scream of delight, Zyrah feeling her head being pressed harder against Lillian’s pussy, Lillian herself moaning wildly, Maya, more than willingly, groping Lillian’s breasts under her latex corset.

“Oh! No, not so shy; like this!” Lillian moaned, tugging Zyrah’s head in closer, the shin’saras girl supporting herself to Lillian’s legs, the head maid moaning even more loudly as Maya began kissing her neck, having moved behind Lillian, continuing her groping.

“C’mon girls; I’m almost there...!!!” Lillian grit her teeth, Zyrah grinning to herself as she now grabbed around Lillian’s legs as hard as she could, her fingers leaving marks on her latex boots, Zyrah sticking her tongue as far in as she could, closing her lips on Lillian’s pussy, sucking with all her might.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Yeah, that’s it! Do it more! Both of you!” Lillian encouraged, looking over her shoulder to Maya.
“A-...A-...-AR-R-R-R-RGH! I’M, I’M GONNA SQU-U-UIRT! AR-R-R-RGH!” Lillian yelled out, Zyrah having already consumed plenty of the head maid’s cum, yet she wanted more, feeling like a predator claiming its prey.

“Miss Lillian...Miss Lillian...!” Maya panted from behind the head maid, humping herself wildly against Lillian’s back, the head maid’s voice becoming lighter as her self-control waned drastically.

“I...I can’t take this...Zyrah, Maya, you’re just too...oh-h-h-h-h...!” Lillian moaned out loud, Zyrah taking the chance she had been waiting for.

“Here comes the cum-flood, missy!” Zyrah joked, sucking as intensely as she had ever done to any girl on Lillian’s pussy lips, Zyrah further excited as she felt the head maid almost quake, enjoying her screams.

“YE-E-E-E-E-ES! YES! YES! OH, LICK ME, ZYRA-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!!” Lillian screamed as she came, Zyrah finding her face, hair, nostrils and skin dripping with the head maid’s cum as her orgasm squirted out in smaller waves, Zyrah smirking to herself.

“Now I kinda know why Shirli and Sharla love this pussy-licking...” Zyrah smiled; “ tastes so good...”

“Miss Lillian, I wanna be licked by the elf next...” Maya asked in pleading voice, Lillian panting heavily, her body covered in sweat, small drops falling from her hair, Lillian beginning to smile.

“You’ll get your chance tonight, Maya...” she stroke the head nurse’s hair; “...also, Zyrah, after she’s done tonight, I’d like you to do a little boot-licking for me.”

“OK, but if you get too excited I’m gonna finger you...” Zyrah joked, Maya sending the shin’saras girl a flirty wink.

“Watch it, elf girl; I’ll bet your flower’s properly already soaking wet at the moment...” Maya grinned, Zyrah playfully kissing her, excited as the nurse’s tongue eagerly replied.

“OK girls, better get our clothes back on; I’ll be seeing you at the orgy later today...” Lillian noticed them.

“It’s 2 o’ clock at night?! Oh, I got so much to plan, and-...!” Maya suddenly planned as she looked at the clock on her computer, running frantically around, Zyrah and Lillian both giggling at the silly head nurse.

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