Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 54)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 54

Title: Chapter LIV - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 2)

“Tag! You’re it!” Rachel laughed, Innoki chasing after the black-haired girl, swimming after her in the pool area, Zyrah and Vinya sitting on the pool’s side, grinning at the two other girls.

“I got you! I got you, you little mermaid!” Innoki laughed as she caught the weakly struggling Rachel, both of them kissing each other playfully as they both submerged.

“Oh dear! I hope they can breathe down there!” Narru mentioned anxiously, Vinya’s hand on her shoulder calming her down as the shin’saras girl leaned in closer.

“I swear, Jiki, if we ever want to move away from New Terra, this would be just the place for us!” Kiro mentioned happily, Jiki cuddling her girlfriend softly, enjoying seeing Kiro’s relaxed face and her white hair float on the water; this was really a serene place to relax and enjoy themselves.

“Room for one more, cuties?” a naked Jisha flirted, hopping into the pool, the girls grinning at her as she popped up again, shaking her spiky mane of hair.

“Watch yourself, sweetie! You shouldn’t jump before you think!” Jiraz yelled in tease to her daughter, her and Shica laying on comfortable sun chairs, Shica enjoying a drink, while Jiraz simply lay and admired her girlfriend.

“Come here, cutie, cutie, cutie...!” Jisha grinned wickedly as Narru soon felt her over her back, Narru shrieking in surprise as Jisha began to grope her, Narru honestly not minding it in the slightest.

“Miss’re such a pervert...!” she could not help but smile, Jisha letting her tongue over Narru’s neck, tickling the platinum-haired girl.

“You’re such a perfectly little innocent chick...I’m gonna pluck that innocence away, ‘feather’ by ‘feather’...!” Jisha smirked to herself, Shica looking at Jiraz, Jiraz letting her eyes gesture upwards, Shica smirking; Jisha really needed to learn how to talk dirty if she wanted to be a real womanizer.

“...This has gotta be the greatest heap of bullshit I’ve ever played...!!!” Minyoki gritted her teeth in anger, pausing the game as she stood up, grabbing herself a cola can.

“’Darksiders’...yeah, ri-i-ight; how about...‘Digital Pukefest XX’ or ‘Shitfest 2000’?!” she mumbled to herself, gritting her teeth in frustration, sighing.

“Minyoki, are you in there?” Vanessa’s voice came from the door as she knocked, Minyoki opening the door for her, surprised to see how Vanessa had dressed:

She wore a glittering, ruby-red satin dress, her normal thigh-high boots replaced with red sandals to match the dress, and from what Minyoki could see, Vanessa had also included two small, oval, ornate silver earrings.

“Oh! Oh, come on in, Vanessa...” Minyoki said, forgetting about the game she was playing, Vanessa stepping in.

“So, uhm...what’s with the getup? It looks like you’re going on some kinda date...” Minyoki asked, Vanessa sitting down on Minyoki’s bed, smiling mysteriously.

“Indeed I am; I hope to impress her...” Vanessa said, secretly hoping that Allisia would act as gallantly as she was noble of heart...and then ravish her with storm until Vanessa lay unconscious on her bed from the lovemaking, Vanessa hoping that Minyoki did not notice as she drooled a bit from the excitement.

“Cool! Who’s the lucky chick? You’ve sure got the goods to get any of them...” Minyoki grinned, Vanessa blushing as she looked at her dress, finding her breasts maybe a bit too exposed, Vanessa shyly covering herself with her wings.

“Uhm, I’ll prefer to keep that to myself...but what about you? I heard you yelling...” Vanessa asked Minyoki, who sighed, sat down beside Vanessa, pointing at the screen.

“That...” Minyoki pointed; “...I just found this game in my drawer, and I haven’t honestly played it yet, and I’m still stuck on the first, fucking level...!” Minyoki spat angrily, Vanessa patting her shoulder.

“Maybe I can help? My date’s only after dinner, so I have about two hours to spare” Vanessa asked, Minyoki nodding at her.

“Fuck, you’re the smartest chick here, so maybe you can, really...” Minyoki shrugged, standing up and grabbing her controller, resuming the game.

“Alright, so I’m here at this large motherfucker tossing lava and shit at me, and I can’t move on...” Minyoki pointed out, Vanessa studying as Minyoki used the controller to hop around and dodging the objects being thrown at her.

“It’s obvious, no offense...” Vanessa pointed out; “...when you see a car fall unto the road in front of you, you grab it and toss it against him, and then slash him when he’s weakened.”

“...How the fuck did you figure that out?!” Minyoki asked in awe, Vanessa folding her arms, smiling.

“I read about these kinds of games on the Internet, and this one reminds me of a game named Devil May Cry, and the gameplay seems alike...” she explained; “ I assumed it was the same style, so I am quite certain my theory is correct.”

“OK, you’re the smart girl...” Minyoki said, about to try out Vanessa’s advice, when a devious grin crawled over her face.

“What ‘were’ you looking for with Devil May Cry, huh? The ladies, hm-m-m...?” Minyoki winked, lightly elbowing Vanessa’s side and clicking her tongue twice in a flirty manner.

“Says the one who would use Gloria’s breasts as pillows were she real...” Vanessa gave back, grinning as Minyoki blushed; “...but yes; I find that especial ‘lady’ Gloria to be...unbelievably...uhm-...”

“Hot? Sexy? The kinda chick you’d bang and be banged by until you couldn’t keep check of time?” Minyoki laughed, Vanessa shrugging, winking at Minyoki.

“Seems like we think the same: Gloria is gorgeous...” Vanessa said, Minyoki smiling as she turned to the screen.

“Oh, if she were real, I’d totally make her my bitch, alright...” Minyoki grinned; “...I’d fuck her, kiss her, molest her, go dominatrix on her and ask her to do the same thing to me well...and, maybe, do some kinkier stuff to her, I dunno...”

“Like what? I didn’t think you knew of anything but exposing young Jisha to anal sex for looking at your more intimate collection...” Vanessa teased, Minyoki feeling as if Vanessa had seen right through her as if she was a ghost.

“Don’t worry, Jisha did not say is simply my magical nature to sometimes read a bit about girls’ minds...” Vanessa said mysteriously, Minyoki looking carefully at her.

“...Wow, you’re as goddamn sharp as a fucking katana, Vanessa...” Minyoki said in a mix of awe and tease; “...c’mon, you wanted to help me with this shitty game, right?”

“WA-A-A-A-AH! OH MY GODS! Allisia, have you gone mental?!” Janice screamed out, finding herself inserted halfway into Allisia’s pussy, greatly amusing Allisia as she could not help but smile.

“Too bad you’re not your own size, is it not? If you were, you might be able to stop me...” Allisia mocked and teased; “...but, alas, now you have almost fulfilled your duty.”

“What do you mean?? You’ve used me like a fucking dildo!” Janice could not help herself but grin, Allisia nodding to herself.

“And now, with your lesson learnt, I hope...” Allisia slowly pulled Janice out, Allisia’s cum dripping from Janice’s legs and thighs, Allisia reaching for the small gem on her gauntlet, Janice again feeling the electrical energy coursing through her...

“WOH-YAH! I’m back, baby! Now, to get my revenge...!!!” Janice cheered as she grew back to her normal size, Allisia opening both arms, smiling at Janice under her helmet.

“Come here then, you crazy little minx...” Allisia could not help but giggle, Janice letting out a feral howl as she threw herself over Allisia, planting her face right between her breasts, making munching noises.

“It’ll be half an hour until dinner...we’d better finish up...!” Hiroi winked at Raicha, the two of them having joined the shin’sari maids at the hospital, the nurses greatly amused to see so many cute elf girls, feeling even happier as the ever-playful Chinyi appeared in the doorway, squealing in excitement.

“NURSES!” she grinned, heading inside to join in the fun, suddenly finding someone to grab her feet.

“Come here, you little pipsqueak!” she recognized Vinya’s teasing voice, Chinyi happily hugging and cuddling the smirking shin’saras girl, the two of them kissing passionately, Vinya feeling as she landed herself on a nearby bed, throwing a leg over Chinyi’s back as they still did not break the kiss, Chinyi’s tongue lashing out against her own.

“Let’s get something to eat now, shall we?” Narrisha slowly clapped her hands together, the Nightwind girls sitting by the dinner table, Shirli and Sharla sitting by Narrisha’s chair. Sniffing curiously in the air.

“Sorry I came so late! I had something to do...” Vanessa’s voice now came from the door as she came in, followed by Minyoki and a weird-looking red creature walking besides a hungry-looking Breeze.

“Excuse me, Miss Allisia...” Breeze hooted as she crawled under Allisia’s chair, sneaking herself under the table with her tail slightly visible, most of the girls smiling at the silly griffon.

“Waiting for bites, Breeze?” Jiki and Kiro asked from their seats near Narrisha, suddenly feeling as their griffon quickly crawled over to them, looking up at them with puppy-like eyes.

“I’m sorry I’m late; I had to feed my new little pet...” Vanessa apologized, yet could not help but smile as her ‘pet’ appeared in the light:

Although no smaller than a kitten, a cat-like creature sat on the floor, its fur ruby-red with some small hairs having a colour of slight amber, its long mane of amber-coloured hair making it look like a small lion, but as it meowed with a light, feline voice and leaned forward, the girls could spot soft, red and amber-coloured feathered wings on its back, barely large enough to carry the small creature.

“I call her Scarlet; I got inspired from our two visiting little lovebirds’ pet griffon...” Vanessa shrugged, Scarlet crawling towards its mistress, stroking itself against her hand.

“Uhm, does it do something special?” Siriki asked curiously, Vanessa nodding slowly, winking at Scarlet.

At that gesture, Scarlet span around herself once, blinked her deep-red, feline eyes, and stood up and walked on her two back paws, her front paws used as balance as she unfolded her wings, giving a small swoop as she ascended, keeping herself airborne for just a moment, then landing safely, rolling on her back and meowing at the girls.

“KA-WAI-I-I-II! That’s the cutest kitty kitten I’ve ever seen!!!” Chinyi squealed, unable to hold back an adored smirk, Scarlet quickly crawling under the table, Chinyi letting off a small gasp as she felt the red cat touch her left boot.

“She sure is more colourful...but I feel honoured you were inspired by me, Miss Vanessa...” Breeze nodded worthily, Jiki and Kiro slowly caressing the griffon.

“When Scarlet grows older, she will learn to speak, but she may not grow in size...” Vanessa said, the small kitten jumping into her lap, sniffing at all the food, Vanessa grinning and stroking the purring animal; “...but she’s sure a little vixen...and a greedy one, too, aren’t you, Scarlet?”

As response, Scarlet looked up at Vanessa, meowing as she curiously lunged out with her ivory claws at rings of the albino girl’s collar.

“Can I feed her a piece of chicken, mistress?” Vanessa asked Narrisha, the vampire girl shrugging, smiling as she handed Vanessa the plate with the chicken wings.

“Here, you go, Scarlet...” Vanessa stroke the kitten’s fur, the girls surprised as the kitten snatched the chicken wing with the flexibility of a monkey, its small paws handling the wing as if it were a human hand as the kitten began gnawing the meat off the wing.

“If that cat gets any cleverer, it’ll end walking around on two legs and talking before tomorrow...” Raicha remarked, lowering her sunglasses and looking more closely at Scarlet, smiling; “...but heck, it’s sure a cute little thing.”

“Losing your tough exterior, biker chick?” Chinyi teased, Raicha grinning at the smiling pink-haired girl.

“You know, your big sis doesn’t really complain when I start fucking her up the ass...” Raicha teased back; “...should we see how much it takes for you to give in, kitty girl?”

“Uhm, I...I gotta help Minyoki with her games after dinner; sorry!” Chinyi meekly put up a response, her innocent smile fading away as Raicha stroke the inner of her thighs, Chinyi beginning to blush in playfulness.

“Come on, I won’t go too hardcore, sweet cheeks...” Raicha teased, licking her tongue against Chinyi’s ear, Chinyi giggling as it tickled one of her most sensitive spots.

“Narru, can you pass me the salt, please?” Allisia asked, Narru handing Allisia the salt, the warrior girl’s cloak sliding slightly down, revealing her armour to the surprised Nightwind girls.

“Holy shit! Allisia, that’s some hot metalwork you’ve got there, girl!” Hiroi could not hold back an excited grin, loving the bluish glow from the metal of Allisia’s armour, Allisia smiling at the girls’ awe.

“I owe most of it to Vanessa; she suggested the metal, I forged it and she helped me form it” Allisia mentioned, Vanessa feeling that she could have sworn that Allisia had winked at her.

“I...I’m glad you like the new suit, Allisia...” she babbled, Allisia now obviously smiling, Vanessa almost jokingly scolding Allisia in her mind for being such a tease to her.

“I gotta admit, at first I thought you were all kinda nerdy and know-it-all, but hey...” Jiraz commented after she swallowed a piece of meat; “’re an OK girl, Vanessa.”

“So no more grumbling about how you thought she did better at things than you?” Shica teased, Jiraz blushing and snarling at her girlfriend, Shica giggling at her.

“Shica, you’re going for the camel toe tonight!” Jiraz partially threatened, her made-up anger seeping away as Shica imitated to be scared, her over-dramatic posing making Jiraz laugh, coughing as the piece of meat got stuck in her throat, Shica helping Jiraz out, her panting girlfriend nodding gratefully.

“By Saint Allisia’s sword...” Allisia gasped as she entered Vanessa’s room, looking forward to enjoy herself with the albino girl; however, she was not prepared for the atmosphere Vanessa’s room gave off:

Far above them in the dark, non-lit room, the meek light from the ceiling were shown as stars, glittering like small diamonds exactly as the natural night sky; limited to a quarter of the oval room were Vanessa’s laboratory equipment, Vanessa leading Allisia to a large, oval bed in deep crimson colours, lying herself on the bed, Allisia seeing how her armour shun lightly in the room.

“I normally have the light turned on and the ceiling copying the daylight, but I wanted to try something...well, romantic...” Vanessa said, blushing meekly as Allisia sat down beside her, giving her a smile.

“You sure have a unique sense of desire, Vanessa...” Allisia said; “...I never imagined making love with an albino demon girl under the clear night sky...”

“Well, I could change it if you’d feel more-...” Vanessa began, only to feel as Allisia lightly pinned her down into the bed, Vanessa seeing Allisia’s clear, azure eyes under the helmet’s visor, Allisia lifting it and grinning at Vanessa.

“I have to admit, you do have an appeal to me as a small and innocent little demon girl...” Allisia smirked as she removed her helmet, beginning to undress herself and putting down her armour; “...I think I should not mind a few hours spending them with you.”

“Oh, lady warrior; doth thou like what thou sees?” Vanessa teased, Allisia grinning at her.

“My eyes were opened to such beauty a long time ago; now, come here...” Allisia said as she lay herself besides Vanessa, softly stroking the demon girl’s hair and chins, enjoying the soft, cosmic sounds coming from small speakers hidden over the room, feeling Vanessa’s heartbeat increase, the demon girl clearly nervous.

“I suppose I am the one to break the ice...” Allisia said, stroking Vanessa’s forehead, but suddenly felt the albino girl move to face her, her eyes glowing bright red, Allisia seeing Vanessa panting heavily, the albino girl’s mouth formed in a lusty grin.

“I...I need to cut loose; Allisia, forgive me...!” Vanessa mumbled weakly, Allisia feeling as Vanessa dove between her breasts, moaning intensely as she slurped on Allisia’s left breast, Vanessa using her right hand to try and move herself out of her dress, Allisia slightly amused to see that the albino girl were in right out heat for her.

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