Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 53)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 53

Title: Chapter LIII - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 1)

“THIS IS IT! Oh, this... this design is...perfect...! I just need to find something strong enough...and to connect this link...” Allisia eagerly went on and about back in her room, the girls seeing as she took out scraps of steel, iron and various other metals, as well as entire sheets of thick leather in various colours, the girls amazed that Allisia could even figure the book’s designs out.

“Hey, can I ask you girls something?” Allisia suddenly asked, taking aback the girls.

“Yeah, sure!” Narru smiled, the other girls giggling at her.

“I need something for the helmet apart from the wings...and something for the waist...” Allisia mumbled, looking at the girls; “...if you can run an errand for me, try and see if you can find some white and, or, blue silk sheets.”

“Sure, but what do you need them for?” Chinyi asked, Allisia pointing on a sketch she had drawn.

“I’ll need something a bit decorative for the skirt, and I kind of like blue and white...” Allisia said, looking carefully at the sketch; “...problem is, I can’t sew.”

“I can! I’ll get that skirt made for you in no time!” Ukuni smirked, holding a thumbs-up to Allisia, who raised an eyebrow.

“You sure? Silk is a bit trickier than leather and latex...” Allisia asked, Ukuni chuckling a bit to herself.

“You’re kidding me? I can make that skirt in less than 10 minutes” Ukuni grinned confidently, looking at Chinyi.

“OK, cute stuff, you’ll find the silks and I’ll sew them for Allisia...” Ukuni said, leaning on Chinyi as she whispered; “...and if you find some pink silks, I’ll make you some panties Siriki and the girls will be drooling over for days!”

“OK! Let’s be off, then!” Chinyi cheered, Ukuni following the pink-haired girl out the door, Allisia and the other girls discussing the sketch and design.

“I couldn’t have done this without you, Vanessa!” Allisia happily hugged Vanessa, Vanessa smirking as they both looked at Allisia’s finished new armour:

Decorated with silk sheets in blue and white around the belt, the armour’s bluish, metallic hue shining like meek moonlight.

“You did good on the suit, yourself” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia taking up one of the gauntlets, admired the finely polished black leather under the armour, glad that only a very few pieces of the armour needed bolts and straps, still remembering Janice’s little prank.

“Tell me, Vanessa, did you teach Janice that spell to pull objects towards her?” Allisia asked, Vanessa nodding.

“Yes, I did; what did she-...o-o-o-oh-h-h, I see...” Vanessa asked, suddenly realizing what Janice might have done.

“Well, she did undo my last suit of armour, but I will enjoy rewarding her this time...” Allisia said, beginning dress up in the bodysuit, the most basic of her outfit, followed by the metal armour plates as they easily fit into place, Vanessa looking in awe as Allisia armoured up.

“You really look like a true warrior, Allisia; it’s so majestic...” Vanessa said adoringly, Allisia smiling at her as she put on the armour’s shoulder plates, enjoying how the round and curvy design felt protective and light.

“That shield we made, are you sure you should not leave it here?” Vanessa asked, looking at the round and decorative shield, that and Allisia’s sword lying on her bed.

“Maybe I should, and if you don’t mind...” Allisia now turned around, giving Vanessa another hug, suddenly feeling Allisia place a loving kiss on her lips; “...thanks for enchanting the sword for me; it’ll really suit my armour.”

“You’re so very welcome, Allisia...” Vanessa smiled; breaking the kiss, she could not help but blush.

“Allisia, on-once you’re done with Janice...c-could I, you know-...” Vanessa tried to ask, Allisia smiling a bit.

“It’s the least I can do...and besides, I sort of owe it to you, so it is my duty to repay you...” Allisia said, nodding at Vanessa as she winked; “...and, as well as to serve Nightwind Manor, is a duty that truly feels good to both the soul and the skin.”

Janice could not help herself; reaching into her drawers, she had found underwear, spare suits of the one she wore, a gallant red latex dress with a high collar, and, just what she had been looking for, a pair of red latex panties, exactly what she needed now.

Looking around her bed, Janice had found herself discarding her other set of panties after her intense masturbation at the comic Vanessa had given her, the red panties looking completely fluid with her cum, Janice smiling to herself as she put on the new pair.

“I sure as hell isn’t going to stop anytime soon!” she grinned to herself, fully dressed up as she moved her gloved fingers between her legs.

“Janice? Are you in there?” a voice came from the door, Janice sighing heavily, standing up to get the door.

“It’s you, Allisia? I thought you were busy with that project of yours...” Janice asked, slowly opening the door; suddenly, a gray sort of smoke appeared in front of her eyes, feeling herself lightheaded...

“Um-m-m-m...” Janice moaned as she woke up, finding herself in Allisia’s room, a low chuckle sounding from the dark.

“You really enjoy yourself here at the manor, don’t you? As many vixens as you can get your hands on and as willing as you would be, yourself...” Allisia’s voice came, Janice finding herself lying on Allisia’s bed.

“Allisia, what’s this about? I was just about to-...” Janice asked, hearing the sound of metal coming from the dark, getting closer.

“I’m afraid you will have to cancel some of your ‘appointments’, Janice; see, you may call me a sort of ‘dominatrix’ in this...” Allisia’s voice came again, as well as the metallic sound getting louder; “...but, after all your teases, I find myself wanting to punish you, Janice; indeed, to punish you in the most sexually brutal ay I can: To basically molest you until you fall unconscious!”

“OK, that’s a lot of strong words there, but what you’re really saying is: I’m hot, and you wanna fuck my cunt inside out, right?” Janice grinned, leaning back comfortably.

“That is exactly what I intend to, and to ensure your obedience, I chose to dress up for the situation this is...” Allisia said, now stepping into the light, her armour shining as she drew her sword, pointing at Janice not two metres away.

“Wow, baby! Now that’s just some neat-ass metal you’ve gotten yourself, Allisia!” Janice could not help but grin, admiring the suit of armour as Allisia opened her visor, sheathing her sword.

“In the name of Nightwind Manor, I claim you as mine, Janice!” Allisia said, both her and Janice finding themselves giggling as they could not help to feel the seriousness really awkward in a matter like this.

“Don’t I have a say in this??” Janice joked, Allisia stepping closer, Janice throwing herself down on the bed, grinning wildly.

“C’mon, Allisia! Fuck me now, please! I want my metal-maiden’s cold fingers in my pussy!” Janice teased, Allisia looking a little more than taken aback.

“You have a funny way of talking dirty, Janice...” Allisia spoke, tapping a gem inserted in her gauntlet, Janice seeing something that looked like mystical magic fold around Allisia’s hand, the warrior girl reaching out for her.

“You have had many good times with women, Janice...” Allisia said, Janice seeing a twisted grin on Allisia’s face; “...but what I will do to you now, will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life!”

“Are...are you OK, Allisia?” Janice asked, smiling nervously, Allisia nodding at her.

“I assure you that I will return you to normal; I just thought I would do something unique for you...” Allisia said, Janice feeling a twitching in her whole body as if it was electrically charged.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?” Janice exclaimed as she found herself as if shrunk to the size of a small hamster, at least happy her clothes had been included.

“You might call it cruelty, but I find it amusing...” Allisia grinned at the confused Janice, reaching out and holding Janice in her hand.

“What’s this all about, Allisia? I’ve never seen you act like this before!” Janice asked, not knowing if she were to be afraid or feel lucky.

“I just enjoy the thought of you being so small and still so ravishing...” Allisia said, putting Janice down, stroking her back, Janice whimpering; “’s a real thrill to see such a busty amazon at this size; sure didn’t change your appeal, Janice.”

Chuckling, Allisia stepped a little back, beginning to take off her armour.

“Allisia, we can’t possibly have sex like this! I’m a fucking midget right now!” Janice said, feeling utterly frustrated.

“Fuck! Now I can’t walk around the manor! The girls will laugh their asses off at me, and I’ll never get laid with any of them again!” Janice spat, throwing herself on her back, pounding her fists into the bed, screaming.

“I hate being so small! It’s not fair!” Janice continued screaming, stopping as she heard Allisia laugh, Janice not having heard her laugh so loudly since the episode in the dungeons.

“...You’re no actress, you know that...?” Allisia smirked, stepping over to the bed, having left her helmet and armoured boots on, Janice looking at her.

“What do you mean with ‘actress’??” she spat, surprised as Allisia leaned down further, Janice finding Allisia’s bared breasts as huge as smaller hills to her.

“There, that might be the right place for you...” Allisia teased, putting Janice into her cleavage, the redhead beginning to smirk.

“OK, OK, maybe being short is not so bad...” Janice laughed, Allisia slowly lying on her back, Janice seeing this as a good opportunity to tease Allisia.

“Hey, you-...” Allisia were about to exclaim, finding Janice sucking joyfully on her nipples, the redhead grinning as she humped herself on Allisia’s breasts.

“If you can hear me under that helmet, your boobies sure are as tasty as I remember them!” Janice teased, Allisia chuckling amused, writhing herself in giggles as Janice groped all over her breasts, her and Allisia both enjoying themselves fully.

“So, you’re coming down to dinner?” Vinya asked, Shirli and Sharla looking hungrily at the shin’saras girl as she had dressed in her maid uniform, heading down for kitchen duty.

“Sure, as long as you’re the dessert; you’ve got some soft little titties...” Shirli teased, Vinya blushing and smiling as she went down the corridor, having to admit that for being ‘sex kittens’, Shirli and Sharla really were also two mischievous teasers.

“I dunno about you Shirli, but I’m planning to spend some time here; I like the sound of that orgy Narrisha mentioned...” Sharla mentioned, Shirli winking teasingly at her.

“I hope they’ve got more of those badass-like girls, you know; I love seeing how much you wail out when some blonde chick sticks a strappie up your ass and you start drooling so much!” Shirli teased, Sharla smiling to herself.

“Let’s not forget that time at the empress’ harem; all of those shin’sari chicks wanted to bang us, and they couldn’t decide who to fuck first!” Sharla grinned, Shirli holding back her laughter with some difficulty.

“Allisia! Have you gone mental?!” Janice shrieked as Allisia slowly stroke her fingers over Janice’s breasts, Allisia grinning uncontrollably, enjoying to sexually ravish and tease Janice, loving to see the redhead moan and squirm around in her hand.

“A-Allisia! I can’t believe I’m...oh-h-h...OK, I admit it; it feels so good...!” Janice whimpered, her face twisted in pleasure as Allisia’s nail carefully rubbed her nipples; “...please...use your tongue...”

“Aren’t you satisfied with just my fingers?” Allisia teased, holding the panting Janice up, facing the voluptuous and exhausted redhead face to face.

“I think this is something I should have done a long time ago, Janice; you’re more obedient when you’re the size of a small ferret” Allisia laughed, Janice smirking a bit.

“OK, OK, I agree; it’s kinda cool being so small, it opens a whole new world of kinkiness!” Janice grinned to herself, Allisia surprised as Janice stood up in her palm, winking at Allisia.

“OK then, tough chick! Do me the best you can! I double dare you!” Janice teased, Allisia licking her lips.

“Well, you had this coming...!” she joked, Janice feeling Allisia putting her down between her legs, Janice feeling her own crotch touch and sit upon Allisia’s.

“Janice, use those sexy boots of yours...” Allisia nodded, Janice amused to see how large Allisia’s vagina were now, and how smoothly it was shaved as she caressed her hand over the pussy lips.

“OK, then; you want a little latex in your pussy? No problem!” Janice grinned, folding her legs and inserting her feet in between the pussy, Allisia moaning faintly.

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