Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 52)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 52

Title: Chapter LIII - Shirli & Sharla: The Irresistable Catgirls

“Wow; quite amazing!” Cassandra gasped in awe, seeing Vanessa’s laboratory in action; having turned on some instruments she had never seen, Vanessa’s knowledge of them amazed Cassandra, the albino girl equipping herself with two solid-looking leather gloves studded with metal plates, walking towards what looked like a forge.

“Breeze, mind handing me that small pouch, please?” Vanessa asked, strapping on two large, solid goggles, Cassandra surprised to see Breeze the griffon walk around, taking a small leather pouch in her beak, putting it on Vanessa’s forge.

“I’ll be going now, Miss Vanessa; I do miss my mistresses...” Breeze bowed her head in respect, Vanessa smiling as the griffon ran for the door, heading upstairs.

“It sure feels kinky, but for fuck’s sake it’s hard to get off...!” Janice snarled as she stood under the shower with Chinyi, the mud falling off them both in cascades.
“It was really funny! Your titties are really big, Janice!” Chinyi chuckled happily, Janice smilingly folding her hands, collecting some water from the showerhead, splashing Chinyi with it.

“What was that? I think you’re still a bit dirty here...” Janice teased Chinyi, letting a finger caress under Chinyi’s armpits, the pink-haired girl beginning to giggle as Janice tickled her.

“Or here? Or-r-r-r here? Oh, wait! It was here!” Janice amused herself by tickling the adorable, crazy little girl, really hoping to have her, Siriki, Rachel and the other younger girls all to herself as soon as possible.

“You are cruel indeed, Faris...” Allisia shoke her head outside the showers, Faris showing Allisia a camera on which she had taken a film during Chinyi and Janice’s romp.

“I’m gonna use this to get off, tonight...” Faris smirked evilly; “...I really can’t decide who’s best; that crazy little kitty, or the big-titted redhead.”

“My, you must enjoy yourself on film, then...” Allisia joked, Faris pondering about the joke for a few moments, Allisia grinning as Faris made it look like her facial expression twisted in awkward forms as she thought.

“...Are you implying I have big tits...??” Faris loudly asked Allisia, the warrior girl not in doubt that it was simply for fun.

“I didn’t imply anything; I stated a fact...” Allisia said, Faris’ fake aggressive face faltering as she giggled.

“Allisia, you don’t know it, but you could make every girl fall for you...” Faris snickered as she headed upstairs, Allisia staying behind, looking into the showers; as Janice and Chinyi were both fooling around, laughing so loudly it echoed in the showers, Allisia closed her eyes, sighed happily, heading for the stairs.

“NO! I CAN’T CUM ANYMORE!” Christy pleaded as Shirli and Sharla had no intention to let go of their prey, their almost freakish obsession with the screaming Christy having made the other girls leave, Shirli and Sharla not minding.

“What are you doing to my stripper??” Narrisha suddenly emerged from a nearby wall, Shirli and Sharla stopping their wild sex game in shock as the vampire girl did not look too amused.

“Mi-mistress, they just won’t quit! I’ve cum, like, sixteen times, and they still don’t quit!” Christy pleaded her mistress, Narrisha’s blue eyes focusing on Shirli and Sharla.

“Sex kittens or not, you should know your limits...” she said slightly strictly, Shirli and Sharla quite nervous, having never been interrupted before.

“Get up and go take a shower, Christy...” Narrisha helped the blonde up, smiling at her; “...we can’t have our little bombshell out of juice, now can we?”

“I’m gonna think of that next time I ram a strap-on in your ass, Narrisha...!” Christy shoke her head, smiling to herself as she headed for the showers, Narrisha looking at Shirli and Sharla.

“If you are to stay here, you need to remember this...” she leaned down on one knee; “...if you’re in such a sexual frenzy as you get, come to me; hey, most of the other girls are humans, they can’t take as much as I can.”

“So we can fuck you, now??” Shirli asked eagerly, she and Sharla sitting politely down at Narrisha’s feet, the vampire girl grinning.

“Shirli and Sharla, you can stay as long as you want and fuck as much you long as you know where the line is drawn..!” Narrisha said strictly, Shirli and Sharla eagerly nodding.

“Now...” Narrisha said, gesturing towards the stair; “...we are off for my private chambers, ladies...”

“Were this what you hoped for, huh? Does it feel good actually getting some pleasure instead of just giving it??” Narrisha teased Shirli and Sharla, both catgirls finding Narrisha to be quite a passionate girl, having thrown them both down on her bed with their butts in the air, Narrisha eagerly caressing their pussies

“UHM! Sharla, this chick’s good! No wonder she’s the mistress!” Shirli smirked, suddenly feeling Narrisha insert her finger deeper into her pussy.

“What was that? Did I say you could speak? All I wanna hear from you two little sex kittens are moans and screams! Now admit it! You love this, don’t you?!” Narrisha snarled strictly, Shirli and Sharla fighting to hold their chuckles back, moaning instead as they really did enjoy it.

“Your little pussies look so small and innocent, but you’re really just two hot, dirty and naughty sluts, aren’t you?” Narrisha smirked to herself, Sharla surprised as she suddenly felt Shirli landing on her back, Narrisha looking seductively at them.

“Turn around, Sharla; your little kitty friend seems like she wants to hump you...” Narrisha teased, Sharla turning around, finding Shirli to look passionately into her eyes, zipping down the top of Sharla’s outfit and slurping on her breasts.

“Here, kitty kitties; this ought to get your set in heat!” Narrisha suddenly exclaimed from behind, Shirli and Sharla finding a strap-on sliding its way up both their thighs, the strap-on rubbing itself against their thongs.

“You figured it, babes; I’m gonna fuck the both of you at the same time...” Narrisha said, winking at them; “...and you can talk now; sorry if I was a little mean before.”

“It’s alright, Miss Narrisha! We’re bad kitties!” Shirli smiled smugly over her shoulder, Narrisha grinning as she saw Sharla’s arm raise up, her thumb facing upward.

“Oh, and I do love punishing bad girls...” Narrisha smiled to herself, beginning to thrust the strap-on between Shirli and Sharla’s thighs, both of them feeling the strap-on rub against their pussies, loving to be molested by this vampire girl.

“OK, what’s this about, Allisia? I was just gonna hump some more with Chinyi...” Janice asked, Allisia and her standing in front of a door on the fifth floor of the manor, Allisia looking forward to show Janice her new room at the manor, as well as her welcoming present.

“Firstly, I wanted to show you your room...” Allisia smiled, gesturing at the door; “...secondly, I’ve prepared something for you...and no, it’s not a willing and lustful maid tied up with ribbons...”

“Dang it!” Janice joked, Allisia opening the door to Janice’s room for her, the redhead gasping girlishly in awe and joy; the room were comfortably dark because of the large velvet curtains, the furniture fashioned from polished dark oak tree, a large double bed on a huge platform filling out an entire wall, the bed sheets looking exactly the same as the velvet curtains; finally, in front of the platform to the bed, a fuzzy brown bear rug lay stretched out, Janice feeling as if her knees shoke in awe.

“Allisia,’s beyond fucking awesome! It’s just...” Janice fought to find the right word, stepping into her room, bursting into laughter in joy, heading up the platform to the bed, throwing herself in, rolling around as she laughed, cuddling one of her pillows.

“I’m glad you like it; the room was large enough, but I added the furniture...” Vanessa suddenly appeared in a glimpse of blue light, holding a long, oblong package in her hands.

“Perfect timing, Vanessa...” Allisia nodded at the albino, the two of them heading up to Janice as she was tripping off her clothes, cuddling herself in her new bed.

“Janice, you and I are both warriors, and I haven’t really seen you wield a weapon yet...” Allisia raised an eyebrow, Janice looking surprised.

“So, I asked Vanessa to get this ‘fixed’ for you; I forged the steel, though...” Allisia said, Vanessa handing the package to Janice as she eagerly grabbed it, smiling as she felt something hard under the brown paper.

“This is kinda promising...” Janice smirked, ripping off the brown paper, revealing a large, oblong, black and red wooden box, with elven carvings clearly cut into the wood.

“Go ahead; open it...” Vanessa encouraged, Janice not needing to hear that twice; as both Vanessa and Allisia were both curious about Janice’s reaction, she lifted the box’s lid.

“OH MY GODS!” Janice exclaimed in amazement, seeing the large falchion Vanessa and Allisia had made for her; most of it were shining as if made of liquid silver, and two rubies, one small sitting in the cross guard, and one larger in the pommel, and polished red leather straps covered the grip.

“I enchanted it to be unbreakable as well as magical; it can cut through solid steel and rock as if it were paper” Vanessa said, Allisia and her both smiling at each other; somehow, they both felt silly about feeling the other had done most of the work.

“But, in basic, it is forged in Valdannian steel” Allisia mentioned, Janice slowly lifting the blade up, feeling to be light and letting her twirl around in small circles as she pleased.

“I’ve got to hand it to you, Allisia; Valdannian steel is rare outside Valdannia” Vanessa said, Allisia smiling satisfied.

“Oh, girls, this baby and I are gonna fit perfectly together! She’s a real beauty...” Janice smiled at her falchion, loving it, and her new room, with all her heart.

“I swear, I’m not just gonna stay here a few weeks, I’m gonna stay here for good!” Janice smiled as she caressed the falchion’s edge carefully; “you girls are not just cute, sexy and sex-appealing as Hell; I really love you girls for all this!”

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m beginning to feel all mushy now...” Vanessa blushed, folding her wings around herself.

“I’ve kinda wondered, Vanessa...” Janice teased; “...don’t those wings get in the way when you’re showering?”

“Not really, I remember to wash them as well as the rest of my body...” Vanessa said, smirking to herself; “...and if there’s a spot I can’t reach, I can fold my tail around the showerhead and clean myself everywhere.”

“Is there a thing your tail can’t do?” Janice giggled, Vanessa pretending to be pondering the question.

“Nothing, really; I think it sort of serves as a third arm...” Vanessa said, stroking her tail gently, tickling the small fins at the tip; “...trouble is, the tip is just as sensitive as my armpits, and I’m sort of...ticklish...”

“Vanessa, for one so smart, that really was not clever to say...” Allisia shoke her head, smiling.

“Why is tha-...?” Vanessa were about to ask, Allisia gesturing with her thumb over towards Janice, the redhead slowly sneaking out of bed and heading for Vanessa.

“I really don’t believe you Jani-...!” Vanessa were about to laugh, suddenly finding the cheering Janice behind her, grabbing around Vanessa’s waist, Vanessa being lifted up and towards the bed, feeling herself blush as Janice crawled over her.

“So, you’re a little ticklish, huh? Well, here’s to you, then!” Janice grinned, letting her fingers under Vanessa’s armpits, the albino girl cuddling herself together as she began to giggle.

“While you two are cuddling a bit, I need to go now; I’ve been neglecting my training a lot...” Allisia smirked, the image of the childishly laughing Janice jumping into her new bed with such cheer as if plastered to Allisia’s mind.

“You’re so boring, Allisia...” Janice snickered, her eyes widening as Vanessa’s clawed hand reached for her mouth, pulling her back into the bed.

“You better make this worth it, little amazon; I’m sacrificing important, scientific studies to pleasure you...” Vanessa teased.

“MORE! MORE! DON’T EVER STOP THI-I-I-I-IS!” Shirli yelled out, her and Sharla finding themselves victims of one of Narrisha’s most devious devices: Steel shackles around their wrists and ankles held them with their heads down from the ceiling of Narrisha’s room, the vampire girl amazed as Shirli and Sharla had cum more times than even the most erotic of the Nightwind girls.

“I know it should be kinky, but...” Narrisha stroke Sharla’s head; “...seeing you so’re just too adorable...”

Glad she wore her latex gloves, Narrisha looked smilingly at Shirli and Sharla; what remained of their outfits lay on Narrisha’s bed, just as soaked in cum as the two catgirls; Narrisha could not help but to try to spot a single piece of their bodies not covered in woman nectars, chuckling as Shirli let out her long tongue to lick her over-flooding breasts of their milk and her cum.

“I still can’t believe you can squirt out milk, as well...” Narrisha said in awe, Shirli simply moaning happily, Sharla squirming as she tried to hold back her orgasm from the vibrator Narrisha had stuck deeply into her vagina.

“I have to hand it to you two; not even at the orgies we have sometimes, I’ve not seen any girl cum this much...” Narrisha said, grinning at the catgirls; “ weren’t kidding when you said you were little sex kittens!”

“Narrisha, c-can you help me cum again? I wanna feel a tongue in me...!” Sharla pleaded as she grit her teeth, small drips of cum landing on Narrisha’s flooded bed.

“Well, I’m just glad Vanessa’s around, otherwise I doubt any maid could clean this up...” Narrisha shrugged, slowly stepping onto her bed, amused to see how Shirli and Sharla’s breasts bounced and the way the two catgirls were simply so cute covered in their own love fluids.

“Hmm, maybe we could try this one...” Narrisha mumbled, snapping her fingers as a dildo appeared in a blue light; “’s really just an experimental toy, but, supposedly, it’s hollowed out so that when I come, I’ll spray my love juice in your horny little faces!”

“So you also feel good when you cum? Oh, I’ve gotta try this!” Shirli smirked, Narrisha laughing amused as Shirli made thrusting movements towards her, swinging back and forth in the shackles.

“I haven’t forgotten you, Sharla...” Narrisha smirked, holding up her hand and thrusting the vibrator further into Sharla’s vagina, the catgirl screaming joyfully.

“YEAH! NARRISHA, FUCK ME LIKE THAT! YEAH! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH! I LOVE I-I-I-I-I-IT!” Sharla yelled out as she came, Narrisha removing the vibrator, receiving a minor cascade of the catgirl’s cum, tasting its’ honey-like sweetness.

“Really, I cannot help but ask; what would I need these shackles for, anyway?” Narrisha smirked to herself, feeling like showing these two catgirls just how powerful she had become after sharing a kiss with Vanessa.

“Huh?!” Shirli exclaimed in shock as the shackles holding her vanished in thin air along with Sharla’s; expecting to fall, the two catgirls found themselves hanging in the air, Narrisha standing under them with glowing, blue eyes, grinning amused.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting...” Narrisha said, holding up her hand, Shirli feeling herself as if flying towards Narrisha, the vampire girl thrusting the dildo into her pussy.

“Wow! I don’t recall any time we’ve fucked with magic included!” Sharla chuckled, Narrisha winking at her.

“Maybe you can ask your mistress to try it out when you get back home; for now...” Narrisha said, revealing her fangs as she grinned; “...I have a blonde little wench to deal with!”

Looking at Sharla’s exhausted face, Narrisha could not help but chuckle.

“Sharla, let her lick your pussy; Shirli, you’re mine...!” Narrisha hissed in anticipation, thrusting the dildo into Shirli’s pussy, the catgirl moaning lovingly.

“I want to see how you look when you’re drowning in pleasure, little kitty, and don’t you worry...” Narrisha teased, leaning over Shirli and kissing her; “...I know mouth-to-mouth!”

“Things sure got boring when those cat chicks arrived; now every Nightwind girl wanna fuck them...” Jiraz commented, her and Shica sitting in their room, Shica reading a yuri magazine and Jiraz adjusting her guitar.

“You’ll see; soon there will be maids lying panting around every corner...” Shica remarked, smiling under her breathe.

“Yeah, you’re properly right...but I dunno if it’s so wise keeping them here; if their mistress comes along to look after them, Narrisha will have real trouble explaining why they didn’t come home again...” Jiraz mentioned, striking a deep tone in her guitar strings to mark her point.

“You worry too much, sweet stuff...” Shica grinned, putting down the magazine, folding her legs and leaning her head on them, folding her arms around her legs; “...can’t we talk about something else?”

“Well, I got a question for you, actually...” Jiraz said, putting down her guitar; “ that Jisha’s running around trying out her now powers, I had an idea.”

“Hmm? Go ahead; tell me!” Shica said, Jiraz smirking, standing up and heading towards Shica.

“Lie down on the bed and close your eyes...” she asked, Shica smirking as she had the feeling Jiraz had no innocent thoughts for her.

“Now wait just a moment...” Jiraz asked, Shica lying with closed eyes on the bed just as her girlfriend had asked her, Jiraz slowly leaning over her.

“OK, you can look now...” Jiraz snickered, Shica opening her eyes, finding Jiraz lying over her with spread-out wings, her tail caressing Shica’s inner thighs.

“I wanna try and kiss you while you cum; I wanna hear just how much noise you make” Jiraz teased, Shica grinning as their lips closed, Jiraz’s tail descending under Shica’s skirt.

“This is really just the life...” Kiro moaned happily, stretching out as her and Jiki had gone to the pools, relaxing in the warm water, enjoying their fruit drinks.

“Yeah, it feels as if you’re on the beach, and in reality, you’re just inside and feeling the atmosphere...” Jiki said, looking at two maids sitting opposite them, giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Jiki asked, the maids’ giggling growing in volume.

“I think it’s because we’re actually wearing swimsuits...” Kiro could not help but joke, Jiki looking confused at her.

“We shouldn’t bathe naked...should we?” Jiki asked, Kiro looking up at her.

“Jiki, we’re the second couple they have staying here, and besides, Shica and Jiraz are far more ‘interesting’ to them...” Kiro said, winking at Jiki.

“You’ve studied the locals’ culture, huh?” Jiki teased, Kiro responding by turning her back to Jiki, pointing at her swimsuit.

“This can’t be real! N-not there...!” a nurse screamed out loud, the hospital of the manor invaded by the shin’saras maids, the curious elf girls eagerly playing around with the nurses, their pink latex uniforms lying all across the hospital, the nurses interrupted in their daily, boring routine.

“You human girls are so frisky...” a maid snickered as she stuck her head between a green-haired nurse’s breasts, the nurse grinning at her.

“They’re so yummy! It’s like a lovely pillow I can cuddle into!” the maid squealed happily, the nurse pushing her head in further, using the opportunity to reach out, spanking the maid’s butt.

“OK, girls! I think these little elf chicks are OK! Let’s make their night!” the nurse cried out; as the other nurses heard her, they could barely reply, many of them already giving in to the cute elf girls.

“Damn! And I thought I was the only one who wanted some cute nurse pussy!” Minyoki mumbled, hiding under a nearby desk, grinned teasingly as she looked up at the nurse who sat at the desk, Minyoki happily licking her tongue against the folds of the nurse’s panties.

“L-less talk, more fuck! Stick that tongue in again, you little-...!” the nurse desperately hissed, pushing Minyoki’s head in deeper, Minyoki having already given her several minor orgasms, gladly trying to give her another, hopefully larger one.

“HAH! HAH! HAH! OH, FU-U-U-UCK! I, I CAN FEEL YOU...IN MY PUSSY!” Shirli yelled out, grinning as she continued her work on Sharla’s pussy, Narrisha still thrusting the dildo into Shirli’s vagina, slowly putting both of them down on the bed.

“You’re such a little hottie; come here...!” Narrisha whispered at Shirli, leaning over her and greedily sucking on her breasts, finding both Shirli’s and Sharla’s to be at least the size of Mirinda’s.

“I, I can feel you in me, Narrisha; you’re-...!” Shirli tried to smile at the vampire girl, but the pleasure got to her, and she leaned her head back down, screaming in joy.

“Bad kitty! My pussy’s moist for you to lick, Shirli! Get to it, you little whore!” Sharla snarled playfully at Shirli, the other catgirl chuckling as she snatched her lips around Sharla’s pussy, sucking loudly on them, bending the lips outside out in her eager and her fingers held them outside as her tongue assaulted Sharla’s g-spot.

“Concentrate...focus on the stump...” Allisia advised Ukuni, her, Siriki, Chinyi, Narru and Rachel having joined Allisia in her room, joining Allisia in her material arts training, Ukuni having borrowed a sturdy steel sword from Allisia, cleaving stump after stump of wood.

“HI-I-I-I-I-I-I-YA-A-A-A-A-AH!” Ukuni yelled out as she struck out, the metal of the sword cleaving easily through the softer tree stump, Ukuni sweating and panting from concentration and exhaustion from the cut.

“Beautiful; it cut right with the veins this time...” Allisia said as she examined the remains of the stump, feeling more comfortable in her karate-like white uniform than either in her armour or the other girls’ crazy idea as for leather of latex outfits.

“O-O-O-O-O-O-OH!!!” Shirli screamed out loud, Narrisha joining in as the both of them came, feeling each others’ orgasm flow through the hollowed-out dildo, Narrisha pulling quickly back, the small micro-sensors in the dildo attuning to her nerves, her orgasm gushing out into the surprised Shirli’s face, the catgirl grinning as she licked her mouth clean, shaking her head and looking in adoration at Narrisha.

“You came all over me! You’re just as good as Mistress Hyracha, aren’t she, Sharla??” Shirli eagerly purred for Narrisha, Sharla’s response being that of an irritated grunt as Shirli had stopped licking her pussy.

“Hihih, thanks, Shirli; now, I’ll let you two use my bed, and put on a little show for me...” Narrisha grinned from ear to ear, snapping her fingers, Shirli and Sharla feeling as if something loosened from their arms and legs.

“Shirli, you cheating little cunt! My pussy’s about to burst! Get that tongue in me-e-e-e!” Sharla hissed between her gritted teeth, baring her pussy to Shirli, the cheerful catgirl joyfully slurping hungrily on Sharla’s pussy.

“If I were ever lost in a desert with one thing to drink, it’d be pussy...” Shirli chuckled, Sharla grinning at nodding at her.

“Same here...with you and a harem of lovely amazon chicks! Hell, we’d never die of thirst!” Sharla laughed, pressing Shirli’s head further down.

“I kinda like it, although you’re a little passive...” Janice moaned slowly as Vanessa caressed her neck, the albino girl’s lips forming into a smile.

“Little Janice, while you were out fornicating with all the little Nightwind girls, I’m experimenting for the good of the manor; I can’t do two jobs at one time...” Vanessa said, Janice pondering over what Vanessa said.

“But really, you ought to get some real pussy! Mine’s a bit exotic, so maybe...” Janice grinned, her lips forming into a devious grin; “...maybe you should try letting Mirinda or Christy fuck you! Mirinda’s hardcore and funny, and Christy’s a real little teaser...” Janice snickered, Vanessa’s eyes flashing red as she got a devious thought, herself.

“What of those two newcomers, Shirli and Sharla? What do you think of them?” she asked Janice, the redhead moaning as Vanessa’s hands reached down to her thighs.

“They’re both huntresses and sex kittens; they’ve fucked more girls than I’d ever dream of, and fuck, they’ve even been banged senseless by the empress’ Scarlet Sisterhood!” Janice grinned to herself, suddenly feeling Vanessa’s hands stop.

“They...have...what...??” Vanessa’s surprised voice came like a whisper behind Janice, the redhead turning around to see the albino girl sit with her jaw opened slightly, her face filled with misbelieve, Janice laughing loudly at the comical look.

“Yes, they have! You see, I read alotta yuri hentai, and I once found a section with them in it, and it wrote it was based on real events!” Janice said, looking at Vanessa.

“Say, when you decorated my room, did you remember a small red leather briefcase? I’ve got my magazines in it” Janice asked, Vanessa simply nodding, pointing under a nearby table.

“Stay here, I’ll show you!” Janice winked, jumping up from her bed to get the briefcase, spotting it under the desk, opening it and browsing through her neatly sorted yuri magazines.

“AH! There we go!” Janice said, grabbing a magazine and jumping back to the bed, Vanessa finding the name ‘Naughty Lez Kittis Volume 13’ in front of her as Janice beamed like a ray of sunlight.

“Let me see...” Vanessa said, flipping through the pages, seeing various yuri scenes with catgirls, and even well-drawn, stopping at page 43...

“That, that can’t be right...or, can it...?” Vanessa mumbled in wonder, looking through pages, seeing Shirli and Sharla in the company of what seemed like a hundred ravishing, sweating, scantily-armoured shin’sari women, the two catgirls being ravished, molested and right out gangbanged by the horny elf girls, their looks and cries of enjoyment, as well as Shirli and Sharla’s, clearly marked with the text bubbles and exclamations on the page.

“See? I told you they were real sex kittens!” Janice grinned over Vanessa’s shoulder.

“That armour...its, its symbol is that of the Scarlet Sisterhood, Empress Shinris’ Elite Guard! Gods, did they...oh dear...” Vanessa began to look in shock, Janice surprised as she heard Vanessa lowly chuckle.

“So...eheheheh...those little kitties staying here...they’re actually this ‘famous’...? Heheheh! Oh my Gods; they sure are popular with the ladies, huh?” Vanessa could not help herself but laugh, Janice joining in as they both lay down, looking through the magazine.

“MORE! MORE! You’ve always loved an audience, haven’t you?” Shirli teased Sharla, the two catgirls’ almost endless, euphoric lovemaking and near insane lovemaking having broken all self-control Narrisha had, the vampire girl masturbating openly at the catgirls, her cum mixing with their own during their romp.

“ ever cosplayed as anything else than catgirls??” she panted out, Shirli shallowing a bit of Sharla’s cum, winking over to the vampire girl.

“Of course! Nuns, nurses, schoolgirls, all in glorious latex! But we kinda like catgirls the best!” Shirli grinned, returning to business as Sharla pushed Shirli’s head back into her pussy, Sharla’s irises bending upwards in pure ecstasy.

“IT’S...SO...GOOD! She’s like a little, pussy-drinking leech! LICK HARDER, SHIRLI! I’M, I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA CUM! GET READY FOR A PUSSY-SHOWER!” Sharla screamed to the top of her lungs, Shirli’s greedy hands reaching out, groping Sharla’s breasts, Sharla loving the hot feeling of her partner’s latex gloves molesting her breasts so lustfully.

“Seeing as I don’t have my adamantine armour anymore, and that my old suits are starting to gather up dust...” Allisia said to herself, sitting down at her desk, a lamp lit as she drew concepts for a new suit of armour; “...I’d better make this one the best, and only one I’ll need in the future.”

“Wow! It looks like valkyrie armour!” Chinyi gasped in surprise and awe, the girls admiring Allisia’s collection, which seemed like a museum of old arms and armour to them rather than anything that could be used today.

“’Val’-what armour?” Allisia asked, Siriki and Chinyi eagerly telling Allisia of the old stories of the warrior-women that carried the fallen from the world of the living to the afterlife, Rachel claiming to have read about them in a book on old mythologies once.

“Do you have any pictures, by chance?” Allisia asked, Chinyi looking at the other girls.
“I don’t think so; we’d better ask Mirinda” she shrugged, grinning as Allisia almost bolted from her chair, grabbing a house coat and gesturing the girls to follow her.

“I...I admit’ve won; I can’t squirt anymore...” Narrisha smiled at Shirli and Sharla, the two catgirls lying on each side of her on Narrisha’s bed, having given Narrisha what they considered a special honour: To see them without their latex bodysuits and masks, Narrisha finding them both adorable, as well as loving to fondle their massive breasts.

“So we’ve outdone a vampire girl? Hihih! Score one for the blonde kitties, Sharla!” Shirli grinned, Sharla licking Narrisha’s cheek playfully.

“Now we’ve fucked 317 schoolgirls, 242 nurses, 451 random little girlies, 103 shin’sari chicks, and our mistress Hyracha, a demonic deity, over 671 times...” Sharla counted on her fingers, sighing happily; “...and you, little Narrisha Nightwind, you’re the 1730th girl we’ve fucked!”

“D-do you keep a record??” Narrisha panted out in surprise, laughing out, Shirli and Sharla chuckling at her; Narrisha and her Nightwind maids were quite different from their nymphomanic mistress and her horny harem of chicks Shirli and Sharla often had found themselves having near constant sex with.

“But, hey, if we can be serious for a moment, Narrisha...” Sharla now said, Narrisha looking up; “...there’s four girls here that we can’t fuck, right? Those little goody-two-shoes girlfriends Jiki and Kiro, and those hot girlfriends Shica and Jiraz...” Sharla asked, Narrisha nodding.

“It wouldn’t be fair if you fucked with them, you know; I mean, how would you react if some dominatrix came over and began sucking on Sharla’s breasts, all of a sudden?” Narrisha asked, the two catgirls sharing looks, beginning to laugh.

“I’d ask her to move aside and let her fuck us both!” Sharla grinned, rustling the meowing Shirli’s hair.

“That’s not what I meant! Jiraz and Shica loves each other, and so does Jiki and Kiro, and it’s not really fair to risk ruining a relationship because of-...” Narrisha tried to explain, Sharla holding a hand to her mouth, the catgirl winking.

“We get it, Narrisha; don’t worry...” Shirli nodded so eagerly her head almost looked like a comical blurr, Narrisha feeling herself unable to help but smile; maybe these here catgirls were not simply vixens...but really caring vixens.

“You know the price to pay if you want to borrow books, Allisia...” Mirinda teased, the blonde elf girl sitting on her chair, letting her feet rest on the desk as Allisia and the other girls scanned the library.

“I’m aware of it, yes, but I will need to see if you have it, first...” Allisia said over her shoulder, sighing as she found Mirinda’s demand of a ‘payment’ in the form of having the girls suck on her breasts to be quite ridiculous, if not a little funny.

“I found it! I found it!” Narru yelled from under a pile of books, Siriki running over and helping her out, Narru reaching behind her back, scratching it wildly.

“What the heck was there in that book?? It feels like itching powder...!” Narru gritted her teeth in frustration, Chinyi grinning as Siriki and Rachel tried reaching out for Narru to help her.

“Huh? What is it?” Chinyi suddenly noticed, Allisia holding a hand to her mouth, snickering uncontrollably.

“’s just that...I got the image of hiding that powder in Christy’s stage outfits; what a show it would make...!” Allisia tried to keep herself calm, the other girls, with the exception of the still-scratching Narru laughing out loud; when Allisia, although rarely, had a funny idea and joke, it was guaranteed to have the girls howling with laughter.

“Vanessa, what do you mean with ‘enchanted’??” Janice asked in confusion, Vanessa handing her a yuri comic with a theme about a girl being ravished by a succubus at a temple during a bright summer night.

“Oh, you will see...” Vanessa said, trying her best not to grin, Janice looking sourly at the first page of the comic.

“Why’s the main chick all blurred out?” Janice asked, Vanessa holding both hands over her mouth not to laugh.

“OK, let me read it, then...” Janice shrugged, looking through the comic, her eyes widening as she read the text, looking as the main character’s figure took form in the comic, Janice read:

“’Janice turns around, seeing the elf woman crack her whip, tossing Janice unto the bed, jumping on her and starting to molest Janice vulgarly...’” Janice read up, finding it to be an exact copy of herself drawn on the comic’s pages.

“Well, what do you think?” Vanessa asked, Janice unable to decide to yell at Vanessa for including her in a yuri porn, or to hug the albino girl for the exact same reason.

“There’s more...” Vanessa said, gesturing for the comic, flicking her wrist, making the comic fly out of Janice’s hand, Vanessa snapping her finger, a pencil appearing in a flash of blue light as she wrote something in the comic.

“Here you are!” Vanessa grinned, throwing the comic back to Janice, who opened it again, not believing her eyes as she saw another change; instead of a black-haired elf girl, one of her all-time favourite yuri girls had replaced her, Janice reading up, Vanessa noticing that she was drooling:

“’Carrea loves the taste of Janice’s pussy, drinking gallons of it over a few minutes, Janice’s climax approach...’” Janice read up, seeing the aquamarine-haired demon girl in her trademark purple and golden latex outfit rub her pussy into ‘Janice’s own, the two of them screaming at each other for more.

“Vanessa,’ve made a comic that-...!” Janice tried to put words into how she felt, Vanessa folding her legs, shrugging as she caressed her tail and stroke her wings.

“I had a feeling you would like it, I didn’t think you would mind seeing yourself in an erotic yuri comedy...” Vanessa said, Janice starting to grin, her grinning turning to laughter.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, this baby’s going under my pillow, alright! You’re a pearl, Vanessa!” Janice cheered, Vanessa suddenly feeling the redhead descending on her, hugging Vanessa tightly, the two girls laughing at each other as Janice began humping Vanessa, as well.

“Oh, so you want the real me? Why don’t you just write me into the story, hmm?” Vanessa teased, Janice chuckling amused.

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