Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 51)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 51

Title: Chapter LI - The Magical Girl Chinyi-Chan

“NO-O-O-O-OH! NO, NO MORE! DON’T! NO-O-O-O-OH! OH, STOP! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, STO-O-O-O-O-OP!!!” Christy screamed to the limit of her lungs, her mouth drooling as Sharla joyfully penetrated her pussy with her tail, Shirli groping Christy from behind.

“As soon as she’s cum, you’re next, kitty!” Sharla winked at Shirli, the other catgirl grinning mischievously.

“NO! NO MORE! TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE! I WANNA SQUIRT IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING SLUT!” Christy yelled out, Sharla happy for the suggestion, pulling out her tail, descending on Christy’s pussy, sucking again and again, hoping to receive a flood of the blonde’s cum.

“OH! OH, FOR FUCK’S-...OH-H-H-H-H! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-I-I-ING!!!” Christy came loudly and forcefully, Sharla drinking as much of the blonde’s cum as she could, enjoying as the girly nectar dripped from her face and mask, combing her blonde hair with her fingers.

“I really dunno what’s best after all, Shirli; bathing in water to clean yourself...or be showered with hot chicks’ cum and fuck around in girly orgies with them...” Sharla grinned, Shirli purring teasingly as she rubbed Christy’s shoulder.

“Wanna know what’s crazy?” she teasingly asked Christy.

“W-what...what is?” Christy spoke lowly, beyond exhaustion from experiencing such a long orgasm.

“It’s crazy you’ve still got your cap sitting in place after the fuck we gave you!” Shirli laughed, Sharla joining in, Christy managing a low chuckle; these catgirls went beyond just having sex for fun; they revelled in it like no-one Christy had ever known to.

“So you’re saying she’s sensitive to magic and that she can’t use it, herself?” Shica asked Vanessa, the albino girl carefully observing Jisha as her mothers stood by and watched.

“No, I’m saying that there is a fairly good chance Jisha can use quite powerful magic, but due to her mixed shin’saras and demon blood, it takes some time for her body to become accustomed to those energies...” Vanessa corrected, picking up a can from her shelves.

“Here, try take a sniff at this; we’ll see if I’m correct in my theory” Vanessa now held a can, containing pepper, in front of Jisha’s nose.

“Hey, what’s that gonna-...” Jisha began, slowly beginning to feel her gaze fail, leaning her head backwards.

“Ah...ah...AH...AHCHU-U-U-UH!” Jisha exclaimed violently as she sneezed, Vanessa spotting exactly what she had hoped for; as Jisha sneezed, small ember-like sparks flew from her mouth, Vanessa eagerly writing down something on a notepad.

“As I suspected; Jiraz, Shica, it seems like your daughter’s speciality is to command the very fires of Hell from her mouth, allowing her to breathe a far more powerful flame than even dragons can...” Vanessa kept on writing, noting Jisha’s confused looks and heavy breathing.

“Takes from her mother, doesn’t it?” Jiraz smiled, Shica looking in surprise at Vanessa and her daughter.

“What? She can breathe fire?? Jiraz can do that, too” Shica said, Vanessa standing over by Jisha again.

“Jisha, mind taking off your shirt? I need to see something” Vanessa asked, Jisha blushing slightly.

“If you wanted to see my boobs you should just have said so” she joked, taking off her shirt as she was asked, Vanessa’s eyes opening slightly more than usually.

“Aha! I knew it! See those small, glowing markings on your left arm?” pointed with her pencil on Jisha’s arm, Jisha discovering small, glowing flame-like tattoos on her left forearm.

“Wow! How sweet is this??” Jisha grinned, liking her new tattoos a lot.

“See, try breathing in deeply, as if you were about to submerge under water” Vanessa said, Jisha doing just so.

“Now, see this pile of hay? Breathe in its direction” Vanessa pointed at a small haystack not three meters from Jisha; as she breathed out, red and orange flames engulfed the haystack in an inferno.

“Now, try thinking of yourself as if you were the flame itself; focus on becoming one with the fire” Vanessa said, Jisha trying to imagine herself as a large flame.

“JISHA!” both Jiraz and Shica screamed in panic as their daughter as if vanished in a large flare, emerging from the flame in the haystack.

“And, as I had suspected, she is not harmed by fire; very good...” Vanessa wrote down, looking to Jiraz and Shica; “...while you, Jiraz, can channel fire through your body alone, Jisha can control all forms of fire and merge with them to either move over vast distances, or, well, simply appear at many places at the same time.”

“How sweet is this just, moms? I can go anywhere with this! I knew I had it in me!” Jisha cheered as she stepped unharmed out of the flame, Jiraz and Shica looking in amazement at their daughter.

“Also, when it comes to Shica’s blood in you, I can foresee that you may grow some horns, and be able actually pass barriers sealed off by any magical means...” Vanessa wrote down, Jisha and her mothers looking in amazement at Vanessa.

“What? It was only a simple testing of Jisha’s future abilities...” looked at them; “...I’m glad to have helped, but I have to get back to Allisia and the other girls.”

“Sure! We’ll be talking to Jisha about these new things she’s going through” Shica nodded, Jiraz looking proudly at her girlfriend and their daughter.

“You had these accursed things on you all this time??” Allisia gritted her teeth, Janice surprised at the azure-haired girl’s anger as she held a small leather pouch filled with elfglow leaves.

“But, but they’re really good to use during sex! You become all horny and wet, and-...” Janice tried defending herself, Allisia sighing, allowing herself a sarcastic smile.

“Well, I should not hold a grudge towards something as simple as leaves...” Allisia now headed over towards Janice, Cassandra and Janice both shocked as Allisia pushed Janice into the bed, taking a handful of leaves, putting them into her mouth, leaning down and kissing Janice as passionately as she could, pressing the leaves into Janice’s moaning mouth.

“Let’s see how much of a harlot you’ll become now, little Janice...” Allisia chuckled mockingly, Janice squirming as she swallowed the leaves, already feeling the mint-like taste and the arousal as they entered her system.

“Once you come in heat, there is no telling how we can excite you...” Allisia said, smiling dangerously; “...can you feel it? The helplessness rushing over you?”

“I...I really don’t mind it; as long as it’s you girls I’m sure I’m gonna like it!” Janice grinned, her face twisting as the leaves began to spread their effect.

“Cassandra, would you mind getting Faris and Chinyi...” Allisia said, leaning down at Janice, slowly undressing her and whispering in her ear; “...I think Janice ought to try a mud bath.”

“Geez, I’m so terrified...” Janice snapped back sarcastically, Allisia smiling menacingly.

“I never said how many would join you...” Allisia mentioned, Janice raising an eyebrow.

“Sweet! I’m getting down and dirty with some little cutie or hot bombshell!” she grinned widely, feeling the desire burning in her as both the thought of fooling around with the maids and the elfglow leaves had their effect.

“Oh, how I’d love to stay and watch this...” Faris chuckled heartily, gesturing Chinyi to follow her out of Vinya’s room; “...but I’ve got orders from Allisia to take Chinyi here to the dungeons.”

“Oh? I, I did something bad?” Chinyi wondered, Faris sending her a wicked grin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there all the time to see you get molested...” she teased, Chinyi following her out of the room.

“Hmm, a few Nightwind girls, a half dozen shin’sari maids, and a wet and willing blonde...” Sharla said as she sat on Christy’s face, pondering; “...hey, girls, mind if we take this to the dungeons, instead?”

“Nope, not at all! I gotta clean my room up, anyway...” Vinya said, Shirli and Sharla looking in pity at her.

“We can help getting that done! Fuck, we’ve just been using your room for a fuck-fest, so it’s only fair to help clean it up” Sharla said, Vinya smiling gratefully.

“I’ll help clean up, but I gotta go after that; I’ve got so much pussy from before that I’m about to collapse...” Siriki managed a smirk, her eyes barely focusing as they kept closing, Siriki feeling dead tired.

“It’s OK, Siriki, go back to your room and get some rest...” Rachel said, rustling Narru’s white-blonde hair; “...I think Narru and I can handle this.”

“Here she is, Chinyi; I think you’ll be happily surprised once I show you her secret...” Allisia said, Chinyi and Faris following her towards Janice, the warrior babe not really capable of moving anywhere.

“You’re such a bitch, Allisia...I kinda like it...” Janice chuckled, Chinyi far too occupied to pay any attention as she looked closer at Janice; as she moved her head a bit, Chinyi saw pointy, slightly up-tight ears under the thick mane of red hair.

“WHAT?? And you didn’t show me before??” Chinyi exclaimed in a mix of awe and confusion, seeing the newly-discovered elf Janice strapped out in arms and legs in steel chains over the mud pit, Chinyi’s fantasy of sucking elf girls’ ears, especially such a gorgeous one, emerging like a roaring desire.

“Hey, if I’d said I was an elf before, you’d had fucked my damn tits off, you cutie-pie...” Janice teased, Faris standing beside Chinyi, chuckling at them both.

“I’d love getting down and dirty with you, Janice...” she winked teasingly at Chinyi; “...also, maybe Chinyi’s too young to really know what a real hot chick wants from her.”

“’Too young’?? That’s it!” Chinyi suddenly smirked confidently, pointing dramatically at Janice.

“TODAY, I, CHINYI-CHAN, WILL PUNISH THE EVIL ELF GIRL AND TAKE HER TO HEAVEN AND BACK AGAIN!” she exclaimed comically, Faris holding herself to her sides, Janice squirming in the chains from laughter.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods, you’re adorable, Chinyi...” Janice panted out, smirking at the pink-haired girl; “ pussy’s getting all moist for you; I want some of that Chinyi-chan lovin’ you’ve got in store for me!”

“All right, you’ve asked for it!” Chinyi laughed in what she thought to be a seductive way, holding her hands out; blue light began to glow from her palms, her normal outfit suddenly disappearing in a column of white light; as a new sort of outfit began wrapping itself around her, Chinyi now found herself dressed on corset, panties, thigh-boots and elbow-long gloves of shrieking, pink latex, fluffy white silk trims decorating both boots, gloves and the top of the corset.

“Magical Girl Chinyi-Chan set to go!” Chinyi exclaimed happily, cheering as she jumped unto the surprised and still-laughing Janice.

“F-Faris...I need some support; I’m about to bust a gut...!” Allisia held to her side, gasping from her laughing at Chinyi’s silly magical girl role-play; sitting down with the warrior girl, Faris could not help but to grin, herself, Chinyi looking so adorably cute in her new outfit.

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