Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 50)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 50

Title: Chapter L - Catgirls and Embarrasing Secrets

“Uhm, Vanessa...just what the heck is this?” Narrisha asked, looking at an old, torn book with blood-red leather cover, Vanessa quickly snatching the book from Narrisha, the vampire girl’s hair still messy since it were still early in the morning.

“ forbidden magic; all about teleportation spells, but the author were found to be a raving lunatic who enjoyed trapping halves of people between dimensions...” Vanessa said, pointing a warning finger at Narrisha; “...even opening it will have catastrophic consequences!”

“Easy, I won’t o-...” Narrisha held her hands up to wave off Vanessa’s finger, accidently knocking the book out of her hands, landing it on the floor, where it began to glow bright red from the cover.

“Narrisha, this is exactly what shouldn’t have happened!” Vanessa yelled as smaller cyclone of chaos magic erupted from the book, a flash of white light blinding both Vanessa and Narrisha, sending them flying through the room as the light faded.

“That wasn’t good; I think you caused it to cast a summoning spell...” Vanessa said, sighing as she rose up, surprised and shocked as something moved from the thick, black smoke around the book.

“My, this sure feels different than back home in the harem...” a light, female voice spoke, another responding.

“Yeah, but I heard someone; she sounded cute...” another female voice responded, Narrisha and Vanessa spotting two pairs of eyes in the smoke; one pairing glittering like purple amethysts, the other’s shining like blue sapphires, both of them with feline forms as creatures appeared behind them.

“So, lemme get this straight: You two cuties are the mistress, and the court sorceress of this little manor? And there’s only hot, cute and sexy girls living here??” one of the creatures asked, the tied-up Vanessa and Narrisha both nodding, finding it best to cooperate.

“AWESOME! New hunting grounds, Sharla!” the girl with the sapphire eyes cheered, the other girl looking curiously at Narrisha and Vanessa.

“So... she said as she stepped towards the two captive girls; “...if you promise not to panic or run away, we’ll cut you loose.”

“We...promise...” Narrisha said, beginning to think these two girls were actually quite attractive; their outfits of black latex were alluring and revealing, both of them dressed as hentai yuri catgirls, which they seemed to enjoy as they moved swiftly around on both two feet and on all four.

“Who are you, really?” Vanessa asked, the purple-eyed girl smiling secretly.

“I’m Sharla the catgirl, and this is Shirli the catgirl, my partner...” she nodded at the blue-eyed girl, who ran towards her, leaning her head on Sharla’s shoulder purring.

“Pleasing women is our business, ladies, whatever you like it or not...” Sharla noted, Vanessa trying to hide her blushing.

“You’re in luck, then; I dare say my manor’s a lesbian haven...” Narrisha confidently looked Sharla directly in the eye, understanding these two girls was clearly demonic, but they seemed harmless.

“How can we trust you, huh? You just came out of one of my spell books” Vanessa sceptically asked, Shirli leaning her head to the side, giggling at Vanessa.

“We’re good girls, so we’ll do everything you say...even if you want us to be bad...” Shirli teased, licking her lips suggestively, moaning as she did so, Narrisha feeling herself getting quite excited at the sight of the busty breasts under both the girls’ skimpy outfits.

“I...I’ll arrange a tour of the manor for you; just, please...” Narrisha tempted a grin; “...tell us where you’re from.”

“From Mistress Hyracha’s harem; our mistress’ a deity, so she let us off to go and explore other dimensions and girls a bit...” Sharla shrugged, Narrisha suddenly feeling afraid.

“H-Hyracha?! Does she not have a servant called Cilistia?” she asked in fear, Sharla nodding, although not understanding why Narrisha seemed so scared.

“It’s OK, Cilistia is properly too busy fucking Hyracha to notice her little ‘huntresses’ has gone off to get some pussy...” Shirli smiled to herself; “’s OK, she’ll not be coming here and start raping your maids; Hyracha would sooner get Cilistia a collar and have her succubi fuck her ‘till she couldn’t even crawl away.”

“Sounds like...your mistress is kinkier than mine...” Vanessa smiled nervously, Shirli and Sharla laughing, Narrisha sending a pleading look at Vanessa, whispering.

“If we just get these two crazy blondes to Mirinda or Raicha we should be OK; they can fuck for hours...” Narrisha whispered; “...we’d better get Chinyi tour around with them; she loves catgirls, after all.”

“Hallo, Rachel! How was breakfast?” Narru asked the exotic girl, who gave her a pleasant smile.

“Delicious, but I need to get back to the showers; there’s a lotion I gotta try...” Rachel mentioned, Narru looking pleadingly at her.

“Uhm, when I’m done with breakfast...may I come up to you?” she asked, Rachel chuckling and hugging the platinum-haired girl, unaware as Narru’s head were stuck in her busty breasts, Narru moaning pleasantly.

“Of course you may!” Rachel kissed Narru on the cheek, heading up the stairs to the showers and baths, Narru standing behind, holding a hand to the cheek Rachel had kissed, Narru smiling happily as she looked forward to bathe with the tan-skinned beauty.

“And this is Vinya, Lady Shica’s former maid; she sort of moved in here...” Chinyi explained to Shirli and Sharla, Vinya turning her head from her mirror, laying down her comb and looking at the group of girls entering her room.

“Oh! Hi there! Welcome to Nightwind Manor!” Vinya greeted friendly, Shirli and Sharla already now feeling quite happy about the manor; it did not have as many girls as they were used to, but those that resided there surely were both friendly and ravishing in their eyes.

“Uhmm, Vinya, by the way...” Chinyi headed towards the shin’saras girl, whispering in her ear; “...sorry if that movie last night weren’t so satisfying...”

“Satisfied? With that little?? No way! I wanna see succubi molest elf girls, alien women descending and making love to amazons, and dominatrices defeating the aliens in the fray of sex!” Vinya teased Chinyi, sticking her tongue out.

“I want something really kinky! But...I really kinda liked that scene with the blonde pleading the succubus, just yelling for more, more and more! She looked so cute!” Vinya grinned at Chinyi, the pink-haired girl returning it as she kissed Vinya, the shin’saras girl not too happy when Chinyi’s lips removed themselves from hers.

“Uhm, Chinyi, would you girls mind...’joining’ me? I’d kinda like someone to...well...cuddle with me” Vinya asked blushingly, Chinyi nodding eagerly.

“Well, sure beats a tour of this manor...” Shirli said, stroking herself against Vinya’s leg, the shin’saras girl smiling at her and Sharla.

“Say, won’t it sound offensive to you two if we started calling you sex kittens?” Vinya asked, Shirli and Sharla both shaking their heads.

“Nah, it’s just about what we are; there’s really nothing better than a few giggles, cute girls and a girly gangbang to make your life feel worthwhile...” Shirli stretched out, letting herself fall onto Vinya’s bed; “...Sharla, should we let them start?”

“It’d be this Chinyi and Vinya against the two of us...” Sharla winked at her, lying down beside her fellow catgirl; “...and Hell, I’d rather enjoy a break here before Hyracha waits at home with the whip.”

“She’s properly really pissed off, but heck, I wouldn’t mind being sexually abused by these Nightwind ladies...” Shirli smiled widely at Chinyi and Vinya, the two of them exchanging suggestive looks.

“OK, let’s get to it! I...I kind of admit hearing about all this girly lovemaking got me excited...” Vinya said as she stood up, blushing as she bowed towards Shirli and Sharla; “...I promise I’ll do everything in my power to satisfy you.”
“That’s it, I’m with Vinya in this!” Chinyi grinned, heading towards the two catgirls along with Vinya.

“Like Allisia would say: Divide and conquer!” Vinya smirked, her and Chinyi moving towards Sharla and Shirli as the two catgirls giggled; they both felt this would be a quite pleasant experience.

“I’m really happy you choose to sleep over, you three...” Allisia smiled at Vanessa, Cassandra and Janice.

“Don’t mention it, tough girl; I’ve always known you were not about some hot little humping with some sexy cutie in the middle of the night...” Janice patted Allisia’s shoulder.

“Wow, Vanessa! That really suits you!” Cassandra exclaimed happily, looking at Vanessa’s deep-red satin nightgown, the albino girl blushing at her.

“I cannot help but really enjoy this...” Allisia smirked to herself; “ three are some of the girls here I admire most, feels kind of like an honour sharing my bed with you.”

“Meh, only makes sense; I’m sexy, Vanessa’s hot, and Cassandra’s got that mysterious goth girl appeal...”

Janice grinned, her new red latex outfit leading Allisia to conclude that Janice really enjoyed wearing it.

“’Goth girl’?? Well, I suppose that’s a good thing...” Cassandra shrugged, Allisia combing her fingers through Cassandra’s hair, kissing her cheek.

“It is; we should try priding ourselves of what we are...” Allisia said, barely avoiding a smile; “...although what I am, at the moment, is simply tired; if you need me just wake me up.”

Heading to her bed, Allisia saw a pretty obvious problem she cursed herself for not remembering; her bed were far too small to be sued by four girls.

“Hmm? Not large enough? Alright” Vanessa noticed Allisia’s concerned look, waving her hand over the bed; immediately, the bed stretched out in width, Vanessa swinging her tail around her waist like a belt as she went into the bed, choosing the spot closest to Allisia’s.

“Hey, I wanted to lay closest to Allisia!” Janice snapped, moving herself over Vanessa, teasingly discarding her cape over the albino girl’s face.

“Sorry, Allisia needs mature girls to sleep beside her, not sex-hungering little amazons...” Vanessa now played along, Cassandra watching as Allisia lifted her head from below her pillow.

“Girls, I’ll just rest a bit, but...feel free to have sex if you want; I don’t mind, really...” Allisia mumbled as she snuck under her bed sheets, letting out a low chuckle at the girls.

“Are you OK, Allisia? Are you having a fever?” Cassandra asked worried as she suddenly lifted Allisia’s bed sheets, the warrior girl blushing at her, not really liking for Cassandra to see her do something so girly.

“No, no worries Cassandra...” Allisia said, surprised as Cassandra leaned in closer.

“I...I don’ know why I haven’t noticed it yet...” Cassandra almost stammered, looking awe at Allisia; “’ve quite some beautiful eyes...”

“Oh, you little...” Allisia smiled at Cassandra, the raven-haired girl tugging herself in deeper under Allisia’s out-stretched bed sheets, Allisia finding Cassandra kissing her eagerly in the darkness.

“I always thought it a good thing you took my virtue, Cassandra...” Allisia spoke softly to Cassandra, kissing her under the bed sheets; “ really opened my eyes to both the manor and the touch of another girl.”

“Hey, hey! No fair to use your tail like that!” Janice laughed as Vanessa’s tail swung around her waist, Vanessa pinning her down on the bed, holding her arms down and using her legs to spread Janice’s.

“Janice, you really are a rare little ruby for this brave sorceress to dig up...” Vanessa joked, Janice smiling as Vanessa nudged her nose against her’s.

“ feels so lovely; much more over the-...ah, ye-e-e-es, that’s right where I want it...!” Shirli smiled broadly, enjoying as Vinya and Chinyi groped her and Sharla’s plumb breasts, having been joined by the passing Narru, Rachel, Siriki and Innoki, the four of them not minding to skip duty for a few minutes...or hours.

“It feels so good! Oh my Gods, it feels so fucking good...!!!” Sharla moaned loudly, Vinya suddenly feeling her hand being grabbed by Sharla, the catgirl leading it down to her pussy.

“SURPI-I-I-I-ISE!!!” a united yelling suddenly scared the girls as they looked towards the source; standing in nothing but their maid uniforms, Shica’s maids were busy undressing, one after the other approaching the Nightwind girls, grinning as they joined the group.

“Shin’saras girls? Cute little elves ladies and catgirls are for me??” Chinyi’s eyes almost shun as she folded her hands, looking towards the sky; “thank you, Lady Shinris, for blessing me so much!”
As some of the maids laughed at her, Shirli and Sharla took this a sign: It was time the Nightwind girls got the receiving end of the molesting.

“Say, Sharla...” Shirli smirked at her partner; “...shouldn’t we try and use our special technique on that cute Vinya girl?”

“’Special technique’?” Vinya pondered, folding her clothes neatly on a nearby chair, shaking her head at the mess the other girls made of her room; love fluids, drool and sweat soaked her bed sheets, but, as she caught herself thinking, seeing all those girls so happy as they molested each other cheeringly, she could not help but giggle.

“Sure, if she feels like she can keep up with us...” Sharla responded to Shirli’s idea, the two catgirls stroking themselves seductively against Vinya as she lay down.

“We’ve ‘entertained’ queens, empresses, noble ladies and finally Mistress Hyracha before we came here, Vinya...” Sharla licked the shin’saras girl’s cheek teasingly; “ we really know how to make a girl go insane in horniness.”

“Oh! But, uhm, I don’t mind that...I’m just not good at being the dominant part, so go ahead...” Vinya said, Sharla sneaking under her, Vinya’s head resting on Sharla’s plumb breasts, Shirli leaning over her and grinning at her.

“I think you’ll like this; at least you can tell the other Nightwind ladies you got fucked by two cute catgirls...” Shirli teased, Vinya blushing and grinning.

“I’ll admit I’m loving this right now...” Vinya sighed out lovingly, nudging her head deeper between Sharla’s breasts, the two catgirls adoring the cute little shin’saras girl.

“Easy now, Vinya; this may hurt a bit at first...” Shirli said, letting her tail under her legs and towards Vinya’s pussy.

“I...I think I’ll manage that; I’m not a virgin anymore, thanks to Mirinda...” Vinya said, Shirli smiling smugly at her.

“So that elf blonde got to the goods before we did? Hihih, such a little tease...” Shirli grinned, Vinya feeling the catgirl’s tail touch her pussy ever so lightly.

“And here comes the second course!” Sharla spoke underneath, inserting her own tail more roughly into Vinya’s anus, the shin’saras girl opening her eyes widely, shrieking out.

“That hu-u-urt...!” she whimpered, Sharla looking more than just amused, although a little guilty, at the shin’saras girl.

“So, Vinya...” Shirli said, nudging her nose against Vinya’s chuckling; “you’re about to be fucked in both pussy and ass by two sexy catgirls...” Shirli teased, Sharla joining in, the two of them asking in the same, teasing union; “...are you all ready, cute stuff?”

“I, I am; just be a little gentle with me...” Vinya blushed, Sharla and Shirli smiling encouragingly at her as they both started slowly thrusting their tails further in.

“E-e-e-ek! Oh, Our Lady Shinris...this feels so...awkward...and good, all at the same time...” Vinya spoke between their thrusts, the two catgirls winking at each other; Vinya seemed like just their type of girl to molest, ravish and keep awake all night.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! THIS...MORE! I can’t believe I’m being-...!” Chinyi just managed to yell out as another shin’saras maid blocked her voice as she kissed Chinyi, her, Siriki, Rachel and Narru finding themselves loving this turmoil of pleasure; the shin’saras maids, on the other hand, seemed quite nervous, if eager, to do everything as perfectly as possible.

“Mistress Shica taught us all how to please a girl...” a maid now smirked at Siriki and Narru; “...and seeing all you little girls roll around on the bed in the moonlight, pleading us to’s so erotic, and so lovely...”

“I didn’t think you knew something so relaxing, Janice...” Vanessa teased, Janice massaging Vanessa’s shoulder blades, neck and upper wings.

“It’s no good humping a cute little demon girl if she’s all sore...” Janice said, winking at Vanessa; “...besides, I just thought I’d show you what I’ve learned from this Scarlet Sister I know...”

“You’ve meet one of the empress’ elite warriors??” Vanessa asked in awe, mumbling under her breath; “not that I’m so surprised.”

“I take that as a compliment” Janice teased, rustling Vanessa’s mane of red hair.

“Hey, where’d Allisia and Cassandra go, anyway?” Vanessa asked, having not seen or heard the warrior girl for several minutes.

“Properly snuggling under the bed sheets and schooling Cassandra in dinner etiquettes...” Janice sighed, rustled her head, Vanessa spotting something interesting.

“Janice, but...” Vanessa said in surprise, brushing a bit of Janice’s hair aside; “...your ears.”

“Hihih! Yeah, I’m an elf, bright-eyes; I kinda wanted to hide it from Chinyi, that little sex kitty...” Janice smiled, her eyes getting a dreamy flare; “...oh, how I’d love to tie her up and go completely dominatrix on her!”

“Heh, ever thought of how it would go if she got the upper hand and got around to become the dominant?” Vanessa teased, Janice smiling smugly.

“I wouldn’t mind opening my clit to any of these Nightwind chicks; they’re so sexy, hot, naughty...and smart, even...” Janice stroke her gloved hand over Vanessa’s cheek, the albino girl enjoying it in the fullest.

“Ah, come now, Janice; I know what you’re really looking forward to as of the moment...” Vanessa grinned, turning around suddenly, laughing as she sat atop the beaming Janice; “...I know you’re not just interested in massaging my neck; oh, I’ll give you the full treatment for such little minxes such as you...!”

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! NO MORE! I, I CAN’T CUM ANYMORE! PLEASE, STOP IT!” Christy yelled out loud, Hiroi and Raicha nevertheless continuing their games with the blonde, Christy feeling her dominatrix cap slide over her right eye.

“What are you talking about? You’ve only cum once, so far!” Hiroi teased, enjoying to see the dominatrix-dressed Christy slowly sink to the floor, Hiroi’s strap-on hammering into her pussy, Christy’s body already covered in sweat and Raicha’s cum, the other blonde now pressing Christy’s head into her pussy.

“That’s the disadvantage of stripping at horny girls, baby...” Raicha smirked evilly; “ never know when they’ll start giving you your evening’s greatest fuck!”

“BUT! BUT, I...OH, FUCK! JUST FUCK ME, ALREADY! GO AHEAD! FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE SLUTS!” Christy yelled out again, managing a grin.

“See? I told you she honestly liked it! She’s not backing down from being fucked by chicks like us!” Raicha boasted, Christy teasing her by letting her tongue roll over Raicha’s g-spot, the blonde letting out a surprised scream.

“Get back to licking my clit, you lousy slut!” Raicha snapped, pressing Christy’s head even further into her pussy, Christy chuckling lowly in satisfaction.

“Honestly, Christy...” Raicha now spoke more friendly, stroking the blonde’s hair; “...our cum really looks good on you...and that leather suit; you’re really dressed up to play naughty, huh?”

As all Christy could respond was mumbling from Raicha’s pussy, Raicha could not help but giggle between her moans, Hiroi simply thrusting the strap-on even harder into Christy’s pussy.

“I...I want...Hiroi, lay yourself down and put her on top! I wanna feel that slut’s cum all over my face!” Raicha barked out in what sounded like desperation.

Not hesitating, Christy suddenly found herself removed from Raicha’s pussy, Hiroi pulling her back out, inserting the strap-on into the blonde’s anus, Christy sitting halfway down as Hiroi kept thrusting, the thick ropes tying Christy’s arms together preventing her from resisting.

“Oh, you’re so lovely wet...I can’t help myself...!!!” Raicha exclaimed cheeringly, diving headlong for Christy’s pussy, her tongue penetrating them and exploring every inch of the blonde’s womanhood.

“OH, RAICHA! PLEASE DRINK MY LOVE JUICE! YOUR TONGUE’S SO LOVELY IN MY CUNT!!!” Christy yelled out, Hiroi enjoying to see the blonde stripper squirm under her and Raicha’s molesting.

“She’s almost there! Just look how her legs are kicking!” Hiroi laughed, Christy’s legs and boots almost flying around in the air, Raicha loving the sight.

“C’mon! Let’s see you cum, then! Let’s get our reward for fucking you, you naughty little slut!” Raicha smiled, gritting her teeth in anticipation.

“You can do it, Christy! Raicha wants you to cum! Let yourself go!” Hiroi encouraged under Christy, the blonde’s head rolling back and forth, her tongue hanging out in a horny grin, her eyes shining in lust.

“YES!! YES!! OH, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM! GET READY FOR A SHOWER! AH! AH-H-H-H! AH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Christy shrieked out, her hips thrusting forward towards Raicha, the surprised blonde receiving all of Christy’s orgasm to her face, licking her lips at the lavender-like taste.

“Oh, that sure looks nice...” Raicha licked her fingers, Christy slowly settling down on the floor, panting heavily, Hiroi still groping her breasts.

“Honestly, Christy...” Hiroi joked; “ look so sexy all covered in girly cum.”

“W-when I’ve recovered...let’s see if you’ll look just as sexy...!” Christy smiled, Raicha and Hiroi both leaning down over her, kissing the blonde passionately.

“Oh, and here...” Raicha said, putting Christy’s cap back on after it had fallen off; “...don’t ask me why, but that and the leather just adds more to the appeal.”

“Like I needed any more...but it sure feels fucking good...” Christy joked, the three girls giggling as they began discussing which turn it was.

“OH-H-H-H! GODDESS, PLEASE....AR-R-R-R-R-R-R-RGH...!!!” Vinya yelled out as she climaxed violently, Shirli and Sharla loving to see the shin’saras girl squirm and pant as her orgasm hit both herself and them.

“Wow! I’m kinda impressed...” Sharla teasingly nipped Vinya’s ear; “ lasted over two minutes!”

“T-two minutes?! You, you must-...” Vinya were about to exclaim in awe, Shirli silencing her with a passionate kiss.

“Vinya, even before we joined our mistress’ harem, we knew how to get the ladies to love us...” Shirli smirked at the shin’saras girl; “...we were call girls, hookers, strippers, dancers, almost everything at the parties at our old school...and seeing so many hot chicks get wasted and pour champagne all over your suit kinda makes you wanna bang her to Heaven and back!”

“You little sluts...I mean it a good way, but...I don’t care how many girls like me you’ve fucked! I can’t get over this feeling!” Vinya squirmed back and forth, Shirli looking between Vinya’s legs, chuckling amused.

“Oh-h-h, isn’t that cute? She’s still holding the best in...” Shirli grinned, lapping on Vinya’s pussy; “...come on, this kitty wants her milk!”

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-OH! I’M C-CUMMING AGA-A-A-AI-I-I-IN!” Vinya tried to hold her legs together, her slightly smaller orgasm pouring into the waiting Shirli’s mouth, the catgirl moaning lovingly.

“Hey, what’s going on in here??” a familiar voice suddenly came from the door, Hiroi and Raicha sticking their heads inside, seeing the collection of naked girls playing around.

“Fuck, the little girlies knows to have a good time! Wanna join ‘em, little slutty?” Raicha teased, Christy, crawling on hands and knees, appeared in the doorway, a knot attached to her collar, her dominatrix outfit still soaked as she saw the two new catgirls.

“F-first a hot amazon chick, then a petite bookworm, and now s-sex kittens...?” Christy managed to speak, Shirli and Sharla looking amazed at her.

“Sharla, she’s already in heat! Let’s fuck her, OK?? Ple-e-e-e-ease...??” Shirli pleaded, Sharla chuckling at the other catgirl.

“Christy, was it? Hey, we’ve fucked some cute girls today, and seeing a real dominatrix...” Sharla said, smiling smugly at Christy; “...I was wondering if you could borrow you for a little fucking?”

“To fuck two little catgirls until they meow for mercy? Hihih, I may be horny, but I as sure as fuck wouldn’t pass this up!”

As the flock of girls moved aside for Christy, she tossed herself unto the bed, Shirli and Sharla eagerly swarming over her, considering this an opportunity to really cut loose.

“Such hot leather; you really have a good taste in fetish outfits, you know” Sharla teased Christy, opening her full mouth, sucking on the blonde’s breasts, Shirli slowly inserting more and more of her hands into Christy’s pussy.

“OH! Oh, my goodness! N-not so deep inside me-e-e-e-e...!” Christy grit her teeth, looking around the girls in the room, finding all activity to have stopped, everyone looking at her as she was molested.

“Yes...oh, do me some more, girls! These chicks want to see me cum again and again...” Christy now spoke, her voice light, seductive and honest.

“Siriki, look at her! She’s even hornier than when she fucked Zyrah!” Chinyi giggled, Shirli and Sharla suddenly looking up.

“’Zyrah’? As in Zyrah Stardust? Staying here??” they both eagerly asked, Chinyi nodding.

“We hit the jackpot, sexy! That little cutie’s somewhere in this manor!” Sharla cheered, grinning at Christy.

“Since you’re a stripper, you might a fan of this little Zyrah lady, huh?” Sharla asked Christy, the blonde nodding eagerly.

“Ohohohoh! Sounds like we’re gonna have a foursome later! But, back to business; yours tits are calling for more, hot stuff...” Sharla now began sucking on Christy’s breasts anew.

“...Glorious...absolutely glorious...” Allisia stammered in awe as both Cassandra, Janice and Vanessa bared themselves to her.

“Such an offer...sure makes me feel like a goddess being offered virgin sacrifices...” Allisia joked, Janice chuckling.

“Hmm?” Allisia noticed as she heard a knock on the door; as the girls waited, Allisia got up and headed for the door.

“Jisha? To what do I owe the honour?” Allisia asked, surprised to see the small demonic girl stand nervously outside her door.

“Uhm, is Vanessa here? I kinda need to speak to her” Jisha said, Allisia nodding, gesturing Jisha inside.

“Wow! Who’s that lovely babe with the great tits??” Jisha exclaimed in awe, the girls’ eyes all turning to Janice, making her chuckle.

“I’m Janice, babe, a ‘friend’ of the little girlie here...” Janice smiled, pointing at Allisia.

“I heard you wanted to speak to me?” Vanessa said, chuckling to herself as she spotted the disappointed look in Janice’s eyes; no doubt she had set her eyes on Jisha.

“Oh, well, it’s kinda personal; can you come with me, just a second?” Jisha asked, Vanessa standing up, folding her wings and heading for the door with Jisha.

“I will be back in a moment” she spoke over her shoulder, closing the door behind her as Jisha and her now stood in the hallway outside Allisia’s room.

“Well, uhm, you see, my moms’ going on about me not having ‘realized’ what sort of magic I can do, or if I can even do magic...” Jisha blushed, Vanessa looking carefully at her.

“Mind if I use a spell? I can determine it better using magic” Vanessa asked, taken back as Jisha’s eyes lightened up.

“No! No, please don’t; you see...magic, makes me horny and want to fuck with the first girl I see...!” Jisha grit her teeth in embarrassment.

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