Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 5)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter V - The Guests Arrives

[Author's notes: j]

Meanwhile, in the hospital of the manor, Mirinda was lying on her stomach in all her naked glory, softly moaning as the two nurses, with surgical precision, massaged her aching neck.

“Does it feel good? I'm not pressing too hard, I hope...?” the blue-haired one asked.

“No, it’s very good; you have such soft hands...” Mirinda smiled weakly, making the girl blush.

“Why, thank you, Miss Mirinda; we aim to please!” she quickly smiled, although she soon understood how suggestive it had sounded.

“And indeed you do; I am very grateful for your expertise” Mirinda politely and smilingly nodded.

However, in that exact moment, the green-haired nurse smiled perversely, deciding to quit her polite games, and slowly moved her white silk-gloved hand down Mirinda’s spine; sensing this, Mirinda smiled under her folded arms, enjoying as the nurse began lightly spanking and jab her butt.

“If you seek to tease me, do make a better effort” Mirinda teased, making the nurse aware of the fact that Mirinda might have known of her intentions from the start.

“Well, there’s no point in acting now!” she chuckled with and evil smile; nodding to the other nurse, they quickly, yet carefully turned Mirinda around her face now laying upwards to see the two nurses look smilingly at her.

“I have a feeling I will like this” Mirinda smiled back as the nurses’ hands reached for her breasts...

After a while, the time had finally come, and the maids and other residents of Nightwind Manor stood dressed in their fine silk outfits, and, in Narrisha’s case, a splendid dark-blue silk dress; they stood in front of the front door to the manor, the Night Guards, who had insisted to keep wearing their usual leather suits and half-plate armour, stood behind Narrisha as her honour guard.

Soon, a slight noise was heard outside the quiet manor, a noise which almost sounded like...

“Flapping? Uhmm, Narrisha, will they be flying here?” Faris asked as she stood next to Narrisha.

“They didn’t say anything about that, but it sounds like-...” Narrisha began, just as the ground now began shaking as if a very small earthquake had erupted following the sudden, heavy bump heard outside the manor.

The rather nervous girls looked at their mistress, but kept quiet; Chinyi hid herself behind her sister, who simply smiled and gave her little sister a slight clap on the head.

“Girls, I think we'd better go out and bid our guests welcome” Narrisha spoke clearly; as she could clearly see, it was not the most popular message she had ever given; in a hint of an eye, she saw one of the Night Guards slowly let her hand down to the longsword hanging in a scabbard in her belt.

As another of the Night Guards opened the door and let the girls out, almost all of them screamed at the same time:

A gargantuan, if not titanic golden dragon, at least one hundred and sixty meters tall, its scales glittering in the sunlight, sat patiently on the huge, wide-spread grassland outside the manor, nodding as the girls began shrieking.

“So; I see none of you has seen a dragon before...?” it asked, its voice sounding like thunder in the mountains that surrounded Nightwind Manor.

“Wha-what the Hell is that?!” Chinyi panicked, clutching herself even harder to Minyoki’s leg.

“I, my little lady, am Laracris, Guardian of the Kingdom of Silvarcira” the dragon now spoke, sounding rather proud; “the image of me coats the banner, shields and very coat-of-arms of their very country.”

As the girls calmed a bit down, mostly because the dragon showed no intentions of eating them, Faris braced herself and walked up to Laracris and knelt, although she still clearly were terrified.

“So you’’re not going to eat us...?” she asked fearfully.

Laracris bend his head down until it reached Faris, and the variation of their heads’ size were almost bizarre; Laracris’ almost pearl-white fangs and his long horns and long snout made him look terrifying, but he simply chuckled, pushing gently to Faris, making her fall over, landing on her butt, starring at the amazing and ancient creature.

“If that is what you mean by harm, that is all I will do to you, young one” Laracris nodded at Faris; “oh, it reminds me; I’ve brought your guests here; the empress insisted on the best possible protection for her daughter, and, as she spoke herself, second to Jiraz, I qualified as the very best.”

As Laracris now slowly leaned a bit forward, almost like a cat, a massive cabin could be seen between his large wings, attached around his stomach and back with heavy steel and adamantine chains; the weird insignia, or coat-of-arms on its side clearly gave away it was of the Imperial Family.

“Her Highness, the Empress Shinris Narra-Jar, asked me to carry her daughter and her...well, ‘lover’...” Laracris began, clearly not the one to think demons could feel anything called love, which clearly seemed to upset Narrisha; as Laracris embarrassingly noticed, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked rather annoyed at him.

“I mean Miss Jiraz, as well...” the dragon corrected himself, although he had never really liked the succubus constant flirts with the young princess; in his eyes, he did not see an heir to the mighty Shacar-Jarcu Empire, but more of two brats unwilling to care for more important matters than their own happiness.

However, his dark thoughts were interrupted as a door in the side of the cabin was opened; out came a figure, clad from head in a pitch-black robe with adamantine armour plates on shoulders, chest, forearms and a helmet, and from its belt in a scabbard hang a shortsword of the same material.

Behind it came another black-robed and adamantine-armour figure, but only slightly taller and with red bat-like wings and cat-like tail; judging by Laracris’ small grunts of what sounded like pain, it was surely because of the spiked adamantine boots piercing into the small rifts between his golden scales.

As the figures made their way down from the titanic dragon, Faris could spot that the winged of them carried a large trunk in her hand, which seemed rather heavy.

Suddenly, however, another figure appeared in the cabin door; it did not wear armour, and had an up-pulled hood covering its face instead; it seemed slightly smaller than the two others, and was clearly rather nervous as for climbing down the massive Laracris’ back.

“Who’s that little one? I haven’t seen her before” Faris now asked Narrisha.

“I dunno, but we’re about to find out” Narrisha answered, seeing the three figures walking towards them, Laracris sitting patiently by and looking at the manor with an interested attitude.

“It’s been a long time, Narrisha!” a smiling Shica cheerfully shoke Narrisha’s hand; after she had removed her helmet and now held it under her arm, many, if not all of the girls around her could not help but let out flirty whistles, eager whisperings or blushing at her.

“Oh...” Narrisha now teasingly commented as Shica put her helmet down and began pulling off the robe; under it, much to the surrounding girls’ delightful and desirable looks, was a half-plate of spiked adamantine armour, and under it was a catsuit of black latex.

“Get that bucket off your head, silly! Gods, I can’t see how you could fly or even walk with that thing on!” Shica joked at the taller figure; a small giggle were heard from under the helmet, and the tall figure now lifted its hands to remove it.

“She likes that entire ‘dramatic entrance’ stuff, ye know” Shica nodded at Narrisha with an attitude as if it was every day logic.

As Jiraz, whom it turned out to be, removed her helmet, the surrounding girls could clearly sense her appealing attitude; like Shica, she wore a latex suit under her very loose robe, but the amount of spiked adamantine were limited to shoulder plates and a rather small chest plate.

“Hiya, girls! You missed us??” she eagerly greeted, Shica burrowing her face in her left hand in an attempt her hide the fact that she was about to laugh at her girlfriend’s open and silly attitude.

Seeing the ‘terrifying Demon of Hellfire’ as nothing but a quite friendly, if not a little over-eager girl, and her girlfriend of a shin’saras princess as a just as eager one, the fear that the girls of Nightwind Manor had had of a demonic menace waned away; instead, they politely greeted Jiraz and Shica, if not some of them allowed themselves some rather obvious flirty comments.

“We’ve brought a friend of Shica’s with us; c’mon, go say hallo, silly” Jiraz teased and gestured the third robed figure to step forward; nervously it did so, and dropped its hood:

A pink-haired shin’saras girl, maybe only slightly younger than Shica, appeared under the hood’s folds; she was clearly nervous, and something that looked like regular fear shun lightly in her purple eyes.

“It’s OK, Vinya; Narrisha’s girls are all fine” Shica laid a calming hand on Vinya’s shoulders, which seemed to strengthen her courage enough to introduce herself:

“I am Vinya, daughter of the Scarlet Sister Daina; I serve the Imperial Narra-Jar, and in their name, I greet you, noble house of Nightwind Manor” she spoke as if reading up from a scroll.

A few moments of silence fell, followed by a polite, united giggle by the girls; even Narrisha smiled and gestured Vinya forward; eager to do so, in hope of making a better first impression than her speech, Vinya partly ran until she stood but two meters from Narrisha.

“Drop your robe, please” Narrisha asked her.

Nervous, Vinya looked over her shoulder at her teasingly winking mistress and Jiraz.

“M-may I, my lady?” Vinya asked.

“Sure, just don’t drop too much” Shica winked teasingly at her, while Jiraz had hidden herself behind her large wings for not to let Vinya know that she was about to burst into laughing at her extreme shyness and, as Jiraz preferred to call it, ‘overprotective virgin’ nature.

Letting her robe fall, Vinya stepped out of it, wearing a simple black maid uniform, with black leather wrist-long gloves and knee-high boots in dark elven design.

“Come forward then, Vinya of Shacar-Jarcu” Narrisha gestured formally, but winked teasingly at Vinya, would could not help but get the feeling that the vampire girl’s teasing was not ill meant.

“Heheh, another cutie I’ll soon get to f-...” Hiroi smiled to herself behind the row of girls lined up in front of the manor; however, as she caught her first real sight of Shica and Jiraz, she could clearly feel something in both her nose and her loins.

“Oh my fucking Gods! They’re the ones who’s gonna fuck me?!” she mentally panicked, causing some rather hilarious changing to her facial expression; as the girls around her laughed, knowing how nervous Hiroi must be feeling, they suddenly caught sight of a shadow over their heads...

“Surpri-i-ise!” was heard from a cheerful Jiraz and Shica, as Jiraz let her girlfriend slip the few remaining meters to the ground, while she herself slowly descended with some light flaps from her amazing wings.

“So...” Shica now obviously teased Hiroi as she stepped closer and closer to the quite blushing girl; “Narrisha tells us you’ve been rather bad, and that you’re one of the few virgins here, right?” Shica asked, Jiraz walking up behind her, leaning herself against Shica and swung her arms around her neck, letting her short claws mentally tease Hiroi as she imitated to fondle and caress Shica’s breasts.

“Uhmm...uhmm, yeah! Yeah, I’m girl...stuff...” Hiroi now tried her usual tomboyish attitude, but a single look on Jiraz and Shica’s directly suggestive faces, and namely the movements of their tongues licking their lips, she knew that she was practically screwed.

"Hey, no worries; we're awesome!" Jiraz smiled, slowly unfolding and flapping her wings up and down, showing off various hard rock hand signs and rolling her tongue out in tease, rising her fists and claws to the sky.

"She's kinda right, but hey, you'll be OK" Shica grinned at the slightly nervously smiling Hiroi, the shadow of Jiraz's wings blocking out her view of the sun.

"Trust me, girl; it's awesome to fly!" Jiraz grinned, winking at Shica; "of course, I'd ride Shica for free!"

"Why, you-...!" Shica began grinning, Jiraz standing before her laughing, flipping her wings, curling her tail and flexing her muscles.

"You can't deny it; I'm hot, and you're sexy" Jiraz teased, Shica laughing with all her pleased heart to see her girlfriend willingly making a little fool of herself.

"Yeah, you're right; we actually are" Shica grinned, clapping Jiraz's right wing lightly, Jiraz enjoying it pleasently as Shica moved on to her chins.

However, besides her, Mirinda had quite some looks on Vinya, Shica and Jiraz; she did not quite understand why her people should fear and hate the shin’sari; to her, Vinya and Shica were simply more kinky-minded, at least in Shica’s case, and simply more dark-skinned than their surface cousins.

“And you must be Mirinda?” Shica now turned to her; taken aback by the shin’saras’ polite gesture as for a handshake and her friendly attitude, Mirinda’s facial expression were rather an amusing one, as she partly smiled back, partly raised her eyebrows to the height of her hair in surprise.

“Oh! Oh, uhmm, yes, that I am; I am honoured to meet thee, Princess Shica” she now curtsied and accepted the handshake.

“Heh, kinda glad ye weren’t that tight-up-ye-ass prejudice-like shin’idun chick I feared” Jiraz commented with a hint of sarcasm; moving towards Mirinda, she sent a teasing smile at Shica, who felt that Jiraz might have been pressing her luck too far.

“Aside from my people, I do not judge other cultures and races by their history” Mirinda verbally outsmarted Jiraz with a slightly taunting undertone; “even if they seem as flirty as that of the two of you.”

If she had thought it to be insulting to Jiraz and Shica, she was truly mistaken, as they simply laughed, gave each other a rather quick kiss and now stood barely a meter from Mirinda.

“We don’t mind you joining us later on if you keep complimenting us like this” Shica teased, pulling Mirinda lightly and teasingly by her ears; seeing that, Chinyi could not suppress a small moan; ‘luckily’ no one heard her.

“My Lady Narrisha...” Vinya now spoke, politely bowing; “may I ask as for what you have planned for this fine evening?”

“Now that’s my little secret, you curious little cutie, and I’d better not tell before you’re standing face to face with it” Narrisha teased as she playfully rustled the mildly surprised, but mentally enjoying, Vinya’s hair; as her manners slipped for a moment, Narrisha spotted a smile broadening on the shin’saras girl’s lips, much to her satisfaction.

“Should we continue this discussion inside? We’ve arranged a banquet for your arrival” Narrisha now addressed Jiraz and Shica formally, knowing that the two of them would be eager for getting the day over because of the promise she had given them of the night’s entertainment.

“Yeah, I’d second that mistress; it’s getting a bit windy by now” a girl besides Narrisha spoke; as Narrisha nodded and the girls began to head for the front door, Jiraz and Shica caught sight of the girl:
Her tan skin, blonde hair with a hint of pink, and her exotic silver and black leather outfit were quite new to them.

“Wow, that’s one busty hottie; you’ve got competition, sweetie” Shica giggled at Jiraz and placed a lick on the succubus’ cheek.

“You never know, Shica baby; maybe we can try our toys on her later” Jiraz whispered, making her and Shica exchange devious, silent laughs.

Behind them, a sound like flapping sails marked that Laracris had taken his flight back over the mountains.

As Jiraz and Shica were shown their room by one of the Night Guards, the girl soon found out that Jiraz and Shica lived up to their infamously seductive and flirty reputation; she more than twice felt their hands on her buttocks, but in all honestly, she did not truly mind, which only seemed to please Jiraz and Shica.

“So...” Shica began as the door was closed behind her and Jiraz as the guard left; “...what are we gonna pass the time with?”

“Well, we could play some games...?” Jiraz suggested, although Shica’s expression clearly stated her lack of interest for the suggestion; instead, a smile were spreading on both her and Jiraz’s lips as they both understood the fun in Jiraz’s joke.

“Well, we ‘could’ work out a little surprise for them tonight...” Jiraz suggested; this time, however, Shica giggled and nodded eagerly.

“You remembered them all?” she asked as Jiraz pulled out their gargantuan trunk from under her bed.

“Yep, also the sonari crystals” she smiled as she opened the trunk; inside were quite some spare change of clothes, underwear, fetish outfits, a bundle of YURI HiME magazines, and DVDs.

“Amazing what ye can do with Mystic Magic, really” Jiraz nodded to herself.

“Heh, yeah; Jiki’s quite the sorceress after all; she and Kiro are getting more and more powerful, ye know” Shica commented, referencing to the two rather unserious and playful girlfriends, Jiki and Kiro, the most esteemed girls under the Sharas’Car Order’s protection.

“Hell, if I didn’t respect them for not wanting any other goodies than their own, I’d screwed them silly...provided you’d do the same to me after that!” Jiraz teased; she and Shica had never minded sharing their erotic lovemaking with other girls, as they saw their own bond and love for each other as unbreakable.

Smiling, Shica reached out for a small, blue book lying at the very bottom of the trunk; however, outside the window, they suddenly heard the tap from what sounded like claws on the window; seeing what could only be a mix of white feathers and fur, they soon recognized...

“What the f-...?” Shica began, stepping over to the window and opening it to the familiar creature; soon a golden beak entered through it, followed by the head, front legs, chest and claws as that of a huge white-feathered eagle, the creature's back sprouting massive wings, and finally the lower body and legs like that of a white-furred lion.

“Ya-a-a-a-a-a-argh...” the creature yawned, its long, thin pink tongue clearly visible to the now smiling Shica and Jiraz.

“Uhmm, good morning Breeze...?” Jiraz tried her most polite gesture by bowing down before the creature.

“Oh, I’ve finally arrived; oh, uhmm, you might wonder why I choose to drop by...?” the creature asked; as she nearly filled the half room with her three meters length from beak to tail, and nearly two meters height with folded wings from claws to the top of the wings, it was quite possible that the griffon would have to find another place to sleep.

“Well, uhmm, yeah, we kinda would like to know” Shica asked rather sarcastically.

“Well, this might solve that mystery; please do take it yourself, though; my claws might damage it” Breeze warned, gesturing with her beak to a small brown leather bag attached with straps of same design to her back.

Walking over to the griffon, Jiraz reached down in the bag, finding what appeared to be a blank, black DVD case.

“It’s from my mistresses; they thought you should have this ‘DVD’ as a sign of appreciation of witnessing their so-called ‘Youtube’ videos” Breeze explained as best she could, considered how unlikely a griffon is to understand human technology.

“Heheheh, oh those silly cuties!” Shica smiled as Jiraz sat down beside her, opening the case; inside were a rather small DVD disc, but it seemed able to run on all the systems the girls knew Narrisha had at Nightwind Manor.

“Maybe they’ve recorded a naughty home video!” Jiraz giggled, mentally imaging Jiki and Kiro in a heated and intimate love-making; however, in her mind, the faces of Jiki and Kiro were soon replaced with Shica’s, to her even greater delight...

“Me-e-ep!” Jiraz yelped as Shica teasingly let her tongue into her ear; giggling, she turned her head around, sending Shica a rather suggestive look.

“I suppose I should go introduce myself to the inhabitants of this manor” Breeze suggested, walking towards the door, standing on her hind legs and using her claws to reach for the door knob.

“Uhmm, you sure it’s a good idea, Breeze? I don’t think these girls know of magical creatures” Shica warned as the door now creaked open.

“Hmm, that may be true, but I suppose I will just have to pretend to be a more common and dim-witted animal, then” Breeze nodded and went out the door.

“We’d better follow her, else she’ll end up chased by the Night Guard” Jiraz commented, standing up and followed by Shica out the door; not long after they passed down the corridor, they heard a silent giggling.

“I wonder what’s so funny” Shica mumbled, following Jiraz down a smaller corridor, ending up at an open door; inside a lovingly giggling Chinyi were stroking a cuddling a rather uncomfortable-looking Breeze.

“Who’s a little kitty?? Who’s a cutie little kitty-witty griffon?? Yes, you are!” she spoke to the desperate Breeze in the most insanely, ill-boding, sugar-sweet and high-pitched chibi voice that Shica and Jiraz had ever heard.

“!” Shica commented, trying her best not to giggle, as Jiraz had already given into her own laughter.

“Hey! You’ve seen this cutie little kitty?? She’s a bit feathery, but I don’t mind!” Chinyi now smiled at Jiraz and Shica, Breeze obviously very embarrassed.

“...Uhmm, this young girl seems to think I'm a huggable pet kitten to her...” she pointed out with the tip of her left claw as she pointed at Chinyi.

“Hey sis, what’s up? I heard some of your-...” Minyoki now entered the room, finding her sister cuddling the most bizarre creature she had ever seen, the new girls standing but a few meters from her.

“What in the fuck is that?!” Minyoki now shrieked in terror as she pointed at Breeze; feeling insulted, Breeze jumped down from Chinyi’s bed, and headed straight up front to Minyoki, whom she reached to the waist while standing on all four legs, excluding her wings.

“Look here, young lady, you've got no right whatsoever to point me out as if I were a common, wildlife beast!” the griffon now spread her wings half open; “I am Breeze the Griffon, and I ‘do’ request at least a ‘hint’ of respect from even the most unusual of persons I might meet on my travels!”

Silence fell after the griffon’s insulted speech, as Minyoki had not expected what she thought to be a wild and fierce animal to step right up and bark its arguements face to face to her.

“Ermmm...ri-i-i-ight...and your name was Breeze, right...?” Minyoki now tried her most polite tone.

“Hmph! That quite changed your tone, hmm? Yes, indeed I am Breeze, loyal pet to the mistresses Jiki and Kiro, sent here to deliever a package for the ladies of this manor” Breeze now lightly bowed her head.

“Oh? A package??” Chinyi now eagerly asked from the bed, jumping up and heading straight for Breeze.

“Lemme see! Lemme see!” she exclaimed and cheered, looking under Breeze’s wings, in her beak and even under her paws and claws as if she was hiding it.

“Please, dear Miss Chinyi, I gave the package to Miss Jiraz and Miss Shica” Breeze now explained in an exhausted tone; she did not seem to feel rather pleased by Chinyi’s boundless energy.

“Can I see it??” Chinyi now turned her attention to Shica, who held the DVD case.

“Nah, sorry little cutie; we promised to let your mistress have it first” Jiraz explained, Chinyi now looking rather disappointed.

“Fine, I can at least take you to her quarters, but I want a peek before tonight!” she insisted.

“That’s up for Narrisha to decide” Shica winked at Chinyi, Jiraz smiling at Shica as they enjoyed teasing the little brat.

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