Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 49)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 49

Title: Chapter XLIX - A Few Changes for the Better

“I dunno about you, Shica, but that know-it-all Vanessa is starting to tick me off...!” Jiraz mumbled as she and Shica were showering.

“Oh? You afraid she’s moving in on you as the number one demon girl?” Shica teased, Jiraz sighing.

“I dunno, but it’s just that...I can’t put my finger on it; it’s as if she’s so much superior to me in everything! Boobs, body, powers; I...I feel inferior!” Jiraz sniffed, never believing she would ever feel jealous at anyone.
“Well, there’s one thing she doesn’t have...” Shica smiled, leaned against Jiraz’s back, softly rubbing the demon girl’s breasts.

“You sneaky little...” Jiraz chuckled, turning around to face Shica; “...I’ve got a hot girlfriend who’s always supported me! I...I seriously don’t know if I would have gone on living if you hadn’t been there, Shica...”

“Oh, Jiraz; that’s so sweet of you to say; of course I’ll be with you forever!” Shica moaned happily, kissing Jiraz deeply, the two of them sinking down on the floor, continuing their kissing.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...” Jiraz moaned, enjoying Shica’s kiss and caressing her hair; suddenly, there was a knock on the door to the showers, Shica pausing her kissing, looking up.

“Hmm? Come in!” Shica called, her maids entering the room, a few of them blushing at the look of their naked mistress and her girlfriend.

“Uhm, Mistress Shica, we didn’t know this room was private, so-...” one of them blushed and apologized, Shica grinning at them, Jiraz sitting up.

“It’s not private, girls; come on in, we won’t bite” Shica teased, the maids beginning to undress and head for the showers.

“Um-m-m...” one of the maids tried nervously to ask, Jiraz moving for another shower, the girl blushing and stepping back quickly.

“Hmm? You’re scared of me?” Jiraz asked, the girl nodding eagerly, Jiraz smirking at her.

“BOH!” she exclaimed teasingly, grinning at the girl as she screamed and fell back down on the floor, Shica helping her up.

“Jiraz’s OK; she’s been my girlfriend for over 7 years, and she hasn’t hurt anyone” Shica assured the girl, who looked in confusion at Jiraz.

“But...she’s a demon; aren’t demons bad?” she asked, Jiraz’s expression looking quite taken aback.

“Yeah, I’m bad, but in the ‘I’m-gonna-steal-your-panties’ kinda way; I don’t wanna kill or conquer the world” Jiraz smirked, Shica kissing her cheek.

“You’re really open...” a maid giggled, blushing as she remembered her manners in her mistress’ presence.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! MORE! MORE! Squirt all over me if you wanna! I wanna feel your tongue in me, Siriki-i-i-i-i-i!!!” Chinyi yelled out, her smile stretching from ear to ear as both the newly arrived Siriki, Vanessa and Zyrah enjoyed molesting the pink-haired girl, Vanessa looking in amazement at them all.

“Her vagina tastes so lovely! I’ve never tasted anything this delicious!” Vanessa smirked to herself, standing back and letting Siriki continue her licking of Chinyi’s pussy; having already made the pink-haired Chinyi cum quite some times, Vanessa sighed happily, licking her cum off her claws.

“You want me to climax over you, Chinyi?” she asked as she walked around the bed, soon feeling Chinyi’s gloved fingers enter her pussy, fingering her.

“Hihihihihihih! I like when they cum all over me! I don’t mind wild sex with you girls!” Chinyi winked at Vanessa, the albino girl moaning loudly as Chinyi’s fingers worked expertly on her pussy.

“I’M, I’M GONNA...OH, CHINYI-I-I-I-I-I!!!” Narrisha yelled from the other side of the bed, Chinyi’s fingering causing the vampire girl to climax over her, the pink-haired girl eagerly swallowing her cum and kissing Narrisha wildly as the chuckling vampire girl leaned down to kiss her.

“Stand still, little demon...!” Vanessa suddenly heard behind her, feeling something oblong enter her anus; gritting her teeth to suppress the mix of pain and pleasure, she found Christy to stand behind her, shoving a strap-on into her.

“Huh?? What is this?! I’m being violated both in my vagina and my ass?!” Vanessa exclaimed in surprise, Allisia and Janice, both sitting nearby, enjoying the show.

“I sometimes wonder if anyone of them knows how they could get out of it if they didn’t feel like having sex...” Allisia pondered, Janice looking confused at her.
“I’m not saying there’s a reason they should dislike it; I’m just saying you should know how to fend it off if you want” Allisia explained, Janice grinning at her.

“Allisia, please; these chicks’ got so much control and respect for each others’ limits that you’d hardly need to teach, what, ‘sexual self-defence’...” Janice said, leaning in closer to Allisia; “...hey, all this is hot and all, but let’s hit the showers; I’ve got a debt to pay...!”

“If you mean that time I forced you against a wall and molested you from behind...I can see your point...” Allisia shrugged, smiling smugly at Janice as the two of them gathered their clothes and left.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! THAT’S IT! MORE, SIRIKI, MO-O-O-ORE! PLAY WITH ME SOME MORE!” Chinyi yelled out loud in complete bliss, Siriki eagerly kissing her, Zyrah slowly crawling away from her position under Chinyi, standing and grinning at the two younger girls.

“Gods, you chicks are sex kittens!!! There’s not a pussy safe around here if you’d ever get out of your collars, huh?” Zyrah grinned, feeling something stroke lightly against her leg; turning around, she saw Vanessa stand on hands and knees, Christy enjoying herself as she molested the albino girl, Vanessa’s tail swinging back and forth.

“I wonder, that’d just be too weird...” Zyrah pondered a moment, smirking to herself and shrugging, sitting down beside Vanessa, grabbing her tail, licking it.

“AR-R-R-RGH! You, you fiendish little...DON’T SUCK ON I-I-I-IT!!!” Vanessa exclaimed out loud in pleasure, Christy looking surprised at the chuckling Zyrah.

“I once read a yuri hentai with this catgirl getting turned on by having her tail licked...” she winked at Christy; “...say, let me lick her tail, you’ll go tongue-fuck her pussy, OK?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Christy smirked, grinning wickedly at Vanessa as she discarded the strap-on.

“Umm, you sure got your pussy all hot; you learn kinda quickly, you know...” she nodded at Vanessa as her tongue was licking the albino girl’s pussy.

“I, I’ve’s like a paradise to me, this manor; you girls are, I beg you, lick harder! I want to climax so badly! My vagina feels like molten lava!” Vanessa yelled out, Zyrah pausing her licking of Vanessa’s tail.

“You know, for a kinda bookworm of a cutie, you’re cool at talking dirty” she winked at Vanessa, the albino girl smiling weakly in reply.

“Um-m-m...I can’t believe you really drank all my cum, Chinyi; you really like playing naughty, don’t you?” Narrisha teased, softly stroking her pussy, enjoying herself as Siriki kept licking Chinyi, the two younger girls now wrestling playfully around.

“Yeah, I do! Your cum tastes really good, Narrisha!” Chinyi managed a happy smile before Siriki forced her back onto the bed and groped her breasts.

“I can’t help but think...sometimes tomorrow night, I’ll try and arrange an orgy...” Narrisha smiled, looking teasingly at Siriki and Chinyi; “’ll be you two, Narru, Innoki, Vinya and Rachel against all us older girls; you’ll be tied up for bondage and cosplay; sounds good?”

“Bondage’s OK with me!” Siriki grinned, turning to Chinyi, pinching her nose teasingly; “...and little Chinyi here will properly dress up as a nurse or catgirl!”

“You bet I will! I’ll make you sorry you ever doubted the powers the adorable Chinyi-chan!” Chinyi teased back, raising her arm in a triumphant gesture, Narrisha, Siriki and herself laughing.

“I’ll be joining you two if it’s OK; I can’t keep my eyes off you...” Narrisha chuckled, suddenly seeing Chinyi’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Hey, Narrisha; your eyes’ become all bluish! Weren’t they red?” Chinyi asked, Narrisha looking over her shoulder towards a mirror on the far side of the room; Chinyi were indeed right:

Instead of being red and feline-like, Narrisha’s eyes had become a mix of lavender and light blue, somewhat like faint moonlight.

“ must be a side-effect or something from when Vanessa kissed me...” Narrisha said, smiling comfortably at Chinyi; “’s nothing serious, I can still see and all.”

“You can? OK, how do I look now?” Chinyi teased, leaning her head to the side, sticking out her tongue and narrowing her eyes innards.

“Umm, like you’ll be looking once I’m done licking your boobs?” Narrisha teased back, Chinyi and Siriki sitting up, leaning their heads against each other, smiling at Narrisha.

“Mistress, we’ve been bad; pleas punish us-s-s-s-s...” they both spoke in union, Narrisha giggling at those two little teasers; oh, she would let them punish by her own hands...

“Holy shit, will you look at that?! She’s so far out her wings’ begun to flap up and down!” Zyrah grinned at Christy, the blonde appearing from underneath Vanessa’s outstretched legs, the albino girl hardly able to find the strength to keep standing.

“I’M, I’M SO CLOSE...MORE, PLE-E-E-EASE!” Vanessa pleaded, her wings indeed flapping wildly and her tail stiff as her cum ran down her pussy, Christy eagerly licking it, fingering her own pussy.

“Hey, Vanessa, I’m gonna use your tail a bit here...” Zyrah smirked to herself as she got a mischievous idea; sneaking down towards Christy, she slowly let Vanessa’s tail enter the moaning blonde’s pussy, her wail of surprise making Zyrah giggle hysterically.

“OH! OH-H-H-H NO-O-O-O! DON’T, YOU LITTLE...OH-H-H-H-H, NO-O-O-O-O!!!” Christy screamed in a mix of pleasure and shock, sucking deeply on Vanessa’s pussy and g-spot, believing the albino girl to use her tail of her own accord.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH! It, it’s Zyrah! She stuck my tail into you pussy!” Vanessa responded to Christy’s increased eager, the blonde simply smiling to herself.

“I kinda figured; I just wanna taste some demon girl juice!” Christy teased, Vanessa biting her lower lip, painfully shocked as she found it to hurt more than she had thought; licking her tongue around her mouth, she could taste her own blood.

“You’ve got that demon chick so much in heat she’s beginning to hurt herself!” Zyrah raised an eyebrow, grinning mischievously at Christy’s pussy, Zyrah removing Vanessa’s tail from it, beginning to lick Christy’s pussy, herself.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Zyrah, this...OH-H-H-H...!” Christy moaned out, Zyrah putting Vanessa’s tail into her own pussy, moaning pleasantly.

“Um-m-m, so go-o-o-od...Vanessa’s fucking me, I’m fucking Christy and Christy’s fucking Vanessa...” Zyrah moaned, chuckling; “...I’m real creative when it comes to threesomes.”

“Oh! Hallo, Chinyi; you come in to join us?” Allisia asked as Chinyi entered her room, Allisia and Janice lying by the small fireplace in the other end of the room.

“Oh, cat got your tongue, kitty-girl?” Janice teased as Chinyi did not respond, Allisia sitting up a bit, looking worried at Chinyi.

“Are you alright?” she asked, Chinyi now barely four meters from them, walking slowly and with her head bend towards the floor.

“Allisia, I love playing with Siriki and the other girls, but...but...I just feel all hot when I see you and Janice just tease each other...!” Chinyi spoke quickly, Allisia confused as she saw Chinyi look up at her, smiling as her eyes filled with tears; “...I want to be violated by you two, Allisia! I want you cool warrior girlies to molest me, too!”

“Sweet! Don’t mind if I start right away, tots!” Janice grinned, Allisia smiling at Chinyi.

“There, there, Chinyi; you’re good to Siriki and the others, and of course you may join us...” Allisia smirked, opening her arms, a smiling Chinyi cheerfully lying down and embracing Allisia, Janice hugging her, as well.

“You’re so adorably cute, Chinyi!” Janice smiled, sniffing at Chinyi’s ears and hair; “I like such naughty little kitties like you; seeing you smile and grin so much when you were having sex with Vanessa and the others...Gods, I could eat you up raw!”

“Eep! Don’t eat me, ple-e-e-ease...?” Chinyi exclaimed playfully, Allisia and Janice both grinning at her, Allisia kissing her deeply.

“You’ll take the upper lips...” Janice winked at Allisia, touching Chinyi’s butt as she leaned down, pulling her skirt up and fingering her panties; “...I’ll play with her cute little pussy.”

“No-o-o-o-oh! My pussy’s so sensitive! She’ll cum too easily!” Chinyi playfully wailed, Janice chuckling to herself.

“Alright, I know you’re in there, Chinyi!” a voice suddenly came from the door to Allisia’s room, Siriki stepping in, looking worried.

“D-did I do something bad back in Zyrah’s room? I’m sorry if-...” Siriki asked nervously, Chinyi smiling at her, sticking her tongue out.

“It’s not you, Siriki...” Chinyi said, looking teasingly at Allisia; “...I just felt like being molested by our two warrior babes here, so.....I’m sorry if I made you feel bad...”

“It’s OK, Chinyi; just tell me next time you want it more roughly!” Siriki winked, heading towards Allisia and Janice, leaning down besides Chinyi, Janice’s lips starting to fold into a perverse grin.

“Allisia, here we have the cutest, silliest and most innocent-looking girls of Nightwind Manor...” Janice nodded at Allisia, Allisia looking confused as Janice’s expression turned into a right out horny look; “...and I dunno about you, but these chicks...I’m gonna cut loose! I’ll fuck the Hell outta these sex kitties!!!”

As Janice finished her sentence, Chinyi and Siriki suddenly both felt Janice’s fingers insert themselves into their pussy, both of them moaning, beginning to kiss each other and hug each other as Janice kept fingering them.

“Do you like it?? Do you like being fingered by me, huh??” Janice hissed eagerly, Siriki and Chinyi breaking the kiss, looking teasingly up at Janice, lifting their legs over their heads.

“Allisia, Janice; fuck us, please!” Chinyi insisted eagerly, Siriki smiling at her.

“Chinyi’s right; we’re really sex kitties after your tongues in our pussies!” she smiled, leaning back her head, looking at Allisia; “c’mon! Let yourself loose, Allisia! Forget morale for once and fuck us over and over!”

“But, that would not be fair! At least you should have a chance to return the fav-...” Allisia began, Siriki moaning loudly as Janice stuck her finger deeper into her pussy.

“Allisia, cut loose! Give into it! Fuck us! Fuck us, please??” Chinyi pleaded along with Siriki, Allisia looking painfully at Janice.

“...Shinris forgive me...” Allisia mumbled as something of a prayer, looking at Janice again; “...Janice, you’re my witness; today, and today only, I will cut loose...”

As Allisia finished her sentence, she took a deep breath, closing her eyes and relaxing her mind, opening her eyes anew, looking at Siriki and Chinyi’s twisting, half-naked bodies roll around on the floor in sexual delight as Janice fingered them.

“Here...I...go!” Allisia clenched her hand into a fist, descending onto Siriki’s left breast, sucking with all the strength her mouth could muster.

“It really is justified, you two! All your pranks and tricks; today, you’ll pay the price!” Allisia grinned, Siriki smiling as Allisia sucked harder on her breast, her hands reaching towards Chinyi, caressing her stomach and groping her massive breasts.

“Oh...! OH, THIS ISN’T ENOUGH!!!” Allisia suddenly yelled out loud, her face twisting into a perverted grin; chuckling, she dived headlong for Siriki’s right breast, grabbing it with both hands, sucking intensely on it, Siriki wailing and chuckling in delight.

“MORE! ALLISIA, MORE! I WANNA FEEL YOU SUCK ME DRY-Y-Y-Y!” Siriki yelled out happily, Janice and Chinyi grinning as Janice had moved up to Chinyi’s breasts, following Allisia’s example.

As the night went on, most of the Nightwind girls either returned to their rooms, or stayed and slept with each other; as the moon once again shun over the manor, the inhabitants were pleasantly asleep...

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