Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 48)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 48

Title: Chapter XLVIII - No-One Underestimates a Geeky Girl

“Ah, glad to see you again, sweeties!” Shica smiled, hugging her maids, Jiraz looking teasingly at the nervous shin’saras girls.

“We’ve been sent by Your mother-...” the head maid began, Shica hushing her and slowly putting a finger to her mouth, winking at her.

“I know; you should go talk to Vinya by now; I don’t really have anything you can do for me right now” Shica assured, Jiraz grinning at the maids.

“Just watch your asses, girls! Some of these Nightwind chicks would love getting a piece of your panties!” Jiraz teased, Shica spanking her buttock as they left, the two of them chuckling lowly.

“...Why does Mistress Shica’s lover tell us that, miss?” one of the maids asked the head maid; burrowing her face into the palm of her hand, she tried her best not to smile.

“These Nightwind ‘chicks’ are almost exactly like that of Empress Shinris’ Scarlet Sisterhood; we might be their newest ‘victims’, girls...” she said, the maids giggling amongst themselves.

“Hey, if they’re as cute as I’ve heard, I’d totally try hitting on that Chinyi girl!” one of them eagerly squealed, blushing heavily.

“Hey, take it easy, girls; not all of them are just all soft and huggable...” the head maid said strictly; “ Princess Shica just told me, the manor’s filled with warrior women and sorceresses.”

“Magic’s awesome...” a maid mumbled to herself, following the others as they headed for Narrisha’s room; the manor’s mistress and ruler could surely tell them where their living quarters would be.

“Uhm-m-m...Gods, I...I’m-...I’m so tired...” Kiro yawned, leaning to her staff, Jiki smiling at her girlfriend; after an hour in Allisia’s training room, she felt herself a bit tired, as well.

“Let’s hit the showers; I could sleep all afternoon...” Jiki admitted, her and Kiro neatly placing their wooden staves and swords in their racks, beginning to discard their heavy training armour.

“I can’t believe Allisia really made all those...” Kiro nudged her head in direction of a row of mannequins, on which there sat over a dozen different kinds of armour Allisia had forged.

“She knows her stuff, that girl; I wouldn’t be surprised if she examines the plates inch by inch, as well...” Jiki chuckled to herself, imagining Allisia carefully examine a steel ring for rust or impure materials before forging a chainmail.

“You know, maybe she might like to see our old brightsteel armour; I mean, it’s not like we need it anymore...” Kiro suggested, Jiki pondering as she finally got her arm out free of her chainmail sleeve.

“It’s too high tech for her, I think, but...well, we can try showing her it” Jiki mumbled, smiling embarrassed at Kiro; “...uhmm, sweetie, I could use some help; I can’t get my head out.”

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! FUCK, YES! Oh, Allisia!” Janice yelled out, Narrisha starring in awe as Allisia continued to molest Janice’s breasts, the azure-haired warrior girl apparently obsessed with them.

“Narrisha, you can conjure up items; can you conjure me some cuffs?” Allisia asked, Narrisha nodding, smiling as things turned in a kinky direction.

“Thanks; now to tie this little harlot up...!” Allisia smirked, taking the cuffs and chaining Janice up to Narrisha’s bed, the redhead smiling at her.

“Allisia, let’s let Narrisha join in! Her pussy’s so lonely over there...” Janice winked, Narrisha chuckling as she moved in on them both.

“Allisia, we’ll both finger her; I’ll take the left nipple, you’ll take the right” Narrisha instructed, Allisia nodding as they both fingered Janice’s pussy and sucked on her breasts, Allisia running a trial of her drool over Janice’s glove-clad arm to her shoulder.

“This really suits you, Janice; so ravishing and dressed so sexy...” Allisia whispered in Janice’s ear, thrusting her fingers further into her pussy, Janice letting out a moaning wail, kicking her legs to the sides.

“I wanna cum! I want to cum so much! MAKE ME CUM, PLE-E-E-EASE...” Janice pleaded, Narrisha and Allisia doubling their efforts.

“Urgh! Get away! It’s embarrassing!” Minyoki spoke through her gritted teeth, the girls having been joined by Breeze, the griffon curiously looking at the pink-haired Minyoki as she lay on the floor with her shirt opened, the griffon looking curiously on the floor.

“HUH?! What the-...??” Breeze exclaimed with what sounded like the shriek of an eagle, jumping aside as the magical images of Kitsune, Seras, Naru and Minyoki on the floor fell over her claws.

“It’s alright, Breeze; this magic is harmless...” Vanessa mentioned, amused at the mighty griffon; she really were a wondrous beast in her own right.

“Oh, uhm, well, I will sit by...” Breeze mumbled, rustling her feathers, sitting beside Faris, looking at the redhead; “...what exactly is Miss Minyoki doing?”

“Meh, she’s hot for those girls down there, so we kinda convinced her to show us how she feels good...” Faris chuckled, Breeze’s golden eyes blinking confused, but she at least understood one thing:

This Minyoki girl were preparing herself for mating with the girls around her, and thus performing a sort of human mating ritual.

“You human girls really are a good way...” Breeze hooted to herself, her ears suddenly hearing Minyoki scream; turning her head quickly, she now found the Minyoki girl sticking her fingers underneath her skirt, moaning loudly with drool flowing from her mouth.

“...I dunno about you girls, but I’m getting so turned on by this...” Raicha smiled smugly, slowly beginning to crawl towards Chinyi; “...hey, cute stuff; wanna fuck?”

“Uhm, Raicha,’re a bit too wild, I think...” Chinyi grinned nervously, moving away slowly.

“TOO LATE!” Raicha exclaimed teasingly, jumping the pink-haired girl, Chinyi grinning as Raicha let her fingers tickle all over her.

“No-nohohohohoh! No fair! Why do everyone know I’m ticklish??” Chinyi grit her teeth in attempt to choke the pleasure and tickling, Raicha merely grinning and continuing.

“Say, Minyoki...” Vanessa now asked Minyoki on the floor, Minyoki’s eyes slowly focusing on the demon girl; “...really giving into your desires from so long ago; does it feel good?”

“Fuck yeah! I, I don’t give a fuck if people are watching me do this! It’s such a freaking relief...” Minyoki panted out, Breeze walking over to Vanessa, looking down at Minyoki, her golden eyes widening.

“This Minyoki girl is in right out heat! I almost pity the girl about to be mated by her; the fire in her eyes...” Breeze clapped her beak and rustled her feathered head, holding a wing over Minyoki, flapping it; “...I think I should try and cool her down.

At that, both Vanessa and Minyoki laughed, Breeze, as always, never understanding these girls at all...

“There, that should do it!” Vanessa mumbled to herself, having submerged herself amongst the crystal shards and components in her room.

“Uhm, what should do what?” Narru asked, Vanessa turning to face her, holding a dozen of crystals in a myriad of colours.

“With these crystals, the girls can call each other from anywhere in the manor, sort of like a sonic long-distance trinket; each crystal can adjust itself to another’s frequency, and all the user has to do is talk into the crystal after naming which girl she wants to speak to!”

“That’s so cool, Vanessa! How’d make all this stuff??” Narru gasped in awe as Vanessa tossed her a silvery crystal.

“I’m just smart and know how to use my skills; no big deal, really...” Vanessa said, gesturing Narru to come closer; “, can you run around the manor and hand the girls each their crystal?”

“How do I know which to give to who?” Narru asked, Vanessa slapping a hand over her face, smiling.

“Sorry, I forget; simply find the girl with the matching initial...” Vanessa said, Narru seeing a small ‘N’ glowing white from her own crystal.

“I’ll be on my way, then!” Narru cheered, speeding for the door.

“...Uhm? Urgh, come in...” Zyrah mumbled in her sleep as someone knocked on her door.

“Miss Stardust, Vanessa is handing these things out, and-...” Narru began, stopping as she saw Zyrah rustle, yawning and rise from the bed, having slept stark naked, much to Narru’s well-hidden amusement.

“Hmm? Crystals? What’d do?” Zyrah asked, Narru handing her an aquamarine one.

“See, let me show you...” Narru took her own crystal, stepped a little back, talking into the crystal’s blank surface.

“Zyrah, hallo? Can you hear me?” she spoke, Zyrah getting a milder shock as she heard Narru’s voice both beside her and coming from her crystal.

“You can talk through these things now?? Geez, that albino chick’s kinda nerdy, but I gotta give her credit for this baby...” Zyrah grinned, speaking into her own crystal; “...yeah, I can hear you, Narru.”

“Uhm, I can’t hear you in it, Zyrah; you need to say my name first” Narru said, Zyrah raising a surprised elbow.

“Ah, must be some kinda trigger word; OK, then...” Zyrah grinned, speaking into the crystal; “...Narru, can you please give the next crystal to Christy?”

“Sure, I’m on my way!” Narru saluted teasingly, running out Zyrah’s door.

“What’s this? Some kind of new glowing lamp?” Christy grinned, Narru almost feeling intoxicated by all Christy’s perfumes as she entered the blonde’s room.

“No, it’s a new device Vanessa made; you say one of the Nightwind girls’ name into it, and you can talk to them through it!” Narru explained, Christy looking sceptically at the golden crystal.

“Meh, I guess I can try...” Christy shrugged, holding up the crystal, but Narru interrupted her.

“Zyrah said she wanted to talk to you once you got yours” Narru said, heading for the door, leaving a surprised Christy; what could her idol want from her?
“Christy, you and I are gonna work this thing out real well!” Zyrah’s voice suddenly came from the crystal, shocking Christy.

“What that you, Zyrah?” she asked nervously, Zyrah’s giggling voice from the crystal not to be mistaken.

“It sure is, sexy, and I’ve got news for you...” Zyrah’s voice continued, Christy somehow feeling a seductiveness in it; “...this is a booty call; I’ve just woken up, so I kinda wanted some early morning pussy if you aren’t too busy?”

“Hihihih! Well, know I sure it is you, Zyrah...and, eh, well, I got up some time ago so, yeah, I think I can come over...” Christy smirked to herself, thanking Vanessa that her device did not also let Zyrah see her blushing.

“OK, then; come over here in an hour, dress sexy; latex, boots, all that kinky stuff; I’m getting wet for you, honey...” Zyrah’s teasing voice said before the glow of Christy’s crystal vanished.

“Mistress Narrisha? Are you in there?” Narru knocked on Narrisha’s door, suddenly hearing slow steps behind it.

“Oh, hallo Narru...” a clearly exhausted Allisia said, Narru clearly seeing what had exhausted the warrior girl.

“I came here with something for Mistress Narrisha...oh, and you too, really” Narru said, Allisia gesturing her inside.

“Oh! Hihih, been busy introducing Miss Janice, Allisia?” Narru asked grinningly, seeing the now sleeping redhead lie atop Narrisha, the bed they lay on a complete mess.

“Narru, take my word for this: Having sex with these two all night is both wondrous...and exhausting...” Allisia held a hand to her back.

“Well, it’s two gorgeous amazons and against our poor mistress; no wonder you’re so tired...” Narru teased, handing Allisia an azure-blue crystal.

“What is this? Some of Vanessa’s magical trinkets?” Allisia asked, Narru explaining the crystal’s abilities and uses to her, Allisia raising an eyebrow in surprise and admiration.

“Our little alchemist sure concocts a lot of advanced wonders in a short time...” Allisia said, heading over to pick up her sword and clothes, sticking the crystal in her pocket.

“Narru, as you run around and deliever these, can you do me a small favour?” Allisia asked, Narru eagerly nodding.

“When you visit either Raicha or Hiroi...try not to let them capture you; I wouldn’t doubt they are lurking behind walls this morning” Allisia said, partly as a warning, partly as a tease as she walked out the door, heading for her room.

“Here I am, sugar...” Christy slowly walked into Zyrah’s room, the shin’saras girl sitting up from her bed, hearing Christy’s footsteps increase rapidly; dressed in a corset of tight black leather with matching elbow-long gloves and knee-high boots, Christy’s tongue went over her lips, the blonde smirking expectantly.

“Hey, Chr-...” Zyrah were about to smile, only to find the blonde eagerly, and obviously very longingly, force Zyrah down on her bed by the mere force of her body, kissing Zyrah intensely, the shin’saras girl stiffen in surprise, her surprised scream fading into a playful moan.

“You always brag about those lucky chicks who got to bang you first...” Christy moaned as she stopped her kissing of Zyrah, sending the shin’saras girl a vicious grin; “...but I wanna feel you for real! I wanna make you yell my name out loud, Ms. Stardust!”

“Oh, I’ll scream, alright! You give being sexy a new meaning right now, girl!” Zyrah smiled, grinning happily as she forced Christy’s head between her breasts, Zyrah enjoying herself fully as the human girl dove further down between her breasts, fondling them greedily.

“YES! YE-E-ES! Oh, yeah, girl! I wanna feel you, you naughty girl! Work them real good!” Zyrah encouraged, Christy grinning as she enjoyed herself fully.

“I like how you just came in and started fucking; no crappy seduction or anything” Zyrah moaned happily, stretching out and sighing pleasantly.

“Ah! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH-H-H!” Janice yelled out, Allisia and Narrisha enjoying to see the redhead scream her pleasure out, the two of them smiling at Janice as she leaned forward, kissing them both hotly.

“I feel so good! You girls really are a treat!” Janice winked, Narrisha snarling playfully, pressing the redhead down again, licking her cheeks and tickling her, Allisia joining in and tickling Janice’s armpits, the redhead giggling hysterically.

“T-this way I’m gonna cum fast! I wanna cum! Keep tickling and licking me-e-e-e!” Janice yelled out, Narrisha eagerly diving under her legs, leaving the tickling to Allisia.

“So, this is what my genius is used for??” Vanessa snorted, her arms crossed as she looked sourly at the shocked Christy and Zyrah; as half the furniture in Zyrah’s room were floating in midair by Vanessa’s magic, the albino girl seemed less than amused.

“It, it was just for fun, bu-...!” Zyrah began, Vanessa’s eyes looking at her and she stopped.

“Still...” Vanessa said, the furniture slowly falling down, Vanessa putting it back in place; “ only took about an hour to make those crystals; I’ll forgive you, if I may join in?”

“S-sure! I wouldn’t mind at all!” Zyrah grinned nervously, Christy eyeing Vanessa teasingly.

“One problem, Vanessa, you’re still all dressed in that formal dress; don’t you have something-...” Christy began, Vanessa chuckling lowly to herself, snapping her fingers; as energy surrounded her, her dress and clothes vanished, replaced with the lingerie outfit Narrisha had given her.

“I pride myself of my wits and knowledge...” Vanessa spoke seductively, slowly walking towards Christy and Zyrah; “...but now, I will take pride as I entice you and show you what Narrisha has taught me of pleasuring little girls like you!”

“THAT’S IT! YOU HIT MY G-SPOT...I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM REAL GOOD! OH, YE-E-E-ES! AH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Janice yelled out, Allisia enjoying seeing the redhead grin and squirm in her pleasure as she had her orgasm, Narrisha’s tongue slurping up the precious juices.

“Um-m-m, you taste so wonderfully, Janice...” Narrisha smiled, kissing Janice and rubbing her breasts, Janice swinging her leg over Narrisha’s back, returning the kiss even more passionately, Allisia, sitting besides the two, smirking amused to herself; Narrisha were indeed quite the lover, and she felt glad that Janice finally got to assume a more submissive role.

“You taste so good, Janice; I could fuck you all night long...” Narrisha whispered hotly, Janice pulling a prank and reach her arm out towards Allisia in a gesture of asking for help.

“What? Are you being stuffed under our mistress’ bosom? I thought you loved finding yourself there...” Allisia joked, Janice smirking at her.

“Hmm? Shh, listen carefully...!” Allisia suddenly hushed, Janice and Narrisha looking confused at her, Allisia pressing her ear to the wall, her eyes closing in concentration.

“...Narrisha, how thick are these walls?” Allisia asked, Narrisha shrugging.

“About a meter; why?” she asked, Allisia’s eyes widening.

“...I can hear what sounds like...” Allisia said, leaning against the wall one more time; “...yes, what sounds like Christy...Zyrah...a-a-a-and Vanessa, having some fun next door.”

“Hihihih, we’re three already; I say we go visit them and have an orgy!” Janice eagerly grinned holding her arm in the air, Narrisha smirking and following the example.

“Aye, OK, but only if we’re not interrupting th-...” Allisia began, Narrisha and Janice bolting out of the bed, heading for the door, opening it and disappearing as they ran down the corridor.

“Oh well, I can’t say I can complain...” Allisia shrugged, smiling weakly as she slowly followed Narrisha and Janice.

“OH-H-H-H-H! I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA....CU-U-U-U-UM!!!” Zyrah yelled out, her legs held upside down as an eager Christy licked her pussy, Vanessa molesting Zyrah’s breasts.

“Uhm, such a lovely taste; I wanna have some more!” Christy grinned, resuming her licking, Zyrah’s left hand falling over her face as she grinned in pleasure.

“Hmm?” Vanessa suddenly heard a knock on the door, standing up and heading for the door to see who it could be.

“Uhm, I am sorry, Vanessa, but can we come in? These two are quite-...” Allisia stood outside the door, Janice and Narrisha standing behind her, looking quite frisky as they went inside Zyrah’s room, Allisia comically finishing her sentence; “...-frisky.”

“Sure, the more the better; let’s see, we are about six now, so-...” Vanessa began calculating, interrupted as Janice roughly groped her, the redhead smiling kinkily.

“All-girl orgy time! First dibs on the albino chick!” she grinned, Vanessa looking at the only slightly smaller human girl.

“My, if you aren’t quite the amazon...” Vanessa slowly smiled, Allisia suddenly feeling Vanessa’s tail roll around her waist, Vanessa’s right arm slowly grabbing around Janice’s waist; “ gorgeous amazon is wondrous, but a gallant one, too?? Oh, do I have pleasure to teach you!”

As she spoke, she slowly let Allisia and Janice down on the floor on their knees and hands, stroking their backs and caressing their breasts, Janice enjoying it fully, while Allisia panted out loud.

“I, I’ll admit I’m getting excited; I’m all bared and she’s...oh, Janice, I need to calm down...!” Allisia pleaded, eagerly kissing the redhead, Janice chuckling at her.

“NIY-A-A-A-A-AH! OH, NARRISHA, YEAH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER, AH-H!” Zyrah now yelled out from the bed, Narrisha’s fingers busy as they entered both Christy and Zyrah’s pussies, the two of them lying beside each other, wildly kissing and groping each other’s breasts.

“ARGH! No, not the-...!!!” Zyrah suddenly yelled out loud, Narrisha surprised as she teasingly licked Zyrah’s ‘g-spot.

“YE-E-E-E-E-ES! Sorry Christy, but Narrisha’s...OH-H-H-H-H-H!” Zyrah yelled out loud, Christy kissing her throat, Narrisha’s tongue approaching Zyrah’s g-spot once again, drooling.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! MORE! MOREMOREMOREMOREMOREMO-O-O-ORE!!!” Zyrah screamed as she came, pressing Narrisha’s head into her pussy, the vampire girl enjoying Zyrah’s intense orgasm as it poured out, even hitting Allisia and Janice on the floor.

“I...I can’t remember having cum so hard...for, like, a month...” Zyrah panted out, smiling from ear to ear; “...I’m gonna prolong my stay here, for sure! I’m not leaving anytime soon.”

Giggling, Zyrah gestured Narrisha closer, the vampire girl leaning over Zyrah as the shin’saras girl embraced her, burrowing her face in the vampire girl’s breasts, the two of them giggling happily, Christy leaning back and smiling at them.

“Getting jealous, Christy?” Zyrah asked teasingly, Christy grinning, spanking Zyrah lightly.

“Sure not; your cute ass is mine, as well, little Zyrah!” Christy smiled, licking at Zyrah’s butt, the shin’saras girl giggling as Narrisha began groping her, as well.

“Hallo-o-o-o? Anyone in there?” a knocking were suddenly heard on the door, Allisia looking up, Janice moaning from the floor as neither of them had the energy to move, Vanessa smiling, letting her tail unlock the door, standing up from Janice and Allisia, heading for the bed.

“Mistress Narrisha, you in there?” Chinyi spoke into the dark room, adjusting her new nurse uniform, smiling at the thought of how proudly Ukuni had made it for her especially.

“I’m in here, Chinyi...” Narrisha’s voice came, Chinyi entering, the door closing behind her.

“Meep! OK, this is getting kinda scary...” Chinyi whimpered, the complete darkness surrounding her making her slightly excited at what her mistress might have had in mind for her.

“E-E-E-EK!” Chinyi shrieked, feeling hands from the floor reach out for her; in her confusion, she fell backwards, hitting something soft.

“Why, hallo there!” a voice came, Chinyi hearing a clicking as the lights came back on, Chinyi seeing Allisia, the new bombshell Janice, Vanessa, Allisia, Christy, Narrisha and the gorgeous Zyrah all around her, Chinyi finding herself in Zyrah’s as the other girls watched interested as Zyrah’s mouth formed into a perverted smile.

“Little nurses just dumping in from the dark? All clad in those hot latex uniforms...” Zyrah grinned, Chinyi smiling to herself, not minding that her skimpy thong were shown under her uniform.

“I, I didn’t know that-...” Chinyi grinned nervously, Zyrah’s hands reaching as if in trance out for Chinyi’s breasts, Zyrah chuckling happily as she groped Chinyi, the pink-haired girl moaning happily, her head stroking against Zyrah’s.

“You’re such a little treat! And such lovely, pink hair...” Zyrah blushed, taking a small handful of Chinyi’s hair lightly, licking it softly; as she got a tighter grip on Chinyi’s breasts, she enjoyed as the latex folded with her movements, Zyrah’s grin broadening as she reached her hand down between Chinyi’s thighs and under her dress, fingering the moaning girl.

“I have to look cute when you moan, Chinyi...” Allisia surprised the girls as she spoke, smiling at the pink-haired girl, nodding at her; “...if Zyrah wants your most passionate fire and heat, give her an inferno, Chinyi!”

“Uhm...oh...I, I will Allisia...” Chinyi moaned, Zyrah looking teasingly at Allisia.

“Oh, did you know I found something out about this little vixen, Allisia? It turns out she’s really liking to be...” Zyrah grinned mischievously, Chinyi’s ears stiffening as her mouth formed into a huge grin; “...tickled!”

As Zyrah pressed her fingers under Chinyi’s armpits, the pink-haired girl wailed out in laughter, Zyrah joining in as she enjoyed playing with Chinyi; this little cutie would sure be funny to spend some time with.

“Now, this looks really interesting...” Vanessa smiled to herself, enjoying the sight of Chinyi’s bared panties as she sat down on hook.

“Hm-m, I wonder...” Vanessa pondered, Chinyi looking up at her as the albino girl stretched out her wings, holding them above her like an eerie, white cloud.

“V-Vanessa...that’s kinda scary...” Chinyi whimpered, Vanessa chuckling as she folded her wings onto her back, caressing Chinyi’s cheek.

“Zyrah, mind if I help you out with this little girl? She’s the sort you cannot help but adore, really” Vanessa asked, Zyrah grinning as she licked Chinyi’s cheek hungrily.

“Be my guest; I don’t think she’ll complain a lot!” Zyrah winked, Chinyi smiling at her.

“As if one sexy elf girl wasn’t enough! Now I’ve got a hot demon girl all over me, as well!” Chinyi grinned, her face stiffening as she felt something penetrate through her panties.

“I ask your forgiveness, Chinyi, but...I’m just so thirsty, and it’s so...delightfully tempting...!” Vanessa moaned, licking the fold of Chinyi’s panties, the pink-haired girl whimpering and moaning louder and louder.

“Let’s add to the pleasure, huh?” Zyrah grinned wickedly, groping Chinyi’s breasts, Vanessa’s satisfied slurps heard clearly from under Chinyi’s skirt.

“I should return to business, Janice...!” Allisia said, slowly pushing Janice down on the floor, leaning over her; having had some giggles at Chinyi’s facial expressions, Janice and Allisia could not help but smile at how cute Chinyi had looked.

“Are you getting all horny now, Allisia? I thought that was below you...” Janice teased, Allisia winking at her.

“I sometimes see sex with you girls here as something of a duel, something I like to both win and lose...” Allisia said, touching her nose against Janice’s giving the redhead a quick kiss, smirking; “...and all of you are special to me, but as the latest addition to Nightwind Manor, I’ll have to give you a few, special treats.”

“Hmm? Like what?” Janice grinned, Allisia’s face getting a passionate look.

“To speak plainly, we’re both girls who can kick ass, look good while we do it, and earn a lot of admiration from the other girls...” Allisia said; “...but with that admiration comes responsibilities, so I’ll make it clear...”

Allisia now leaned down, looking deeply into Janice’s eyes; “...if you get, say, Siriki to admire you and want to fool around with you, respect what she wants; don’t just tie her up and hump her all night.”

“You think I’d do something so kinky??” Janice asked, winking teasingly at Allisia; “...don’t worry; I’m sexy, but I’m not a dominatrix.....Mirinda sure looks hot in her leather, though...”

“ saw that...?” Allisia asked, Janice smiling as Allisia blushed.

“’Saw’? Nah; I was on the receiving end of the whip!” Janice joked, Allisia sighing in surrender, smiling weakly at Janice.

“Just...just remember what I said, OK?” Allisia asked, Janice nodding.

“I will, Allisia....” Janice said, her face turning into a grin; “...even if I did, Narrisha would properly kick my ass and shove a dildo into it and fuck me all night...and not in the good way...”

“Is there a difference to you?” Allisia teased, smiling as Janice chuckled, sitting up to kiss Allisia.

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