Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 47)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 47

Title: Chapter XLVII - An Amazon Loses Her Virginity

Over the next few days, Vanessa began to understand the daily life of Nightwind Manor, also finding invaluable assistance from the maids for her research; even the most sceptical girls became curious about learning of alchemy, and despite their kinkiness and tendency to fool around, Vanessa had soon purposely set up her lab and whole room with the most shining, mechanical and mysterious objects she possessed.

“Let’s see, sonari crystals, crushed silver shards...” Vanessa went over a small list, checking her repertoire for anything she needed; smiling to herself, she found her lab well-stocked and ready for experiments.

“Gods, that took longer than I’d thought...” Vanessa held a hand to her face, brushing and combing through her hair, heading for her bed; “...girls, make sure to put the crystals back after you’re done with them.”

“Yes, Miss Vanessa!” Raicha and Narru replied, their interest in Vanessa’s many contraptions vanishing as they caught eye on Vanessa as she began taking off her clothes, folding them neatly beside the bed and lying down; as always, she used five minutes before bedtime to practice her meditation, and folding her legs and wings around herself, she closed her eyes, relaxing her muscles...

“Phew! You sure can keep up the fight, huh??” Janice grinned, her katana clashing against Allisia’s Soul-Cleaver, the dark blade not weakening the least.
“No, I can hold my ground on my own just fine...”
Allisia said, smirking teasingly; “...if you did not spend the time jumping from bed to bed with the girls, you might have had some time for training.”

“Girls before anything as I say it, Step-sister Sacred!” Janice mocked and grinned, jumping out of Allisia’s reach.

“See? Sexy leather uniform beats heavy adamantine armour! And you’re supposed to be superior??” Janice grinned, Allisia snarling at the red-haired girl’s teasing; as she went towards her, however, Janice grinned, tossed her katana into a wall, and groped her barely covered breasts in front of Allisia, the warrior girl feeling herself confused, her sword slowly sinking down the side and touching the floor.

“Face it, Allisia; sometimes it’s best to be the bad girl...” Janice grinned, winking at Allisia; “...that new Vanessa babe has been really friendly; wanna guess what she taught me?”

“A spell that lifts skirts?” Allisia teased sarcastically, Janice’s confident smile worrying her.

“Nope, but very close!” Janice said, making some odd gestures in the air, mumbling something unknown; in the next moment, Allisia suddenly felt as the leather straps, bolts and other parts connecting her imposing adamantine armour begin to rustle and creak, the armour falling apart, leaving Allisia all naked apart from the Soul-Cleaver.

“It’s time for the part where I chase the amazon and claim her for a lovely evening!” Janice smirked to herself, surprised to see Allisia do the same.
“Indeed, and let me offer you some advice, you vixen...” she smiled to herself, stepping towards Janice; “ better start running...pretty...freaking...FAST!”

As Allisia started chasing Janice, the dungeons echoed with her screams and laughing, Allisia’s joining in as she chased Janice up the stairs.

“Now I really have seen everything...” Dracaia remarked dryly as Janice and Allisia sped past her, the dragon returning her attention to her book.

“Why do you always read, Dracaia?” Chinyi asked, her and Siriki spending the afternoon with the dragon.

“To learn, little ones, to learn; knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving...” Dracaia said, patting the book.

“Like when Chinyi feels good and blushes?” Siriki teased, Chinyi blushing like a firestorm and hushing the grinning Siriki.

“I saw you run in here, Janice; don’t think I will back out now...” Allisia spoke to the empty dungeon room.

“It wouldn’t be fun if you did, now would it?” Janice’s teasing voice came, Allisia trying to determine the direction.

“I wouldn’t advise you to keep to the dark, Janice...” Allisia warned, smiling knowingly; “ never know what may await you in there...”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Janice smirked to herself, suddenly feeling something touch her arm; with a shriek, she turned around, only to see a laughing Narrisha try and block her mouth as she giggled hysterically.

“But...but how in” Janice tried and put this puzzling mystery together; how could Narrisha have appeared out of the blue?

“You may leave her to me, Allisia...” Narrisha winked at the warrior girl, who nodded and turned on her heels, although both Narrisha and Janice could have sworn to see her smile.

“It has been, what, three days since your arrival...” Narrisha slowly snuck herself closer to Janice, the warrior babe looking over her shoulder into Narrisha’s passionate, hungry red eyes; “...and I’ve been quite patient with letting my girls get to know you, but finally...”

As Janice felt Narrisha slowly massage her shoulders, she moaned joyfully, Narrisha looking hungrily at Janice’s smooth, shiny brown skin and wild mane of red hair.

“I can’t really wait until we get to my room...” Narrisha chuckled, burrowing her nose into Janice’s neck, the redhead giggling at the tickling feeling from Narrisha’s nostrils.

“C’mon, missy; I’ll bet you have got a great deal to show me, hmm?” Janice teased, Narrisha moaning loudly, Janice feeling Narrisha’s grip tightening.

“So you just take the scroll, roll it out and read the spell up, and it should manifest itself in front of you” Vanessa instructed, Siriki, Chinyi, Narru, Rachel and some other girls eagerly following the albino demon girl’s lessons on magic and enchantments.

“Uhm, so what does crystals have to do with this magic stuff?” Raicha asked, Vanessa handing her a small, oval and transparent crystal.

“It’s basically storage for any form of magic you need, provided its own enchantments are strong enough to hold the energy in...” Vanessa explained; “...if the crystal breaks, though, all the energy from the spell will be unleashed in an non-concentrated mass, resulting almost certainly in destruction of nearby objects.”

“Sounds like a freaking bomb waiting to go off...” Minyoki raised a sceptical eyebrow, Faris looking teasingly at her.

“You mean like after you’ve watched Rumble Roses yuri for an hour?” she teased, Minyoki blushing heavily, Vanessa holding up a hand.

“Actually, that can be a topic worth discussing; if Minyoki really likes these ‘Rumble Roses’ girls, why should we not all give it a go?” Vanessa asked, the small group of girls looking confused at her.

“See, this astral pearl here...” Vanessa explained, holding up a small, oval turquoise crystal with a swirl of colours deep inside the crystal’s core; “...can let me project anything the user have thought or knows into a physical image.”

As Vanessa headed over to Minyoki, she let the crystal slowly touched the surprised girl’s forehead, the crystal shining bright pink.

“And now, let’s see...” Vanessa said, standing in the middle of the room, putting down the crystal, stepping back and lightly touch the crystal with her tail; as a small spark of mystical magic touched the crystal, it began shining bright pink, an image appearing all over the floor.

“NO! Nohohohoh! Stop it, Kitsune! It tickles!” a sound now came as an echo across the room, a clear picture of a clearly younger Minyoki being romping about with three other girls appearing on the floor.

“What the fuck?! I, I.....oh, fuck, it’s so embarrassing!!!” Minyoki covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, the others girls looking amused at her as Vanessa gave her shoulder a small poke.

“You shouldn’t deny it, Minyoki; with all the lovemaking at this manor, what you desire most is no shame...” Vanessa helped Minyoki stand up, gently pushing the surprised girl to the floor right on top of the image of herself.

“You adored them when you were younger, and you still do; these ‘Naru, ‘Kitsune’ and ‘Seras’ caught your fancy enough for you to keep you busy at night...” Vanessa said, smirking at the still blushing Minyoki; “...back then, it was about how cute they are; now, that you’ve become more mature, you think it’s silly and childish.”

“...Kinda, but-...” Minyoki began, Vanessa patting her head.

“But you’d still wish for those three to molest you? Naru is ravishing and gorgeous, Kitsune is a kinky little minx, and Seras’ such an amazon, right?” Vanessa asked, Minyoki looking confused at her.

“Yeah! But how’d know?” Minyoki asked, Vanessa smiling innocently.

“You were not the only one to dream of them; I read yuri, too...” Vanessa explained, letting a hand caress under her waist, Minyoki grinning as she understood the gesture.

“Aw, Minyoki; it’s kinda cute thinking of you as such a little petite cutie, not this sexy gamer girl you’ve become now...” Raicha smiled, teasing Minyoki; “...I’ve heard something about you masturbating with a dildo at night with Joanna Dark’s name written on it; you don’t get any real pussy?”

“You just watch it blondie, or I’m gonna take that dildo out on you, yet!” Minyoki snarled at Raicha, her sour look fading quickly away, replaced with a grin.

“Wow; nice room you’ve got yourself, missy...” Janice whistled impressed as she entered Narrisha’s room, the vampire girl proudly gesturing her inside; having stripped off her clothes all besides her thong, Janice’s naked body tempted Narrisha enormously...

“And now...” Narrisha chuckled, Janice looking over her shoulder as Narrisha smacked the door and turned the key; “...we’re all alone!”

“Hey! What’s with the secre-...?” Janice began in surprise, Narrisha’s look at her making her stop herself, grinning.

“Oh, I’ve been running around in your head for a bit, huh?” Janice teased, licking her gloved fingers; in the next instant, Narrisha sprinted towards her, Janice quickly backing away, letting out a small shriek as she fell on Narrisha’s bed, the vampire girl lifting her legs, licking Janice’s thong vulgarly.

“I’ve fucked with enough girls to know that you’re getting horny for me, little girlie...” Janice chuckled at Narrisha, the vampire girl desirably reaching her hands upward, groping Janice’s breasts.

“Your skin...your hair...your feels as if made for me to molest...” Narrisha panted out, Janice folding her arms behind her head, grinning victoriously.

“And now the mistress of this manor feels her pussy throb when she fucks me; what more could I wish for??” she grinned, Narrisha eyeing her seductively, jumping on Janice with a feral growl, the two girls chuckling as Janice felt herself molested by Narrisha.

“How many girls have you just slept with??” Narrisha asked, Janice pondering at the question.

“Well, I guess quite a dozen, or maybe even hundred; I dunno, I just like when they play innocent and end up screaming for more...” Janice shrugged and smiled, suddenly feeling Narrisha grab her waist, holding her upside down.

“On your knees, please; I wanna try something...” Narrisha asked, Janice obeying expectantly; as she sat up, Narrisha let her fingers over Janice’s thong anew, opening it and fingering her pussy eagerly.

“You might have fucked enough girls to leave you some nice memories...” Narrisha smiled at Janice; “...but I’ve got something they might not have had.”

“What’s that?” Janice asked curiously, Narrisha opening her mouth wide, revealing her quite long tongue to Janice, the redhead taken quite aback at the tongue’s length as it wiggled towards her thong.

“No, no! Don’t you dare! I, I don’t know if I can have all that in me!” Janice panicked, feeling that despite all the sex with other girls she had had, none of their fingers, tongues or toys had been this long and, possibly, so deeply inside her.

“Hmm, you might have had some strappies, but...ohohohoh! Look at that, you’re still a virgin!” Narrisha grinned, Janice looking in shock at her pussy; as they dripped heavily with her cum and Narrisha’s drool, she looked lovingly at the vampire girl.

“Narrisha, please...if anyone’s gonna rape me, it’s you and Allisia! Can’t you get her in here??” Janice pleaded, Narrisha nodding slowly.

“Close your ears a second...” Narrisha suggested, Janice following her advice as Narrisha filled her lungs, yelling; “...ALLISIA-A-A-A-A!!!”

Gasping from her yell, Narrisha looked at the perplexed Janice, the redhead beginning to smile; suddenly outside, heavy footsteps and the sound of metal clinging reached the door, Narrisha pointing a finger at it and using her mystical magic to turn the key.

“MISTRESS NARRISHA! Are you alright?” Allisia stepped in, the Soul-Cleaver drawn and the dark metal shining in the dim light.

“Yeah, I’m fine; I just need a favour of you...” Narrisha smirked, Allisia sighed; she really needed a better way to be summoned in.

“Well...uhm-m-m-m...” Janice tried and speak, but as she blushed, Narrisha explained; “despite her humping with other girls, it turns out Janice is still a virgin!”


The Soul-Cleaver fell to the ground, Allisia holding her arms to her ribs as she near screamed in laughter; her eyes shedding tears from it, she sank on one knee, Narrisha and Janice looking equally surprised.

“Ja-...Janihihihihih-...Janice a virgin?? Is this a joke??” Allisia finally said, Janice crossing her arms, looking embarrassed at Allisia.

“Hey, it’s not my fault those bitches’ dildos didn’t go all the way!” she snapped, Allisia pulling herself together, looking at Narrisha.

“So what was your favour you needed again, mistress?” Allisia asked, Narrisha silently pointing at herself, Janice and Allisia, rubbing her breasts, rolling out her tongue and winking teasingly at Allisia.

“.....So you are saying you’d want us to have a threesome and rid Janice of her virtue meanwhile?” Allisia asked after a short pause, Janice looking smilingly at her.

“Geez, how’d you figure that out?” she teased Allisia, the warrior girl sending her a confident smirk; “oh, it was easy: I speak fluid Bedtongue.”

“’Bedtongue’?? Hihihihih! Good one!” Janice grinned, Allisia unbuckling her belt, sheathing her sword and beginning to undress, neatly folding her clothes; beside her, Narrisha discarded her remaining nightgown.

“Uhm, Narrisha, I heard you like latex, so why don’t-...” Janice started suggesting, but Narrisha simply put two fingers on her lips, hushing her.

“This time, we’ll be fucking all naked and hot, little Janice; your body’s already so hot...” Narrisha smiled, suddenly grinning at Allisia; “...isn’t it fun?? It’s like me being an ‘unholy temptress’ and you being a ‘gallant maiden’ out to sleep with the same damsel in distress!”

“It does sound fun now that you mention it...” Allisia chuckled, looking at Janice; “...I made many promises to you to make your nights unforgettable; it shouldn’t surprise you another such one is coming.”

“Allisia, Narrisha...” Janice stretched herself out on the bed, groping her breasts, pinching her nipples and moaning loudly, smiling seductively; “ tits, my pussy and my honey are all yours! You’ve permission to rape and fuck me any way you wanna!”

“After you, mistress...” Allisia gestured Narrisha towards Janice, winking at the warrior girl.

“Last to make Janice cum is a little pipsqueak!” Narrisha teased, reaching out for Janice’s breasts, the vampire girl squealing as Allisia sat opposite her, grabbing Janice’s left breast carefully, Narrisha gladly sharing her prize.

“I say we prepare her slowly; we mustn’t rush this...” Allisia advised, patting Janice’s firm breast; ...”she’s really the type to laugh at a ‘what’s your favourite number’ joke.”

“Hey, I don’t know that one! What’s it about?” Janice asked curiously, Narrisha giggling uncontrollably, pulling herself together.

“OK, I’ll try: Janice, what’s your favourite number?” Narrisha asked, Janice pondering a moment.

“Uhm, 2, I think” Janice said, Narrisha smiling at her as she leaned over her, Janice smirking as Narrisha licked her lips hungrily.

“Well, mine’s 69, girl!” Narrisha grinned, moving into the 69 position over Janice, the redhead laughing joyfully, Allisia sitting with crossed legs, shaking her head, but nevertheless smiling to herself as she held a hand to her head.

“I will just wait my turn, then; I think you’ll find Narrisha more than capable of keeping you busy...” Allisia said, observing as Janice sent her a teasing look.

“Look, she’s a vampire girl, and heck, I’ve been with more than a dozen girls at a time...” Janice smirked confidently, Allisia raising an eyebrow, her facial expression hardening.

“Willingly, I assume...?” Allisia asked dryly, Janice noticing her serious undertone.

“Sure! I wouldn’t do anything to them if they hadn’t asked!” Janice assured, Allisia relaxing; Hell and its denizens would have to freeze over before she let Janice have her way with an unwilling girl.

“Now, let’s get down to business...” Narrisha spoke from beneath Janice’s legs, the redhead making a surprised face when Narrisha’s nose poked into her thong.

“E-e-ek! What’s the point of teasing me when you’re about to molest me down there??” Janice wailed in surprise, Narrisha simply smirking to herself; she would show Janice just why she was the best seductress the little vixen would ever meet.

“I’m just teasing you, dear; I’ll show you just how enjoyable working for me can be...” Narrisha winked at Janice, who folded her arms behind her head, smirking confidently.

“What?? There’s other...uhm...dragons like you??” Chinyi asked in awe, Siriki and her joined by Narru, Rachel and Vinya as they gathered around Dracaia, smiling at the interest of her stories.

“Yes, there is Liviathara; as her name suggests, she is a sea dragon, and more than thrice my size...” Dracaia explained, flipping through a book, showing a picture to the girls; “...this is her.”

As the girls started to stare, they could read that this ‘Liviathara’ was nearly titanic; in her draconic form, she would stand over 500 meters tall!

“She lives in the middle of the Azure Sea, and sometimes steals young maidens for her palace down there, made of pearls...” Dracaia now said, smiling; “...I have been there, and while she sends them back home, they can at least tell that they’ve been ‘treasured’ by something more than a simple mermaid!”

“O-o-o-oh! Narrisha, stop! I, I can’t hold it in...!” Janice yelled out, Allisia holding her as Narrisha mercilessly licked at Janice’s pussy, her drool and Janice’s fluids dripping unto the bed.

“Cum, already! You’re taking longer than Allisia, you know...” Narrisha teased, Janice grinning as Allisia kissed her cheek.

“Give into it, Janice; reward our mistress for her efforts...” Allisia now let Janice’s head rest on her breasts, the redhead moaning louder and louder.

“She’s, she’s too far in! Her tongue’s sucking me inside out!” Janice yelled to the ceiling, grabbing Allisia’s arms as she gritted her teeth; “our mistress’ fucking my cunt! I’m gonna gush it all out!”

“Why do you have to talk dirty to reach your limit faster?” Allisia asked, deciding to aid Narrisha; without Janice noticing, Allisia bend her head under Janice’s left arm, beginning to suck on her breasts.

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-O! I’m gonna cum!” Janice moaned loudly, Allisia beginning to lose her patience.

“I think I do this for all the other girls you molested yourself, Janice!” Allisia gritted her teeth, freeing her arms and pinching Janice’s nipples, the redhead screaming even louder.

“Oh? Silly me, I forgot where she may like it the most...” Narrisha now suddenly grinned at herself, slurping and sucking on Janice’s g-spot.

“A-H-H-H-H-H-H! Oh, fuck! Lick it! Slurp all over my clitty, Narrisha!” Janice yelled out, pressing Narrisha’s head in deeper.

“Oh no, silly; I’m gonna show you how I once made Mirinda cum...” Narrisha smirked to herself, sticking her tongue inside Janice’s pussy once again, Narrisha chuckling evilly as her vampiric eyes glowed blue in lustfulness...

“Wha-what the fu-...?!” Janice began, but Narrisha’s plans to tame the warrior babe were already set in mention as the vampire girl now extended her tongue for a far as she could, her mouth closing on Janice’s pussy lips as she tongue penetrated itself deep inside Janice, Narrisha licking with all her might.

“F-U-U-U-U-UCK! NARRISHA, YOU FUCKING CU-U-U-U-UNT!!!” Janice yelled out as her cum splashed into Narrisha’s face, the vampire girl pulling out her tongue, swallowing loads of the redhead amazon’s cum, Janice still gushing out one intense orgasm after another, Narrisha drinking the sweet female nectar, tasting to her like sweet peaches as she giggled at Janice’s shocked, yet amused expression.

“...I have to say, I didn’t expect this...” Allisia said, surprised at Janice’s reaction, yet she could not help but grin at Janice’s facial expression; a mix of shock and sheer joy fell over her face as she slowly recovered.

“Holy...N-Narrisha, you bitch! You fucking deep-throated my cunt with that fucking tongue!” Janice yelled out in amusement, grinning as she still saw her orgasm slowly flow.

“Here, there’s a bit!” she smiled, fingering herself as Narrisha eagerly lapped on Janice’s pussy, Allisia looking in awe at Janice; to withstand even a minor mystical spell, all the while being molested...the red-haired amazon friend of hers were really amazing...

“...Alas, somehow, seeing you resist such energy left me to admire you once again, Janice...” Allisia blushed, Janice smiling at her.

“Don’t worry; I’ll cheer your pussy up now!” she winked, jumping on top of the surprised Allisia, Narrisha following suit.

“Two little amazon chicks all in heat for me? Oh, I’m so touched...” Narrisha wiped her eyes, snuggling between Janice and Allisia, the three of them grinning as Narrisha lifted the bed sheets of the bed over them, leaving them in darkness.

“Hmm? What’s that in my eye?” Allisia asked, Narrisha grinning.
“It’s Janice’s tits! She really likes you, Allisia!” she laughed, Janice smirking to herself in the darkness.

“Hey, girls; what say we go have a little strap-on fun? I fuck Allisia while you fuck me, Narrisha” Janice suggested, Narrisha nodding, although none of them could see it.

“Sounds fine to me; Narrisha tends to, well, be too powerful for me...” Allisia mumbled as Narrisha threw the bed sheets aside, giggling at the blushing Allisia.
“Hihihih! Why?” Janice asked, Allisia sighing.

“She’s an immortal, thus stronger than me, and she sure also has her strength below her waist...” Allisia admitted, Janice and Narrisha laughing as they stood up and headed for Narrisha’s closet.

“Already?? Oh, mo-o-o-om...” Shica moaned irritated at the picture of her mother in the crystal orb in front of her, the empress looking strictly at Shica.

“You have spent almost a week at those Nightwind ladies, my young daughter; you are lacking behind in your combat trails, and-...”

“Your highness, please...” Jiraz suddenly interrupted; “...Shica might be a princess of the Shacar-Jarcu Empire, but with all the duties she faces in the future, should she not enjoy her youth?”

“Your idea of ‘enjoy’, Jiraz, is to take my daughter to bed as soon as you set your eyes on her...” the empress looked equally strictly at Jiraz; “...but seeing as you speak the truth...I might heed your wisdom, if...”

“If what, mom?” Shica asked eagerly, the empress failing to suppress a smile.

“Shica, you remind me of myself when I was younger and started the Scarlet Sisterhood; thus, I will not stand as a hypocrite for what you and Jiraz do privately...” the empress spoke; “...however, if the two of you will not be liquidating the bed sheets for ten minutes...I will let you stay another two weeks, provided you will accept a half dozen maids and bodyguards I may be sending.”

“Mom, Jiraz and I can handle ten minu-...” Shica confidently smirked, her mother interrupting.

“And that includes not suggesting such, either, young lady; self-control is something every elf, human or demon should know...” the empress now turned her eyes to Jiraz.

“I understand your nature, but see it as a chance to earn my trust” the empress spoke, Jiraz sighing heavily, looking sadly at Shica, who nodded slowly and equally sadly at her girlfriend.

“We promise, mom...” Shica spoke, the empress slowly clapping her hands together.

“Done; I shall send you your maids over within the hour; as for the young Vinya, tell her that her mother sends her greetings...” the empress said, Shica suddenly noticing something.

“Uhm, mom, why is your dress hanging...oh, ple-e-e-ease...??” Shica giggled as she figured the puzzle out; knowing her mother, Shica knew that Empress Shinris only wore her dress loosely or discarded it when visiting her harem of beautiful and exotic girls.

“Shica, please; I spent the day talking politics; I am allowed some privacy...” the empress said, sending her daughter a knowing wink as the crystal orb faded out into a gray mist.

“Your mother’s a real womanizer” Jiraz grinned, Shica shrugging and smirking.

“Hey, where’d I learned my trade from?” she teased, Jiraz following her as Shica headed for the showers.

“But hey, let’s try doing what she said, for once...” Shica said, Jiraz eyeing her curiously.

“Well, I’d like to, well, have her respect and all, but you’re so yummy!” Jiraz moaned, reaching her arms out like a zombie, Shica giggling as she ran from Jiraz, the demon girl laughing as she chased her girlfriend.

“Hallo; we’re maids sent from Shacar-Jarcu for Princess Shica; have you seen her?” a small shin’saras girl asked Vanessa as she walked by the great hall, her tail stirring.

“Well, if she’s not with Jiraz, well, they might both be in your room, doing what only the Gods may know...” Vanessa turned her eyes upward and smiled.

“We serve only the princess and her lover” the girl said stubbornly, her and the other maids climbing the stairs and heading for upwards for the living quarters.

“All this for me?? But, Narrisha, it’s all too much...” Janice happily felt tears form in her eyes, looking down at herself; having chosen to ‘reward’ Janice, Narrisha had given her one of her spare fetish outfits; gloves, boots, cape, mask and skimpy suit of red latex fit Janice like a glove, the smooth material forming perfectly after her form.

“It’s all fair, Janice; a foxy little chick like you has a reputation to uphold!” Narrisha smiled happily at Janice, admiring the still sweat-covered amazon.

“You look ravishing, Janice; it’s really quite an alluring suit...” Allisia nodded, Janice turning around herself, feeling the short cape caress her barely-covered butt, giggling to herself as she smacked her buttocks towards Allisia.

“Wanna go for another ride, Allisia? I feel all kinky in this...” Janice asked, walking towards Allisia; surprising her, Janice violently pushed the ill-prepared warrior girl into the bed, jumping on her, laughing wildly as she let her latex-covered breasts stroke all over Allisia’s face.

“Don’t deny yourself, Allisia! Have a little fun with me!” Janice winked, Narrisha moving slowly in from behind...

“E-e-e-e-ek!” Janice yelled out in surprise as the tip of a strap-on caressed her butt; seeing Janice’s comical reaction as she removed her breasts, Allisia giggled joyfully at Janice’s humiliation.

“Allisia, get her down! We’ll give her a new kinda threesome...!” Narrisha ordered, a kinky smirk crossing over her lips.

“Wha-...??” Janice began, only to find Allisia slowly, yet firmly, holding her down, Janice moaning expectantly, feeling Narrisha’s strap-on touch her skimpy thong as she lay face upwards, nervously smiling at Allisia’s slightly triumphant smirk.

“Let’s set you up, OK?” Narrisha teased, leaning over the surprised Janice, her feet lifting into the air as Narrisha leaned over her, the strap-on dangling in front of Janice’s face, Janice seeing Narrisha’s intention as she suggestively sucked and slurped on it.

“Your pussy’s next, missy!” she assured smilingly, returning to her licking as Narrisha moaned, rubbing her own breasts.

“Now for my part...” Allisia said, grabbing Janice’s breasts, forcefully molesting them and enjoying Janice’s increased moans; in truth, Allisia loved this with all her heart.

“Wow! Now this is new!” Janice exclaimed joyfully, sucking as hard as she could on the strap-on, Narrisha’s eager moans intensifying.

“Mistress, she is such a vixen for these things...” Allisia said, Narrisha looking surprised as a sinister grin ran over Allisia’s face; “...let me finish her, mistress; I will make this she-wolf bark like no other time in her life!”

“Geez, you sound a little eager, Allisia...” Narrisha smiled, enjoying the sudden kinkiness in the warrior girl, crossing her arms; “...and I like it!”

As Narrisha moved away, the surprised Janice found herself lifted up by Allisia, setting down the redhead on all four on the bed, Allisia’s fingers caressing Janice’s pussy.

“I owe you a lot, Janice; thanks to you, I can finally cut loose for real...” Allisia hissed teasingly in Janice’s ear; “...I’ll show you the very definition of having sex here at the manor! This will be for my mistress, my code, and the girls of Nightwind Manor!”

With those words, Allisia’s tongue let licked into Janice’s ear, the redhead giggling as Allisia’s fingers reached deeply inside her womanhood.

“You wouldn’t want to cum too early, you little harlot!” Allisia snarled, intensifying her efforts, Janice’s moaning increasing as she looked at Allisia.

“That’s what I’m talking about, Allisia! Come on! Talk dirty! Finger me! Let it out, girl!” Janice encouraged Allisia, the warrior girl beginning to hump Janice passionately.

“When I look at you, I want to see all your body turn red with heat and your outfit soaked in our nectars...” Allisia moaned, herself; “...I’ve not felt so passionate for awhile, and I’ll take out on you, you skirt-chasing harpy!”

Behind the two warrior women, Narrisha looked as if enchanted at them, oblivious to the fact that she was masturbating at the scene; sniffing, she wiped a tear off her cheek; those two girls really deserved to be her seconds-in-command.

“Mistress, may I borrow that?” Allisia’s voice suddenly came, Narrisha waking up confused, finding Allisia to point at her strap-on.

“Yeah, sure!” the vampire girl grinned, tossing the strap-on to Allisia.

“You’ve had this coming, Janice...” Allisia said as she turned Janice around, the redhead’s smile almost stretching from cheek to cheek as Allisia went down on her again; “ want me to fuck you, so fuck you I will...and I’ll enjoy every second of it, baby!”

“Hey! Allisia, that’s swearing!” Janice teased and laughed as her legs locked on Allisia’s back, the warrior girl simply giggling at her.

“To Hell with swearing! I’ve been a good girl for so long; this morning, I will be bad for once, and you, and all the willing girls here, will be on the receiving end of that!” Allisia sucked Janice’s right nipple so forcefully Janice wailed out in pleasure.

“I always thought giving truly into this would compromise me, not having you take me serious when need be...” Allisia mumbled, fondling Janice’s hair, sending a warm smile to Narrisha; “...but now, as I did so many months ago, as well...I feel home at Nightwind Manor, and I feel no guilt; I have no reason why not to do this!”

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