Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 46)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 46

Title: Chapter XLVI - Romping Under the Moonlight

“What’s wrong, cuties? Something wrong with me?” Janith teased, Chinyi, Siriki, Narru and Innoki all nodding, admiring the leader-clad amazon.

“So tell me, you’re the youngest girls at this place?” she asked, the girls nodding or blushing at her.

“See, that’s something I like; you’re younger, but you’d let a babe like me grope you if you’re cool with me?” Janith smiled, stroking Siriki’s chin, making her blush.

“Well, Allisia says she knows you, so if we can trust Allisia, that means we can trust you, too” Chinyi said, Janith almost drooling over the pink-haired, busty little girl in front of her.

“Girls, I’ll promise I’ll not go all hardcore on you, but my cunt’s been dry for almost a month! I haven’t had pussy for so long I swear I could’ve chewed my nails in half...” Janith said, the girls’ eyes opening slightly wider.

“ OK with having sex with us, and all?” Chinyi asked, Janith looking at her in surprise.

“’OK’?? Fuck, as soon as Allisia told me of this place, I almost had to put a cork in my crotch; you girls are the cutest, sexiest and funniest I’ve ever seen so far...” Janith grinned, leaning towards Chinyi; “...and, hey; I’ve heard you’ve got a hot sister...”

“Am I not good enough??” Chinyi teasingly jumped on the surprised Janith, unbuckling her outfit and groping her mercilessly.

“I, I never said you weren’t good enough; I...” Janith smiled at Chinyi, who began smirking as she enjoyed herself.

“I’m a warrior babe; I just considered my options!” Janith laughed, Chinyi kissing her nose, winking at the other girls.

“She’s funny, alright! Let’s have some sex with her, then!” Chinyi grinned, Narru and Innoki hesitantly following Siriki as they discarded their clothes.

“If sex is supposed to be fun, as well, we’ll make sure you have the funniest sex of your life!” Chinyi assured, Janith squirming as Siriki mercilessly tickled her, Narru and Innoki doing the same between her thighs.

“H-hey, wait! D-don’t drop the boots, OK? It’s kinda my fetish...” Janith smiled, the girls all nodding at each other.

“Let us welcome her to the manor!” Innoki winked, Narru nodding; while Chinyi and Siriki pleasured Janith’s breasts, Narru and Innoki’s kissing of each other soon had Janith feel herself as if blessed by Lady Shinris.

“So you helped me develop my powers way before time?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa blushing as the vampire girl leaned over her seductively.

“Uhmm, yes, but mind slipping into something more...fitting? I don’t mean to be rude, but, a nightgown...?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha smiling, kissing her forehead and heading for her drawers.

“Why am I tied up, really? I haven’t ever understood why some women like bondage...” Vanessa asked, steeling herself for her first, sexual experience; that it was the mistress of Nightwind Manor meant nothing to her; what did matter was, that it was her future mistress that would tutor her in how to please girls to their hearts’ desire.

“I could tell you...” Narrisha appeared from the shadows ago, Vanessa’s mouth opening in awe; “...or I can make you feel why...”

Narrisha had dressed up in elbow-long gloves, thigh-high boots and very skimpy leotard, all of it shining as it was latex, Narrisha’s favourite fetish wear.

“My Gods! I, I can only conclude you dressed like that to appeal to me?” Vanessa asked, indeed feeling her crotch reacting pleasantly to the sight of the busty vampire girl in the skin-tight latex fetish outfit.

“Indeed, and now, I’ll make sure your first time will be something you will cherish forever...” Narrisha smiled, licking her gloved fingers as she sat down opposite Vanessa on the bed; “...since it is your first time, I’m going to show you how an orgasm looks like.”

“I’ve read about it, but...but seeing it with my own eyes might be better” Vanessa shrugged, smiling; “how do you excite yourself the most, Narrisha?”

“Well, just the thought of my girls screwing me until I can’t cum anymore; I like to take it quickly, but efficiently...” Narrisha smirked, starting to slowly stroke her latex-covered crotch, pulling the thong of the leotard into her nether lips, the faint, gushing sounds not escaping Vanessa’s ears.

“And just what the fuck’s going on here??” Minyoki exclaimed, her arms crossed over her chest, her leather outfit amusing Janith and the other girls, yet Minyoki’s eyes shoot dangerous lightning from behind her glasses.

“Hmm? So it’s the newcomer trying to sneak under the skirts, huh? I thought so...” Minyoki smirked evilly, heading towards the bed, Janith looking at her with a weak smile.

“He-e-ey,, what’s up, girl?” Janith tried grinningly, Minyoki admiring Janith and stroking her chin.

“So, you wanted to get to know my little sister under the sheaths, hmm? Hmhmhmhm...” Minyoki chuckled, Janith looking amused at Minyoki; “but, as you know, it’s no incest we’re having sometimes, she and I; we’re only step-sisters.”

“Girl, I wouldn’t really care if you were full-blood; love’s free in case ye missed that” Janith teased, Minyoki sitting onto the bed, looking at the girls.

“Go ahead and finish, but she’s mine next...” she said, grinning at Janith; “...Allisia’s all too ‘honourable’ for me; at least you still have your feet on the ground.”

“You talk smart, little girlie, but I know what you’re really looking at...” Janith winked, looking at the younger girls; “...say, mind if I play a little with Chinyi’s sister here?”

“Chinyi-i-i-i...” Siriki called behind Chinyi, sneaking up on her as Chinyi pretended to be terrified; “...we’ve got you!”

As Narru and Innoki joined in, the girls began to playfully wrestle, Minyoki sitting on top of Janith’s breasts.

“So, am I good enough for you, little babe?” Minyoki grinned, Janith chuckling at her.

“A girl who’s smart, looks hot in leather, and can fuck my mind inside out until it blows? You sure are appealing, pinkie!” Janith teased, Minyoki smiling as she began groping Janith’s breasts.

“They’re so firm! I can’t even fit them in my hands...” Minyoki smiled, Janith reaching out and kissing Minyoki’s nose.

“You’re both hot and sexy...” she winked, stroking Minyoki’s chin; “...and those glasses are so cute...”

“Is it my outfit or me you’re talking to?” Minyoki grinned, burrowing her face into the laughing Janith’s breasts.

“HOLY HEAVEN! I, I really didn’t know this whole lesbian sex act would be so...passionate...” Vanessa panted out, Narrisha’s climax amazing her as she kept cumming, her cum landing on Vanessa’s one boot.

“Yeah, it sure is; sa-a-ay...” Narrisha smirked, licking her fingers of her cum; “...I suppose you’re lesbian too, right?”

“Ever since I found myself attracted to girls in lingerie, that’s been an obvious fact to me...” Vanessa said, Narrisha almost jumping on top of her, looking hungrily into Vanessa’s surprised eyes.

“You talk too much for this, cutie...” Narrisha snarled playfully, opening Vanessa’s dress, tossing it to the floor.

“Oh, hey! You...oh, now I see; you’re hor-...” Vanessa began, Narrisha chuckling heartily, kissing Vanessa’s throat and sucking it intensely.

“My Gods! are still dripping! Narrisha, you really are wild!” Vanessa grinned to herself, sneaking her tail between Narrisha’s thighs.

“OH? You’re gonna put that in me?? You naughty girl...” Narrisha smiled at Vanessa, using her claws to cut the albino demon’s ropes; “...c’mon, then; shove it inside!”

“Uhmm, if you are certain...” Vanessa carefully inserted her tail into Narrisha’s womanhood, the leotard’s thong so slippery from Narrisha’s first climax that it simply peeled away.

“ feels good; I like it both slow and fast, but in your case, take all the time you want...” Narrisha moaned smilingly, enjoying groping Vanessa’s breasts, seeing as they were quite large.

“OH!” Vanessa suddenly exclaimed as Narrisha’s tongue passed over her horns by accident.

“Hmm? Are you OK?” Narrisha asked.

“Y-yes; it’s just that my horns are just as sensitive as my breasts...” Vanessa blushed.

“You don’t seem sensitive about your tits, though” Narrisha grinned, Vanessa sending her a strange, longing look.

“Because of my lifelong research, I have never had sex! I’ve been left with masturbating at girls in magazines, touching my breasts and labia fanatically! If you really want to see a demon...” Vanessa now slowly rose up, Narrisha crawling back in awe as Vanessa’s wings folded themselves out fully, her eyes glowing red as she chuckled; “...then let me teach you what I read!”

“I’m telling you, I like the doggy style better! It’s faster, kinkier, and you love it, too!” Jiraz argued with Shica, her girlfriend smiling confidently.

“And I’m saying I love the tribadism best! C’mon, what’s better than to feel my pussy grinding into yours?!” Shica asked, Jiraz holding up a finger, searching for an argument; as she could not find one, she sighed deeply, bowing her head down in defeat, Shica smiling at her.

“Hey princess, I agree, but why are we talking about it, really?” Jiraz asked, Shica slowly crawling to her side of the bed, smiling meekly as Jiraz crawled seductively at her.

“Uhmm, good demon girl? Nice little girlie-...!” Shica exclaimed just before Jiraz jumped on her, slurping and sucking desirably on her breasts.

“OH! Jiraz, you’re such a horny bitch, sometimes!” Shica grinned, Jiraz winking at her.

“It’s not my fault you’re a sexy shin’saras girl; your body kinda screams sex appeal!” Jiraz teased, Shica moaning as she once again descended on her breasts.

“Y-you can talk! You’re sex appeal incarnate! You’ve even got bigger boobs!” Shica moaned, Jiraz grinning.

“I’m gonna rub that in your face, young lady!” she teased, Shica soon having her face covered by Jiraz’s breasts, both of them laughing as Shica began sucking Jiraz’s nipples, while Jiraz let her tail deep under Shica’s loose nightgown.

“There should be laws against being so sexy!” Minyoki grinned, having molested Janith’s breasts for over five minutes; feeling herself about to reach her limit, Janith simply smiled at her.

“Girl, you can’t just make me cum by sucking my tits...” she teased, Minyoki’s eyes flashing playfully.

“Wanna bet, bitch?” she smirked, suddenly caressing her fingers over Janith’s bared crotch, sticking them in as deep as she dared to, rubbing intensely.

“OH! Oh, you fucking hottie...” Janith grinned, Minyoki laughing as she simply put her head in between Janith’s breasts, growling playfully and sucking on Janith’s already soaked nipples.

“UM-M-M-M...! Oh, so” Janith moaned pleasantly, grabbing around her breasts and pressing them into Minyoki’s waiting mouth.

“Fuck! How many sluts wouldn’t give their dildos to fuck these babies?! Your tits are so large and fucking busty a girl would lose her way in there!” Minyoki teased, Janith laughing heartily, pressing the grinning Minyoki’s head between her breasts again and again, Janith making slurping sounds and moaned as she loved how kinky Minyoki really were to her.

“Lick them! Lick them, you wet little bitch! You like sticking your head between tits like mine, huh??” Janith teased, rubbing her breasts over Minyoki’s head, the pink-haired girl moaning longingly, Janith feeling a liquid run down her thighs and unto the bed sheets.

“OH! That moon isn’t...really helping me hold myself back...!” Narrisha snarled between her excited moans, a full moon shining through her window as the sky cleared outside after the rain; as a soft, cold breeze blew in from the half-open window, Narrisha smiled to herself as Vanessa’s inexperienced but precise hands groped her breasts, the vampire girl feeling a strong urge to simply bend Vanessa over and completely violate and molest her body.

“The strengthens you, doesn’t it? Heightens your senses, your powers, your desires...” Vanessa smiled at Narrisha, leaning down and kissing her throat softly.

“ really does...” Narrisha moaned slowly, Vanessa patting her cheek, smiling at Narrisha.

“I’ll wait until you’ve had your turn...” she winked at Narrisha; “...I’ve also wondered how latex would feel like on my breasts...”

Not waiting to think or worry about how Vanessa would react, Narrisha threw caution to the side, her wings appearing from her back, looming over her like eerie storm clouds as she threw herself over Vanessa.

“I can feel it! I usually lock myself up when this happens...” Narrisha lowered her eyes, looking shameful; “...I know I’m a horny bitch of a mistress, but if the girls knew I were such a monster bitch, as well-...”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Narrisha! If your maids love you, they’d be sure to accept all sides of you!” Vanessa said strictly, Narrisha looking in surprise at her.

“ sure? I mean, I don’t want to seem mean to them, so...will you mind helping me tell them this later...?” Narrisha carefully asked, Vanessa sending her a smiling wink.

“Of course I will, you sissy!” she nodded, Narrisha sighing relieved, blinking her eyes as she smiled widely, descending on Vanessa, using every ounce of energy she had to please the albino demon.

“It’s really a chill, making love to a vampire girl like you...” Vanessa sighed pleasantly, Narrisha smirking as her eyes glowed red from the energy coursing through her.

“I once read of something called tribadism; can we try it?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha grinning as she locked her thighs into Vanessa’s, rubbing her nether lips into Vanessa’s.

“Yes! YES! Let me screw you until you get hooked, baby!” Narrisha yelled to the ceiling in her passion, Vanessa smiling as she began thrusting, herself.

“Now for something I’ve wondered about...” Vanessa winked at Narrisha, the vampire girl surprised as Vanessa bent over her, letting her hands tickle Narrisha’s armpits.

“No! Nohohohohoh! You, you’re not suppohohoh-sed to tickle your mistress! Bad girl! Down! Hihihihihih!” Narrisha cackled from laughing, biting lower lip and grabbing around a pillow as if to choke the pleasure.

“It’s not really healthy to hide it, mistress...” Vanessa grinned, returning to the tribadism position, much to Narrisha’s relief...until she felt Vanessa’s toes tickle her armpits now.

“No fair! No fair!” Narrisha began laughing again, the added pleasure of Vanessa’s thighs and nether lips into her own almost too much for her.

“OH, YES! Ride me, Vanessa!” Narrisha exclaimed, sitting up and thrusting her own thighs against the demon girl’s, the two of them moaning loudly as Vanessa could not keep up her tickling.

“NA-NARRISHA! I fear I’m going...I’m going to cum! Please let me cum, mistress!” Vanessa almost pleaded, Narrisha revealing her fangs in a triumphant grin.

“Cum, then! You have my blessing to cum! Cum like you’ve never cum before, Vanessa!” Narrisha broke the thrusting as she jumped Vanessa, diving between the surprised demon girl’s thighs, slurping on her nether lips so forcefully both cum and drool fell from her mouth unto the bed.

“DON’T STOP! Oh please, DON’T STOP! AH-H-H-H! OH MY GODS! I’M, I’M CLIMAXING! AH-H-H-H! AH! I...I, I’LL CUM! I’M...I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Vanessa pleaded and yelled out, her climax weakly hitting Narrisha’s lips, but satisfying the vampire girl greatly.

“Uhmm, not bad, but I’ll want more...after you’re done returning the favour!” Narrisha chuckled, leaning down and baring her nether lips to Vanessa as she groped herself; “ start soon; you got me excited...”

“Don’t mind if I do, milady!” Vanessa grinned, beginning to laugh; “...this sure is more exciting than reading yuri magazines!”

As she gracefully crawled towards Narrisha, Vanessa jokingly flapped her wings, twirled her tail and let out a playful snarl; amused, Narrisha smiled, leaned over and kissed Vanessa, the demon girl now fully aware that her new mistress really were a frisky little minx.

“Let’s get on with this...!” Vanessa winked, jumping unto Narrisha’s latex-covered breasts, the demon girl squealing lovingly as she fondled them, the vampire girl’s large breasts feeling as warm, inviting and ravishing as the vampire girl they belonged to.

“Now the cat’s really out of the bag, huh? Go on, suck them all you want, Vanessa...” Narrisha smiled, caressing Vanessa’s head as the demon girl did just so, Narrisha moaning lowly in pleasure.

“T-that’s it, girl; enjoy them all you want; my body’s yours to take, baby...” Narrisha moaned happily, her head lying slightly over the bed, Vanessa’s inexperienced but happy groping and teasing of Narrisha’s body making the vampire girl feel ever so wonderfully blessed.

“Hmm? Narrisha, your vagina is starting to get wet; you’re really excited??” Vanessa asked, Narrisha raising her head, smirking at Vanessa.

“Vanessa, you’ve got no idea, really; get your tongue down there” Narrisha teased, Vanessa carefully removing Narrisha’s thong, licking a girl’s nether lips for the first time.

“It’s so salty and moist; you’re really erotic, you minx...” Vanessa smiled, enjoying the taste, wanting more as she dove down again, hearing Narrisha whimper in pleasure.

“You tasted like ripe peaches; when you’re done, I wanna lick you again...” Narrisha smiled, Vanessa continuing her licking.

“I’ve really never felt this way before...I love you, your girls and your manor, Narrisha...” Vanessa sighed happily, stroking Narrisha’s butt, her tail stroking Narrisha’s forehead.

“Oh, do I have surprises for you...” Narrisha chuckled, enjoying her caressing.

“F-for me??” Vanessa asked, touched as she was; Narrisha, smiling proudly at her, were handing her a thick black leather collar with steel rings, Narrisha winking kinkily, Vanessa seeing it as a great welcoming gift.

“And just as something extra, I’ll let you borrow some of my lingerie and lace if you fancy that; I’ll bet it will fit you...” Narrisha winked, pointing her thumb backwards towards her closet.

“Don’t be shy; go over and look through them!” Narrisha smiled, Vanessa politely nodding as she headed for the closet, not much for admitting to Vanessa she had a passion for lace-clad girls.

“Hmm...oh my Gods! What a collection...!” Vanessa gasped as she opened the closet, looking through Narrisha’s clothes; formal gowns, dresses for daily use only filling a quarter of it:

Gloves, boots, corsets, suits, whips and suspicious-looking oblong objects in a dozen of colours filled most of the closet and floor, Vanessa admiring the sleek latex, smirking to herself as one of the suits showed dripping signs of recent use.

“Ah, here we are...” Vanessa dove further into the closet, finding a slightly revealing, but quite ornate lace outfit; carefully slipping it out of the closet, Vanessa headed over to the bed, looking at the smirking Narrisha.

“Right, uhmm...c-can you first help me into this, then?” Vanessa asked, the vampire girl standing up, beginning to dress Vanessa up in her new outfit, small glittering red glass stones inserted in the lace shining like rubies as the moonlight hit Vanessa.

“Does it have to sit so tight?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha chuckling.

“’Tight’? This is an old outfit, and you’re bustier than me, remember?” Narrisha said, Vanessa looking at her halfway revealing breasts.

“B-but then everyone will see me as naked! My nipples are even sticking out!” Vanessa blushed fiercely, covering her breasts with her tail.

“That’s kinda the point with fetish costumes, Vanessa; built up the passion, and then let the girls’ fantasies go wild!” Narrisha chuckled again, amused as the demon girl wiggled and moaned as Narrisha tied the final strings together.

“And now for the payment: A night of tutoring you how to please and to be taught some pleasure...” Narrisha teased, licking Vanessa’s cheek, amused to see Vanessa blush.

“Narrisha, you are such a teaser; I feel like a naughty girl now...” Vanessa mumbled, Narrisha pinching her ear lightly, grinning at Vanessa.

“That’s not the worst in the world to be!” Narrisha smiled, embracing Vanessa, hugging her and letting her tongue caress the albino girl’s neck.

“...After studying underground all those years, why do I hesitate now...?” Vanessa scolded herself, Narrisha winking at her.

“Vanessa, silly; all that time without a cute girl to share your bed; c’mon, let’s have the fun you’ve always dreamed of!” Narrisha encouraged, lightly stroking over Vanessa’s breasts.

“Yes....yes! It’s just like you said, I...I deserve to be pleased...” Vanessa encouraged herself, leaning her head back towards Narrisha, sticking out her tongue as the vampire girl sucked on it.

“N-Narrisha, I...I feel so much better now” Vanessa sighed, slipped out of Narrisha’s embrace and lay herself on the bed, caressing her legs and boots, her wings covering her seductive facial expression; “...please treat me; I long for your pleasant expertise.”

Grinning, Narrisha jumped eagerly on top of Vanessa, who were having second thoughts by feeling the force of which Narrisha began sucking on her nipples and groping her breasts through the thin lace.

“No! No, I...I...wait, keep going! Mistress Narrisha, quickly! Ravish me, Narrisha!” she pleaded her new mistress, Narrisha grinning happily.

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