Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 45)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 45

Title: Chapter XLV - Newcomers: The Babe and the Bookworm

“Why didn’t you tell me before you arrived?? You could have had a more proper welcoming committee than just the two of us” Allisia gasped, a cloaked and hooded girl stepping inside the manor’s great hall, the rain outside pouring down like a waterfall.

“Nah, wouldn’t spoil the surprise, babe” the cloaked girl smirked under the hood, Dracaia looking sceptically at her.

“Why the sour look, hottie?” the girl asked, Dracaia narrowing her reptilian eyes.

“I never trusted people who wore cloaks; nothing personal” Dracaia stated, the girl smiling and dropping her hood; a brown-skinned exotic girl with red-pink hair looked at her with her amber-coloured eyes, Dracaia feeling her awareness melt away, replaced with a certain wish that the girl would drop her skimpy leather and buckled outfit as well as her cloak.

“Name’s Janith; I’m a friend of your little Allisia here...” Janith winked, giving Allisia’s butt a small spank, the warrior girl blushing slightly.

“She...she is an old friend of mine-...” Allisia began, Janith groping her breasts through the thin nightgown.

“Old?? That’s no fun at all, baby; I’ve come here to become a maid, so show some respect for my boobs, OK??” Janith teased, Allisia looking helplessly at Dracaia, the dragon chuckling lowly in amusement.

“Hmm? Hush! I heard something...” she suddenly said, Janith stopping her groping, her and Allisia both aware of one thing: If a dragon told you to hush, you had better listen.

“Allisia, Janith, summon Narrisha; something just broke through the seal of this manor” Dracaia noted grimly, running for the entrance to the dungeons at such a speed that Allisia doubted her feet touched the floor.

“You know the way, girl; show me to that kinky mistress of yours” Janith winked, Allisia rolling her eyes, heading upstairs with Janith right behind her; this was certainly a strange night...

“Blast it! All calculations correct, and I teleport halfway across Varran rather than summon a bowl of fruits!” Vanessa scolded herself, checking her equipment; both glasses, shelves and all other inventory of her former underground lair were intact, yet the surroundings had changed completely; instead of solid rock walls, bricks filled out the walls, assuring her that she had ‘landed’ inside a building.

“Well, that’s one spell I shouldn’t try again...” Vanessa sighed, picking up the scroll she had used, disintegrating it with a spark of mystical magic.

“Let me see; am I whole, then? Legs...upper and lower torso...wings...oh, eheheh, and my tail...” Vanessa grinned to herself, using her tail to brush away some dust from her dress.

“Let me see where I’ve-...” Vanessa began, heading towards what used to be the entrance to her lair, finding it blocked by a girl in black silk nightgown, her glowing golden eyes and mouth formed into a growl, telling her that this was no mere human.

“Oh! A dragon?? My wings, this sure is an honour!” Vanessa smiled happily, reaching out her hand; “I am Vanessa, alchemist extraordinary...alas, until I nearly blew my lair up...”

“I see a demon, but a demon unwilling to harm me?” Dracaia said, her growl fading away; “a nice reprieve.”

As she shoke hands with Vanessa, she saw that the demon was an albino; white skin, tail and wings, her eyes humane, yet blood-red; also, her hair was dark-red, and yet she sensed that this demon was almost half as powerful as herself, which was quite a lot.

“See, I was experimenting on some new scrolls I’d written down, but, my tail, instead of simply summoning a bowl of fruits, I moved halfway across Varran, and now-...” Vanessa began explaining, stopping herself; “ lost track halfway through, right?”

“Not really, but listen...” Dracaia said, gesturing Vanessa to follow her up the stairs; “ are in Nightwind Manor, a sort of haven for dyke girls, so to say, and-...”
“Dykes? As in lesbians? Homosexual women?” Vanessa asked eagerly, Dracaia almost seeing sparks in her eyes.

“Uhmm...yes...” Dracaia began, Vanessa thrusting her fist upwards in a sort of triumphant gesture.

“Alas, it is a sign! After all my time underground with science and magic, I finally visit this ‘Nightwind Manor’, the right place for me to come out!” Vanessa exclaimed cheerfully, Dracaia beginning to wonder how Narrisha would deal with this walking dictionary of a bookworm.

“As far as I’ve read, this manor is run by Narrisha Nightwind, thus named Nightwind Manor; do you think I can meet her?” Vanessa asked, Dracaia pointing upwards; as Vanessa looked up, in front of the entrance to the dungeons, yawning or curious maids dressed in nightgowns looked at her as she headed upwards beside Dracaia.

“And just who are you?” one of them asked, this one clad in a slightly transparent, dark-blue nightgown, Vanessa smiling at her.

“I’m Vanessa, alchemist and formerly dwelling in a lair underground outside Sarrania; I accidently teleported myself here when I was reading through some scrolls” Vanessa explained, Narrisha looking sceptically at her.

“What were you really trying to do, then?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa blushing and curling her tail.

“It’ well as embarrassing...” Vanessa said, Jiraz standing in the middle of the crowd, moaning as she stroke Shica’s hair.

“Can’t you just tell it? Shica’s not through licking my clit yet, so we kinda wanna hit the sack again, soon...” Jiraz shoke her head, Shica grinning at her, Vanessa’s expression practically glowing with excitement.

“Jiraz and Shica! The renegade demon girl, and the empress’ daughter! Oh, you two are famous in the academic world, ladies!” Vanessa grinned, Narrisha looked surprised at her.

“I’m gonna ask again: What did you really intend to do with those spells?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa sighing heavily.

“I was trying to move a bowl of fruits the room...” she said, Shica letting out a loud laughter.

“And you instead teleported your whole, freaking lair into the dungeon of Nightwind Manor?!” she asked, Jiraz rolling her eyes, her and Shica grinningly turning around, heading back for their room, mumbling something alike; “mages...whatcha gonna do...”

“Uhmm, so...would I allowed to stay? I’ve got nowhere else...” Vanessa asked, Narrisha looking at Janith, the newly arrived redhead, smirking.

“Well, the babe roles here are practically filled out, but...” Narrisha said, leaning towards Vanessa; “...we could always use a cute little bookworm...”

“Oh! My tail, I should...why am I not prepared for this?? I’ve read all about-...” Vanessa started, Narrisha giggling at her nervousness, kissing Vanessa passionately.

“My Gods! I...I sure as Hell isn’t going to accept a no, now!” Vanessa gasped, stepping back, feeling a whole new excitement race through her.

“Uhmm...I feel kinda weird...” Narrisha moaned from the kiss, stroking a hand through her hair, a sudden, collective gasp catching her attention; looking at the previously blue-haired Narrisha, the vampire girl’s hair was now turning black with blue tips, reaching her waist, black, feathery wings sprouting from her back.

“Oh, uhmm, Miss Narrisha; I don’t think it was wise kissing me; I...kissing a demon like me might have-...” Vanessa began, Narrisha looking around herself, smiling.

“What’s wrong? I dropped my gown?” she grinned, suddenly feeling her new wings and longer hair, her expression complete surprise.

“OK, you little tit of a virgin...” Faris now approached Vanessa, angrily gritting her teeth; “...if you’ve hurt Narrisha in any way, I’m gonna take a strap-on, shove it up your clit and rape you all the rest of the night!”

“I didn’t do anything! She just kissed me, and I-...” Vanessa began, scared as she was; however, hearing Narrisha chuckle behind her, Faris suddenly felt herself being lifted upwards.

“Whatever she did, it sure felt good” Narrisha smiled, the maids not really minding the change, although a few of them were intimidated with her new wings.

“Wow! You’ve never been this strong, Narrisha!” Faris yelled out, Narrisha holding her up in one arm without any effort.

“I...I feel so much stronger, so much friskier...”

Narrisha said, folding her wings into her back, where they disappeared in a flash of mystical magic.

“Try summoning them back and fly around; I have a theory...” Vanessa said, pondering as she watched every movement Narrisha made as she summoned her wings again without effort.

“I FREAKING LOVE THI-I-I-I-IS! This so much beats having to wear clothes to levitate!” Narrisha yelled out in cheer as she span around the great hall, her maids cheering at her; gracefully, she landed beside Vanessa.

“I’ve got it! When you kissed me, since I’m so used to all sorts of magic, that kiss must have triggered your inner, vampiric powers; not the ‘bloodlust’ kind, but something like flight, hypnotizing and all that”

Vanessa said, Narrisha looking at her hands; she had really become much more powerful, but more importantly to herself...

“Let me see...” she mumbled, opening her nightgown, starring in awe as her breasts were now almost twice as large as before, making her quite busty.

“Vanessa, I’ll welcome any chick who’d increase my sex appeal just by kissing me...” Narrisha grinned, grabbing Vanessa’s arm; “...but I’ll have to...’initiate’ you first...”

With those words, Narrisha took off with the amazed Vanessa, the maids heading back for bed, eagerly discussing these two new arrivals.

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