Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 44)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 44

Title: Chapter XLIV - The Night is Always Young #2

“Tha-...that was...was so awesome...!” Innoki cheered, having made Raicha climax intensely as the biker babe had cum all over the floor, Innoki exhausted as she bumped down, beginning to giggle.

“What’s up with you?” Raicha asked a bit perplexed.

“I, I’m just glad I could...hihihihih...try and be the bad girl for once...” Innoki smiled at her, Faris look over her shoulder.

“It’s all nice and snugly, but you still have me to fuck! What’s up; you begin favouring blondes over redheads??” Faris teasingly scolded, Raicha giggling as she swung herself over to Faris and giving her a drooling kiss, the redhead chuckling as she responded.
“OK, here I come, Faris...!” Innoki cheered, Faris bracing herself...

“YAH!” Allisia exclaimed, jumping to the side, Dracaia’s axe just gracing her cloak; during the whole duel, Allisia had proven far superior to her and Charlene, who had simply sat herself down, panting heavily in exhaustion, surrendering.

As it now were Dracaia against Allisia, the dragon girl decided to draw upon a bit of her draconic strength; seeing as Allisia could withstand so many blows against her blade, she assumed she could withstand a little more added strength to Dracaia’s blows.

“H-how can you sense my movement like this??” Dracaia exclaimed in sudden surprise as Allisia’s Soul-Cleaver blade found itself all but a meter from her throat; to Dracaia’s even greater surprise, her axe fell to the ground, shattered in small fragments of the otherwise so strong dwarven steel.

“A good sword, a lot of skill as well as a good overview of the situation...” Allisia said, smiling under her helmet; “...and besides, you aim your strikes well, but you put too much strength and time into them.”

Had it not been a Dragon Knight and friend speaking to her, Dracaia would surely have gone furious at that correction; instead, however, she grinned at Allisia.

“How would you fancy if we were to take the rematch outside where I would turn into my true form?” she teasingly mocked, Allisia grinning at the joke, sheathing her sword and opening her visor, a sweaty face greeting Dracaia, her appetite for the warrior girl suddenly flaring up.

“Say...” Dracaia asked slowly, Allisia already knowing where this was going...

“Gods, next time I try out so much screwing at one time, I’m going to need some rest long before that...” Narrisha grinned at herself, tossing herself down on her bed; having left Ukuni panting and smiling happily, she felt satisfied with her efforts for the day, saving her last energy for later in the evening.

“So you’re the...oh, sorry; do I disturb you?” a voice now came from the door; sitting up, Narrisha noticed the rumoured Zyrah Stardust standing in the doorway, eyeing the vampire girl teasingly.

“Oh, you must be Zyrah Stardust; I’m Narrisha Nightwind, mistress of this manor” Narrisha stood up, formally walking towards Zyrah, her cape flowing behind her as Zyrah raised an eyebrow.

“I gotta say, these girls sure know why to obey their mistress...” Zyrah smirked to herself, looking at Narrisha’s outfit, whistling impressed.

“Say, that’s quite some nice outfit you’ve got there; is it handmade or did you buy it?” Zyrah asked, Narrisha nodding, though slightly annoyed by the shin’saras girl’s lack of proper introduction.

“Can you come in a moment?” she asked, Zyrah shrugging and smilingly following Narrisha.

“Oh, and do help yourself to some reading; I will be with you in a few moments...” Narrisha said, gesturing to her bed as Zyrah sat herself down, adjusting the zipper of her vest and began looking through Narrisha’s neatly arranged doujinshis.

“I’ve never really read these Jap-...oh good; it’s normal English!” Zyrah said, swinging herself fully into bed, looking through one of the doujinshis, her feet crossed as she hummed to herself.

“I am ready now, newcomer...” Narrisha’s voice was heard, Zyrah mumbling to herself.

“Already? Heh, that sure was qui-...” Zyrah said, looking up from the doujin, awestruck as the vampire girl stood naked before her, her cape falling to the floor, her eyes glowing red as she headed for the bed.

“I may not thirst for blood...” Narrisha said, chuckling evilly to herself at the look of awe and surprise in Zyrah’s eyes; “...but I really crave some fresh, little lady love all the time...”

“Th-this is quite ironic, really...” Allisia said, Dracaia teasingly kissing her cheek; “...that I fall to my own are one wicked trickster, Dracaia...”

“Keep going, I’m gonna find Siriki so she can film this!”

Charlene grinned, running off as she continued to chuckle; having dropped her armour, Allisia had lent Soul-Cleaver to Dracaia to examine, convinced it was simply to admire the blade; however, the dragon girl had now tricked her and had teasingly overpowered the warrior girl, the hilt of Soul-Cleaver used to enter Allisia’s channel of innocence.

“You’re formidable, really; both in self-control, fighting...” Dracaia said, grinning menacingly at Allisia; “ well as in lovemaking.”

“I just have full control over myself...apart from when it comes to times like this...” Allisia admitted, Dracaia suddenly laughing out loud, Allisia looking confused at her.

“What’s so funny since you laugh...?” Allisia began, suddenly remembering what Dracaia had told her earlier: Apart from their telepathic powers, dragons were also skilled in mentalism, making them able to even read thoughts.

“Let me see if I understood it right...” Dracaia said, grinning as she took a deep breath, beginning to pant intensely, tempted to touch herself by looking at Allisia...

“Wait, you can’t do that! That is right out un-...!” Allisia began in a meek attempt to hide her excitement, Dracaia’s breasts suddenly covering her face.

“’Unfair’, was it?” Dracaia smiled, having read in Allisia’s mind that a fetish of hers might be her imaginative, defeated warrior girl opponents, lying at her feet, panting and pleading her to be made love to.

“You really aren’t so virtuous when it comes to it, are you?” Dracaia teased, Allisia managing a proud, challenging look.

“Bring me an army of amazons...” she hissed, a smile running over her lips; “...and they’ll be defeated, ravished and ridden of their virtue before the sun sets!”

“Of course, if they are willing to do so; trying to defeat you would be quite naughty, wouldn’t it?” Dracaia continued to tease, returning to her panting and rubbing of her breasts into the more than amused warrior girl’s face.

“Uhmm, I don’t really think this will work out, Jiki...” Kiro said sheepishly, finding the position her and Jiki sat in to be right out awkward.

“I have to agree; I feel like I’ve been trying karma sutra for far too long...” Jiki grinned to herself, her and Kiro snuggling themselves out of their position.

“I don’t know, Jiki; that erotic in lovemaking, it just doesn’t appeal to me...” Kiro said, rubbing her head.

“Me neither; the only thing in those magazines I like are the ‘softcore’ ones” Jiki said, blushing slightly.

“Oh, so you would like me...” Kiro grinned teasingly, flipping a magazine open, holding it up towards Jiki’s nose; “ do this?”

The picture of two blondes in the scissoring position had Jiki smile, which broadened as Kiro leaned over her, her fiendish chuckle all too clear to Jiki:

Kiro had her own ways of driving Jiki crazy with passion.

“Hmhmhm; I think I’ll try the same as I did on our date to Mt. Serenity...” Kiro said happily, Jiki giggling.

“For such a kitty, you’ve gone quite naughty right now...” Jiki teased, Kiro issuing a cat-like meow, following Jiki on hands and knees as she climbed into bed.

“Let’s do this the way we like it...” Kiro purred, Jiki stroking her chin; “...not like how the other girls say we should do it.”

“Urgh...holy...oh, I feel as if...” Zyrah said, Narrisha sitting up, smiling satisfied at the shin’saras girl.

“As if what?” she simply asked, Zyrah opening her yes, grinning.

“I’ve been hung in leather ropes and fucked by professional dominatrices; I’ve been gangbanged concert after concert by wailing fangirls storming into my hotel room; made me feel incredible compared to that...”

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Stardust; I pride myself of my abilities...” Narrisha smirked, sucking her forefinger; “...say, pleasing is all good, but would you like to repay me?”

“Let me put it this way...” Zyrah gracefully sat up, rustled her hair and combed it, for then to, with a surprising ease, force the surprised Narrisha into her bed with the head first, the vampire girl smiling under her breath.

“Let me show what I’ve learned from those fangirls of mine...” Zyrah said, giggling; “’s actually nice I’ve found one I can go really crazy with; you’re a real she-wolf in heat!”

“OH! Uhmm! Oh, yes! You’ve sure got that right!” Narrisha laughed as Zyrah lay on Narrisha’s back, rubbing herself against the vampire girl.

“NYA-A-A-AH! NO, SIRIKI! NO FAIR!” Chinyi wailed out, her and Siriki having returned to the pools, Siriki laughing delightfully as she splashed water on Chinyi and licked it off again, obsessed with the pink-haired girl’s busty breasts.

“Uhm-m-m, they’re so, just like marshmallows...” Siriki moaned, Chinyi giggling to no limit.

“Rachel! Anyone! Help me out!” Chinyi grinned as she yelled out, letting herself fall over into Siriki’s embrace.
“Remember last fall when we did this in the garden?”
Chinyi grinned, Siriki smiling at her; “yeah; you went all crazy when I began tickling you!”

“Hey, it was you who wanted to fool around in that mud puddle...” Chinyi winked, Siriki blushing a bit.

“I like it; it’s so naughty and I had you to mess around with...” Siriki winked at Chinyi; “...and the way you screamed when you came; such a thrill...”

“Oh, I scream, do I??” Chinyi playfully launched herself at Siriki, groping the ice-haired girl’s breasts; “I’ll teach you a thing or two about screaming!”

“OH! UHM-M-M-M...! Suck them! Suck harder...!!!” Siriki insisted pleadingly, using her left arm to press Chinyi’s head closer to her breast, Chinyi giggling joyfully as she played with Siriki.

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