Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 43)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 43

Title: Chapter XLIII - The Night is Always Young #1

“Uh-h-h-h, this does it! I can’t even sleep for all this mating around!” Breeze hooted angrily at herself, running as fast as she could downstairs for the dungeons; having taken a nap in the great hall, she had had it with constant interruptions.

“A griffon must also have its rights!” she mumbled to herself, decided to teach the Nightwind ladies that they should at least keep their moaning down, knowing either people or animals were sleeping.

“Hey, Breeze; what’s the hur-...?” a suddenly approaching Christy asked as Breeze simply took a small flap from her mighty wings, elegantly soaring down the rest of the way down the stairs.

“Sorry; I’ll explain later!” Breeze hooted over her left wing, a confused Christy standing behind with an equally confused Zyrah.

“Ah, here it is!” Breeze thought to herself, landing in front of a small, dim-lit door in the large, central dungeon; standing on her hind legs, she used her clumsy eagle claws to open the door, marching in.

“Now we you-...” she started angrily, her beak smacking shut as she saw Innoki fully occupied with Faris and Raicha, the two of them hanging from the roof in steel chains, moaning and screaming their lungs halfway out.

“Is that how you treat your captives??” Breeze asked in shock, Innoki stopping her thrusting, turning around to face the griffon.

“Oh, uhmm, Breeze! Sorry if we woke you, but just...oh, whatever!” Innoki started, perplexed, leaving it for Narrisha to deal with, returning to her raping of Faris and Raicha.

“C-can it wait, Breeze? We’ll try and keep down if that’s the issue, OK?” Narrisha asked, grinning as she appeared from underneath Hiroi, Mirinda’s long, slender arm dragging her quickly back into the threesome.

“Uhmm...well, I can wait...” Breeze mumbled confused, stepping back out, closing the door silently; “...for a few centuries.”

“For Gods’ sake, Breeze; what’s gotten into your tail feathers??” Christy asked in confusion, having run down the stairs with Zyrah right behind her, the two of them now panting for air and holding to their sides.

“Well, I...I was going to complain all that noise you lasses make when you...crescent the bed sheets, so to speak...” Breeze tried and explain, gesturing with twirls of her right front claw; “...because I, for one, really need my fourteen hours’ sleep! You simply make too much noise!”

“Well, sorry, I didn’t know it was that big of an issue” Christy honestly apologised, Breeze’s clapping her beak and rustled her feathers.

“It’s alright, Miss Christy; I just needed to...lighten my feathers...” Breeze made a noise that sounded like a sigh; “...some of the other girls are enjoying themselves in there” she said, pointing with her tail tip at the door she had just entered; “you might go and introduce our little singer to them.”

“Right, Breezie girl; now, can ye be a good griffon and, I dunno, can you flap your wings?” Zyrah asked childishly, sitting on hook, unaware of Breeze’s dislike to being treated like a common house pet.

“I...I can indeed, Miss Stardust...” Breeze said, swallowing her anger, calming herself that this lass was a newcomer; unfolding her wings, she proudly flipped them out in their full width, standing on her hind legs, holding a front claw out to each side in a majestic gesture.

“Wow, you griffies are awesome, really!” Zyrah smiled, impressed by Breeze’s large size and majestic posture.

“Thank you, little lass” Breeze said, kneeling down on all four again; “now, if you’ll excuse me, I smell a good beef from the kitchen...”

With those words, Breeze unfolded her wings once again, flying up the stairs to the kitchen.

“Uhmmm...keep it up; don’t stop now...!” Narrisha moaned, Mirinda and Hiroi having taken the dominant roles, their mistress holding her legs up high, Hiroi leaning down on Narrisha, Mirinda lying in between them, slurping on Hiroi’s nether lips, letting her hair tease Narrisha’s.

“This is fun, but I’d prefer something else...” Narrisha grinned to herself; holding her hand up, she conjured the pearl white-dildo, quickly inserting it into her nether lips, moaning pleasantly.

“And now...” Narrisha smiled, an evil glow in her eyes; caught off-guard, Mirinda found herself grabbed by the vampire girl, being sat down on the other end of the dildo as it penetrated her anus.

“Ar-r-r-r-rgh! It hurts! But it’’s such a good pain...!” Mirinda gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Ohohohoh, what have we got her? A nice and ripe little elf dominatrix?” Hiroi grinned, Mirinda’s moist nether lips dripping before her eyes.

“It’s so cute! You wet little slut, Mirinda...” Hiroi chuckled, sighing happily as she leaned over Mirinda; “...I’ll make sure you’ll never dry out of cum, you little hottie!”

As Hiroi, Mirinda and Narrisha had their fun, Raicha could feel her skin sweat under her tight latex clothes; as it dripped from her, she felt Innoki’s thrusts weakening, thanking Shinris as she could hardly hold on much longer.

“You’re so fucking lucky, Raicha; finally I can be the dominative bitch!” Innoki laughed out loud, the sound bringing shivers down Raicha’s otherwise heated spine.

“I’m getting hot...just looking at this...” Faris panted, having tried to reach for her own nether lips, but had instead found it much easier to moan and imagine what Innoki would do to her, her leather bodysuit darkening from the sweat of her body, cum assembling in her nether lips and drool falling from her mouth.

“Mi-mistress Narrisha! I can feel you...inside me...!” Mirinda suddenly wailed out, chuckling in delight as she could hardly wait to climax in the ever-skirt chasing Hiroi’s face.

“I, I feel something, too! Some good’s about to happen!” Narrisha grinned, moaning again and again as she began tongue-wrestling Mirinda and groping her breasts, pinching her nipples.

“Oh! Oh, Oh YE-E-E-E-E-EAH!” Mirinda screamed out loud as she came, Hiroi’s face receiving her price as the shin’idun girl came heavily and lastingly.

“I’m gonna cum, too! It’s hot fucking such a tight pussy!” Narrisha grinned, Hiroi’s cum-covered face grinning at her mistress.

“Oh, GO-O-O-O-ODS!” Narrisha yelled out as she came; however, in that instant, a sudden gushing noise was heard, Narrisha feeling something welling up inside her nether lips apart from her own cum; as she heard Mirinda scream in surprise, she saw a transparent fluid burst from the dildo’s end, entering into Mirinda, as well.
“What the Hell was that??” Hiroi asked, partly herself, in disbelief; looking carefully, she saw cum drip down from Mirinda’s anus and Narrisha’s nether lips.

“It’s those two little kitties, it is! Angels, my ass; what sacred being would make sex toys in their free time??” Hiroi grinned, bursting into hysterical fits of laughter at the look on Narrisha and Mirinda’s faces.

“That was...a whole new experience to me...” Mirinda panted out, turning around and grinning at Narrisha; “...did it feel good to you?”

“Hell, as long as it’s with my girls, everything feels good; hollowing out a dildo so we cum into each other...” Narrisha smiled back, Mirinda leaning down and kissing her, the kiss becoming more passionate as the two of them were soon rolling around on the floor, kissing, pulling hair and humping as Hiroi joined in.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! OH, F-U-U-U-UCK!” Shica screamed out, her and Jiraz finally climaxing intensely after their drunken romp; beside them, Jiki and Kiro merely rustled each others’ hair, chuckling as they fingered each other and pinched each other’s nipples.

“You’re such a pervert, Jiki...” Kiro joked, getting a sucking on her left breast in response.

“Oh, ple-e-e-ease; even when drunk they’re not even getting started...!” Shica whined, Jiraz sighing and grinning at her.

“I guess we owe them some yuri porn, after all...” she grinned, Shica smirking at her girlfriend.

“Later; there’s still phase two!” Shica laughed, planting a drooling, slurping kiss on Jiraz’s lips, the two of them rolling around, screaming in passion and lust.

“Ready? Kiro asked Jiki, the two of them giggling as they found the time to have come for them to really give into their desires.

“Yeah!” Jiki winked, Kiro descending on Jiki’s nether lips.

“Ya-a-a-a-argh! Oh, please, don’t...!” Narru shrieked innocently, Rachel simply giggling at her, pressing her downwards.

“Uhmm, you look really cute now, little silly...” Rachel chuckled; having found her way down to another section of the dungeon, she had found Narru sniffing curiously around the mud pit, Rachel already planning for a mud bath; having surprised the silver-haired younger girl, their playfully wrestling had lead them to discard their clothes, humping around in the thick brown mud.

“You’re so mean, Rachel; we can’t go to the showers like this!” Narru whined, Rachel simply licking her nose rid of mud, finding the silver-haired girl simply irresistible.

“Silly, there’s showers right over there” Rachel said, pointing a dripping, muddy finger at a door not ten meters from them.

“Really?” Narru asked, feeling delighted that she might not need to worry; her uniform totally soaked in mud lay outside the pit, and her only remaining clothing, her boots, were filled to their brims with it.

“Yeah, really, you don’t need to worry about cleaning” Rachel said, Narru lightning up in a large grin; in the next moment, she shoke her hair as free of mud as she could, bend Rachel over, sitting atop her as she took off her boots, emptying their content of mud in the laughing Rachel’s face, putting them back on.

“Now it’s my turn, then!” Narru grinned, her tongue entering deeply into Rachel’s mouth, tongue-kissing the equally lustful Rachel; under her, however, Narru felt a great pleasure as Rachel’s careful fingers had begun fingering her.

“I CAME HOW MANY TIMES??” Jisha exclaimed in awe and confusion, Siriki, Chinyi and Minyoki grinning at her.

“About 43, counting from start and until now; you got even hornier when Narrisha gave you a little shock with Mystical lightning bolts” Siriki informed, smirking at the memory of Jisha’s complete ecstasy.

“Oh, Gods! That’s...that’s almost as much as I counted back in first year of my school!” Jisha gasped in awe, grinned and held her hand to her head, laughing at herself.

“Say, Jisha; wanted to see the last of that yuri clip?” Minyoki asked, Jisha bolting up from the bed, sitting down on the chair next to Minyoki’s and Siriki’s; exchanging giggles, the girls watched as Minyoki pressed the ‘play’ button...

“So, Charlene, do tell me...” Dracaia asked, Allisia, her and Charlene enjoying some apples and white wine after their romp; “ say you were ‘reanimated’ as far as I hear; who did reanimate you, then?”

“Shica Narra-Jar, the shin’saras girl with the demonic girlfriend” Charlene replied, Allisia smiling and shaking her head as she took a bite form her apple.

“Hmm? She said something funny?” Dracaia asked, Allisia reminding herself of the dragon girl’s sharp hearing.

“It’s just that word, ‘demonic girlfriend’; I just remember the time when even mentioning the word ‘demon’ would soon had a lynch mob of villagers standing ready with pitchforks and hammers...” Allisia explained, sighing; “...and these days, all I feel for that word is what I feel for Nightwind Manor itself.”

“Which is?” Dracaia and Charlene spoke as one, Charlene smirking a bit.

“Pure, untamed, raw lust, love and passion for each and every one of the people to live there...” Allisia smirked, winking at Charlene; “...I especially enjoy the more mature ones over the little silly girls running about with their pranks.”

“You mean Siriki and Chinyi? Hihihih, they’re harmless, Allisia...” Charlene giggled, turning to Dracaia; “...since you’re new here, Siriki and Chinyi are two younger girls having a good time pulling pranks on us all.”

“What sort of pranks?” Dracaia, sitting up, looking curious.

“Well, buckets of water over the doors, writing ‘suck here’ on our panties and pushing people into water or just randomly groping and humping them” Charlene counted on her fingers, Dracaia chuckling amused.

“Ah, youth; no wonder I felt so attracted to them from starters...” she said, a small grin rolling over her black lips; “...I’ll be certain to see to their deserved punishments.”

“Good luck in that; not even Mistress Narrisha’s powers can topple those two; they will most likely escape” Allisia smiled to herself, taking another sip of her wine.

“Mistress Narrisha! There you are!” Vinya gasped, seeing Narrisha busy molesting Hiroi and Mirinda, all the while Innoki busily ravished Raicha and Faris.

Vinya grinned to herself; such sights were surely worth running halfway over the manor for; having forgotten what Narrisha were to know, she felt herself loving the scene unfolding before her.

“Ah, the new little shin’saras chick?” Raicha managed to gasp, Vinya seeing a small trace of blood falling down to the floor under the chained blonde, Innoki lying exhausted on her back.

“I-Innoki; you’re raping Raicha?!” Vinya asked in a mix of shock and awe, Innoki turning around, her body clad in leather and dripping with sweat, her strap-on dripping with Raicha’s cum as she unstrapped it and licked lustfully on it.

“Oh, little Vinya; such a sweet little girl...” Innoki spoke in a newly awoken seductive voice; “want to help me rape Faris, as well?”

“You, you have her permission for it??” Vinya asked in surprise.

“I’d say she’s got it; I’m just waiting my turn!” Faris responded, Vinya starring in amazement at Faris and Raicha.

“She’s already raped me, cutie; felt kinda good, too...” Raicha grinned, winking at Vinya; “...uhm-m, I could use some little boobies, though; say, wanna fuck? I love girls in leather...”

Perplexed, Vinya grinned nervously, Innoki heading over for Faris, who were preparing herself for the strap-on.

“I...I suppose I could...” Vinya mumbled, Innoki helping Raicha free; the biker babe, now free of her chains, looked up and down Vinya, almost as if scanning her.

“Hmm, good breasts, cute butt, frisky outfit...” she mumbled, stepping closer to Vinya, catching her off-guard as she grabbed her chin, kissing her hotly as she forced her to the floor.

“I’m gonna make you regret you thought of even dressing up!” Raicha grinned, massaging Vinya’s breasts through her shirt, Vinya whimpering pleasantly.

“Love the hair, by the way; you’re just ripe to ravish!” Raicha grinned, happily snuggling her nose against Vinya’s breasts, the shin’saras playfully giggling as she hugged the surprised biker babe.

“Oh, all hugging and loving, huh? Well, what the Hell...” Raicha laughed to herself, replying the hug and humping herself against Vinya’s left leg.

“Are you there, soon?” Jiki asked, her and Kiro having turned to the 69 position, Kiro nodding eagerly; although hard to ignore due to their continuous screams of lovemaking, Jiki and Kiro had turned a deaf ear to Jiraz and Shica, focusing simply on pleasing and comforting each other.

“...Almost...there...!” Kiro whimpered, letting her tongue caress Jiki’s nether lips smoothly; returning the favour, Jiki let her own tongue tickle Kiro’s g-spot, the white-haired girl moaning, quacking, and finally...

“O-o-o-oh!” Kiro whimpered, climaxing as Jiki joined in, Kiro’s tongue having teased her for so long...

“They...they actually came?? Ohohohohoh, naughty angels...!” Jiraz grinned, Shica looking up from her position under Jiraz, smirking at Jiki and Kiro.

“We, we’re done in a minute; you’ll get the yuri porn, then...” she just managed to grin as Jiraz’s tongue dug into her nether lips again, Shica’s g-spot mercilessly teased and tickled as she screamingly in lust returned the favour.

“From me to you, Mistress!” Ukuni gladly handed Narrisha a small plastic case; during her romp with Raicha, Vinya had told Narrisha that Ukuni were asking for her; leaving the slightly disappointed Hiroi and Mirinda behind, Narrisha now observed the case.

“it’s something I think will suit the rest of your fetish wardrobe” Ukuni grinned; “Charlene gave me the idea this afternoon; I hope you’ll like it!”

Giving a grateful smile, Narrisha opened the case, sighing happily at the content: Inside were a long, black cloak of the finest latex, its inside completely dark-blue of the same material.

“We figured that, since almost all vampires in those old movies use capes and cloaks, you could use one, as well” Ukuni nodded, pleased with her work.

Delighted, Narrisha put down the case, dressing herself up in her new cloak; the rubber band in its neck made it flexible, and the latex felt good on Narrisha’s bared arms, the rest of her latex dominatrix outfit matching it perfectly.

“Oh, I love this! It feels so...powerful and complete!” Narrisha cheered; concentrating, she tried making wings out of the cloak, which succeeded as large latex wings folded into form from the cloak, Narrisha setting off and hovering a bit, keeping herself perfectly in the air.

“Oh Gods, Ukuni! I...I need to reward you!” Narrisha gasped out in happiness, Ukuni smirking as she opened her door to her room.

“Come and get me, vampire lady!” she playfully laughed, Narrisha running after her into her room, snarling equally playfully as she cornered Ukuni by her bed, descending down upon her...

“Quite an odd request, this of yours, Allisia...” Dracaia raised an eyebrow; having agreed to have a non-fatal duel with Allisia, she gladly admitted that the warrior girl’s new armour suited her.

“I’m thankful you accepted, Dracaia; how are you over there, Charlene?” Allisia asked, Charlene looking carefully through Allisia’s large selection of armour and weapons; deciding to join Allisia and Charlene’s fight, she thought she would need some light armour for her to keep her mobility.

“Still, your choice...well, eheheh, it surprises me, Dracaia...” Allisia grinned under the helmet; Dracaia had selected an old sindiyan suit of samurai-like armour and a dwarven axe, its heavy blade easy to carry for the dragon girl as she swung her hair to the side, having denied using a helmet.

“So, what are the rules?” Dracaia asked, Charlene stepping cheerfully into view:

She had selected a shin’idun chainmail shirt under a short, white skirt; her shins were covered in shin’idun platemail greaves, the tip of brown leather boots showing her feet, and her wrists and arms partly guarded by gauntlets and brown leather gloves; the whole set, being of shin’idun design, were light, protective and glided all golden.

“What an enchanting suit...” Dracaia gasped, her eyes wandering over Charlene as she rustled her hair, selecting two Silvarciraian shortswords as weapons.

“Uhmm, Dracaia...?” Allisia asked, finding the dragon girl curiously attracted to Charlene and her golden armour.

“Urgh, I fool; I forgot dragons are near obsessed with all things golden or shining...” Allisia smiled at herself, Dracaia snapping out of her trance-like state.

“The rules are simple: First of all, fight honourably, meaning no magic or turning your back to your opponent...” Allisia informed; “...secondly, this might be a duel, but no lethal strikes; we are not out to slay each other, Shinris forbid it...”

“So, this is all the magazines and doujinshis they have...?” Jiki asked herself, Kiro giggling besides her; in a small, transparent plastic case, a smaller hoard of magazines, comics and doujinshis lay ready for them to read, a grinning Shica and Jiraz leaving the room, wishing them good luck.

“Well, we should start somewhere...” Kiro said, opening the case, Jiki sitting down on hook, looking over Kiro’s shoulder as she went through the content.

“Wow, I didn’t even know that one...” Jiki grinned to Kiro, both of them amused with a doujinshi titled ‘Demonic Dykes’; the front page were richly illustrated with two succubi in a heated kissing session, all the while using their wings to keep them floating.

“What is it that’s so attractive about succubi??” Kiro asked, partly to herself.

“It’s their breasts size and perfect body build; it’s irresistible to most people” Jiki said, Kiro looking smilingly at her.

“What do I need that sex appeal for? I have you...” she blew a kiss at Jiki, who blushed lightly and kneeled down, giving Kiro a kiss on the cheek.

“Now, try and find something interesting, kitty...” Jiki said, heading to their bed; “...I’ll make sure to ready this for some romping.”

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