Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 42)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 42

Title: Chapter XLII - Roles are Reversed

“By the goddess! You...uhmm...” Dracaia found herself moaning, Charlene and Allisia sitting on each side of her, rubbing her breasts eagerly; after having entertained her by various seductive poses and gestures, the two of them had been allowed to continue their molesting of the dragon girl.

“It seems you really have a precious passion, Lady Dracaia...” Allisia said, grinning at her; “...luring two maidens into your room for them to touch and molest you? I’m honoured at your trust in us.”

“True, although I’ll look forward to the moment the favour is returned” Charlene smiled, Dracaia’s head leaning backwards, happy how pleasant this lovemaking felt to her, and cheerful how she had even successfully lured yet another cute lover to her bed and hoard.

“Amazing, really...” Allisia said with a wondrous look in her eyes as she stroke the inner of Dracaia’s thighs; “...before it was all but golden scales, and now it is the softest, sun-tanned skin...”

“I choose a female elf form for its appealing anatomy...” Dracaia said, smirking a bit; “ seems like I was successful in seducing quite some lovers.”

“We’re only happy to bring you happiness; one favour to another, so to say” Allisia said, stroking Dracaia’s forehead; “I am sure you’ll be happy with what we can do.”

Later in the afternoon, the maids preparing for dinner, deep down in the old dungeons of Nightwind Manor, something were rustling about in one of the old cells...

“Uhmm...hmm? ‘Wah teh ‘eck??” Innoki said as a blindfold were removed from her eyes, Narrisha, Faris and Mirinda standing in front of her, Raicha and Hiroi behind her.

“Don’t tell me you don’t feel like this” Narrisha said, leaning over her, her black latex dominatrix outfit shinning in the dim-lit room.

Removing the gag from Innoki’s mouth, Raicha looked at the brown-haired girl hungrily.

“She’s so cute, and there’s five of us...” Raicha grinned, Innoki’s eyes opening slightly wider; “...what say Hiroi and I start ahead?”

“Sure, I don’t mind waiting up, do you?” Mirinda asked Faris.

“Well, I kinda like messing around with her, moaning and all...” Faris smirked, chuckling a bit; “...but I don’t mind the others go ahead.”

“I’d love to ravish her, but let them go first; the more anticipation the better” Mirinda nodded, Narrisha returning her attention to Innoki.

“You might ask why you’re here, all of a sudden? Deep down in the dungeons?” Narrisha asked, stroking Innoki’s chin.

“Y-yes? Why, exactly?” Innoki mumbled, confused as she was.

“Well, we just feel that you’re not really happy when you have sex; I mean, I liked your performance with Hiroi, but I think you ought to be a little more dominant” Narrisha explained.

“I suppose you’re right, but why are we in the dungeons?” Innoki asked again.

“Well, that’s the surprise for you; see...” Narrisha said, snapping her fingers as she walked around Innoki; suddenly, solid steel chains appeared from openings in the walls, entangling themselves slowly around Raicha and Faris, neither of them seeming surprised.

“You see, I understand that you like ‘action babes’, and since Hiroi so willingly let herself rape by Allisia...” Narrisha grinned, Hiroi blushing and secretly smirking under her breath; “...I’ve decided that you, Innoki, are to rape Faris and Raicha.”

“What?! That little petite wimp couldn’t rape a catgirl in a maid uniform!” Raicha barked out, being lifted up by the chains, finding herself, along with Faris, locked up with no means of moving, and with their naked bodies bared.

“You, you mean I am molest them??” Innoki asked in a mix of awe and confusion.

“Indeed; I’ve even taken the freedom and arm you properly” Narrisha joked, gesturing to a small niche in the room; a bullwhip, a suit of black leather with ankle-high boots and several strap-ons and dildos lay in a small bundle on the floor along with a dozen of bottles of water.

“My own fetish suit...?” Innoki asked, tears of happiness in her eyes, having never owned one before.

“Yes; it is time you took a more active approach to your fellow Nightwind girls” Narrisha said, the vampire girl kissing Innoki’s neck, chuckling; “after all, I pride myself of equality among my little maids.”

“And you two don’t mind this?” Innoki asked carefully, Faris replying with a pleasant laughter.

“You silly little kid; since that day in the showers I’ve honesty hoped you’d get back at me!” she grinned, winking at Innoki; “I’d recommend that red dildo; it’s got a vibrating function.”

“As for me, I suppose I should’ve known some of you little ladies would be after my tits...” Raicha sighed, grinning a bit; “ I kinda owe you it...besides, I kinda wanted to try a new kind of fucking, so you fit that bill perfectly.”

“Mistress Narrisha...” Innoki said, her voice quacking a bit.

“Yes, Innoki?” Narrisha asked, a little concerned about Innoki’s quacking voice.

In the next instant, the brown-haired girl pulled Narrisha into a spine-breaking hug, kissing her mistress deeply and happily; amused, Narrisha grinned as she returned the kiss.

Letting go, Innoki stepped back, Narrisha staggering as Mirinda caught her.

“Hihihihih! OK, I gotta admit I loved that” Narrisha giggled, Innoki beaming.

“Girls, I’m gonna show you a real good time!” Innoki cheered, heading over to the fetish items, dressing up.

“How about us? Innoki gets the blonde and the redhead, and we’re no-...” Hiroi began, Narrisha turning around to her and Mirinda, chuckling with her eyes closed shut.

“You just had to ask, didn’t you?” Mirinda joked, uncertainly looking at Narrisha, Hiroi not making it to respond before two quick hands reached out for Hiroi and Mirinda’s breasts, Narrisha forcing them to the floor, chuckling as the two of them squirmed helplessly against their mistress’ advances.

“’Strap on tight, outfit’s right, take her to Heaven; it’s time for flight’” Raicha sang jokingly.

“You’re also listening to that Zyrah Stardust lady?” Faris asked amused.

“Yeah, she’s so hot and all...uhmm, I could eat her up raw!” Raicha grinned, Faris whispering to her; “you know she’s staying at the manor, right?”

“What?! Oh my Gods, I gotta see her! I’d totally wanna hump her if I can get to it! She’s welcome in my panties!” Raicha grinned, a sudden thrust into her nether lips making her let out a small gasp.

“Enough talk!” Innoki now spoke behind them, her voice surprisingly dominative; “bend over, pretty girl...”

Holy Go-oh-oh-oh-oh-ds-s-s-s!!!” Raicha yelled out as Innoki’s strap-on stuck itself into her, Innoki’s wild cheering and breasts caressing up and down Raicha’s back making her smile.

“Hihihih! Oh, I’ve always been such a sucker for lady love...” Raicha sighed pleasantly, Faris looking expectantly and slightly envious at her.

“Don’t worry, Faris...” Innoki suddenly said, smiling perversely at Faris as if she had read her thoughts; “’re certain to get a good, long fuck.”

“R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AGH-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Dracaia right out roared to the roof, Allisia and Charlene partly shaken by the dragon girl’s enormous roar as she came, the two of them having taken turns in molesting her breasts and licking her nether lips.

“Goddess’ light...” Charlene partly said, partly whispered, shivering in awe and fear.

“I...I am sorry; I did warn you of my draconic nature, though; I cannot control myself in such a fit of raw passion...” Dracaia said, apologising to Allisia and Charlene.

“You need not worry, Dracaia” Allisia assured, grinning at Charlene’s terrified look.

“That’s easy for you to say, missy! That roar scared me half to death!” Charlene exclaimed, blushing shyly.
“Ah, please; at least you remain amongst the living” Allisia joked, Charlene smirking a bit.

“This...this feels quite good; a li-lil’ more over there...ah, yes; that feels good...” Jiki moaned, Kiro massaging her breasts, pressing herself into Jiki’s embrace; while still sensual and passive in their lovemaking, even when drunk, Jiki and Kiro could hardly hear each other over Jiraz and Shica’s passionate screams she they romped about not two meters besides them.

“C-can I fondle you here, too?” Kiro suddenly asked, smiling drunkenly, sticking her fingers into Jiki’s channel of innocence.

“Need you ask?” Jiki grinned, Kiro lovingly petting girlfriend, Jiki moaning louder and louder, delighted to the fullest.

“Gods, they...they sound like freakin’ vir-virgins, don’t they?? I’d bet their cherries haven’t even popped yet; they don’t even f-fuck each other fer real!” Jiraz now grinned drunkenly, Shica all too busy laughing and moaning as her girlfriend’s massive breasts kept her from speaking.

“They thi-think we’re still virgins, Jiki...” Kiro whimpered, diving her head down in between the surprised Jiki’s legs; “...I, I say we show ‘em something!”

“Ki-Kiro, you naughty little!” Jiki grinned at her girlfriend, slowly patting her head; “say, wanna try scissoring?”

“You said it! I want to love you so much more...!” Kiro almost meowed, sitting herself down in the tribadism position, Jiki and her slowly and easily rubbing themselves together, uncaring if Jiraz and Shica watched them.

“He-hey! Look! Those lil’ angel girlies are fucking for real! It isn’t just some snugly-woggly little kissing, they’re really doing it!” Shica suddenly exclaimed drunkenly, Jiraz lazily letting her breasts fall over Shica’s head again.

“It’s all real good, but where’s my tit-licking, huh??” she partly demanded, partly teased, Shica grinning and returning to her slurping, Jiraz’s breasts already dripping with her drool.

“Here, have some of this...” Jiraz winked seductively, letting a drop of drool fall into Shica’s mouth, her girlfriend eagerly swallowing it all, grinning playfully.

“Urgh, you perverts...” Jiki grinned, her and Kiro moaning and grinning at each other as they were in no hurry to reach their limit; instead they moved slowly, enjoying the mere sight of each other.

“Ye-yeah we are, flappy-wings!” Shica grinned, tongue-kissing Jiraz and rubbing her breasts, squeezing them and practically did everything she could think of to the impressively large pair breasts Jiraz were so blessed with.

“Hey, you aren’t such a tiny tit! C’mon, I want yours, too!” Jiraz laughed; as if she had read her mind, Jiraz fell upon Shica, groping her only slightly smaller breasts, the two of them wailing out, their tongues almost hanging out of their mouths, their faces turning into perverted and happy grins as they moaned out loud.

“So you girls have a whole, freaking dungeon to play in?? Gods, your mistress’ gotta be rich!” Zyrah grinned at herself, Christy following her down into the dungeons.

“I dunno about that, but it’s, like, only once a week some girls come down here for a little fun time” Christy explained, Zyrah amused at her latest fangirl.

“Hmm? What’s this?” Zyrah asked as she saw a small opening to her right, a tiny beam of red light enlightening the stairs they went down from.

“Oh, that’s the disco; we’ve got alotta musical stuff in there; bar, hot barmaid costumes, disco, DDR and some instruments” Christy smirked, counting on her fingers as she mentioned what was in the room.

“That’s awesome! I just gotta ask if we can use that room some time!” Zyrah cheered.

“Well, right now it’s closed; we don’t use so much, ‘cause, you see, no-one really has the guts to try and sing or play instruments...” Christy said, grinning weakly at herself; “...heck, all I can do is strip and show them how much fun a blonde can be.”

“You do that bloody well already, silly!” Zyrah smiled, rustling Christy’s hair; “’s been a while since I’ve had such good lady love.”

“You’ve had before?” Christy asked, Zyrah laughing out loud.

“Have I?! Oh Gods, I think I’ve practically slept with every girl in Shacar-Jarcu!” Zyrah continued to laugh, leaning to the wall as Christy starred at her in awe and admiration.

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