Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 41)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 41

Title: Chapter XLI - Love VS Lust

[Author's notes: Jiki and Kiro
Shica and Jiraz]

“OH-H-H-H! UHM-M-M-M-M-M!” Jisha whimpered as she came for around the fourth time, the girls having teamed up for exact purpose.

“It’s incredible! As soon as she’s cum, she is all wet again!” Minyoki grinned, placing herself expectantly under Jisha’s spread thighs, continuing her licking and fingering.

“I, I love to cum! I want more! I want some boobies!” Jisha grinned, Siriki and Rachel happy to press their at the demon girl’s face.

“Here, eat me, now! C’mon, you know you want a sweet little kitty like me!” Chinyi teased, pulling down her panties, sticking her tongue out in tease at Jisha.

“YE-E-E-E-E-EAH! Oh, I want that pussy! I wanna see that cute little look on your face when I tongue-fuck you ‘till you can’t stop screaming!” Jisha yelled out, climaxing and heading with almost carnal lust at Chinyi, sucking violently and hungrily on the pink-haired girl’s nether lips.

“MINYOKI-I-I-I! She’s gone nu-...! Oh! Oh, wait! Keep going...!” Chinyi smirked after her outburst, biting her teeth together in a vague attempt to quell the intense pleasure.

“S...sho you givin’ up now, huh??” Jiraz said, standing on her toes and massaging her breasts; “c-come on, ye little angel chicks; look at my tits! It’s getting you real hot!”

“I...I mean kinda dizzy...oh, my head...” Jiki whimpered, Kiro patting her forehead; still, having consumed quite their own share of alcohol, even beer, they felt a bit funny and had begun nipping at each other.

“S-shouldn’t we just gi...give in, Jiki? It’s not like it’s a bad thin’ to doh...” Kiro asked, her face one large, drunken grin.

“Bu-but then ye wo-...we won’t get no yuri hentai...” Jiki said, Kiro’s lazy eyes opening up.

“You’re right, but...” Kiro began, grinning at Jiki; “hihihih! You look funny without any clothes!”

“Lo-look who’s talking, princess!” Jiki replied in kind, the two of them grinning; before the contest, Shica, Jiraz, Jiki and Kiro had all agreed to undress before the contest began.

“It’s a luck e-elves aren’t so affected by alcohol, huh?” Shica smirked drunkenly at Jiraz, her demonic girlfriend grinning wildly back and slung her arms around her.

“Maybe, but it got me in heat for you!” Jiraz grinned, grabbing a beer can, opening it with a slice of her claws, and poured the content all over Shica.

“Eeeeek! It’s cold, you damn-...!” Shica began smiling drunkenly, Jiraz tossing herself hungrily over Shica, her tongue lashing out everywhere, grabbing can after can of beer and emptying it on Shica.

“OH! Fuck, I’m getting real wet...!” Shica whimpered, clear spotting hints of cum already dripping from her nether lips and drool from her mouth.

“I WANT YOUR TITS, BABY!” Jiraz yelled as she humped herself against Shica, the hot and naked bodies soon smeared in beer, passionately forgetting all about Jiki and Kiro and rolling around on the floor, never once stopping their moaning.

“K-Kiro; looking at those two...” Jiki smiled to herself, Kiro pleasantly leaning her head on Jiki’s right breast; “...I don’t think there’d be any harm in being a little wilder.”

“You read my mind, pretty...” Kiro sighed happily, her tongue licking softly over Jiki’s nipple, the blonde girl whimpering lightly in pleasure from her sweetheart, Kiro.

“We might be ‘angels’, but even we can let our wings down, sometimes...” Jiki grinned, leaning herself against Kiro; however, the force of which she leaned with was too much for Kiro, and she fell on the floor, Jiki following her as she landed with her face on Kiro’s back.

“Let’s just try it, then...” Kiro mumbled softly, Jiki kissing her left ear teasingly, her hands moving towards Kiro’s breasts...

“23 times in a row?! You have got to be fooling around with me...!” Narrisha said in awe, having found a liking to visit Minyoki and her sister; right now, she saw the panting Jisha lay on the bed, covered in cum, sweat and drool, the daughter of her two best friends clearly in a state of ecstasy.

“Either you’ve done pretty damn well in raping the little vixen...” Narrisha smirked, turning to Chinyi; “...or maybe she’s just like this each time she sees yuri hentai?”

“That could very well be, but the point is that she’s just as hot as her moms and a real little pro in the bed!” Minyoki grinned.

“I heard Jiraz and Shica tell me she liked magic?” Narrisha asked, Jisha eagerly nodding.

“Well, for the sake of experimentation...” Narrisha said, holding up her hand; “...I promise you, this will not hurt.”

Firing a small spark of mystic Magic at Jisha from her fingertips, Narrisha watched as the demon girl stiffened for a moment.

“O-O-O-O-O-O-OH! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! SOMEONE FUCK ME! GIRLS!” Jisha apparently lost it, dragging both Rachel and Chinyi towards her, thrusting Minyoki’s head down to her moist nether lips.

“FUCKFUCKFUCK! GET TO THE FUCKING! I WANNA CUM!” Jisha yelled out again, Narrisha amazed by looking at Jisha; never, all apart from Jiraz and Shica, had she seen such an unbridled lust and excitement.

“CUMMI-I-I-I-I-ING! DRINK MY CUM! SWALLOW IT ALL!” Jisha yelled out as she came, Minyoki happily slurping on her nether lips, but found resisting the demon girl’s climax all too much.

“Holy Heaven! She’s going crazy!” Minyoki yelled out, grinning as she moved herself into a scissoring position with Jisha, wanting to feel just how excited the demon girl was.

“UHM-M-M-M! I LOVE PUSSY AND TITS! I WANT THEM! GIVE THEM TO ME-E-E-E-E!” Jisha pleaded, Rachel and Chinyi grinning as they both offered themselves to Jisha, surprised to find the demon girl so experienced.

“H-how can you fuck me so good??” Rachel whimpered in pleasure, Narrisha grinning at her maids.

“She’s been having her fun with quite a lot of schoolgirls; you’re next on the list” she grinned, joking as she exclaimed; “hail to the princess of lust, Jisha! Offer up to her your pussies and tits!”

Laughing and moaning from the maids, accompanied with Jisha’s pleasant wails each time she came, filled the room.

“Well, I must be on my way; I have a small errand to run; ta-ta for now” Narrisha grinned, walking out the door, sighing happily at the voice of Jisha’s pleasant, horny screams as they faded into the distance as she went down the corridor.

“Wait for me; I like this new girl, but she’s getting freaky now!” Rachel yelled at Narrisha, hurrying out the door after her mistress, leaving the two sisters and Siriki alone with Jisha...

...And a lot of perverted ideas...

“That...was SO AWESOME! I, I got to make out with Zyrah Stardust! I mean...WOOHOO! IT’S AMAZING!” Christy cheered at herself, almost jumping up and down in cheer, Zyrah sitting on the floor laughing happily at her.

“Of all my fangirls, you’ve got to be the weirdest, hottest and bustiest I’ve ever molested!” Zyrah grinned, leaning back and sighed pleasantly; the warm water still ran down from the showers above her, after having spent half an hour romping about with Christy.

“Hey, where’d Vinya go?” Christy suddenly stopped in the middle of a jump, comically landing on her butt.

“She said she had some stuff to do in the kitchen” Zyrah said, still smiling amazed at Christy, starting to sing; “’the day I saw her, walking down the street, my heart it beat two times in one; heck, I was right on in heat’!”

“Awww, that’s so sweet; it’s ‘She was Just a Schoolgirl’, right?” Christy asked eagerly, Zyrah smirking and nodding.

“...Urgh...oh, Gods...I feel dizzy...” Jiki moaned as Kiro sat over her, gently caressing Jiki’s breasts and stroking her chins.

“You have such a beautiful body, Jiki...” Kiro smiled; “’re a goddess!”

“Make that two, silly; you like so cute...” Jiki grinned, blushing and reaching for Kiro’s head, Kiro leaning down and kissing Jiki passionately.

“The...teh little angels’ getting pretty soft, huh??” Shica grinned uncontrollably, Jiraz joining in.

“Yeah...oh! Hey! Don’t mind them; my tits are getting cold, you slacker!” she exclaimed playfully, pressing Shica’s head against her breasts, the drunk shin’saras girl slurping all she could.

“Le-let me suck yours, too!” Jiraz whimpered pleasantly, groping and sucking on Shica’s breasts; “...I’ll get you to cum just from this!”

“OH! Oh, fuck, I need to cum; my pussy’s dripping!” Shica moaned, Jiraz smacking her left hand into Shica’s channel of innocence, her girlfriend shrieking out loud in pleasure.

“Gods, you’re horny! Ohhhh, such a good little girl...” Jiraz smiled from ear to ear, her tail uncontrollably flipping from side to side, her fingers doing their business in her nether lips, soaked as they now became.

“...Ah...ah...uhmm...oh, Gods...!” Shica whimpered, her teeth shredding against each other, trying to suppress the pleasure her girlfriend gave her.
“H-how rude of ye, silly! Trying ter shallow up all I g-give yeh?? Well, have this!” Jiraz grinned, sucking even harder on Shica’s breasts.

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