Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 40)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 40

Title: Chapter XL - Loving is Golden...and sometimes scaly...

“Uhmm...oh yes, Zyrah...lick me there; let your tongue into me...oh!” Christy moaned, standing under the showers, the hot water from the water hose flooding into her nether lips; in anticipation of her idol’s arrival, Christy had given into her pleasure and had begun masturbating at the thought of her.

“It’s right in here, Miss Stardust; I think Gloris’ left for now” a well-known voice dragged her back from her daydream; Vinya stepped into the showers, her new latex outfit partly torn off, a mix of sweat and drool covering her.

“Yeah, I’ve been here twice now, silly” another voice rang, Christy looking up; in all her shin’saras glory, Zyrah Stardust stepped in, all naked expect from her fashionable boots and two simple, yet stylish silver bracers.

“...Oh my Gods; who’s this little hottie? She’s real smexy...” Zyrah asked, heading towards the awestruck Christy, smiling at her.

“That’s Christy I told you about, your greatest fan here” Vinya explained.

“So I’ve heard you’ve got quite an interest in me, hmm? Am I really running around so fast in your mind, hottie? Oh, I bet you feel really good at night...” Zyrah flirted teasingly, Christy finding her breath increasing fast.

“Z-Zyrah Stardust? Is it really you??” Christy asked in awe.

“You’re damn well right, hottie; your lifetime idol as I’ve heard I am” Zyrah smirked, sitting down on hook; “mind if I...have a little chat with you...?”

Her mouth agape, Christy panted hotly seeing the drops of water run down Zyrah’s body; glittering like small diamonds, running down her light-gray skin, over the black latex of her steel-trimmed boots...

Somehow, Christy lost it at that point, tossing herself towards with a wild shriek, she borrowed her head between Zyrah’s breasts, licking as best she could, moaning loudly and yelling out loud she fingered herself lustfully.

“ZYRAH! ZYRAH, YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT! I’VE, I’VE WANTED TO FUCK WITH YOU FOR SO LONG! LET ME FUCK YOU!” Christy yelled out and pleaded, the surprised shin’saras giggling at her uncontrollable fangirl.

“Ohohohoh! There’s someone here who’s been quite the vixen, huh?” Zyrah teased, pressing her breasts at Christy’s head; “they’re nice and big; they really could use a few more licks.”

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-EAH!” Christy cried out, climaxing again and again, her fingers seemingly glued to her nether lips.

“Gods, I’ve never yet seen Christy cum so quickly” Vinya said, feeling herself slightly excited at the scene.

“Say, Christy...” Zyrah chuckled, patting the blonde’s head; “ mind a little threesome?”

“Ma-maybe in a moment, Zyrah; I just want to fuck with you right now...” Christy panted, putting herself down, tears of happiness in her eyes as she lay down, opening her thighs and gesturing Zyrah to come closer.

“Please lick me; I want to be so wet and horny I’ll go insane!” she cheered, Zyrah happily answering to her request, Vinya grinning to herself, sitting down, thinking she could just as well mess her outfit fully up by exciting herself at the scene taking place before her.

“So we’re to drink this whole tray...” Jiki asked, looking over all the bottles of alcohol for her and Kiro; “ order to win the contest?”

“You’ve got it right; we’ll need to empty this one” Shica smirked, pointing at an equally well-supplied tray.

“And then we’ll see who’s the one left standing?” Kiro asked, Jiki nodding at her.

“Is it timed?” Jiraz suddenly asked.

“Nope, we’ll just take it slow and easy...” Shica teased.

“That’s so much not what you’re like in bed; fuck hard and fuck good” Jiraz grinned, Shica grinning back at her.

“I believe this kind of activity should be put under my observation, my ladies...” Allisia now said as she entered Jiraz and Shica’s room, clad in a blue kimono.

“Aw, c’mon; it can’t really hurt with a bit of wine and other lovely juices” Shica grinned, Jiraz rustling her girlfriend’s hair playfully.

“Nevertheless...” Allisia said, turning her head to Jiki and Kiro, smiling; “...let me know how it turns out; for now, I’d say I would flip the coin, but Jiraz and Shica has more experience, so maybe they will win.”

“We’ll see about that” Jiki said as Allisia walked out and closed the door behind her.

“I must admit, my dear Allisia...” Dracaia said, handing Allisia a glass of wine; “ have stirred my curiosity; I’ll look forward to continue our little fooling around.”

“Thank you, Dracaia; I’m just glad I could control myself” Allisia smirked; having quit her fondling of Allisia’s breasts, the dragon had asked if she could have herself a drink first to calm herself before truly giving in to her passions.

“Well, are we to continue?” Allisia asked, Dracaia not late to smile and lean down on Allisia.

“Those boots makes you look so dominant, so rough...” Dracaia said as she looked over her shoulders, Allisia jokingly moving her feet into view and waving them up and down.

“As long as it applies to the appeal, I suppose” Allisia teased, the dragon now using both her hands to rub Allisia’s breasts.

“You really excite me, Allisia; so strong, so dedicated to Nightwind Manor honour your fellow little loveable ladies, my precious...” Dracaia grinned, letting her long tongue out on Allisia’s breasts, tickling the nipples with its snake-like movements.

“Please...I fear I’m ticklish there...” Allisia chuckled softly.

“You just delivered the information I desired, silly” Dracaia grinned, licking and slurping on Allisia’s nipples, near groping her busty breasts like dough.

“I am impressed, Allisia; I am forced to draw upon unusually early methods and you haven’t whimpered a thing or breathed out a moan” Dracaia smiled, truly amazed by the warrior girl’s admirable self-control and restraint.

“I possess some strength, as I know that what I do from now on is right...” Allisia said, smiling weakly with her eyes closed; “ thus, I also have the courage to take on a dragon!”

Rising up like a mummy, Allisia opened her eyes, nodding at the pile of gold under Dracaia, gesturing her to lie down; doing so, Dracaia felt Allisia softly pet her breasts softly.

“Your hands really must feel better handling a woman’s breasts than a sword, Allisia” Dracaia chuckled, Allisia smilingly nodding.

“Hey, excuse me, but the door was o-...” Charlene now said, entering the unlocked door, seeing Allisia and Dracaia down on the floor in the gold hoard.

“Oh my Gods! This...this is incredible! Allisia, you’re really...c-can I, uhmm...” Charlene asked, having lost trace of what she was doing in Dracaia’s room after all.

“Hmm, two lovers? A noble lady and a former knight?” Dracaia looked from one to the other, finally laughing mildly; “surely! As the old saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier’.”

“Gods, this is incredible; I am going to make love to a lady dragon!” Charlene squealed mentally, unaware of the depth of the gold hoard, as she slipped in some of it, falling on the glittering, cold metal.

“Lady Dracaia, when I know, climax during our lovemaking, won’t you be angry if-...” Charlene began to ask, Dracaia simply holding up her right hand.

“None of my treasures compares to the two of you; I would have given a quarter of it for a mere five minutes of you Nightwind gals’ exceptional handling of my body...” Dracaia smirked, Charlene stepping out of her loose housecoat.

“Ah, another little treasure, I see” Dracaia grinned, Charlene sitting down besides Allisia.

“Say, my ladies; mind if I sit back and you put on a little show for me?” Dracaia asked, curling up and lying like a cat watching two mice.

“May I, Charlene?” Allisia asked, Charlene replying with a wink as she lay down, baring herself fully.

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