Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter IV - The Draconoid Appears

[Author's notes: Chapter-Only Guest Appearence: Rhanar Narra-Jar.]

As the day went on and the time reached 2 ‘o clock, Narrisha thought of what she should be wearing for Jiraz and Shica’s arrival.

“Hahahahahah! Gotcha now!” Minyoki laughed and fell back over onto her bed, as a nearby antenna leaned dangerously close in Narrisha’s direction, threatening to crush her.

Seeing that, Narrisha snapped out of her thoughts, not able but to chuckle at the antenna on its way towards her.

“Oh dear! Whatever am I going to do...?” she sarcastically smiled, taking a simple step from the antenna as it fell down.

“Shit! It was supposed to...oh, fuck...!” Minyoki now panicked, as Narrisha, grinning menacingly, ran after her with a blazing Battle Rifle.

“I’m sorry! It won’t ever happen again! I swear!” Minyoki acted as if afraid, but she could not help herself but to laugh at the silly scene of the pink-armoured and a dark blue-armoured Spartan girls running around after each other on the screen, each trying to outsmart the other, which ended when Narrisha misfired her Rocket Launcher, sending them both flying, what they concluded to be, halfway through the map.

However, as they respawned, Narrisha headed right for the Hornet she had ‘parked’ exactly in front of a small cave entrance.

“Oh no, no you don’t...oh, shi-...!” Minyoki gasped as Narrisha laughed menacingly, the Hornet’s guns blazing as it fired on Minyoki, who could do nothing but to run for her life and pray she reached the Moongoose nearby.

“No! Stop it, Narrisha! I...I wasn’t gonna shoot you, I swear to all the Varranian Gods! Oh crap!” she yelped as Narrisha sent a missile after her, making her jump up and down like, as Narrisha taunted, a castrated bunny.

“OH MY GODS! I don’t wanna die; I’m only 18! SHIT! Watch those rock-...oh, shit! Please don’t kill me! I’ve only fucked 33 girls in my lifetime! I’m too inexperienced!” she began panicking as she desperately pressed her joystick’s buttons fiercely, while Narrisha simply laughed out loud and kept shooting at Minyoki from the Hornet.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods...! This is too funny, hahahahah!” Narrisha teased as she had to take a break from chasing Minyoki to catch her breath, putting down the joystick; seeing this, Minyoki put her own joystick down, throwing herself atop Narrisha.

“Since you’re so sweaty, maybe I’ll just decide to overheat you, you little slut...” she teased as she let her breasts all over Narrisha’s face, making her purr and smile; Minyoki sure wasn’t flat as a surfboard, rather the opposite.

“I’ve always liked that about you, Minyoki” Narrisha now teasingly nipped at Minyoki’s nipples, making her let out a low-pitched moan; “first fighting, then fucking me until all the heat’s off!”

“O...M...F’ing GOD! Hey, guys! Yo dudes, it’s real lezzies!” a sudden noise interrupted them as they quickly got up and reached for their headsets and looked at the screen; two other Spartans and an Elite had joined their game map, now eagerly talking each over themselves with the most cliché of lines Narrisha and Minyoki had ever heard.

“Yo gurls; can we play along??” an over-eager Spartan in cyan-coloured armour asked, as if he was hoping to ‘convert’ them to straightness.

“Yo bitches; wanna ride this motherfucker? I’ve got the booze as well...” another more gangsta-themed voice now sounded from a yellow-armoured Spartan.

“Fuck off, dudes; they know they wanna see my alien ‘weaponry’!” the purple and blue-coloured Elite now tried and be the fanboy.

“Now listen you sons of a...!” Narrisha and Minyoki now were about to yell back, but now a new Spartan made his appearance, although there was something ill-boding about him:

His suit was a grey-coloured suit of Hayabusa Armour, and a white skull with a golden crown could clearly be seen on his shoulder plates.

“What, in the name of the Gods, do you think you are doing...?!” he slowly spoke, his voice sounding like liquid ice in pure anger; to mark his words, he switched his normal Assault Rifle out with the Energy Sword hanging from his belt, and activated it with an electronic hiss.

“None o’ yer damn business, Rhannie, yo!” the gangsta-themed yellow Spartan barked, ignoring the approaching warrior.

“Oh my Gods!” Narrisha now gasped; was that grey-coloured Spartan Rhanar Narra-Jar? Playing Halo 3?!

“You act as if you were nothing but animals; you let your instincts mislead you, and behave as if raised like common thugs!” Rhanar now slowed his walking, not ten meters from the others now.

“Yep, that’s him” Narrisha mentally noted herself, trying not to laugh.

“This guy’s a fucking retard! Yo, dude; any gurls playing this game are mine, so just fuck off before I get really pissed!” the cyan-coloured Spartan nearly yelled.

“My Gods, what a bunch of retards...!” Minyoki snarled and sighed; only that ‘Rhannie’-guy sounded somewhat competent...

Suddenly, the grey-coloured Spartan jumped, letting his sword hit the back of the cyan-armoured Spartan so powerfully that Minyoki could see his Shield Meter almost reach zero.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?! Guys, let’s kill the retard, and we’ll deal with those lez hoes next!” the cyan-armoured roared, loading his gun, while the Elite powered up his Laser Pistol and the yellow Spartan ran headlong towards the grey Spartan, yelling insults as he fired his rifle blindly.

“Let’s help him; at least he’s not your common cyber idiot!” Minyoki nodded at Narrisha; as they picked up their joysticks, Narrisha put her Hornet to good use; she fired barrel after barrel of rockets, while Minyoki had found herself a flamethrower somewhere.

“Where’d find that?” Narrisha asked.

“I dunno; you made the map” Minyoki replied with a wink.

However, as they opened fire, the grey-coloured Spartan had soon taken the yellow-coloured Spartan down, his last words being the common gangsta catchphrase, ‘motherfucker!’

“And now, it is your turn...!” the grey-coloured Spartan snarled at the cyan-coloured Spartan; seeing his friend dead, he yelled, panicked and tried to run.

Looking at the grey-coloured Spartan, Narrisha received a nod from him as if allowing her the killing blow; as she opened fire, a rocket sent the yellow Spartan to the sky with a final wail.

And now...” Rhanar turned to the cyan-coloured Elite, who were desperately charging up his Laser Pistol; “...let this be your demise, at least from this digital world; pray you will never see me, or abuse any woman, again!”

With that, he attacked the Elite, his Energy Sword taking all his shields down in one blow, leaving him defenceless as Rhanar placed the final strike.

“Who is that dude, anyway?” Minyoki asked Narrisha.

“He’s Shica’s big brother, Rhanar Narra-Jar; ya know, the leader of the Sharas’Car Order, half-dragon, obsessed with protecting girls...?” Narrisha hinted, as Minyoki, with a shocked expression on her face, finally understood.

“But...but he’s a legend! I...I thought he was just some weirdo fairytale guy who’s supposed to scare perverts and kids who behaves badly!” Minyoki began panicking.

“Worry not, miss Minyoki; as you are one of Narrisha’s friends, you need not fear me” Rhanar now replied from his microphone, slashing out his energy sword in the thin air.

“Hmm, I like this weapon; rather futuristic, but technology ‘can’ help under the right circumstances” he mumbled.

“Geeh, is it me or is he a bit weird?” Minyoki asked.

“He’s a zealot-kinda guy; he’s OK, just as long as ye don’t begin to mock him, ‘cause else he’ll unfold those wings of his and track you to the end of Varran and back!” Narrisha now teasingly tried and scare Minyoki.

“This reminds me, Narrisha; my sister will be visiting you this afternoon along with Jiraz; I hope my trust in your ability to at least behave until ‘after’ your banquet is well-placed...?” Rhanar now asked, Minyoki hearing the sarcasm almost drip from his voice.

“Sure, sure, they’ll be all fine, Rhanar; don’t ye worry!” Narrisha assured as convincingly as she could.

“I appreciate that, Narrisha; now, if you will excuse me, I wish to try out some of this ‘team slaying’ on Matchmaking; until we meet again” Rhanar now bend his head down in a bow, and disconnected from the game.

“Wow...that dude’s both creepy, evil-sounding...but crap, he sounds like one of them paladins, all gallant and stuff...” Minyoki said, clearly neither impressed with Rhanar’ ice-cold voice, but also not of his sarcastic speech to Narrisha.

“Don’t worry; we’ll get our revenge...” Narrisha assured, standing up and shutting the Xbox, the microphones and joysticks off; she turned and smiled deviously at Minyoki; “we’ll have Shica and Jiraz coming tonight, and I assure you; they’ll be eager for what I’ve planned for us!”

Minyoki smiled mentally and physically at Narrisha; truth to be told, so did she.

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