Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 39)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 39

Title: Chapter XXXIX - Things Gets Draconic...

[Author's notes: Warning:
Lovemaking between Lady Dracaia and Allisia might, in some views, be beastiality, considered that Dracaia is a dragon...
Still, she 'is' in another, more stylish, immortal guise...]

“Enter” Dracaia’s voice was heard from within her chambers, Allisia swallowing nervously, taken a bit aback that she was to make love to Dracaia, a dragon in elven form; the thought alone kept telling her it was quite an honour, and she would not intentionally disappoint such a majestic being.

Stepping inside, Allisia were right our surprised to find the floor covered to knee-height in gold coins, jewels and other precious items; on her luxurious bed, Dracaia lay patiently, clad in a black, satin housecoat with golden trims.

“I’m glad you came; I have been expecting you...” Dracaia greeted, helping herself to an apple from the fruit bowl besides her bed.

“How did you...where does all this treasure come from?” Allisia asked, perplexed and amused at the same time over the huge piles of valuables.

“Well, one of the bags I carried with me are not limited to what can physically be in it; I can, pretty much, take my whole hoard with me if I so desire” Dracaia explained, picking up a handful of golden Ara and letting it slide between her fingers.

“In all honesty, I had always hoped that I’d one day try and make love in this way to a worthy, loveable little heroine like you...” Dracaia nodded, blushing slightly.

“Why, I...I am honoured, Lady Dracaia” Allisia bowed formally, her manners distracted by the revealing features of Dracaia’s suit.

“So...” Dracaia now gestured in a slightly seductive way, lying down on her pillow; “ come over here; you need not stand attention, girl.”

Without further worries, Allisia sat down by Dracaia on her bed, feeling her training suit slightly tight on her all of a sudden; as she looked over Dracaia’s smooth, lightly tanned skin, she could hardly believe that it had been large, golden dragon scales less than an hour ago.

“Do I appeal to you, my little Amazon?” Dracaia asked in a mix of amusement and curiosity.

“I, I have seen a lot of girly lovemaking, and I have felt my share, as well...” Allisia said, starring in amazement as Dracaia flung her hair back a little; “...but I have not felt so happy since I was ridden of my virtue by Charlene.”

“Oh, she used one of those artificial tools that they use for lovemaking on you?” Dracaia asked amused, Allisia almost swearing to see a lusty flame sparkle up in Dracaia’s golden, reptilian eyes.

“Y-yes, they did; I didn’t hold my ground on that frontal assault...” Allisia grinned at herself, amused by her own joke.

“And you feel happier and better now since you’ve experienced these girls’ love for each other as well as you?” Dracaia asked again, letting a black, claw-like nail run over her chin.

“Indeed I do! I mean, I really do...” Allisia grinned happily.

“Thanks, that was all I needed to know...” Dracaia said mysterious, pointing to her forehead.

“Hmm? What’s that supposed to mean?” Allisia asked confused.

“We dragons all have a unique ability; we can defect and tell lies from truths, and my mind tells me that every single word you spoke indeed were as true as can be...” Dracaia explained, reaching out towards Allisia, surprised as Dracaia pushed her off the bed and into the gold heaps.

“With all those years clad in steel armour...” Dracaia smiled, crawling towards the confused Allisia; “ would really think you will understand the symbolic value of this noble metal.”

“I believe I know a lot of values” Allisia simply said, Dracaia now leaning over her, Allisia also intimidated by her powerful eyes and the sudden, long reptilian tongue moving towards her cheeks.

“Well, I ssssssuppose you need no further ssssschooling in the acts of passssssion...” Dracaia hissed, Allisia raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Hihihihih! Oh, don’t be silly; we dragons do not even speak that way; it was all but a joke, my little precious jewel...” Dracaia grinned, Allisia watching as Dracaia’s hands moved over the top of her loose robe.

“You seek to ravish me, dragon? Then I’m ready to embrace it!” Allisia nodded, Dracaia smiling at her.

“Such an enchanting maiden of metal and steel; I’ll make sure to enjoy all your gifts...” Dracaia said seductively, her hands quickly pushing the upper of Allisia’s robe aside, her plumb breasts exposed to the dragon’s amused view.

“By Shinris Herself; ripe, fresh and so...tempting...” Dracaia said as she was as hypnotized; taking advantage of the situation, Allisia snuck her right leg over Dracaia’s back, the dragon suddenly feeling the added weight of a leg and leather boot pressing her downwards.

“Good choice, precious; a wise, tactical move on this battlefield of passion...” Dracaia gloated; “...however, my experience is superior to yours, or to put it the Nightwind way: I’ve screwed around with and ravished more women over the centuries than you could dream of!”

“Really? Maybe your sense of passion are just as old?” Allisia taunted back, Dracaia well aware of its joking purpose.

“Little mortal! You will know the price to jest with Lady Dracaia!” Dracaia snarled back, descending on Allisia’s left breast, her hand rubbing all over it, the other hand preoccupied with unzipping Dracaia’s own suit.

“I’ll admit, you have some beautiful skin, little one...” Dracaia said, leaning over Allisia, whispering in her ear; “...but I dare say, that so have I!”

“It’s awesome, sis! I really like the bar scene!” Chinyi were grinning from ear to ear, going through her big sister’s latest chapter of her hentai doujinshi; having returned from her cold bath with Siriki, her, Gloris, Jisha, Minyoki and Chinyi herself were relaxing in Minyoki’s room, curious about her newest comic.

“Yeah, you know, I just thought of how I’d start thinking if I was drunk” Minyoki gloated and smiled confidently at herself.

“Don’t you almost get drunk on a regular basis?” Jisha joked, Gloris, Siriki, Chinyi and her joining in the ensuring roar of laughter; after her fun with the human girl, Jisha had suggested they went and visited her sister, Chinyi, as she had already claimed would be next in line for her intimacy with the Nightwind girls.

“Hey, did you, by any chance, get inspired from my moms for this chick?” Jisha asked and pointed at a red-eyed, demonic-looking girl with apparent black latex for skin.

“Well, not really; I just kinda went imaginative...” Minyoki admitted, drawing a few more lines to add a sweat drop falling from a schoolgirl-like girl’s head as the demonic-looking girl approached her.

“Hyracha’s kinda a neat character; you know, closet lesbian, came out when some girls teased her, she screwed them all like crazy and just lost her senses and turned demonic from it” Minyoki explained, silence falling over the room.

“...Either you’ve got one heck of a creative mind...” Gloris began, her mouth agape as she pointed at Minyoki, Siriki adding, equally amazed; “...or maybe you’ve just read way too much of those lezzie parts of The Lounge.”

“Yeah, I love those scenes; they’re steaming hot!” Minyoki grinned, adding a few lines and started drawing a new picture.

“Hey, you really make a living making and selling these things on the Internet??” Jisha asked, now looking through Minyoki’s drawers, where several printed comic-like doujinshi of Minyoki’s work lay.

“Yeah, Everlust’s been selling real well; someone apparently really want some real hardcore yuri and not that bullshit those crap sites keep feeding them” Minyoki said, Jisha’s attention occupied with an unexpected discovery.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could take so much in!” she grinned, finding a messy, tightly wrapped piece of paper; besides it lay one of the largest sex toys Jisha had yet to see.

“Hey! Don’t you-...!” Minyoki looked over her shoulders and warned Jisha, but the giggling demon girl only needed a scratch from her claw-like nails to unfold the paper; inside was the picture of several video game girls in an all-out lesbian orgy with no lack of details.

“Hihihihih! You jerk off at video game babes?? That’s awesome!” Jisha grinned, taking up the sex toy; it turned out to be a shrieking green dildo, almost a half meter long and showing signs of recent use.

“What would you say if I went over and-...!” Minyoki began as she stepped down from her chair, angrily walking towards Jisha.

“Aw c’mon, silly; don’t be such a weeper!” Jisha grinned, Minyoki roaring and throwing herself over her, sending her head on into Chinyi’s bed, the younger girls stepping back and watching curiously.

“You like joking, huh?? How’s this for a joke?!” Minyoki snarled, sticking the dildo into Jisha’s channel of innocence, the demon girl wailing intensely in pleasure as she was not late to yell to the roof for more.

“Too bad Vinya had to go; she’d love seeing this” Chinyi grinned, Siriki and Gloris doing their best not to look too much as the quite appealing demon girl.

“Hmm, you’ve ever tried this before? Some little cheerleader hottie back at your school fucking you some nights?” Minyoki teased and taunted, Jisha nodding eagerly.

“Uhmm...well, you’re really kinda hot, so...fuck! Why did you have to get me horny?!” Minyoki snapped playfully at Jisha, rubbing Jisha’s firm breasts as she began moaning, herself.

“Come on! You’re kidding me?!” Zyrah laughed, Vinya grinning at her; after the romp, Vinya had been telling her some secrets of the manor, much to Zyrah’s amusement.

“And at a time, when Faris began messing around with both Chinyi and Siriki for leaving their clothes all over the place, Allisia started protesting about it, not wanting them sent down to Mirinda” Vinya told, Zyrah all ears.

“Hey, she’s a knight, but what’s she’s gonna do? Order her to stand down??” Zyrah joked.

“Well, when Faris passed her, she...ihihihihih...” Vinya now grinned shyly, Zyrah leaning over the younger shin’saras girl.

“Tell me; what did she do??” Zyrah asked curiously.

“She...she just smacked down the visor of Allisia’s helmet for the fun of it! It was hilarious!” Vinya laughed, tears of laughter forming in her eyes.

“So Miss Metal got her trap shut before she could start mumbling? Hahahahahah! Hilarious!” Zyrah grinned, falling back down on the bed.

“Gods, I really love having sex with another shin’saras girl; humans are OK, but they’re kinda passive, you know what I mean?” Zyrah smiled, Vinya letting herself fall besides Zyrah, stretching out.

“Well, Siriki and Chinyi are quite the pranksters” Vinya smirked, Zyrah looking confused at her.

“Who are those gals?” she asked, Vinya giggling.

“They’re two girls who always make pranks and jokes around here; I’ve messed around with them a bit, and...” she said, blushing heavily.

“They what? Spill the beans, girl! Tell me, ple-e-e-e-ease...?” Zyrah asked, folding her hands and looking pleadingly at Vinya.

“I was in a foursome with them and Gloris you’ve meet some time ago” Vinya said, Zyrah’s eyes opening wide.

“No fucking way! I’ve been a threesome with some goth girls once, but four at the time?! How’d walk away from that??” Zyrah asked in disbelief.

“Oh, it was so much fun; it was almost more like tickling and acting silly rather than real sex” Vinya grinned at herself.

“Oh, I gotta try some of that human girl love, then!” Zyrah joked, rising up, feeling herself sweaty from her intense lovemaking with Vinya.

“Urgh, I think I gotta get a shower, first; you’re one freaking little vixen, you know” she grinned at Vinya, who simply smiled pleasantly back at her.

“Wearing just boots and bracers? Oh, that’s going to be a good view for Faris...” she grinned wickedly.

“Who?” Zyrah asked, making her way to the door.

“The captain of the Night Guard; she hangs around and fools a bit around with us sometimes, and she loves getting her leather ladies up for some gangbanging” Vinya told, Zyrah stopped in her tracks.

“G-gangbang??” she asked.

“Oh yes; she’s one redhead hottie if you ask me; Gods, there wasn’t any panties dry” Vinya said, nodding.

“Uhmm, mind following me to the showers?” Zyrah asked carefully.

“Sure; two semi-naked shain’saras girls really won’t be noticed around here” Vinya joked sarcastically, walking out the door with Zyrah.

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