Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 38)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 38

Title: Chapter XXXVIII - Strange Requests

“Gods, for a kinda geek girl you know a lot of making out” Jisha grinned at Minyoki, who were heading towards her computer, setting it on standby.

“And you’re kinda living up the family name; fuck, I saw your moms fuck each other at the party some time ago, and you’re certainly just as hot when you get in heat” Minyoki winked at Jisha, who took it as a compliment.

“Still, I’m actually sorry I couldn’t do some magic things to you, but I just don’t have that...what is it, mana, in me?” Minyoki sighed, Jisha rising up and patting her shoulder.

“There, there; it was fun, anyway...” Jisha said, smirking at Minyoki; “...your little sister’s next!”

“Why, you...!” Minyoki snarled, tossing herself over Jisha, both of them landing on the bed, Jisha’s inhuman strength causing her to grip Minyoki by her waist and let her float above Jisha.

“This is what’s practical about sports...” Jisha teased, stretching her legs up towards the amazed Minyoki’s waist, putting down her arms and letting Minyoki rest on her feet; “ can use your body for so much practical stuff.”

“Uhmm, latex lingerie? I dunno, Charlene; I can make suits and boots and all, but including threads? That’s kinda out of my ability...” Ukuni admitted, Charlene looking not at all disappointed.

“No worries, Ukuni; as long as you can make it black and purple...and maybe just some steel zippers and something like that.”

“Gotcha! Purple and black latex, with steel accessory, got it!” Ukuni saluted in tease, near storming into her room, looking through all her materials.

“I’ll admit that I had never believed that fetish outfits could be just as great a fashion as normal clothes...” Charlene said to herself, Ukuni grinning over her shoulder.

“Miss Stardust, are you sure you’re ready for this? I’m...I’m not that skilled a lover...?” Vinya asked, Zyrah undressing herself, two finely crafted silver bracelets popping into view.

“Wow, they’re just as pretty as you...” Vinya said in awe, realizing her hidden flirt when Zyrah chuckled at her, making her blush.

“Aww, I just can’t keep my paws off you little cuties; c’mere...” Zyrah grinned, sitting down on the bed’s side, sneaking up behind Vinya and grabbing her by her breasts, forcing her to lean down to Zyrah.

“I’ll mess those bed sheets up real good, real fast...” Zyrah grinned, Vinya feeling that Zyrah was a slightly demanding, but very eager lover; moaning, she enjoyed how Zyrah started off easily massaging her breasts, kissing her neck.

“Tell me, are you ticklish?” Zyrah asked, Vinya replying with a quick nod.

“Good, but you see...” Zyrah said, putting Vinya down, looking into her eyes; “ bed, I’m kinda a little bitch; you know, pull hair, spanking, all that bondage stuff; however, I really love the 69 position, if you know that one?”

“Yeah, I know it; I just haven’t really used it yet” Vinya said, a smile running over her lips; “could we try it?”

“Hell yeah! I didn’t really think you’d give in so easily” Zyrah grinned, Vinya smiling mentally, imagining this to be the perfect time to become the dominative one.

“Well, I’ve got respect for your status as a star, Zyrah, but for now...” Vinya grinned at her, Zyrah suddenly feeling herself lightly pushed into the pillows, Vinya crawling over her, her butt facing Zyrah’s face; “...I’m not making you any special privileges in bed.”

By that, Vinya began licking around Zyrah’s still-covered nether lips, her black thong being spared Vinya’s exploring tongue.

“So you’re both dominant and careful? That’s a good thing” Zyrah smiled back in the pillows, admiring Vinya’s lightly shaved nether lips; “I’ve made love to over two dozen girls, and I gotta say it’s nice fucking one of my own species rather than human fangirls; they kinda scream a lot.”

“So tell me, Lady Knight; is this all of your collection?” Dracaia asked, having been invited to Allisia’s room.

“Indeed it is; I’ve picked up a fair deal of artefacts and valuables in my adventures” Allisia said, Dracaia’s eyes falling on a battered steel helmet.

“Whose helmet was this? It sure looks ravaged...” she asked, picking it up; despite the stains and slight rust on it, the solid steel helmet still appeared useful.

“It’s a Silvarciraian helmet, one from the kingdom I served” Allisia told, pointing at the sides of the helmet; “you can tell by the slight bending of the metal, forming protection of the neck; this kind of helmet are usually worn by marksmen and other long-ranged troops.”

“How can you know?” Dracaia asked, quickly discovering the silliness of her question, correcting herself; “I’m sorry, I forget about your status as an elite warrior.”

“Well, you see, melee-focused warriors have a visor over their helmets; that would hardly be practical for an archer, now would it? So instead they designed them for a more open view” Allisia gladly told of her military knowledge, pointing at the ‘T’-formed open on the helmet’s front; the curves around the openings were forged and folded round from the forging process, sparing the soldier the otherwise painfully sharp metal edges it would have formed.

“It there anything special about the Silvarciraian Army? A poem of sorts?” Dracaia asked.

“Well, they have no poem, but they are honourable warriors; they never strike at those fallen to the ground, and I’ve never even heard of them raiding or pillaging hostile settlements” Allisia told, a smile running over her lips; “for a Dragon Knight, an elite, I would say I did my part to keep my own troops in line.”

“You were a strict commander?” Dracaia asked, somewhat in disbelief.

“My soldiers were very loyal and respected me not only as a Dragon Knight, but as for an individual rather than a militant icon; I bestowed that respect back to them” Allisia said, putting the helmet down, smiling at herself; “but my days of fighting is over; this Dragon Knight has settled down after soaring the land of Silvarcira, and I’ll relax the rest of my life resting my wings in these girls’ pleasant company.”

“That was about all the reason I needed; Miss Allisia Lightblade...” Dracaia now formally addressed the surprised Allisia; “...I, Lady Dracaia, offers up to you the chance to make love to me in my new quarters here at Nightwind Manor.”

Smiling amused, Allisia nodded politely; “I’ll be happy to attend to your desires, milady.”

“However, be warned that while I may be in elven form, my voice can still reach that of a dragon’s during lovemaking...” Dracaia said, lowering her voice to an informal, blushing whisper; “...some of my former lovers, cute little lasses, shrieked as they heard my voice; I was hurt, but I understood them.”

“Fear not; I think you’ll find me made of sterner stuff than most” Allisia assured, Dracaia convinced it was more truth than simple bragging.

“I shall go and make myself ready; I shall expect you within ten minutes...” Dracaia said with a worthy nod, an informal grin springing to her lips as she turned and headed for the door; “...I admit I’m quite excited for your performance upon me, Miss Allisia...”

“Hey, can you pass me that one?” Jiki asked, Kiro nodding and passing her a bowl of various fruits, the two of them relaxing with Jiraz and Shica in a bubble bath in the pool area.

“I’ll get her this time!” Shica grinned, holding up a ripe fresh green apple, whistling at the nearby snoozing Breeze; she had, for the last twenty minutes, been trying to splash the griffon with water, but Breeze had proven herself a tad too smart for the shin’saras girl.

“Quit it with that apple trick, Shica; I’d prefer if you’d massage me, instead...” Jiraz said slightly seductively, the shin’saras girl feeling the demon girl’s tail caressing her thighs.

“Why are you always so horny??” Shica whimpered weakly, grinning at Jiraz, who simply smiled; “for the 107th time, hottie; it’s my nature to be that, and it doesn’t help me that this bath’s making me hot...and you being so sexually ripe to ravish...”

As Jiraz began her seduction, Shica willingly and overdramatically falling to it, Jiki and Kiro grinned; they simply saw Jiraz and Shica’s intense lovemaking as humorous, while they preferred their own to be based on deep feelings and heart-to-heart contact in sceneries like a beautiful, setting sunset.

“Wha-...! Huh?? What the-...?! You little witches, get off me!” Breeze suddenly disturbed the mood, as Chinyi and Siriki, swimming in a pool besides the bubble bath, had jumped on the griffon’s back, wailing in joy as Breeze tried and get the slippery naked girls off her back.

“You’ll be combing each and every one of my feathers and fur out, do you hear me??” Breeze hooted in her frustration, the two pranksters simply laughing until Breeze’s sturdy tail got its grip around the two of them.

“You really need to cool down, you two; let us see here...” Breeze chuckled in her owl-like way, heading off with the struggling yet very amused girls.

“Where’s she taking them?” Kiro asked Jiki.
“Beats me, but if I know Breeze right, she’ll-...” Jiki began as a splash followed by two high-pitched shrieks echoed through the pool area.

“YI-I-I-I-IK-E-E-E-ES! COLD! COLD! CO-O-OLD!” they heard Siriki and Chinyi shriek at the same time; in the next second, the two of them came running like possessed, jumping into the pool by the bubble bath; followed behind them was wet, but all out hooting griffon.

The roar of laughter from the bubble bath soon spread to the two pranksters resurfacing in the pool; they had to admit they had deserved it.

“Hey, girls...” Shica suddenly asked Jiki and Kiro; “...wanna have a little competition?”

“What kinda competition?” Jiki asked, Kiro curiously leaning on her shoulder.

“A drinking competition...” Shica smirked, a perverted grin running over Jiraz’s lips; “...c’mon; we’ve always wanted see just how much fun you are when you’re drunk.”

“ want to see us drunken, making out like the two of you do?” Kiro asked, Jiraz and Shica nodding.
“I guess we owe it to them, Kiro; they’ve been patient over the years, so maybe it’s time we tried and acted a little, well...” Jiki grinned to herself, Kiro teasingly nipping her ears; “...perversely.”

“Well, we can ask if we can borrow some of those fetish outfits they have here...if we lose the competition, of course...” Kiro smirked, looking at Jiraz and Shica; “ need to put something at stake, like, hour for the two of you without making out?”

At that, Jiraz looked right out shocked, and Shica looked perplexed, as if the thought had never occurred to them before.

“That’s kinda too high demands, I think...” Jiki grinned, Kiro rustling her hair, looking back at Jiraz and Shica; “well, how about, uhmm...OK, if you lose, we’ll get a fifth of your yuri hentai porn?”

“What?!” Shica exclaimed, partly laughing; besides her, Jiki began laughing out loud, Kiro joining in; Jiraz, on the other hand, looked shocked.

“To part with our most precious?? No way in H-...” she began, Shica gripping her left horn and rubbing it.

“There, there, they can at least look, OK?” Shica smirked, Jiraz sighing relieved and nodded.

“Why are you so interested in their yuri hentai, Kiro?” Jiki asked.

“Well, I admit we are a little too sensitive when we make out...and a bit too inexperienced...” Kiro said, blushing at Jiki; “...I just thought we could learn something from those yuri comics.”

“Why, you dirty little elf-ear!” Jiki teased, tickling under Kiro’s armpits, the white-haired girl submitting as soon as she felt her girlfriend’s loving touches.

“Gods, simply tickling her make her curl up and giggle like a catgirl...” Jiraz sighed, shoke her head, crossed her arms and grinned at Shica; “...even if we lose, they deserve to look at that yuri hentai.”

“Well, they’ll have to win the right, first...or we’ll get to see just how loveable they are when they make out...” Shica grinned at Jiki and Kiro; having been gently pushed under the water, Jiki found Kiro’s nose to rub against her own in a loving caress.

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