Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 37)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 37

Title: Chapter XXXVII - Love Thine Fellow Elf

[Author's notes: Spoiler:
Minyoki is the creator of the Everlust series.]

“Now, where to store it...? Allisia thought to herself; having returned to her room and dispelled her armour, she was looking for a good place to store the Soul-Cleaver.

“...Gods, it is about as cliché as it gets...” she sighed at herself, walking towards one of the round corners, finding one of the stones there sitting a bit loose.

“Perfect” Allisia said, moving the stone easily and put the blade down in the small hole, putting the stone over it again.

“And these are the showers, not that there is much to that” Vinya gestured simply, smiling a bit; “it is one of the most popular areas for tricks and games, mind you?”

“And, uhmm, who’s that chick bathing over there?” Zyrah asked, pointing at Gloris sitting and relaxing in a Jacuzzi futher inside the room.

“Ah, that’s Gloris, one of our more exotic inhabitants...” Vinya explained; “she prefers hanging around here, as she is much for baths and hot water.”

“Sort of like, one of those beach babes, just by the showers instead of beaches?” Zyrah asked, Vinya nodding agreeingly.

“Hey, can we wait a moment with continuing the tour? There’s something I wanna try...” Zyrah asked, Vinya thinking for a moment.

“OK, but we’ve got at least two floors more to cover” she said, Zyrah heading into the room, almost sneaking.

“Oh, I’m gonna give her heat, alright...!” she mentally grinned at herself, soon standing right behind the humming and relaxing Gloris.

“I know it’s you, Chinyi; I can hear your heels all over the showers!” Gloris suddenly chuckled, Zyrah feeling her face to be splashed with water, making her giggle.

“Hey! You’re not...Chinyi...” Gloris said as she turned around, facing the shin’saras girl with an impressed look.

“So you’re expecting someone, kiddo?” Zyrah grinned, Gloris catching herself to smile innocently.

“Uhmm, who are you?” Gloris asked, only thinking Vinya and Shica to be the only shin’sari girls to stay at the manor.

“I’m Zyrah Stardust; nice meeting you” Zyrah smiled, offering Gloris and handshake, which she took eagerly.

“You’re that chick Christy always listens to! Gods, you make hot stuff, miss...” Gloris mumbled, blushing.

“And who’s this Christy, then?” Zyrah asked, setting herself down on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

“She’s our stripper and your biggest fan; I...I don’t know if I should say this...” Gloris said, lowering her voice to a whisper; “...but she claims she can’t fall asleep at night before masturbating at the thought of you.”

“Wow! I know I’ve got a lot of fangirls, but being so horny for me? Aww, that’s quite a shame for her...” Zyrah said, feeling pity for Christy.

“Uhmm, Miss Stardust, I’ve got to continue the tour” Vinya said at the entrance to the showers, Zyrah grinning at her and giving her a thumbs up.

“See you around” she grinned at Gloris, kissing her cheek; as she left, Gloris found herself hoping that this famous singer would be staying at them for a long time...

“Hey! That...that kinda hurts!” Innoki shrieked out, Lillan giving her thong one wedgies after another.

“I’m not really merciful to little brats who think they can screw me without sharing the pleasure a bit...” Lillan grinned wickedly, her other hand busy at pulling Innoki’s tongue and pinch her cheeks.

“Look, I’m sorry! Mistress Narrisha told me to do it!” she panicked and shrieked as Lillan now used both her hands and pressing the cloth of Innoki’s thong as deep inside her nether lips as she could.

“You’re really such a little screamer; it’s so cute...” Lillan chuckled to herself, pinching Innoki’s g-spot and sticking her tongue inside her nether lips.

“Why is always me who gets the most rough fucks?!” Innoki yelled to the ceiling, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Oh, for the Gods’ sake...” Lillan sighed, swinging her legs over Innoki’s head.

“Let’s 69 each other, then; don’t you want a little pussy, yourself?” Lillan asked, Innoki catching herself smiling at the promise of returning the favour to Lillan.

“C’mon! Don’t chicken out now; get your mouth in there!” Lillan encouraged over her shoulder, marking her point by spanking herself on the left buttock.

“And this is Mistress Narrisha’s room; I’m not allowed in there, so we can’t just walk in” Vinya told as Zyrah looked inside the richly decorated room.

“Wow! Just what’s that supposed to be??” she asked as she saw Breeze’s silhouette walking towards them on her way out.

“Oh, that’s just Breeze; she’s Jiki and Kiro’s pet” Vinya told, Zyrah now catching full eye of the majestic creature.

“Ah, a new lass, I see; glad to meet you, young lady” Breeze bowed her head formally, Zyrah amazed to see the great creature speak and wander down the hallway, her tail sweeping from side to side.

“And, uhmm, who are those ‘Jiki’ and ‘Kiro’, then?” Zyrah asked.

“Two girlfriends staying here; the other couple is Jiraz and Shica, but I’m sure you’ll meet them, as well” Vinya said, surprised as Zyrah’s eyes widened.

“Our crown princess, Shica Narra-Jar?? What’s she doing here?” she asked in perplexion.

“Well, she’s here on a little vecation with her girlfriend, Jiraz Blackwhip” Vinya said, Zyrah’s eyes falling back to normal.

“Ah, Blackwhip, that hot demon girl lover of hers? They’re really girlfriends?” Zyrah asked again.

“Yep, although...well, they are the most lustful couple if you ask me; they kinda speak through sex” Vinya grinned nervously at herself, rubbing her head.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of them; they kinda make some noise at the Imperial Palace; I once heard them when I was giving a concert to the empress” Zyrah said, grinning; “fuck, I kinda hope I meet them; it’d be, heh, well, an ‘honour’, if you know what I mean?”

“I think I understand perfectly” Vinya said as she caught sight of a lustful look in Zyrah’s eyes.

“Say, where do you live here?” Zyrah suddenly asked.

“Oh, on the second floor, outer left corridor, second door on the left” Vinya said, smiling at herself for her good memory.

“Well, I didn’t need a guide on how to get there; I’d just like to go back there and be a little...” Zyrah said, smiling seductively; “...’intimate’ before I go meet your sweet little stripper girl.”

“Oh! Uhmm...oh, I’m not kidding anyone, am I?” Vinya sighed, Zyrah grinning at her.

“Well, not me you aren’t...” Zyrah chuckled, Vinya smiling weakly to herself; “oh well, but it’s a bit messy; my outfit’s all moist and I need to get some new bed sheets on.”

“I can help you out; I’m not spoiled if you’re thinking that” Zyrah joked, following Vinya to her room.

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