Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 36)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 36

Title: Chapter XXXVI - Old Stories becomes Interesting

“This place totally rocks! I mean, I’ve been to alotta cool places, but this just beats everything!” Zyrah cheered, tossing herself grinningly into her new bed; it had silvery bed sheets, curtains around it, and her room, though simple, were comfortable and warm.

“I’m glad to see you like your chambers, Miss Stardust” a deep, dark voice now came, Zyrah looking up, finding a figure clad in a spiky set of adamantine armour, a scary-looking helmet with glowing, purple eyes, and a fatal-looking sword by its side.

“W-who are you??” Zyrah asked in shock, the menacing figure stepping towards her.

“I am Lady Allisia, and please don’t judge me by my armour alone...” a low chuckle were heard inside the helmet; in the next moment, the figure grabbed around the helmet, taking it off, Allisia’s blue-haired head popping into view.

“Gods, that’s some hot stuff hiding under that metal” Zyrah shamelessly flirted, Allisia not minding it in the least; putting her helmet down, she gestured a handshake to Zyrah, which she quickly accepted.

“I’m glad to meet you, Miss Stardust; I hear you’re quite a talented singer and musician” Allisia said, not able to hide a smile at the thought of Zyrah’s song titles.

“Well, yeah; I rock, I roll, I’m rich and all, but it’s getting a bit old, so I wanted to see about this manor and stuff” Zyrah explained, tossing herself back into her bed, taking off her boots and gloves and lying down, sighing pleasantly.

“The only thing I kinda miss are some of those screaming fangirls...hihihihih...” Zyrah grinned to herself.

“May I approach, Miss Stardust?” Allisia asked, Zyrash surprised to hear such a formal tone.

“Sure you may! Hihih, it’s not like I’m royalty or something; how about you?” Zyrah grinned, leaning over on her elbows and looking at Allisia.

“I’m Allisia Lightblade, former Dragon Knight of the Kingdom of Silvarcira” Allisia answered, saluting.

“A Dragon Knight?! Oh my Gods, you guys are supposed to be, you know, the warrior elite!” Zyrah exclaimed in surprise, although not finding Allisia to look too much like a Dragon Knight.

“Well...I did belong to the ‘elite’, but Silvarcira became too corrupted for me to bear, so I left the order; now I live here at the manor...and I actually have yet to regret it...” Allisia said, smiling a bit at herself.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, but hey, you’ve got it hot here with all the little cuties; after all that fighting, isn’t a little lady love in order?” Zyrah teased.

“Well, I do prefer more mature warrior women, but I can just as well confess my love for the ones living here...” Allisia chuckled at herself; “...sorry, I forgot my manners, Miss Stardust.”

“It’s alright, I’m not raising charges for that!” Zyrah grinned, Allisia sitting on the bed besides Zyrah.

“About that dragon stuff; is it true what that boney Vlad’Darsa says? That you have a real dragon staying here?” Zyrah asked in awe.

“Well, there is Dracaia, and she is indeed a golden dragon, but she have chosen to use smaller shape in the form of an elf in order to stay here and enjoy herself” Allisia explained.

“And how large is she as a dragon? Twenty, thirty meters tall??” Zyrah asked again, knowing that dragons were huge, majestic creatures.

“Uhmm, no; she is around the eighty meters tall from horn to tail” Allisia said, smiling amused as Zyrah’s mouth once again fell agape.

“Oh my Gods! That’s just so awesome! Having a dragon going around in elf form and such...” Zyrah grinned in amazement, looking Allisia over.

“So, how about the suit? Adamantine’s OK for armour, but it looks kinda mean-looking...and kinda badass, too...” Zyrah asked, Allisia not sure if she was to tell of the origin of her armour.

“Well, being a knight for so long gave me great opportunities for adventures, so I gathered something on my travels; I found this adamantine to suit me better than my old suit of steel full-plate” Allisia said, Zyrah listening eagerly.

“So, have you been ‘conquering’ some of these loveable little ladies, mighty Miss Metal?” she joked, Allisia smiling at her.

“I will say that I have, indeed; however, I’m more of a passive lover, preferring to let others tell me where to go and what to do” Allisia said.

“Well, if I’m ever to see if I can get laid, I come to you if I need some info on the girls I’m about to go down on, OK?” Zyrah asked with a wink.

“I wouldn’t mind it at all, Miss Stardust” Allisia said, rising up from the bed; “if you’ll excuse me, I have some training to attend to; I could send for a guide for you if you wish?”

“Please do; I can’t really find my way around here, I gotta say...” Zyrah said, twirling a finger around her head in a gesture of confussion.

“Wow, that was so sweet!” Vinya grinned at herself, tossing her messy fetish outfit into the corner, tossing herself into bed, chuckling at the thought of the silliness she had just been part of.

“Oh, Minyoki’s going to be so mad at me for fooling around with her sister...” Vinya mumbled to herself; in the next moment, a knock was heard on the door, Vinya quickly moving herself under the bed sheets.

“Come in!” she called, Allisia opening the door and stepping in.

“Uhmm, are you sick Vi-...” Allisia began, only to laugh at herself; “how dumb can I be?? Elves can’t get sick!”

“Hihihihihihih! What gave it away?” Vinya nervously joined in the laughing, Allisia’s face now turning serious again; “Vinya, our guest, Miss Stardust, would like a guide for a tour of the manor.”

“OK, I’m coming in a...uhmm, can we say three minutes...?” Vinya asked carefully.

“You need not play jokes, Vinya; I’ve seen what you’ve left behind...” Allisia shoke her head and chuckled to herself, pointing at the messy fetish outfit in the corner.

“Oh! Oh, yes; I’ll deal with that after the tour, OK?” Vinya asked, Allisia nodding.

“Miss Stardust’s room is just around the corner on your left” Allisia informed, turning on her heel and walking out the door.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to see another black elf at this manor” Zyrah smiled at she saw Vinya walking towards her, finding the slightly younger shin’saras girl quite cute.

“I’m Vinya, Miss Stardust, and I’m your guide around the manor” Vinya politely bowed, Zyrah smiling at her.

“Are there other elves like you here?” she asked.

“Well, there’s also Mirinda, a shin’idun, mind you” Vinya explained, Zyrah’s mouth falling completly agape.

“A shin’idun?! How the heck can you even live under the same roof??” Zyrah spat, Vinya sighing at her.

“Miss Stardust, Mirinda might be a shin’idun, but she’s harmless; she’s not all prejudible and living in the past” Vinya assured.

“Well, what does she then do around here?” Zyrah asked impataintly.

“Well, daily she’s the scholar and librarian at the library, but at night...” Vinya said, blushing a bit.

“What? What does she do at night?” Zyrah asked.

“She...well...she punishes the girls who disobey the rules...” Vinya grinned at herself.

“Tsk, how? Making them write lines on a cupboard?” Zyrah asked again saracstically.

“Uhmm, no...she’s a dominatrix...” Vinya said, blushing again.

“What the...a shin’idun dominatrix?? those all PVC, latex and leather-clad hotties with whips, handcuffs and bondage??” Zyrah asked in amazement.

“Yeah, although I kinda think she sticks to the strap-ons...” Vinya said, laughing at herself.

“What’s so funny?” Zyrah asked in bewilderment.

“Well, to cut it short...I asked her to rape me at a time; virginity’s not so important to us girls at the manor, so she and two other girls got into a foursome with me...” Vinya blushed.

“You’re one, cute little GILF, you know that?” Zyrah now smiled mysteriously.

“Uhmm, ‘GILF’?” Vinya asked.

“Girl I’d Love to Fuck, silly!” Zurah grinned, Vinya blushing.

“But no worries, I’ll wait until after the tour” Zyrah teased, rustling Vinya’s hair, the younger shin’saras chuckling.

“OK, Miss Stardust; we’ll start out in the dining hall, so please follow me...” Vinya informed, Zyrah following her, rubbing her hands in anticipation...

“Uhmm, you coming, Miss Stardust?” Vinya asked.

“Oh? Oh, yeah! Sure! And just call me Zyrah, will you?” Zyrah grinned, following Vinya.

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