Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 35)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 35

Title: Chapter XXXV - Arrival of a Superstar

“Welcome to Nightwind Manor, Miss Stardust” one of the Night Guards politely bowed, the smaller shin’saras girl smiling at the polite greeting.

“Is it true that you’re all serving under some loveable vampire chick? Sounds kinda kinky...” Zyrah could help but to ask, the Night Guard nodding.

“We all serve Mistress Narrisha, but she is no ‘vampire’; she merely has...” she started, snapping her fingers in wonder to find a good word; “...a skin pigmentation complexion.”

“...OK, that’s gotta be a new one” Zyrah grinned; “the Sisters will carry my luggage and bags, so just show them to my room, OK?”

“Certainly” another Night Guard now saluted, stepping towards the Scarlet Sisters, looking sour to be forced to drag the heavy bags all around the manor; however, the Night Guard could almost have sworn that they began looking at her as she stepped up to them.

“So, how many maids, and guard girlies, are actually working here?” Zyrah asked curiously.

“My guess goes around the twenty or more; it all depends of the shifts” the Night Guard escorting Zyrah explained, Zyrah practically beaming.

“Uhmm...well, if that isn’t hot...” Jisha commented smilingly, her and Minyoki sitting her Minyoki’s room by her computer, watching yuri hentai.

“You haven’t seen the best; look now! Look now!” Minyoki pointed at the screen, a skimpy-clad brown-haired girl being pressed against a tree by a dominatrix-like redhead with dark skin; humping her and fingering the brown-haired girl, her outfit consisted of a corset, thong, thigh-high boots, elbow-long gloves and a split cape of dark-red latex.

“! Th-the way she bangs her....! Fuck, this is some hot stuff!” Jisha cheered happily, secretly fingering herself at the scene.

“Look now, it’s getting better!” Minyoki chuckled, the redhead’s intense fingering leading to the brown-haired girl’s climax; panting, she violently forced the surprised redhead against the tree, insisting on having her turn.

“It’s kinky when they use a bit of force” Minyoki smiled dreamingly, the brown-haired girl now, with a speed Minyoki did not really catch, tore off the redhead’s corset and her thong, the steel chain making her belt falling rattling to the ground.

“What the...! Oh, Gods; look at her go!!!” Jisha giggled, the redhead now turned around, baring her nether lips to the brown-haired girl as she leaned down.

“Let’s take a break now; it’s good to build up suspense...” Minyoki teased, pausing the clip, Jisha looking right out disappointed.

“But I wanna watch her get fucked! It’s the hottest scene I’ver ever seen!” she almost yelled in frustration.

“I’ll show you the rest on two conditions...” Minyoki chuckled to herself, standing up; as she leaned towards Jisha, grinning seductively, she had no trouble finding out about at very least one of the conditions.

“First, you let me look at that book you got from your moms...” Minyoki said, Jisha nodding, finding it a fully fair demand.

“And secondly...” Minyoki now said, her voice suddenly getting dangerously demanding; “ let me fuck you blind for at least an hour in hardcore bondage style!”

“Uhmm, eheheheh, I’ve fucked with girls before, really, but never bon-...” Jisha began nervously grinning, Minyoki suddenly kissing her, sucking on her lips forcefully.

“After watching those hot chicks bang each other, you know you wanna...” Minyoki grinned, walking over to her closet; “ close your eyes and don’t you dare open them!”

Doing as she was told, Jisha sat down on Minyoki’s bed, honestly not minding the bondage; after all, she was the daughter of two sexy mistresses of bondage.

“OK, you can look now!” Minyoki called, stepping out from the shadows; her outfit was that of leotard with loose sleeves, wrist-long gloves and thigh-high boots, all of it in dark-red latex.

With her mouth almost agape in amazement, Jisha smiled happily as Minyoki pulled out a black dildo, holding it thoughtfully.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you scared?” Minyoki asked in both tease and wonder.

“No, not really; I just thought that since I’m the daughter of a sexy demon girl and hot shin’saras chick...” Jisha said, beginning to undress herself; “...then I think I have to keep up the family’s most honoured tradition.”

“Uhmm, what’s that?” Minyoki asked in confusing, forgetting her menacing dominatrix appearance.

“To fuck, and be fucked by, all the most hot, sexy, kinky and ravishing girls you can find and get to play with you!” Jisha grinned, finally slipping out of her boots, arranging her outfit on the floor, jumping back into bed, baring her nether lips; “let’s see if you can do better than the girls back at my school!”

“...OK, talk about an open-minded lezzie hottie...” Minyoki said, smiling confidently; “but heck, who in the manor isn’t both open-minded and a cute or hot lezzie?”

“Beats me, but I love this place!” Jisha grinned, Minyoki now leaning down on her.

“You ready to get laid, hottie?” she snarled, Jisha winking at her; “bring it on!”

“I’m not kinda sure this is a good idea, Hiroi” Raicha said uncertainly, Hiroi, followed by Ukuni and Raicha, sneaked around Narrisha’s room, trying to find Breeze.

“It’s gonna be OK; I just wanna see if that birdie can do some magical...” Hiroi assured, soon spotting the still snoozing griffon by Narrisha’s bed.

“Oh my Gods! Look at that!” Hiroi silently giggled, Ukuni and Riacha now seeing a yuri hentai doujinshi lying on the griffon’s golden beak, flipping some of the pages each time Breeze snoozed.

“That’s gotta be the most hilarious I’ve seen in a while” Ukuni chuckled; however, not remembering to silence herself as best she could, Breeze woke up, although keeping her eyes shut, only slightly opened to see the girls whispering in a dark corner.

“Let’s get closer; you know what I’ll do if you don’t dare it Raicha-a-a-a-a...” Hiroi teased, the blonde biting her lower lip; due to a wager, either Raicha was to touch the griffon’s beak, or Hiroi would be permitted to ravish Raicha until she fainted in the showers, fully clothed.

“OK, OK! I’ll touch that fucking beak...!” Raicha angrily gritted her teeth; being fearful of magical creatures, she found no desire to approach the griffon’s beak; as she crawled, sneaked and moved as silently as she could, she was almost a meter from the griffon, when...

“Will you please just touch my beak, then? You’re noisier than that vampiric gal...” Breeze now mumbled, her eyes wide opened; shrieking, Raicha was about to run for her life, but a furry, white tail around her waist kept her in place.

“I see no reason why you’d fear me; I would never harm any of you gals, had you even insulted me” Breeze said correctingly.

“’re not a carnivore...??” Raicha asked hopefully, Breeze laughing with the sound of an owl’s hooting.

“No, no, silly little girl; I do eat some lovely meats, but I prefer, say, an apple or maybe a water melon” Breeze said, Raicha almost shameful that she had once thought griffons, especially, to be maneating monsters.

“Uhmm, OK...will you let go of me?” Raicha asked, Breeze removing her tail.

“Stand back a little...” she asked; doing so, Raicha saw as the griffon stretched out like a cat, her wings stretching fully out in all their might, her tail swinging from side to side, and her beak opening in a large yawn, revealing her long, pink tongue.

“I gotta admit, that’s kind amazing...” Raicha smiled, looking at the majestic, magical creature as she rustled her head.

“Say, what time is, now? I think I’ve overslept...” Breeze asked, Raicha checking her watch.

“Around one o’ clock in the afternoon” she said, Breeze nodding in thanks.

“So, Hiroi; no wet latex boobies groping for you today” Ukuni whispered teasingly from the corner.

“Oh, I dunno about that...” Hiroi’s seductive, alluring voice said, Ukuni’s confident smile replaced with a look of anticipation.

“A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, fuck! Had I known...bondage would be so fun...!” Jisha grinned, her drool running down on Minyoki’s bed, the pink-haired girl enjoying herself hammering the strap-on dildo into Jisha’s nether lips.

“Gods, you have a tight pussy; did some of your little schoolgirl friends help you tightening it up?” Minyoki taunted, Jisha’s only reply being a clear ‘yes!’
“You’ve been screaming that the last two minutes; you’re not too creative when it comes to sex, are you?” Minyoki grinned, Jisha joining in.

“Why don’t you quit the doggy style and let me turn around?” Jisha asked, Minyoki not minding it; as she turned around, Minyoki could gladly see that her long thrusting had born fruit in the form of Jisha’s nether lips becoming completly soaked.

“I’ve heard that you turn on magic...” Minyoki said, Jisha’s eyes getting a hopeful spark in them.

“...But I’m not a sorceress, so I can’t use magic on you...” Minyoki said with a sad smile, Jisha looking disaapointed.

“However, I think this might help set your mood a bit” Minyoki grinned, groping Jisha’s breasts; in that instant, Jisha wailed out in horniness, Minyoki smiling in amazement.

“So you also turn on a little boobie groping, huh?” Minyoki now smiled fiendishly, Jisha nodding slowly, her eyes running with tears of pleasure.

“Oh, I’m gonna like this!” Minyoki laughed in triumph, letting her hands grope Jisha’s breasts forcibly; as she yelled out even louder than before, Jisha felt Minyoki sucking on her breasts, only increasing the pleasure to sky-high limits.

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