Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 34)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 34

Title: Chapter XXXIV - Mischievious Kitties

[Author's notes: Warning: Extreme WAFF and Catgirl-related silliness in this chapter!
If you only seek hardcore yuri hentai, skip ahead or back the previous or coming chapters; this will only contain erotic ecchi talk and games.]

“Here we are, do come in!” Chinyi smiled, Vinya’s first impression of Chinyi’s room to be quite neatly decortated; around the oval room was several couches, and a large pink bed stood by the end, dozens of magazines spread on the floor.

“I can’t wait to make out! I’m always the submissive one, you know...” Chinyi explained, making her voice as sugar-sweet as she could, looking at Vinya:

Her fetish outfit consisted of elbow-long gloves, corset, g-string and thigh-high boots of black latex; the boots were quite pirate-like in appearance, folded from the top.

“Uhmm, well, you can start with being dominative, I guess...” Vinya said, sitting down on the bed, soon to find out it would be a great mistake.

“BANZA-A-A-A-AI!” Chinyi yelled grinningly, jumping on her bed besides Vinya, forcing the confused shin’saras girl down into the bed sheets under playful wails and giggling; feeling Chinyi press her face into breasts and humping herself against Vinya, she could not hold back a happy laugh.

“You really are a little chibi, aren’t you??” Vinya laughed, Chinyi grinning as she felt that Vinya liked her silliness; as response, she zipped down her shirt, tossed it over shoulder, her surprisingly large breasts bouncing into view of the amazed Vinya.

“Before we get to the fun part...” Vinya now grinned, an evil idea popping to her mind as she pointed at Chinyi; “...I’ve got a little request for you.”

“A request? Well, OK, I think” Chinyi grinned, closed her eyes and sat down in front of Vinya.

“I’d like to watch you masturbate” Vinya giggled, Chinyi blushing wildly.

“Uhmm, I’m not, ihihihih, I’m not much for people watching me do that; I’m afraid they’d think I’m freaky” Chinyi giggled nervously.

“I sure wouldn’t; nothing as cute as you can ever be freaky, Chinyi” Vinya smiled, leaning over and playfully kissing Chinyi’s cheek; “c’mon; I’ll let you nip my ears if you’ll do it.”

“You’ve got such a deal, Vinya!” Chinyi smirked happily, already looking forward to suckle on Vinya’s pointy ears and ravish her breasts; as she zipped down her skirt, Vinya found Chinyi to look right out adorable in nothing but black stockings and white leather boots.

“Just start off as you see fit; I’m gonna enjoy the whole show...” Vinya chuckled, folding her arms under her head, lying down and watching as Chinyi slowly began rubbing her own breasts, sticking her tongue out in teasing gestures at Vinya.

“Oh my Gods, she’s getting hot!” Gloris commented, looking through the small hole into Chinyi’s room; hidden behind the portrait of a green forest, Siriki and herself were busy filming the whole scene, Siriki giggling uncontrollably.

“She just can’t resist elf girls, that cutie; she’s freaking adorable when she goes all chibi-like” Siriki grinned, Gloris finding her tight swimsuit suddenly very uncomfortable.

“If we don’t go in there soon, I’ll take this out on you, Siriki!” Gloris teased, Siriki adjusting the camera’s lens more precisely.

“Hold on, just one more minute...” Siriki assured, wanting some good stuff for her film so she could blackmail Chinyi; although it was always a kind-hearted joke, she wanted to have some sort of evidence of Chinyi’s lovemaking so she could convince the pink-haired girl to go bondage on her.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...Vinya, won’t you take me soon? I’m getting so hot and horny...!” Chinyi managed a smile at the shin’saras girl, who simply smiled at her, sighed and sat up.

“I know you had hoped to be dominative...” Vinya grinned, Chinyi discovering that Vinya had been playing with herself, as well, as she now leaned hungrily over Chinyi; “...but I just can’t pass up such a good opportunity to fuck you.”

With those words, Vinya fell upon Chinyi, her latex-clad fingers heading right for the pink-haired girl’s channel of innocence, making her let out a horny shriek of pleasure, leading her own soaked finger to Vinya’s nether lips and rubbing them.

“OH, YES! Oh, give me elf love! I want it! I’m getting so wet...!” Chinyi exclaimed happily, her grin stretching from ear to ear as Vinya began humping her, the two of them busy fingering each other and suck each other’s breasts.

“CHI-CHINYI! I’m...I’M GOING TO CUM, SOON!” Vinya warned, Chinyi hugging her with her spare hand, laughing at her; “yes, please! Cum for me! Let’s cum together!”

“CHINYI-I-I-I-I!” Vinya yelled out, climaxing as her whole body shoke from liquid fire in her body, climaxing over and over.

“Vinya! That looked so hot! Come here! Have more sex with me!” Chinyi smiled, Vinya chuckling at her as she now leaned over the pink-haired girl, her head now resting over the bed’s side.

“Oh, GO-O-O-ODS! YE-E-E-ES, I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!” Chinyi yelled out as she came, Vinya finding her new latex glove completly soaked in cum as Chinyi climaxed just as intensely as herself.

“Don’t stop...I want more...!” Chinyi whimpered, bolting upwards, borrowing her face between Vinya’s breasts, laughing happily.

“I’ve gone and you can’t see me!” she teased, Vinya laughing amused at Chinyi’s childishness, deciding to try out the tip Ukuni had given her; she let her hands under Chinyi’s armpits, tickling the pink-haired girl, who wailed out in giggling and pleasure as Vinya mercilessly tickeled her, rolling around on the bed with Chinyi.

“That’s it, I’m going in now” Gloris said outside the door, Siriki nodding as she stopped the camera recording; heading to the door, they found it unlocked, opening it dramatically.

“SURPRISE!” Siriki cheered, her mind suddenly going blank as she now found Chinyi lying on her back, Vinya sitting on her head, Chinyi’s tongue busy pleasuring Vinya’s nether lips, the two of them suddenly spotting Siriki and Gloris.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, that’s just priceless!” Gloris laughed, Siriki joining in, partly leaning to each other for not to lose their balance; heading for the bed, Chinyi hid a smile, while Vinya sat a little back, Chinyi’s head popping into view.

“Say there, cuties; we’ve got all your hot lovemaking here on this little tape...” Siriki smirked evilly; “...and unless you’re willing to go for some bondage lovin’, Chinyi, then I’m afraid it can’t remain between the four of us.”

Looking at each other, Vinya and Chinyi nodded, Vinya grinning as she had heard of Siriki’s none-serious, silly blackmail fetish.

“Please don’t tell them! I’m just an innocent little kawaii girl!” Chinyi pretended to plead, Siriki leaning over the bed, a confident smirk on her lips.

“Let’s see; how do you fancy whips, Chinyi? Or are you more into latex like the little Vinya here?” Siriki teasingly taunted, Gloris leaning over as well, Chinyi and Vinya exchanging looks, the same idea forming in their heads.

“Let me see...” Chinyi mumbled, gesturing Siriki closer; as she as she were within a meter’s distance, she chuckled, grabbed her loose white top, grinning; “...I choose a foursome!”

Hearing that, Siriki was not surprised, and was even happily thrown into a harmless wrestling match between her, Chinyi, Gloris and Vinya, the four of them laughing out loud.

“AR-R-RGH! Hey, no fair!” Vinya wailed out, Gloris bending her down and giving Vinya’s g-string thong a frontal wedgies, the shin’saras girl loving it to the fullest.

“OH, SIRIKI! LICK MY CUNT!” Chinyi yelled out beside them, Siriki lying underneath her and between her legs, her mouth sucking on Chinyi’s nether lips, Gloris suckling on her breasts while teasing Vinya.

“Hey girls, I got a little idea...” Gloris suddenly said, Siriki, Chinyi and Vinya stopping up, although slightly disappointed.

“Chinyi, get down on Vinya’s clitoris, me and Siriki show her a little boob-job” Gloris grinned, Siriki smiling at the idea, while Chinyi smirked and winked at the confused Vinya; however, not a few moments later, Vinya found her head stuck between Gloris and Siriki’s breasts, rubbing them against her face, while Chinyi happily licked on her nether lips.

“OH! OH, SO GO-O-OD! I feel so lovely horny now!” Vinya smiled to herself, feeling Gloris and Siriki’s hands move down and rubbing her stomach.

“Hey, you’ve also gotta do your share!” Siriki snarled passionately, grabbing Vinya’s hand and guiding it to her nether lips; “c’mon; finger me silly! Rub your fingers all around my clit!”

“Me too! Do me, too!” Gloris insisted, Vinya gladly nodding, fingering Gloris and Siriki, feeling her own climax approach with Chinyi’s soft and gentle licking.

“OH, CHINYI! Please kiss my clit! Kiss it deep and hot! I CAN’T...I C-CAN’T TAKE IT!” Vinya shrieked out as Chinyi’s tongue went over her g-spot, Chinyi delightfully sucking it.

“OH, GIR-R-R-R-R-R-RLS!!!” Vinya yelled out, her legs locking themselves on Chinyi’s back, pressing her head futher downwards, just in the moment of Vinya’s climax; caught off-guard, Chinyi still grinned after licking the girly nectar off, grinning at Vinya.

“You little harlot, Vinya! You’re gonna pay for that!” she laughed, Vinya’s staggered breath and heaving body far too occupied to notice anything.

“What about us? She hasn’t made us cum yet” Gloris asked, Chinyi smirking as an idea came to her mind; in the next moment, she scissored into the tribadism with Vinya, the surprised shin’saras girl wailing out in happy pleasure.

Gloris, let Vinya lick you; Siriki, come over here, sexy...” Chinyi teased, curling her finger up and down in a gesture for Siriki to come over to her, which the ice-haired girl smilingly did.

“After this, Vinya, I’m gonna use your ears as lollipops!” Chinyi giggled, rubbing herself against Vinya, all the while licking Siriki’s bared, moist nether lips.

“...Please, Gloris...I want to t-...taste pussy...” Vinya pleaded, Gloris looking at the exhausted shin’saras girl’s partly outstretched tongue with a mix of enjoyment and lust.

“Vinya, you can all the pussy you want...” Gloris teased, leaning down for Vinya to lick her; “...but you gotta grope me for it! I like that hot latex on my boobies.”

“Sure!” Vinya replied gladly, reaching her hands up and groping Gloris, the black-haired girl soon feeling her nether lips getting softly licked by Vinya.

“Uhmm! Oh, ye-e-e-e-ah...oh, this is pussy feels so good...!” Siriki mumbled, licking her lips and throwing her head back, rubbing her breasts as Chinyi did everything in her power to make her climax.

“’s good...rub harder...!” Vinya insisted, the pink-haired girl happy to hear right out horniness in the shin’saras girl’s voice.

“Let’s let our pussies kiss each other...” Chinyi grinned, rubbing even harder as Vinya’s moans increased in volume.

“Uhmm...I’m gonna gush out soon, Vinya...lick it deeper...uhm-m-m-m-m...” Gloris mumbled, her tongue sticking out and drooling down on Vinya’s stomach.

“I-I’m gonna cum soon, too! Eat that pussy, Chinyi! I want to feel you inside me!” Siriki exclaimed, cheerfully rubbing her breasts even harder.

“V-Vinya, I’m gonna...I’m gonna cum soon, too!” Chinyi shrieked out, Vinya clearly feeling the bed sheets under them grow wetter and wetter, leading her to make amused smirk at Chinyi.

“You’re not so innocent at all, huh? You little wet catgirl, you...” Vinya teased, Chinyi crying out loud at the mention of her favourite turn-on.

“I’M GONNA DO IT! I, I can’t control it! GIRLS, I’M CUMMING! I’M GONNA-...!” Siriki now wailed out, suddenly finding Gloris to lean over and kiss her hotly, the two of them happily letting their tongues intertwine and drool passionately as they groped each other.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING! I WANNA CUM!” Vinya yelled out, soon joined in by the other girls; as Chinyi had driven Siriki to the brink, the ice-haired girl came heavily during her orgasm, Chinyi gladly licking all the girly nectar; Vinya felt hers and Chinyi’s climaxes almost bolt out of them from the intensity, and Gloris simply yelled to the ceiling.

Exhausted, the four girls fell down on the bed sheets, wet as they were; spending some time recovering, Chinyi rose up and curiously crawled over to Vinya, the shin’saras girl feeling something hot and wet lick at the sensitive ears.

“Oh, Chinyi...” she mumbled to herself, smiling as Gloris and Siriki grinned and chuckled at her; sitting atop her, Chinyi joyfully suckled on Vinya’s pointy ears, much to the girls’ amusement.

“Hey, girls! Shouldn’t we try and gang up on Chinyi in a moment?” Vinya suggested, Siriki and Gloris exchanging evil grins.

“Hey, that’s not fair! We-we could take turns, OK?” Chinyi suggested, having a hard time believing she could handle more than two pleasers at a time.

“Sure, but just you wait, you little elf-lover...” Vinya chuckled, turning her grinning head to Chinyi; “...I’m going to lick your pink, little, petite pussy all outta juices within the hour!”

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