Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 33)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 33

Title: Chapter XXXIII - Experience Speaks for Itself

“KIY-A-A-A-AH!” Allisia yelled out in a war-cry, using her new Soul-Cleaver blade to slice dozens upon dozens of training dummies apart, splinters of wood and metal flying in all directions, bouncing off against Allisia’s heavy armour as she showed her material prowess.

“Wow! She’s like some sort of human tornado with that sword of hers!” Kiro commented in amazement, Jiki nodding; having followed Allisia from the showers, they had taken a look at the Warrior Girl’s collection of arms and armour, Jiki taking especial interest in a shin’idun full-plate set of armour, the leaf-like design also appealing to Kiro.

“I...I am done now; you can come out...” Allisia grinned from under her helmet, opening the visor as Jiki and Kiro stepped out from their hiding place behind a wooden pillar; out of generosity, Allisia had let them each pick a set of armour they wanted from her collection:

Kiro had gone for a white, short toga-like robe, with studded and hardened plates of polished brown leather protecting torso, arms and elbows, as well as boots of the same hardened leather, although the interior of it was softer and more comfortable; for a weapon, Kiro had chosen a simple wooden staff with black leather straps on the middle.

Jiki had at first gone and chosen a mix of platemail and scalemail, finding herself to near constantly risk falling, much to Kiro’s and her own amusement; surrendering the heavier armour, she had instead chosen a chainmail and steel vambraces along with a small dwarven steel sword.

“I can’t believe how you can walk in this, Allisia” Kiro said, feeling the vambraces cut slightly into her wrists; while unpleasant, she had a feeling that hardened leather would be a good sort of armour in the short run.

“You’re talking, sweetie; this thing’s way heavier than it looks” Jiki said, feeling the metal rings in her chainmail gnaw into her shoulders.

“Well, think about this; full plate, like mine, is way heavier, and usually even more unfomfortable” Allisia said, putting down her helmet.

“Why isn’t it unformfortable to you, then? You’re used to it after using it so often?” Kiro asked.

“You can never really get used to your armour; the reason it’s not so uncomfortable as steel is because it’s made of adamantine” Allisia explained, sheathing the Soul-Cleaver and heading towards a small cabinet.

“What’s the difference between steel and adamantine? I know adamantine is darker and almost black, but I can’t tell the real difference” Jiki asked, pondering over what it could be.

“I’ll tell you; the shin’sari, or black elves, use adamantine, a material unique to the underground, to forge armour, and use their magic to shape the metal after the warrior it is to be worn by; thus the armour becomes flexible with the wearer’s movements” Allisia explained, sitting down by Jiki and Kiro.

“I gotta admit, it’s nice hearing it from a real fighter” Kiro smiled at Jiki, who returned it; being a Dragon Knight, Allisia was their perfect guide to the many fascinating and gleaming sets of armour and weapons around the room.

“Can someone pass me the shampoo? I can’t see a damn thing!" Gloris said as the maids had gone under the showers; outside in the locker room, Chinyi and Vinya stood in an eager discussion with Ukuni.

“What?! You already made it?? Oh my Gods, you’re awesome, Ukuni!” Vinya cheered, hugging and kissing Ukuni’s cheek, the black-haired girl blushing and smiling at the eager shin’saras girl.

“Easy, easy, silly! I’ve got your daily clothes here...” Ukuni smiled, pointing at a purple t-shirt with shin’saras letters saying ‘cute’ and black leather flare pants with matching ankle-high boots and wrist-long gloves.

“It looks a little frisky, but dead cute” Chinyi blushed at Vinya as she dressed up, loving her new clothes.

“I’m almost done with your more erotic outfit, so I’ll bring that along in a moment” Ukini said, Chinyi beaming in anticipation of seeing Vinya in her most naughty outfit.

“As for the payment, you got the Ara?” Ukuni asked, Vinya nodding eagerly, looking through her maid uniform, finding a small black leather wallet, handing Ukuni a handful of golden coins.

“Hmm...yep, all’s in order, now; I’ll be right up with your outfit...” Ukuni said, whispering to Vinya; “don’t be fooled by her playing innocent; she loves being tickled.”

“Oh, OK” Vinya whispered back, Ukuni dressing up and grabbing her uniform as she went out the door.

“Hey, Gloris...” Siriki whispered in the locker room’s other end, the black-haired girl leaning in to listen to Siriki’s whispering; “...what say you if we follow those two and make a hot little movie outta it?”

“Sounds like a plan to me; just let me get my hands on that sexy little elf...!” Gloris smirked, finding Vinya’s new look very appealing to her.

“Mi-mistress! It’s not very appropriate if the other maids see me like this!” Lillian tried and defend herself, Narrisha licking all over her face, Innoki holding Lillian’s arms locked behind her back, Narrisha’s room completly dark as the curtains blocking out the sun.

“Aw, c’mon; you’re the head maid, but there’s no need to be so strict!” Narrisha teased, Innoki chuckling behind Lillian, enjoying her now very limited resistance.

“Innoki, can you be a dear and help Miss Lillian out of her uniform? We cannot have her all wrapped up when she’s to be molested, now can we?” Narrisha teased, Lillian’s eyes opening wide in a clearly fake shock.

“Mistress Narrisha, you know that I have no control over my-...!” Lillian was about to say, but was interrupted by a low moan from Innoki as she began stripping Lillian carefully of her uniform, the head maid beginning to surrender herself to the amusement; truth to be spoken, she had often thought of how a threesome with the other girls would be, as she was only used to one partner.

“Well, I’m not going to make you cum if you don’t want to” Narrisha said, stopping her molesting as Lillian began to rustle more wildly.

“Oh? Oh, no! I never said I didn’t...mistress, please pet me a little more...” Lillian sighed and smiled at Narrisha, glad that she were always so understanding and could control her need for lovemaking.

“I’ll let Innoki take over a moment; she’s pretty good at fingering, mind you” Narrisha chuckled, Lillian feeling herself to be pulled slowly down by her breasts by Innoki, the brown-haired girl eagerly licking her neck and groping her breasts.

“Please, Innoki; please do satisfy me...” Lillian smiled at the brown-haired girl, who returned it and let her fingers goe below Lillian’s thighs...

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