Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 32)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 32

Title: Chapter XXXII - Shin'saras Superstar

[Author's notes: Introducing: Zyrah Stardust.
Shin'saras pop/rockstar, known to use a great deal of Mystic Magic and her, rightly named, heavenly singing voice at concerts in Shacar-Jarcu.
Good friend of Shica and Jiraz.]

“Hey, pass me that watering can, please; these ones looks like they’re dying” Chinyi asked Siriki, handing the pink-haired girl the watering can.

“I’ve done this a million times, and still I don’t get how they thrist so quickly!” Siriki mumbled, watering her own patch of plants.

“Just think of them as Mistress Narrisha’s need for sex; they can’t get enough!” Chinyi joked, Siriki laughing at her.

“Sweet Shinris...I feel like I’ve been humped by a flock of catgirls...” Christy moaned and groaned to herself, Mirinda lying fast asleep on her bed, both of them having spent a total of near two hours of intense lovemaking and watching yuri hentai.

“Well, I guess I should be doing this...” Christy sighed, deciding to go through with the plan she had made: Having borrowed the Mystic Crystal from Jiki and Kiro, Christy would contact Vlad’Darasa and ask if he, by whatever powers he had, could ask Zyrah, Christy’s idol, to come to Nightwind Manor.

“Why, if you weren’t horny...” Christy chuckled at Mirinda, the shin’idun girl sleeping with a perverted smile on her lips, her latex outfit drenched in sweat and cum.

“Not that I’m a beauty queen myself, right now...” Christy sighed, standing stark naked, her pants, bra and boots thrown across the room.

“Let’s see, now...” Christy mumbled to herself, stepping over to her cosmetics desk; picking up the small, blue crystal, she held it to her breasts, whipering to it; “I want to speak to Lord Vlad’Darsa.”

In the next moment, the ghostly lich appeared as he had the first time Christy had seen him.

“Gods’ blood! What is it now??” the lich mumbled sourly, his sight falling on the naked Christy.

“Well, uhmm, I’m sorry, but I was just writing an important scroll, and...” Vlad’Darsa tried and put together an excuse as his orb-like eyes soared up and down as if scanning Christy.

“Listen Vladdie, I’ve got something to ask of you, if you can even keep those robes on” Christy said, mildly irritated at Vlad’Darsa’s looking.

“I’m sorry Miss Christy, but rest assured I can control myself” Vlad’Darsa now said, apparently sitting down on something Christy could not see.

“Now, what can I do for you?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy blushing.

“Well, you’re a mage, aren’t you?” she asked, Vlad’Darsa shaking his skull; “correction: Archmage, but yes, I am a spellslinger, if that is what you mean.”

“Well, you have alotta power, so I would ask a favour of you” Christy said, careful not to sound too eager.

“I indeed have, but what is it that you may need?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy clearly hearing his undertone suggesting he was getting impatient.

“Do you know...Zyrah Stardust ?” Christy asked carefully, surprised to hear Vlad’Darsa laugh, a cold, bone-chilling one, that was.

“If I know her! I was a friend of her mother back when she was but a youngster; I doubt I need my magic to understand what you intend to ask of me...?” Vlad’Darsa said, Christy feeling that he was partly teasing her.

“Well, yeah; I was wondering if you could-...” Christy began, Vlad’Darsa holding his claw up, interrupting her.

“-...If I could arrange for her to stay at the manor for a while? Well, as Lanadon so well plays His dice, she has heard of your own reputation, and, at my humble request, is on her way to your mistress’ manor as we speak...although I think I ruined the surprise for you by telling you of it.”

“This...this is so fucking awesome! When will she be here?? A week?” Christy asked, Vlad’Darsa leaning his skull to his staff, laughing heartily.

“She will be at your mistress’ manor by noon; she is escorted by some of the Imperial Scarlet Sisterhood, so look for their banners on the horizon” Vlad’Darsa nodded, Christy feeling herself almost fainting from built-up fangirlyness.

“Vlad, you’re freaking awesome for a dead dude! Thanks a lot, but I gotta go!” Christy nodded happily, Vlad’Darsa tapping his bony claw on what sounded like a stone chair.

“The pleasure was mine, Miss Christy, but run along now; I have scrolls to finish and arrange” he said, waving his hand in a strange gesture, disappearing from view.

“Oh Zyrah...!” Christy began moaning, her posters of the shin’saras girl as well as the still playing hentai yuri scene encouraging her to prepare herself for her idol’s arrival.

“SHICA-A-A-A-A-A! THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!” Jiraz shrieked out in pleasure, Shica gleefully licking Jiraz’s g-spot, now at the size of her own fist.

“I...I WANNA FEEL YOU INSIDE ME-E-E-E!” Shica wailed out in pleasure, placing her nether lips on Jiraz’s g-spot, the enlarged demon girl having enjoyed lifting up Shica by her legs, hungrily sucking on her girlfriend’s nether lips, Shica on the brink of insanity as she had cum more times than she could remember.

“OH, FU-U-U-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Jiraz yelled out as she came again, Shica massaging and groping the g-spot, licking it as small squirts of Jiraz’s cum, gushed out.

“I wanna boobie-fuck now!” Shica grinned, running up towards Jiraz’s breasts, almost at the size of smaller hills to Shica by now.

“After that, please lick me again; your little tongue’s so cute and good...” Jiraz panted out, Shica loving this new way of having sex with Jiraz; on that accord, her and Jiraz were, much to their pride, supremely skilled in making each other cum, their soon 6 years relationship bearing ripe fruit.

“Chinyi, can I speak to you a moment?” Vinya asked carefully, Chinyi smiling at her and following Vinya and the rest of the maids to the manor; after a whole morning’s hard gardening work under a hot sun, Vinya knew that she very much needed a bath.

“Uhmm, after being accepted into the manor and all that, I kind of wondered if know...” Vinya mumbled, running her neck in embarrassment, Chinyi chuckling heartily at her.

“You thought if I would want to have a little romp with you, didn’t you?” Chinyi teased, Vinya feeling the pink-haired girl’s fingers crawl like spider legs over her shoulders.

“Yes, I kinda feel that...that I would like to try something...ihihihihih, softcore than the older girls...” Vinya blushed, Chinyi grinning at her.

“You really are a naughty little elf, aren’t you? It’s what makes you so adorable!” Chinyi giggled, suddenly and playfully kissing the shin’saras girl fully on the lips, folding her arms around her neck, Vinya enjoying it fully as her eyes closed and she let out a low moan; around them, some of the maids stopped up, grinning at them.

“They’re just jealous ‘cause they haven’t been in your panties yet; for that, I’d love to be the first!” Chinyi smiled as she broke the kiss, Vinya smirking at her.

“Technically Mirinda took me first, but...but being here, with all you girls...” Vinya said, gesturing towards the other girls, her voice quacking from her emotions; “...I don’t really concern virginity so damn important anymore...I freaking love all of you!”

At that, Chinyi hugged Vinya tightly, the shin’saras girl returning it, the two of them loving each other’s embrace.

“I’m gonna look forward ‘till later” a nearby Siriki smirked, mentally smiling at the thought of her video camera lying back on her desk in her room, ready to be used to film Vina and Chinyi’s lovemaking.

“The manor is in sight now, Miss Stardust” a mounted Scarlet Sister announced, her raptor sniffing in the air as if it had caught a smell.

“I trust it you remember yourself while visting these girls, Zyrah; their punishments, as for their maids, tends to be slightly more...diffrent than in Shacar-Jarcu...” Vlad’Darsa noted, the lich riding behind the group on the skeleton of a horse.

“Don’t worry, dude; I’m not one of those kinda divas who’s gonna let my fame spoil my social life” Zyrah assured him; she was a teal-eyed, light gray-skinned shin’saras girl, and her white hair was set up in an impressive ponytail; her whole attire was made of leather, and she wore a heavy travelling cloak with a hood.

“I don't doubt your judgement, Zyrah, but...well, these gals are wild, to put it mildly; they gorge themselves in pleasures and love of each other’s flesh” Vlad’Darsa warned, a Scarlet Sister riding up besides him.

“Lord Vlad’Darsa, I must ask You not to worry the young Stardust; she is a fully capable girl, and can easily fend for herself” the sister said, a certain harsh strictness in her voice; like the other Scarlet Sisters, her adamantine armour was coloured in silver and ruby-red, her marking as an officer made clear by red leather kata around her belt.

“I will comply, of course, milady” Vlad’Darsa bowed his skull, although irritated to be spoken to like a common child.

“Say, Vladdie; this Christy chick who’s such a big fan of mine; how does she looks like?” Zyrah suddenly asked, smiling her herself and leaning back in her saddle, imagaining her fan mentally as a blonde girl who would quickly fall before her and let herself seduce.

“Well, she is a blonde, wears rich clothes, and apparently serve the mistress of the manor as a...sorry, I do not remember the word, but she uses a passionate art of dancing to make the other girls throw themselves over her in lust...” Vlad’Darsa explained, angry at himself for knowing almost all there was to know of Mystic Magic, but apparently nothing of Nightwind Manor’s inhabitants.

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