Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 31)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 31

Title: Chapter XXXI - Size Matters Not

“Lady Dracaia...” Allisia knelt down on the grass, the mighty golden dragon looking down at her.

“You better step back a little; I need some space to turn back into a smaller form” Dracaia warned, Allisia rising up and quickly backing away.

Concentrating, Dracaia’s eyes closed, her wings unfolded in their full width, and she let out an ear-deafening roar as she slowly began to shrink, her scales almost being peeled off her, her horns, fangs and claws vapourizing and her wings simply disappearing.

“ always a pain up a certain place...” Dracaia mumbled to herself, feeling dizzy as she now stood in her elven form, stark naked.

“OH! Oh, uhmm, Lady Dracaia...” Allisia tried and point out, blushing at the dragon girl.

“I know, Lady Allisia, I know...” Dracaia said, walking slowly towards Allisia, her long, raven-black hair flowing in the wind, her horns and eyes glowing in the sunlight.

“...And I plan to take full advantage of this firm body, as I wish to conquer a certain little Warrior Girl...” Dracaia smiled pleasantly at Allisia, the Warrior Girl feeling her blushing again.

“All kinda fancy spells, but nothing that’s good for-...” Jiraz mumbled, slamming shut another spellbook, while Shica sat behind her, reading a Yuri HiME magazine.

“Hey, Shica, I just got an idea!” Jiraz exclaimed, Shica looking up from the magazine.

“I’ve read a bit about all these shapeshifter powers I’ve got, and guess what...” Jiraz said, seductively leaning over Shica; “...did you know I can change size as well?”

“Nope, not until you told me it, but how does that give off more sex appeal...not that you need it” Shica grinned at Jiraz, the demon girl smirking at her.

“Well, since the library’s so roomy, and you like being in the mood...” Jiraz giggled, Shica putting down the magazine and beginning to touch herself as Jiraz struck one seductive pose after another; “...then let me show you a little thing I’ve read I can do!”

By that, Jiraz unfolded her wings fully, stretched out her clawed nails and opened her eyes wide; using her shapeshifting, Jiraz felt as she rose and rose...

“What the heck?? Oh my Gods, Jiraz, you’re...!” Shica exclaimed in a mix of yelling and cheerfulness, Jiraz now standing about 9 meters tall, halfway reaching the library’s roof.

“And now on with the show...” Jiraz grinned, violently and passionately ridding herself of all her tight-sitting latex clothes, Shica doing the same.

“Let’s see now...” Jiraz said, bending down and holding her hand towards Shica, who, awkwardly as it might feel for her, stood up onto her girlfriend’s hand, feeling herself being lifted up into Jiraz’s eyesight.

“So now we take our sex life to a new level, little hottie...” Jiraz said, the two girlfriends smiling at each other as Jiraz slowly leaned down, her wings retracting into her back as she laid her head to rest.

“I kinda feel like I’m going to enjoy this” Shica said, chuckling as Jiraz licked her lips, Shica sitting down on all four in Jiraz’s hand, the demon girl slowly bring her hand closer to her mouth.

“Oh, you’ve always had that cute, little pink pussy, sweetie...” Jiraz grinned, a streak of excitement making Shica let out a small shriek; “...and today’s the day where I give that pussy of yours its greatest tongue-fucking!”

Following that, Shica felt as Jiraz’s hot tongue began licking between her legs, making her whimper in anticipation.

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