Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 30)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 30

Title: Chapter XXX - Wisdom is a Pleasent Mistress

“Uhmm, Allisia, why aren’t you off for duty today?” Jiki asked, the Warrior Girl shrugging and nodding at her and Kiro as they entered the showers; “Faris, Mirinda, Christy and I don’t have work today, but we’ve got something up tomorrow, I heard.”

“So you’re working shifts?” Kiro asked, Jiki beginning to strip off her clothes and heading for the showers, Kiro smiling over her shoulder at her, Allisia smirking at the two of them.

“You really are cute, the two of you...” she sighed pleasantly, stepping out of her own clothes and heading for the showers, where Jiki were humming softly to the tunes of one of those songs her and Kiro had listened to the last night.

“M-more...! You can’t stop now..!” Mirinda pleaded, Christy grinning seductively at the shin’idun dominatrix.

“What’s the magic word, little miss latex?” Christy teased in a little-girlish way, Mirinda smiling weakly; “please...please keep fucking me...I want you to fuck me the whole morning!”

“Ah, that’s better; now let’s see here...” Christy smirked, sitting herself down, Mirinda rolling on top of her, both of them now sitting and facing the TV, where a dominatrix were licking a blue-haired catgirl’s nether lips.

“Just think of me doing that to feels good, doesn’t it?” Christy smiled behind Mirinda, the shin’idun girl’s eyes constantly watching the screen, feeling herself ready to climax again any moment.

“Uhmm, it really feels good; I feel so horny...” Mirinda whimpered, Christy beaming in delight, taking her chance and groping Mirinda’s massive, firm breasts.

“You’re still holding the record, Mirinda...though I kinda think Allisia’s a competitor, too” Christy teased, her grip becoming firmer as Mirinda moaned out loud.

“Oh, it’s so good! I’m, I’m getting molested by a blonde babe...watching yuri hentai...oh, I love my life...” Mirinda smiled broadly, feeling happy that all her desires were satisfied so incredibly.

“OH! Oh, yes-s-s-s-s-s...!” Mirinda groaned, Christy hearing Mirinda’s nether lips letting out small amounts of her womanly cum, the dominatrix on the screen now letting her fingers loose on the catgirl’s nether lips, the wildly moaning and purring girl mischiviously smirking at her mistress.

“I’m getting so turned on! I...Christy, get your fingers in me! I want to cum! I WANNA CUM NOW!” Mirinda wailed out, the blonde stripper eagerly sticking all her latex-clad fingers into Mirinda’s channel of innocence, the shin’idun girl shrieking joyfully.

“Fuck me, Christy! I want to feel you inside me!” Mirinda yelped out, the blonde giggling as she gladly began letting her fingers play with Mirinda’s g-spot, the elf girl tensing up, letting out a loud wail of pleasure, and falling back down unto Christy.

“FUCK! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FUCK ME GOOD, CHRISTY! I’M SO HORNY I DESERVE TO CUM! OH GODS, I’M CUMMI-I-I-ING!” Mirinda yelled out her head thrown back in pleasure, Christy quickly seizing the opportunity, embracing Mirinda’s head, eagerly kissing her passionately as the shin’idun girl let out wave of wave of her orgasm.

“OH, GODS! Christy, I want your pussy, too! I want to taste you!” Mirinda pleaded, the blonde stripper grinning at her as she backed down and spread her legs wide, the shin’idun dominatrix throwing herself right unto Christy’s nether lips, her whole mouth sucking and licking with an energy that Christy found herself more than amused at.

“I...want...pussy! I want all your love juices! CUM FOR ME! I COMMAND YOU TO CUM, LITTLE SLUT!” Mirinda yelled out in lustful bliss, Christy taking no offense it, and instead laughed as she pressed herself towards Mirinda, the sounds of her slurping making Christy rub her breasts, suck on her finger and moan even louder than Mirinda.

“So what do you normally do when you train?” Jiki asked Allisia as Kiro splashed water on Jiki’s back, the two girlfriends giggling playfully at each other.

“Well, I start with material arts, then move on to swords, and finally training in full armour” Allisia explained, glad to share her personal interests with these two new girls; however, she caught herself often looking at their, in her mind, medium-sized breasts.

“Don’t feel bad, I’m not that shy” Kiro grinned at Allisia as she was well aware of the Warrior Girl’s starring.

“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect...” Allisia quickly apoligised, blushing at Kiro, the white-haired girl shaking her head and smiling at her.

“You know, it’s quite nice that the manor’s got a knight like you to keep the girls in line” Kiro nodded at Allisia, the Warrior Girl smiling and making a small bow.

“I am but doing my duty to my mistress” she said, following the girls under the showers, the hot water soon making her mind comfortably dizzy.

“So you take a break from sex, and you spend it on sorting books??” Jisha asked as her mothers went through Nightwind Manor’s surprisingly large library.

“We’re looking for some spellbooks; I promised Rhanar to see if I could find something” Shica said over her shoulder, almost knee-deep and buried in old books, scrolls and tomes.

“Hey, maybe there’s something here” Jiraz pointed out, hovering a few meters above ground to get a better view and perspective of the bookshelves; as Jisha reached for the book her mother pointed out, she let out a bored sigh, not really finding ‘Theories of Mysticism’ quite interesting.

“Well, it’s about Mystic Magic, and uncle Rhannie studies that stuff, so...” Jisha shrugged, tossing the book over her shoulder, Jiraz easily catching it.

“Hey, Jisha! I think this one sounds like something for you!” Shica grinned, having found a thin book of black leather in a hidden panel.

“What’s it named, mom?” Jisha asked, Jiraz landing besides Shica, both of them grinning at Jisha.

“’And she roughly pulled down her panties, tongue-raped her, the girl screaming and screaming in desire and wish to be fucked...’” Jiraz read up, Shica using the opportunity to nip her girlfriend’s ear, much to her amusement.

“Oh, I think I know that one! ‘Xtreme Lez Lust’! Fuck, I remember reading the last chapter; I kinda ruined it...” Jisha smiled shyly, embarrassed at the memory that she had used the book’s pages to cover for her climax not hitting her bed sheets.

“Well, you could borrow it...just as well as this!” Jiraz said, teasing her daughter by holding up a book in blue leather and with the Mystic Star on its cover; its title was ‘Mystical Summonings for Beginners: A Guide for Conjuration’.

“Hell, it’d love to see the day where our little daughter summons a cute little catgirl pet” Jiraz smirked at Jisha, smiling blushingly at her mother.

“Mom! It’s not fair! I shoudn’t have told you that-...!” Jisha responded, suddenly stopping herself out of embarrassment.

“...That pure, lovely magic turns you on? Oh, the shapes it can take; catgirls, biker babes, harem lovers, Amazon babes, oil-wrestling in the sunset...” Jiraz teased, counting on her fingers, Shica barely able to hold back her giggling at her daughter’s embarrassed look.

“Stop it! I don’t wanna...oh, fuck, I soiled my panties...” Jisha whimpered, smiling smugly at herself; “mom, can you hand me those books? I gotta find an empty room and some cool air.”

“Sure, here you go” Jiraz said, walking over and handing her daughter the books, Jisha speeding down the library, heading out the door, leaving her mothers leaning against each other in laughter.

“’re really cruel to the kid, Jiraz!” Shica panted between her laughing, her girlfriend smiling broadly; “aw, c’mon; the library’s got loads of those volumes, and Jisha’s properly not masturbated in weeks!”

“Oh, oh yeah, I can follow you there; she needs practice before facing the Nightwind girls” Shica said, nodded with a smirk, Jiraz giving her a grinning thumbs up.

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