Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter III - Good Things comes to Those Who Wait

A long, formal-looking oak table with matching chairs stood in the middle of a sunlit room, bathed in the dawning sunlight by the tall curtains; about four maids, clad in their usual uniform, were busy arranging food, drinks and cutlery on the table.

“Good morning, Mistress Narrisha; slept well?” one of them asked as Narrisha went by; she stopped up and smiled at the maid.

“Indeed; my night was pretty much a wondrous one” she replied formally, although both the maid and Narrisha silently giggled; the knowledge of Narrisha’s nightly activities were common at Nightwind Manor.

“What’s for breakfast today, Lillian?” Chinyi asked suddenly, as she was hoping it was something sweet or spicy.

“Well, there is boar meat and roasted potatoes, and, of course, elven wine; year 1267, I believe” Lillian informed.

Mirinda’s eyebrows heightened for a moment; elven wine was very expensive, and she knew that the wine had the magical proportion that if it was mixed with certain leaves, it could cure most common diseases.

“Ah, goodie! I like all elven stuff!” Chinyi said happily, making Mirinda hide a smile and shake her head; that Chinyi girl was a walking comical cutie-pie.

“Any stronger drinks, by any chance? Elven stuff’s all fine but I kinda could go for a beer” Hiroi commented.
“I shall check with the kitchen staff; would you like to sit down while you wait?” Lillian curtsied lightly.

“Yes please” Narrisha nodded, her and the other girls find each their own chair; while Narrisha’s chair were placed at the very end of the table, a carving of Nightwind Manor’s coat-of-arms sat atop it.

“Oh, and mind my sister; she’s coming down in a moment” Chinyi added as she remembered.

“Another late morning, huh?” a maid teased her as she walked by with a couple of finely decorated glass plates.

“She indeed looked so” Mirinda smiled, rolling her eyes at the thought of Minyoki’s lazy walking; while she was not insulted, Chinyi somehow felt the lusting urge to introduce Mirinda to a very drunk, horny and skimpy-clad Minyoki.

She was interrupted in her naughty thoughts as a maid stood up beside her and asked what she would like.

“Well, your bra size? Oh damn it! Sorry!” Chinyi quickly apologised as the girls at the table laughed; the maid simply smiled and whispered something in Chinyi’s ear.
“You gotta be kidding me! There’s no way that...”

Chinyi exclaimed as the maid told her size; however, she simply patted Chinyi’s cheek, walked away with a smile, making a seductive gesture as she left.

“I gotta use that one next time!” Hiroi chuckled, joined by Faris; while Innoki, Mirinda and Narrisha were reaching for the food, Chinyi were blushing because of the embarrassment.

“Ah, come on, sis; it’s not like I’d minded that line” a voice were now heard, as a bath robe-wearing Minyoki settled down in a chair, reaching for the elven wine and sending her sister a teasing smile.

“Yo there, Minyoki; good Halo match last night?” Hiroi now nodded in Minyoki’s direction.

“Yeah, PWNed some of those racist bastards, and...wait a second; how could you know?” Minyoki suddenly asked.

By that Hiroi could not hold back a short laugh.
“I’m living right next door to you, silly! I could hear you yelling and cheering half the night!” Hiroi kept laughing.

“...O...K; how the fuck did I forget that? Well, whatever; hope you enjoyed it!” Minyoki teased, gulping down a good deal of wine from her glass.

“So, any of you having plans before the afternoon when Jiraz and Shica come?” Narrisha asked.

“Once I have instructed the kitchen staff to prepare the feast, I considered having a massage; my back is still sore from last night, and I’m afraid I might have broken something” Mirinda said, gesturing her hand towards her back.

“You went a little too far on your cuties, huh?” Hiroi mocked, fully knowing Mirinda’s ‘secret’ dominative, seductive and bondage-obsessed night life.

“I would assume so; I am having considerable pains from time to time...” Mirinda nodded, sending Hiroi a ‘you’re up next’-like look as she took a nip from her glass.

How about you, Minyoki? Wanna have a match in Halo 3?” Narrisha asked, her and Minyoki exchanging challenging looks.

“Sure thing! I kinda need to have a break from WOW; things kinda suck in there right now...” Minyoki said.
“How come?” Chinyi asked.

“Some noob shithead from my guild started running around all of GS, and he was yelling something about that I was some kinda degenerate lezzie or something; last thing’s right, but I’m no fucking degenerate!” Minyoki growled.

“Although I do not know much of human ‘computer games’, I'd sure say that was rude of him!” Mirinda nodded strictly.

“He’s just so weird-ass noob running around and try and boost his ego, Minyoki; honestly, who would believe him?” Narrisha asked.

“Not someone I know, that’s for sure, but just proves how idiotic guys gets when they can’t get a girl who’s getting her kicks wanking off to Rumble Roses and get fucked every night by some crazy, leather-clad hotties!” Chinyi said, finishing with a teasing grin in Faris direction, making her return it.

“Hey! It’s not my fault my girls likes pinkettes!” she giggled, having herself a cup of wine.

“Yeah, but I kinda feel like a slut sometimes! I mean, you always do the fucking of me, but I haven’t gotten around and fucked any of you yet...” Minyoki said a little disappointed, making Faris rub her eyebrows in thinking.

“It’s OK, Minyoki; you can have a go any time you wanna; just tell me if you’re feeling a little down, OK?” Faris asked, Minyoki smiling pleasantly at her.

“You’re not gonna regret this...or are you...?” she teased, making Faris giggle, shake her head and return to her plate, muttering something about ‘silly girlie’.

“As for you, Chinyi?” Narrisha asked.

“I’m off to watch Shoujo Sect! I’ve seen until episode 2 so far!” Chinyi beamed; the other girls exchanged smiles; Shoujo Sect were all too softcore for them.

“Chinyi, please; that series’ such an emo-pack! Hell, they can’t even screw each other before they’ve cried their eyes out and told them their whole bloody life story!” Minyoki commented strictly, shaking her head.

“Awwww, c’mon! There’s that really cool scene when the Indian turns dominatrix-like on that blonde girl, and-...“ Chinyi began explaining, Minyoki chuckling at her sister.

“We didn’t ask for an episode guide, silly; I’m not saying you can’t watch it, I’m just saying you should watch something more hardcore” Minyoki explained

“Like what?” Chinyi asked.

“Well, there’s the ‘Leather n’ Lace’ series and ‘Bedtime Blondes’” Hiroi suggested, grinning; “you’re gonna watch them someday, kiddo; you haven’t seen any real bondage girlies before you’ve seen ‘Leather n’ Lace´!”

“...I’ll stick to Shoujo Sect for now, thanks...” Chinyi said, smiling slightly nervously as she found Hiroi to be constantly starring at her breasts, a perverted smile appearing on her lips.

“So, uhmm, what are you gonna do until tonight, Innoki?” Narrisha asked, Hiroi leaning back down in her seat, sour that she had not made it to get a better look at Chinyi’s breasts, as she now let out a long sigh of relief.

“I’m heading for the spas; my hips feels as if...oh well...” Innoki shyly finished, not able but to hide a smile as she saw the teasing wink in Narrisha’s eyes.

“Ummm, actually...” Innoki now suddenly; “I wanna confess something...”

“Oh, well, do tell us” Narrisha said, everyone’s ears now listening to Innoki.

“Well, I’m...I am...” Innoki tried, but she was blushing heavily.

“Take your time; it’s OK” Narrisha nodded understandingly at her.

“I’m, I’m just scared!” Innoki said, a little more loudly then she had wished, and held her hands over her mouth.

“Scared? Of what?” Narrisha asked concerned.

“Of...of those two coming here; the shin’saras and the demon...I’m kinda...” Innoki tried, but Mirinda patted her shoulder in understanding.

“It’s OK, Innoki; I understand why you are afraid, but they are not evil people” Mirinda said, Narrisha nodding from the other end of the table.

“You’ll see, they’re actually really funny, and...” Narrisha began, stopping herself.

“’And’ what?” the girls, with the exception of Innoki, turned their heads, smiling evilly as they perfectly knew what Narrisha thought of.

“Well, let’s just say their need to fuck each other is as great as their need to eat and drink” Narrisha finally said.

Suddenly, Innoki laughed; at first she giggled, but then she burst into laughing; as the other girls looked confused at her, Narrisha worried if she had said something wrong.

“So...they’re kinda like us? Just girlfriends wanting to share their ‘experience’ and not gonna harm us?” Innoki asked simply, still catching her breath from her outburst.

“Yes; I even have a picture of them” Narrisha said, conjuring a handful of pictures and sending them gliding to each of the girls at the table; a mix of flirty whistles, moans and giggles were heard all over the table.

“Oh my Gods! She’s blazing hot! I’d fuck her for hours...!” Minyoki could not hold back her cheer as she looked at a picture of Jiraz, the succubus posing in a really suggestive way.

“Then check this cutie out! Oh my Gods, she’s just all ready to eat up raw!” Hiroi now smiled lustfully, showing Innoki a picture of a lustfully smiling Shica using a strip pole, a very thin black leather thong the only clothing she wore.

“By all the Gods...! They...they are so...!” Mirinda tried and find a word, but Narrisha laughed and gave her the answer; “gorgeous? Has more sex-appeal then you’ve ever seen?”

“Narrisha, I swear to Shinris, that if you don’t call me the second they get here, I’ll make you pay dearly!” Faris partly threatened, partly smiled.

“Well, they will be here in four hours, and I expect you all to dress up in your dancer outfits...” Narrisha said, faking to sound strict as the girls sighed disappointed; a smile crept over her lips; “...but please, do wear your best leather or latex outfits as you please after the act; heck, you better make sure it’s some of those you don’t need anymore, ‘cause you’re bound to get them ruined tonight!”

“Umm, why?” Mirinda asked.

“Because...” Narrisha now said, a devious smile appearing on her face as she slowly rose up, opening her bath robe and letting her breasts bounce out; “...tonight’s an orgy night!”

The girls, knowing very well how fun those nights really were, cheered all as one at the promise of having fun while the two hot guests visited.

“I could ask Jiraz and Shica to be the opening play, like a stripping show or something; I don’t think Christy would mind” Narrisha smiled; Christy was a bombshell of a blonde-haired beauty, who acted as ‘entertainer’ for those special nights.

“Strip show? Hahahahah! There’s no bra that busty redhead can fit into!” Minyoki said, already daydreaming of what Jiraz could, and mostly would do to her buttock.

“And that dark elf girlie? Oh, I get the shivers; I’ll be happy to bend down and bark for her!” Faris added, her and Minyoki already locked their eyes in a silent, competitive stare.

“That’s Shica, the shin’saras girl; I think you’ll be looking forward to see how your darker cousin has developed her lovemaking?” Narrisha gave Mirinda a somewhat taunting smile.

“Actually I do; I do not share my people’s blind racism towards the shin’sari” Mirinda smiled, nodding to herself as Narrisha looked satisfied; she was not a supporter of racism.

For about three minutes, nothing was heard but the clattering of cutlery and forks against glass plates; the food was, as always, delicious, and while the warmth from the bath was long gone, it reappeared as the hot food and cool wine were consumed.

“Dear Gods I’m filled!” Hiroi sighed happily, leaning back and stretching out; “those girls at the kitchen sure know how to cook up some nice meat!”

“The potatoes were yummy as well! You just to add some butter, salt and a bit of meat! Now that’s neat mouthful!” Chinyi smiled, suddenly letting out a small burp, making her blush shyly as the other girls giggled.

“Ye can’t keep what’s not in your hands!” Hiroi joked, looking as Narrisha had taken a remaining piece of pork meat on her fork, looking carefully at it.

“Hey, Chinyi, why don’t ask if you can get some of the remains for Snowie? I think she’d love that” Narrisha suggested, Chinyi beaming at the idea.

“Hihihih! I hope so; she’s rather picky, but as long as it’s meat, she’ll love it!” she smiled, thanking for the breakfast and hurried towards the kitchen.

“That girl is one whirlwind of energy; I don’t get she can even sit still for breakfast” Hiroi smiled, receiving an agreeing nod from Minyoki.

“Uhmm, Narrisha?” Innoki asked, making Narrisha look up from her plate.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Those two, Jiraz and Shica, do you think it’s a good idea to dress up in our dancers outfits? I mean, I don’t think I would mind having them over me, but...”

“But you’re a bit nervous that they may stick their heads too deep?” Gloris teased.

“Well...yeah, silk doesn’t sound so protective against those two” Innoki smiled shyly.

“Don’t you worry, Innoki; Jiraz and Shica might be near sex appeal incarnate, but they do respect personal limits” Narrisha said, making Innoki feel herself calming down.

“Can I take my leave now, mistress? I really do need my massage...” Mirinda asked as she felt her neck ache.

“Surely, just remember to ask them to go easy on you...” Narrisha smiled suggestively at her, Mirinda nodding.

As the breakfast continued, Mirinda made her way to the southern tower of the manor, in which the hospital was; the nurses there were known all over the manor to not only be adorable, but also about as playful as Chinyi, who could trick people into playing tag with her.

Climbing the stairs, Mirinda found most of the nurses working at their computers or examining all eventual reports of diseases or sicknesses, although such things rarely happened at Nightwind Manor.

However, as Mirinda were about to pass a wooden door, she could clearly hear a faint, little moaning; although knowing it would be inappropriate or outright rude, she took a look though the keyhole:

Lying on a bed, a blue-haired nurse was fondling and fingering a green-haired one, who seemed to be panting and sweating quite a lot; low-pitched moans and giggles was heard from them both, but they each tried and block each others’ mouths.

“By Shinris! It’s barely 8 o’ clock in the morning, and already they’re beginning to make out?” Mirinda asked herself, but cast the question aside, smiled and decided to ‘ruin’ the nurses’ fun by knocking on the door.

She smiled as silent hushes were heard from behind the door and the sound of footsteps as the nurses approached the door; opening it, the green-haired one smiled at Mirinda and curtsied.

“Good morning, miss Mirinda; what can we do to-...I mean for you?” the nurse quickly corrected herself as she blushed violently, the blue-haired one behind her trying not to laugh.

“I have a terrible ache in my neck, and I think I need a massage for it” Mirinda honestly said, making the nurses’ faces turn a little more serious.

“Do come in and we’ll see what we can do about it” the blue-haired one spoke, gesturing towards an empty bed; as Mirinda walked down towards it, she noticed a blonde girl laying panting and rustling in her bed, looking clearly uncomfortable in her sleep.

“What’s wrong with her?” Mirinda asked concerned.

“Raicha tried to pull a prank on Mistress Narrisha by trying to learn some Mystic spells, but it backfired terribly and she was hit with an illusion spell” the green-haired nurse said.

“When she’s awake, she only stays so for about five minutes before falling asleep again; the mistress’ been reading about it, and it seems like Raicha’s mind now tries and repair itself by sleeping” the blue-haired one said seriously.

“Can she be cured?” Mirinda asked worriedly.

“Otherwise she wouldn’t be here, right?” the green-haired nurse now smiled; “the spell only lasts a short time, and since it was as late as yesterday, we expect her to be up and ready to go before the afternoon.”

“Oh good, for we will be getting some guests by that time” Mirinda nodded.

“Uhmm, who would they be?” the blue-haired nurse now asked.

“Jiraz and Shica, a succubus and a shin’saras; apparently they are rather the lustful girlfriends...” Mirinda said, mentally smiling.

“Oh-oh...” both nurses now mumbled, as their faces looked like a mix between a smile and a nervous twitch.

“What’s the matter?” Mirinda asked somewhat teasingly.

“Well, last they were here...Gods, none of us could sit down for a week!” the blue-haired one said, waving her hands in the air and rolling her eyes as a sign of nervousness.

“How I just did not need that mental image in my mind” Mirinda mumbled sarcastically and smiled.

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