Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 29)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 29

Title: Chapter XXIX - New Looks = New Appeal

“OH! Hey, you little...!” Christy smiled as Mirinda began humping her, Christy having removed Mirinda’s latex thong and was now fingering the elf girl, making her moan out loud.

“You meanie! Fingering’s no good against me!” Mirinda grinned, opening her mouth wide and sucking greedily on Christy’s left breast, the blonde whimpering and moaning louder and louder; seeing that, Mirinda laughed as she rolled Christy over, the blonde finding her head facing her pillows, the elf girl humping her wildly above her.

“! It’!!!” Mirinda yelled out, Christy feeling the dominative shin’idun girl’s fingers slip under her and pinch her nipples.

“Mirinda, wait! I can’t cum in my pants! Get, get them off me, first!” Christy asked, Mirinda chuckling, sitting down and slowly pull the blonde’s pants down, Christy kicking them off, purring at Mirinda and jumping on the elf girl, the two of them embracing each other as Christy hungrily kissed Mirinda.

“’s no wonder I love horny little blondes...” Mirinda teased, Christy relpying by licking her throat and neck.

“Hey, Mirinda; what say we go 69 for a while...?” Christy suggested, Mirinda nodding gladly as the blonde now sat up, turned around and letting her butt face Mirinda’s head, Christy leaning herself down between Mirinda’s thighs.

“Oh, this sure is a sight blessed by Shinris Herself...” Mirinda chuckled, her latex-clad fingers efficiently spreading Christy’s thighs even futher apart as she stuck her tongue inside Christy’s nether lips.

“You really like pussy, don’t you?” Christy teased, beginning her own work on the shin’idun girl’s channel of innocence.

“Ah! Oh, yes! I admit it, I love pussy! I can’t...I can’t have enough of it!” Mirinda whimpered, Christy suddenly feeling Mirinda’s tongue increase in speed, making the blonde girl pant out in exhaustion from her excited breath.

“I want you to cum! You gotta cum for me! I wanna taste you!” Mirinda barked out, now using her fingers as well, her mouth sucking on Christy’s nether lips, almost turning them inside out in her eager.

“HOLY SHIT! Does your mouth work as a vacuum cleaner now??” Christy teased, Mirinda looking up, smirking at the blonde despite her panting.

“My, you’re really not in the mood yet, are you?” Mirinda asked, snuggling out of Christy’s embrace to the blonde’s surprise; standing up, Mirinda giggled at Christy, heading towards her stereo and shutting it down, grabbing her TV remote for the impressive wide-screen plasma TV hanging above the stereo and in direct view from the bed.

“Let me see if there’s some inspiration for us now...” Mirinda grinned evilly, finding a DvD case with a a clearly suggestive cover.

“’Hentai Hotties in Heat #2’? Well, sounds as good as it gets! Lemme see...all yuri...perfect!” Mirinda nodded to herself inserting the disc, pressing play on the TV remote as the disc loaded.

“Hey! That’s my-...!” Christy began yelling, but looking over her back, just in time to see two latex-clad blonde girls happily molesting each other, Mirinda merely smiled at Christy, tossing herself towards her with a squeal.

“Gods, Mirinda; how horny are you just??” Christy exclaimed, although it was more in amusement than frustration; as response, Mirinda chuckled between the blonde’s breasts.

“Alright girls, listen up! Gloris, Chinyi, Siriki, Ukuni and Vinya, you’re gardening today; Raicha, Innoki, Hiroi, Narru and Minyoki, you’re up for cleaning up the dungeons from yesterday; now get going!” Lillian read up, the maids holding their sighing and complaining until they left, knowing that Lillian was a strict mistress.

“See you in the afternoon, sis!” Minyoki yelled over her shoulder, Chinyi waving and smiling at her.

“I have to admit, I think your sister’s pretty hot” Vinya shyly smirked, Chinyi sending her a teasing grin.

“Have you any idea of how much appeal she can have?” Chinyi whispered in Vinya’s ear, the naive shin’saras girl all ears; “she’s got so much that if you’ll ever see her in leather or latex, your nosebleed would flood the entire manor!”

“Don’t teach the kid those stories, Chinyi; your sister’s hot, but I’m sex appeal incarnate, baby!” Raicha grinned, striking a seductive pose, well helped by her maid uniform.

“Nonsense! I’m the most appealing ‘cause I can make the latex outfit of your dreams and make you wet yourself soaked in it!” Ukuni smirked confidently, Vinya blushing at her.

“Erhmm...can...can I talk to you for a moment, Ukuni? Alone?” Vinya asked, the black-haired girl nodding and stepping out of the line of maids heading for the gardens and the dungeons.

“Can you really make any kind of latex fetish outfits??” Vinya asked in awe, Ukuni chuckling at the adoring look Vinya gave her.

“Cutie, I can make just your kinda dream latex suit, but we should also talk daily wear; I’m pretty much one of the only ones to wear latex all the time” Ukuni smiled, patting Vinya’s head gently.

“So, if you want both a fetish latex outfit and some nice normal clothes, I’ll need your measurements and, shall we know what, does 325 Ara sound fair to you?” Ukuni asked, Vinya standing perplexed at the ridiculously low price.

“S-sure! I’ll just need to look in my wallet and see what I have!” Vinya said, almost beaming at herself for the opportunity to get a real latex suit and daily wear clothes to boot.

“Hey, you two! Get a move one; nymphs won’t pop out of the trees and do the gardening for you!” Lillian strictly said, having stepped up behind the girls without their notice.

“Oh, sorry! Sorry! Sorry, Mistress Lillian! We’re on our way!” Vinya panicked, bowed over three times and grabbed Ukuni’s arm, speeding out the door, the black-haired girl almost flapping behind her; back at the entrance hall, as soon as the doors closed, Lillian burst into laughing, joined in by the surrounding Night Guards.

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