Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 28)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 28

Title: Chapter XXVIII - Blondes have the Most Fun

“Hihihihih! Oh, I gotta try that again! Who says Chinyi and Siriki are the only cuties around here?” Christy smirked at herself, laughing at the thought of getting Allisia to carry her barrel for her using only her, to herself, incredible appeal.

“You really pride yourself of that, don’t you?” Christy now heard a voice, hearing her door smacking shut and being locked.

“Huh?? Who’s there??” Christy asked, her room having its lights turned off, so she could not see who spoke from the dark.

“Who else than me, of course” the voice now said; in the next second, Christy felt herself being grabbed by her breasts, hearing a chuckling moan behind her; in desperation, she reached out and turned on the lights on her cosmetics desk, looking over her shoulder.

“Mirinda! Fuck, you scared the shit outta me!” Christy exclaimed, the blonde elf girl stepping back, chuckling at Christy; she was wearing elbow-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots, corset and panties of black latex, a strap-on dangling from her waist.

“What is it with you and fucking early in the morning??” Christy exclaimed, Mirinda beginning to chase the shrieking blonde around the room, Christy finding herself laughing as she fell on her bed, Mirinda following the example as they both began laughing at each other.

“I just can’t help it; I think I’m beginning to become a little nymphomanic, just like our dear mistress...” Mirinda said, her fingers moving towards her crotch as she looked at Christy’s dim-litted form on the bed.

“Uhmm, I’ve got to report for work in an hour, Mirinda; I’m not sure I can-...” Christy smiled sheepishly, suddenly finding Mirinda to quickly pull down her latex bra, slurping on Christy’s breasts, all the while fingering herself and moaning out loud.

“Hmm, you seem so restraint, Christy; we need something to get you in the mood...” Mirinda said, Christy feeling slightly disappointed when the elf girl turned away from her, walking towards her stereo.

“Hey, hey! Don’t you go...” Christy said, Mirinda simply chuckling and looking at a CD she had picked up.

“’Lovin’ in the Dark’? Ah, fancy title...” Mirinda smirked, turning on the stereo and putting the CD in, looking at the cover’s playlist.

“’Never say No’, ‘She was just a Schoolgirl’, ‘Love, Love Wild’; this CD really have some kinky songs...” Mirinda said, Christy walking up to her, sighing as she smiled at Mirinda; “you are one naughty little strumpet, Mirinda...”

“Thanks, you too” Mirinda teased, nipping at Christy’s ear; “the author, this Zyraa, really does look like she knows what shes singing about” Mirinda commented, the front of the cover shown to be a shin’saras girl with light gray skin, teal eyes, and a kinky smile, wearing mini-skirt, jacket and knee-high boots of black latex, laying in a seductive pose.

“Yeah, I listen to her a lot; she’s a real little...oh-h-h-h, I just feel like humping he-e-e-er...!” Christy squealed out, Mirinds laughing as Christy went totally fangirl over Zyrah.

“She’s a famous singer down in Shacar-Jarcu, and I’d love to hear her sing live, but...” Christy sighed, Mirinda patting her shoulder.

“I know, the trip would be too long and dangerous...” Mirinda said, Christy glad that the shin’idun girl understood her.

“So...although you can’t go hump your idol, my little stripper...” Mirinda smirked, Christy grinning at her as she knew where the elf girl was going; “...wanna go and try to hump me, instead?”

“Sure, it’s not like you should wear that kinky outfit without getting a little heated in it!” Christy joked, Mirinda winking at her and pressing the play button on the stereo.

“Which one did you choose?” Christy asked, Mirinda smirking and following Christy back to the bed; “’Lover in Leather’; it sounded like a fitting song.”

“Damn it, I’m gonna run late if-...” Vinya scolded herself, setting her uniform right and adjusting her boots; as she had spent most of the night with Charlene, she had insisted that Vinya could use one of her spare uniforms.

“No worries, dear Vinya; you’ll make it in time; most of the girls are busy snuggling with each other in the morning, anyway...” Charlene smiled at her, Vinya sending her a grateful nod; Charlene was sitting in a very transparent night gown, drinking coffee and reading a small scroll.

“Well, I’m off now; bye for now, Charlene!” Vinya cheered on her way out of the door, Charlene smirking and waving at her as the door closed behind Vinya.

“That girl truly is adorable...hihihih, Siriki and Chinyi really got themselves a rival...” Charlene sighed pleasently, taking another sip from her cup.

“I can’t believe we fell asleep at the pool!” Chinyi scolded herself, her and Siriki sitting in her room, dressing up in their uniforms for the day’s duties.

“Relax, there’s still an hour left; Lillian’s not that strict” Siriki said, resting her feet on a chair and relaxing as she was already done.

“Hey, have you been outdoors with those boots? I don’t really feel like cleaning my own wardrobe as well...” Chinyi hissed, Siriki simply grinning and taking her feet down, walking towards Chinyi.

“Take it easy, little Chinyi...” Siriki teased, reaching her hands to Chinyi’s breasts, the pink-haired girl caught off-guard and letting out a surprised shriek, moaning as Siriki groped her.

“Oh, no fair! You know how sensitive my boobs are, Siriki!” Chinyi whimpered, Siriki grinning at her.

“C’mon, give me a smile instead of that sour mood, Chinyi” Siriki said, Chinyi grinning at her.

“OK, OK, I’m happy, so please let go! I don’t want to soil my uniform so soon in the morning!” Chinyi whimpered, Siriki letting go, Chinyi looking at her over her shoulder.

“You’re such a meanie, Siriki...” she smiled, Siriki grinning at her; “hey, it helped on the mood, didn’t it?”

“You little...!” Chinyi smirked in reply, catching Siriki in a headlock and nudged her head lightly, the ice-haired girl both grinning and whimpering.

“Oh, hey Allisia; what’s that you’re carrying?” Vinya stopped up before Allisia, the Warrior Girl slowly walking with the barrel of drakegold.

“Just some drakegold, Vinya; can...can you help me out here...?” Allisia asked, the shin’saras girl nodding eagerly and stood up behind Allisia.

“Now, you’ll take the one end, I’ll take the other, and no worries; I’ll be both our eyes” Allisia assured, Vinya nodding in reply.

“There we go, one step at a time; goddess, this thing weights a ton...!” Allisia cursed through her teeth.

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