Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 26)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 26

Title: Chapter XXVI - Reporting for Duties

The next day, breakfast was served at ten o’ clock precisely, as Lillian, being the head maid, had started the day by unlocking the kitchen, sports hall and every other facility at the manor; at some points, though, she found the girls in somewhat awkward positions; in the kitchen, Ukuni had fallen asleep with her head resting beneath Faris’ thighs, the redhead snoring loudly as her head rolled from side to side on the stone floor.

”Pardon me, but we’ve got work to do” Lillian said, kneeling down and rustling the two of them awake; finding themselves embarrased that they had ended up falling asleep, Lillian assigned Ukuni to help with breakfast, while Faris headed sleepily towards the sports hall.

”Why do I have to help out when she doesn’t have to??” Ukuni said sourly, stripping herself of her red PVC outfit.

”Do you think you've got it harder than her? She’s the Captain of the Night Guard, after all” Lillian said, arranging plates and cutlery.

”The Night Guard, yeah, so what’s to do in broad daylight?” Ukuni asked again, heading for the door to go upstairs to her room and get her maid uniform.

”Have you ever seen Faris around at daytime? Well, she also works as a maid, but outside in the gardens” Lillian informed, ukuni stopping in one of her steps.

”What?? I thought she was just skipping duty” she asked, Lillian smirking at her.

”I keep control over all my girls, little Ukuni” she said, pointing at the largest stone table in the middle of the kitchen; ”go and have a look; you just read the list and look into the crystal.”

Walking towards the table, Ukuni found a list of every girl’s name along with a list of duties; next to the papers lay a small Mystic Crystal, Ukuni picking it up.

”You just need to say their names, and they will appear in it” Lillian explained, Ukuni speaking into the crystal, although feeling quite stupid to speak to a non-living object; ”Narrisha?”

Within seconds, a small, blue spark appeared as if inside the crystal, Ukuni watching from bird’s perspective the snoring Narrisha laying under her bed sheets, Breeze the griffon snoozing as well, her tail swinging back and forth.

”That’s quite some survaliance system you’ve got here, Lillian!” Ukuni laughed, Lillian smiling to herself; she had often needed that crystal to find her maids, as they had a tendency to slip away as soon as their duties were done.

”Uhm-m-m-m-m…” Jiki mumbled, feeling something weird in her mouth; opening her eyes, she found out the reasonw as that she was locked in a kiss with Kiro, her girlfriend still snoring softly and happily.

”Gods, she’s so adorable…” Jiki smiled to herself, closing her eyes and hugging Kiro tightly; at that, Kiro began mumbling and slowly opening her eyes, seeing herself and her girlfriend locked in in a soft kiss before they had fallen asleep.

”She’s so cute when she sleeps…” Kiro giggled to herself, Jiki pulling a prank on Kiro by suddenly opening her eyes, wide awake.

”Oh! You weren’t sleeping?” Kiro asked, Jiki snuggling herself in closer, Kiro smirking and tightening her embrace with Jiki.

"I just woke up; uhmm, what time is it?” Jiki asked, Kiro tilting her head and looking at the watch.

”It’s nine o’ clock in the morning, more or less” she yawned, looking back at Jiki; should we snuggle a little more before we bring the trolley back to the kitchen?”

”You read my mind, sweetie…” Jiki smiled, kissing Kiro softly, the white-haired girl returning it with equal enthusiasm.

”Uhm-m-m-m-m…thanks for letting me stay, Christy” Dracaia said, stretching out, her arms almost reaching the top of the blonde’s door; she had fallen asleep besides Christy, and, showing her respect, Christy had not pulled through with her plan of molesting Dracaia.

”It was nothing; say, what are you, like, going to do now? It’s an hour to breakfast, and I’ve got my plans for today” Christy asked.

”I was thinking of waking the others; the entrance hall is just down the corridor on my right, right?” Dracaia asked, Christy rustling her hair.

”Yeah, I think so, but how are you gonna wake them that way?” Christy asked, Dracaia smirking at her.

”Oh, do trust me on this; you’ll see…” she said mysteriously, heading for the entrance hall.

”Now will be a good time to stretch the wings…” Dracaia smiled to herself, sniffing in the fresh morning air and sighing pleasently; ”…the skies are clear, the wind’s blowing quite nicely, and the grass’ all comfortable…” she said to herself, excited and eager to turn back into her dragon form; she had dropped her leather attire, and stood with her arms outstretched, Mystic Magic forming in her hands.

In the next seconds, Dracaia first grew larger, a tail appeared from her back waist, wings sprouted from her back, her teeth replaced with fangs, her eyes glowing even more powerfully than before…

Finally, after only a few moments, Dracaia let out an ear-deafening roar, her golden body with black horns, claws and spikes on her tail and wings glittering in the morning light; in her natural dragon form, she stood about eighty meters tall, reaching far above Nightwind Manor.

”Ah, that felt good; now to wake up these little cuties…” Dracaia smirked to herself, her voice far deeper, but still having a feminine tone to it as she walked on four legs towards the manor.

”I swear, this is the last time I nearly sleep half the day because of a machine…” Allisia angrily scolded herself; her mud bathing scenario with Ivy had been a rush of lust, but now, as any good thing, it had come to an end, Allisia busy finding underwear, pants, tunics, shirts, boots and dresses in her closests and wardrobes.

Suddenly, however, a glitter of gold caught her attention; running towards her window where the glimmer had come from, she saw a large, golden dragon walk around outside the manor, starring in awe at the mighty creature.

”Ah, good morning, lady Allisia” Dracaia suddenly stopped up, her keen dragon eyes easily spotting the Warrior Girl at her window, starring in amazement at the golden dragon.

”Well, it is not ideal for lovemaking, but we dragons need to assume our true form from time to time” Dracaia shrugged, her scales almost blinding Allisia in the sunlight.

”…A…a golden dragon…?? W-what is Thy name, great one?” Allisia asked in her perplexion, kneeling down and looking up at Dracaia.

”You are not unknown to me, Lady Knight; I am Dracaia, the new arrival seeking to make my home at Nightwind Manor” Dracaia said, Allisia feeling herself honoured that a real dragon would make her home at the manor.

”Lady Dracaia, it fills me with true pride and joy that you wish to stay at the manor! But…” Allisia began, soon finding Dracaia’s head and eyes leaning down in height of her own.

”I know of this manor being a bastion and proud example of blessed lesbism, dear Allisia; I am, in fact, a lesbian, myself, as I tire of my role as guardian of Silvarcira; I seek a new and brighter life than a simple…ermm, watch-wyrm, if you will…” Dracaia joked, Allisia polite enough not to giggle, despite finding the joke humourous.

”However, my dear Warrior Girl, I will be back in ten minutes’ time; I'd love to meet you down at the entrance hall if you wish to see my more pleasent self” Dracaia said, nodding towards Allisia in the window with her massive head.

”I surely will! Gods, to know that a dragon girl…oh, uhmm, dragon, will be staying at us…” Allisia said, standing up, not able to hide her smile.

”I also do look forward to see your little beauty from all angles, my dear Allisia; rumours has it that you are quite a passionate lover…” Dracaia teased, her throat echoing with small chuckles as Allisia blushed at the dragon.

”I, I will meet you downstairs in ten minutes, Lady Dracaia; I just have to clean my room” Allisia said, an old habit taking over and saluting the dragon; nodding in amusement, Dracaia stepped away from the window and out onto the open grasslands, flapping her huge wings and set off into the sky.

”…Well, that was…awesome…” Allisia said, smiling at herself, and looking towards her bed; under it, the Soul-Cleaver still lay, and as she had thought of showing it off to the other girls, she whistled happily, leaning down on all four and reaching in for it.
However, just as she reached the tip of the sword’s hilt, there was a knock on the door…

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