Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 25)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 25

Title: Chapter XXVI - A Proud Bastion of Lesbism

[Author's notes: Ending: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“Jiraz! Shica!” Jisha shrieked out happily, her mothers smiling and chuckling at her as they each gave her a hug, kissing her cheeks.

“We’ve just been thinking of inviting you, and then you pop in right the second after we’ve thought it through!” Shica smiled, Jisha shrugging at winking and her mothers.

“So this is where you hang out when you’re in orgy mood; damn it, it sure is the right place for some fresh pu-...” Jisha said, but seeing Jiraz’s look turning strict, she closed her mouth with a light snap, leaving the sentence in the air.

“You gotta show respect, first of all” Jiraz said strictly, Jisha nodding her head up and down and shyly saying; “yes mommy.”

“So, how’s school?” Shica asked, Jisha smiling at her.

“On the academic part, doing pretty good; my math’s getting better, I’m still one of the best at sports, and I got the leader of our swimming club in for a one-night romp” Jisha smirked.

“Was she any good?” Jiraz asked.

“Gods, she was amazing! I didn’t even know she’d been with other girls before, so I wanna about to explain fingering to her, and then, wham! Down on the bed I go!” Jisha smiled, remembering how her partner for that night’s lovemaking being one of her best experiences.

Looking at each other, Jiraz and Shica smiled; they had indeed raised their daughter well: Good grades, sports and gentle lady love was the right way for them to raise a child as Jisha, and she did not really seem too traumatized to them.

“Hmm, let me get this right; you lick the nipple to excite me, and then you grope my breasts to further excite me, and finally you bow down and lick on my nether lips to make me climax in orgasm and sexual pleasure?” Dracaia asked the girls at the pool, all of them either nodding, giggling or moving closer towards her.

“Ah, I see; that’d explain what Jisha did some nights ago...yes, young ladies, a dragon like me does need a small reprieve from our role as ancient guardians of Varran” Dracaia said, smirking at herself and grabbing her back head, scratching it.

“If you know all about hot lesbian sex, why don’t you return it, then?” Siriki asked.

“Well, I have the tendency to judge if my lover proves worthy; if she does, I will l myself loose on her and accept all her gifts” Dracaia explained, moving closer to Chinyi and Siriki.

“But I feel quite attracted to you two, especially; your youth, your energy, your silly playfulness...” Dracaia smiled, chuckling a bit; “...I can’t help but adore it...”

“Aww, that’s such a nice thing to say...” Siriki said, her and Chinyi feeling themselves blushing.

“What about us? Don’t we appeal to you at all??” Hiroi asked, tilting her breasts and licking her nipples; “look at me! My boobs are so big! I can have your whole head in here!”

“Hahahahahahahah! Oh, you frisky vixens...” Dracaia suddenly laughed out loud, sighing and leaning herself back, floating on the water’s surface, crossing her arms over her head; “...I pretty much love nearly all girls, and you and this proud Bastion of Lesbism has such opportunities to offer me; I did plan on telling you this in the morning, but I plan on moving in here...with your mistress’ blessing, of course.”

Looking at each other, the girls snuggled together, eager over the fact that they might very well soon have a real dragon living under their roof.

“MISS IVY! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” a blonde-haired Amazon girl shrieked out in pleasure, the white-haired woman standing above her, her fingers playing with the Amazon’s nether lips.

“You dirty little girl; losing yourself to a simple, little fingering?” Ivy slightly taunted, the girl whimpering, her face sinking under the mud.

“You do not really encourage her that way, Ivy” Allisia said, rising up and walking away from a smiling girl she had just made love to; sinking herself down in the mud, the girl let out a long sigh of happiness, glad that her orgasm had been so rough and wild when Allisia had groped her breasts.

“And how would you suggest I do it, then?” Ivy asked, stepping away from the girl; as she turned around to face Allisia, she wiped some of the mud out of her eyes, facing the formerly blue-haired warrior girl, her whole body now covered in mud.

“Let me show you a little pleasure, my dear...” Allisia said, leaning down and beginning to rub her hands lightly over the girl’s tummy, making her giggle.

“Ivy, please grope her breasts lightly; don’t do it too hard until I tell you so” Allisia asked, Ivy letting out a short snort, not enjoying to be ordered around by Allisia; nevertheless, she leaned down over the girl, letting her hands grope her breasts, the girl whimpering in pleasure.

“In this case, it is better to have her have both a gentle and a passionate lover...” Allisia said, remembering the time Charlene had rid her of her own virtue; looking at Ivy, she gave her a nod, the white-haired woman taking it as a sign for her to start groping the Amazon girl harder.

“And now, to finish off this adorable little vixen...” Allisia smiled friendly at the girl, squirming under Ivy’s pinching and groping of her breasts; meanwhile, Allisia leaned herself down on the girl’s nether lips, licking off the mud, and diving her tongue slowly and carefully in.

“UHMM! OH-H-H-H...! This...this pleasure...I haven’t felt so good for such a long time...ARGH! MORE!” the girl whimpered, her legs accidently smacking around Allisia’s shoulders, although not bothering her as the girl stiffened herself in pleasure, her orgasm flowing out of her nether lips in sharp contrast to her mud-soaked skin.

“Allisia...” Ivy suddenly said, Allisia rising up, rustling the Amazon girl’s hair lightly as she lay chuckling in the mud after her orgasm.

“Yes, Ivy?” Allisia asked, suddenly finding Ivy to forcefully force her way between Allisia’s breasts, Allisia losing her balance and the both of them falling in the mud pit.

“I...I was wrong about you, Allisia; you’re not selfish goddess, you’re a good warrior, a damned fine warrior, and...” Ivy now stopped, feeling herself almost sobbing; “...and I’d love to have you make love to me again...”

“Ah, it was nothing; I am always happy to help out ladies in need, Miss Ivy” Allisia patted Ivy’s head, Ivy diving under the mud and beginning to lick Allisia’s nether lips, the warrior girl laying herself back and relaxed as she let the pleasure course through her.

“What have you been doing with these things?! Used them as hatchets??” Christy asked in disbelief, examining Dracaia’s short, black claws.

“Not really, I just didn’t think that-...” Dracaia began, Christy stopping her with a hush; the blonde girl sat with Dracaia on her bed, as Dracaia had decided to wait with the lovemaking for the next evening, as they clock was almost 1 o’ clock at night.

“Hmm, they need some glitter, these things, and a little bit of polishing; more natural-looking and fashionable” Christy concluded, happy to help out the dragon girl with her cosmetic, as she believed it to be her girly duty to the newcomer at the manor.

“If you insist, I suppose” Dracaia sighed, not understanding why this blonde worried for something as simple as her claws.

”I can only be glad you haven’t seen them when I am in my true form; I doubt any of your polish would do anything for it” Dracaia said, Christy smiling at her.

”I know, but while you’re here, down to earth with us, I should try and freshen you up a bit” she said, Dracaia nodding, as she began to see the blonde girl’s point.

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