Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 24)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 24

Title: Chapter XXV - Welcome to the Manor

“How fucking dumb do you think I am, you little slut?? It was so damn obvious you’d get me to get coke all over myself!” Raicha asked Hiroi, the blue-haired girl lying naked on Raicha’s hospital bed, two nurses lying on the floor with torn panties, uneven uniforms and drool coming from their mouths as they were panting out from Raicha’s molesting of them.

“I, I just did it for fun, Raicha! Chill out!” Hiroi tried and explain, the look of seriousness on the other biker babe’s face turning into an evil grin.

“Oh, I’ll make you feel sorry, alright! Stay put! I’m gonna get my stuff and then we’re outta here!”

As Raicha stood up, Hiroi began having serious doubts about her joke, going as far as to try and bring herself to apologize to Raicha.

“Hey, babes; thanks for before; you held on really well! Heheheh...” Raicha said, sat down on her knees and grinned at the two nurses, rustling the closest one’s hair.

“M...Miss Raicha, I...I do hope you’ll come again...” she said, a happy smile spreading on her lips at the look of the gorgeous blonde.

“I sure will, hottie; call me next time you need a quick, little fuck; yeah, I know, my fingers are that good, as well as the rest of me...” Raicha teased, standing up and heading for a nearby locker, opening it and beginning to pull out her clothes:

Her entire outfit made of black latex, it included tight pants, wrist-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots, small jacket with a fishnet stocking blocking her breasts, and finally a black leather belt with small steel studs and a human skull in front.

“’s been a while since last...” Raicha smiled at herself, stretching out, looking at Hiroi; "...alright, you little prankster punk, we’re leaving” Raicha said, a saddened Hiroi raising up slowly from the bed, following Raicha out the door of the hospital and down the hallways and corridors.

“I...I...” Hiroi tried and bring herself to apologize, but judging by Raicha’s fast footsteps and her body language, she still seemed angry at her.

“Get in there and close your eyes!” she commanded at a time, Hiroi opening up a door and heading in, followed by Raicha.

“Get your clothes off and keep your eyes closed” Raicha ordered, Hiroi obeying silently.

“Now...” Raicha said, Hiroi hearing the noise of a door being shut and locked, as well as the sound when she heard Raicha beginning to undress; “...stand right there, and don’t you move as much as a muscle!”

To Raicha, it was all put a part of a prank she was pulling on Hiroi, and coincidently enough, she spotted Chinyi and Siriki in the room’s other end, eagerly wrestling and humping each other under low giggles, Siriki breaking free and readying her ever-trusty camera while Chinyi was watching behind her.

“Now, start walking straight ahead, and don’t you stop for anything!” Raicha ordered Hiroi, who found herself feeling shameful for her attempt at pranking Raicha.

“Damn it! I should’ve known than to use such a bad joke! No wonder Raicha’s angry at me; that’s below her to fall for such a lame prank...” Hiroi thought to herself, but finding her mind almost snap as the floor suddenly disappeared under her feet; barely managing a short shriek, she felt as her naked body hit the surface of the manor’s warm, indoor pool.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, I gotta have a copy of that record, Siriki!” Raicha laughed, holding her stomach with both arms, Chinyi and Siriki partaking in the laughing.

“BENZAI!” Raicha yelled, jumping into the water as well, Hiroi’s head popping up near her.

“Did you really think I’d be mad at you for just a small prank? Gods, you’re such a silly sometimes, Hiroi...” Raicha smiled lovingly at Hiroi, who felt as if her heart began pounding again since she had ‘angered’ Raicha.

“ was all a prank??” Hiroi asked, perplexed as she was.

“Yeah, and no, I didn’t mean all those nasty things I said...” Raicha said, her smile disappearing as she swam up to Hiroi, sending her a look of pity; “...can you forgive me?”

“After making me feel like the worst girl ever to walk Varran...??” Hiroi said, as it was now her turn to act angry.

“I, I didn’t know it’d hurt you that deeply, Hi-...” Raicha began in a sad voice, but soon finding a wave of water hitting her face, Hiroi laughing at her.

“HIROI! I’m getting too old and hot for this childish playing!” Raicha yelled out, but found herself giggling as Hiroi was almost laughing her heart out.

“I can play games, too, silly! Catch me if you can!” Hiroi sang teasingly as she dove right under Raicha’s legs, the older girl not making any effort to stop her.

“You’re really in for this, you little...!” Raicha chuckled, diving under the water, trying to catch Hiroi, who was swimming towards Chinyi and Siriki.

“Put that camera down; let’s join in!” Chinyi smiled eagerly at Siriki, who shrugged and chuckled at Chinyi.

“Well, it’ll be both a water fight and a foursome! I’ve always wondered how water sex feels...” Siriki said partly to herself, finding Chinyi to laughing and push her into the water; resurfacing quickly, Siriki smiled at Chinyi, her fellow prankster striking a seductive, kneeling pose and closing her eyes halfway, her tongue sticking out in a teasing grin.

“C’mon in here, you...!” Siriki joked, grabbing Chinyi’s legs, pulling the playfully shrieking girl into the water, soon to grope her continuously.

“HEY! LOOK OUT!” Hiroi warned as she resurfaced, Raicha right behind her, the older girl popping her head out of the water right behind Hiroi, her fingers moving towards Hiroi’s nether lips.

“So, girls...” Raicha said, winking at Chinyi and Siriki; “...wanna start our foursome with a little lady love for Hiroi here?”

“Just try and stop us!” Chinyi smirked, Siriki following suit as her, Raicha and Chinyi began molesting Hiroi, the blue-haired girl wailing out and laughing to her heart’s content.

“This manor sure has its various, delicate tastes...” Dracaia mumbled to herself; having walked past a partly closed door, the screaming and moaning Faris, Minyoki and Gloris now having found themselves joined by the Night Guards, the other girls soon stepping partly out of their leather uniforms and engaging in the lovemaking.

“Don’t be such a killjoy, Dracaia; heck, you had no problems when I bend you over, so do you-...” Jisha began in a correcting tone, Dracaia turning around and facing the surprised demon girl; she had already sent their guards on their way, and now faced the dragon girl nervously.

“First of all, I am, in all honesty, barely able to control myself for not to go and join in these girls’ fornication...” Dracaia said, a smile running over her lips; “...secondly, I am about so impressed with the whole mood and setup of this manor that I consider moving in.”

“So, you’re going all sour and killjoy over it...?” Jisha asked, Dracaia smirking at her.

“Does the obvious escape you so easily?? I love this place! The girls, the hallways, the pleasant atmosphere...the girls, and-...” Dracaia began, giggling at herself; “...I really do enjoy being in this form; it sure is better than my dragon form.”

“And, why is that?” Jisha asked, although knew the answer already.

“Because, you little tit, that I can go about and romp around with this manor’s girls if they so choose to accept me” Dracaia said, suddenly hearing splashing noises from a locked door.

“OH-H-H-H! RIGHT THERE, LADIES! NO, NO, CHINYI! Don’t stick your tongue in there! ARGH! OH, I’M, I’M-...!” the noise said, Dracaia clearly understanding a group of the girls were having a quite different sort of midnight exercise.

“Hmm, while I would not normally listen to conversations behind closed doors...” Dracaia said, a devious smile rolling over her lips; “...then I’d prefer to know what is going on here.”

By that, she knocked on the wooden door, a short pause in the moans concluding that whoever was behind it had heard her.

“Go and get the door, Siriki, but hurry back” a voice was now heard, followed by a couple of giggles; hearing the door unlock, Dracaia caught an eye of Siriki.

“Oh! Uhmm, who are you, miss...?” Siriki asked, looking from Dracaia to Jisha.

“We are guests of your mistress and are to stay for a week’s time; I am Dracaia, and this is Jisha Narra-Jar.”

By that, Siriki looked uncertain, but nevertheless opened the door; Dracaia immediately caught sight of Raicha, Hiroi and Chinyi, who were eagerly continuing their sex romp in the pool.

“Oh my! A newcomer; make yourself at home!” Raicha yelled and waved at Dracaia, the other girls giggling at her, Hiroi now groping Raicha’s breasts even more firmly.

“I’ll have to watch this...provided that I may...?” Dracaia asked Siriki, sitting down by the pool, crossing her legs.

“Sure thing; what about you, Miss Jisha?” Siriki asked, the red-haired girl smiling teasingly at her.

“How much I’d love to stay and watch some hot water sex play, I gotta tell my moms I’ve arrived” Jisha said, giving the awestruck Siriki a flirty wink.

“Her mothers?? Who’s her mothers??” Siriki asked perplexed.

“Through magic, of both Nature and Mystic, Jiraz Blackwhip and Shica Narra-Jar joined forces to create their child, Jisha; Shica carried her, and now, after 7 of your mortal years, Jisha has grown out to be a young teenage demon girl...” Dracaia explained, clearly bored with constantly having to explain Jisha’s life story to every girl she introduced her to.

“So she’s their child? Their daughter?? Oh my Gods!” Siriki said, squealing happily.

“Not to interrupt you going chibi up there, Siriki, but Raicha needs her orgasm; we need help down here” Chinyi joked at her, Siriki turning around and quickly jumping in the pool, Dracaia discovering too late as a small splash of water hit her richly decorated leather attire.

“Now...that was hardly very nice, now was it...?” she hissed, dropping her outfit completely, slowly descending into the pool, shaking her head and rustling her hair, the other girls look amused at Dracaia’s firm, round breasts.

“Hey, when we’re done, can we...well, can we play with you?” Hiroi asked, the girls surprised to hear Dracaia laugh out heartily.

“After a bath a girl can handle just about anything, I hear, my young ladies...” Dracaia smiled at them, splashing her face with water, rustling her hair yet one more time, slowly swimming towards the girls; “...I’d prefer watching this as close up as I can get.”

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