Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 23)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 23

Title: Chapter XXIV - New Arrivals

[Author's notes: Introducing: Jisha Narra-Jar, daughter of Shica Narra-Jar and Jiraz Blackwhip.
Her birth is the result of Nature Magic, Mystic Magic...and 'the usual' from Jiraz and Shica.

Also introducing: Lady Dracaia, former lieutenant of Laracris the Golden Dragon.
A renegade dragon, Dracaia has turned herself over to her inner desires: Gold, girls and glorious fame.]

“Quite boring tonight, isn’t it?” a Night Guard standing by the main door asked a passing other Night Guard, getting a nod in reply as the other leaned up against a wall, yawning and adjusting her gloves.

“Hey, it was one Hell of a party; it’s almost as good as the time Christy came here” she commented, the other guard smirking.

“You really have your eyes on her; wanna go ask her for a pair of panties with a signed autograph?” the first guard teased, the other one blushing at her.

“What?? No! No, of course not...I’ll prefer enjoying the sight of her on stage...” she found herself smiling, the other guard leaning towards her.

“Say...” she asked, now fully leaning over her shoulder, smirking at her; “...why don’t we go and hit the sack? I’ve got proof that I’m good at fingering...”

“Oh! Well, yeah, but let’s wait for a mo-...” the other guard blushed and smiled, suddenly hearing a knock at the door.

“Someone’s knocking on the door at 1 o’ clock at night? That’s kinda weird...” one of the guards said, grabbing her spear, gesturing the other guard to open the door; unlocking the door and opening it, the two guards found two smaller figures standing outside in the moonlight, one of them with a pulled-up hood.

“Hiya, there; can we come in, or are you gonna interrogate us first?” one of the asked, its voice making it clear it was a girl of around the sixteen years.

“Let us in, please; the weather’s colder than you would expect...” the other said, its voice sounding slightly older and more mature.

“Oh, uhmm, certainly; come on in...” one of the guards gestured, the two figures stepping in, standing in the light:

One of them had shin’saras black skin and the forms of an elf, with a wild mane of spiky red hair, purple, feline eyes and small, white horns hidden under her hair.

The other were black-haired, had a tan skin, and deep, golden eyes of a like neither of the guards had seen before; they were both amazed, yet fearful of the strange girl at the same time.

“No! No more, please! Enough is enough, Vinya!” Charlene smirked, the shin’saras girl happily hugging her and humping her at the same time.

“Aww, ple-e-e-ease; otherwise I won’t ever find out how to be a great lover for the mistress and the girls...” Vinya pleaded in a sugar-sweet voice, Charlene chuckling at the younger girl.

“I can’t teach you anything if I can’t move, Vinya; however...” Charlene said, leaning up and patting Vinya’s head with a smile; “...I could use one, final groping before I turn in for tonight...?"

“Oh, yes, Miss Charlene; I’d love to!” Vinya smiled happily, feeling herself blessed that she could now freely let herself loose with all her heart since her molesting by Mirinda; letting her hands over Charlene’s breasts, the purple-haired girl moaned delightfully, smiling at her young, eager lover for tonight.

“I sometimes forget how complex mortals are to understand; this manor is a perfect example...” the black-haired girl said, following the red-haired one as they were lead by the two guards, both of them growing tired of the red-haired girl’s constant starring and studying of their butts and breasts, as every time they turned, she faked an innocent smile and whimpered an apology.

“The mistress will be waiting for you in he-...” one of them said, gesturing at a door, her sentence cut short by a passionate yelling coming from the room.

“So the rumours hold true...” the black-haired girl said, putting her arms over cross and smiling slightly; “...the mistress of this manor have quite her taste for her maids, I see.”

“Duh, there’s no-one in there, silly! Otherwise we’d be hearing moans in reply” the red-haired girl corrected as if it was common knowledge.

“Let me have a look...” one of the guards said, setting her spear up against the wall, knocking on the door; there were no response.

“It’s unlocked; I will back in a moment” she said over her shoulder, walking in, finding her mistress roll around on the bed in ecstasy, wearing a VRDR Suit with an activated visor, wildly yelling in pleasure as she played with herself; besides the bed, Breeze had folded her wings over her head, her claws scrapping at the carpet in frustration.

“OH YES, REIKO! FUCK ME RIGHT THERE! STICK YOUR PUSSY INTO IT! OH! OH, GIRLS! FUCK ME! I WANT YOU ALL TO FU-U-U-UCK ME-E-E-E-E-E!” Narrisha was wailing out in pleasure, pinching her nipples and fingering herself through the silvery latex suit, tensing up and raising her legs up high as she reached her climax.

“Uhm-m-m-m...I, I guess the mistress can meet you now...” the guard said, perplexed as she was at the awkward situation as she opened the door to the girls.

“Oh my Gods! Now I better understand why my moms love this place!” the red-haired girl said, beginning to smile at the heavily panting Narrisha.

“It seems she has quite a passion for girls; so do you all, in fact...” the black-haired girl let a scanning look over the red-haired girl, the guards and finally Narrisha, hiding a smirk; “...if I had not already read of this, I would be worried for you mistress’ mental state.”

“Don’t deny yourself it, silly; I’ve already shown you all about it” the red-haired girl teased, giving the black-haired girl a small spank as she passed by her through the door.

“Uhmm, Miss Narrisha, is it? Can you hear me?” she asked, slowly approaching Narrisha as silently as she could; getting no response, she leaned over the panting girl, lightly poking her breasts for any reaction.

“She’s in right out heat! Hihihih, she’s breathing real hard, as if she’s been in some sort of-...” the red-haired girl noted and chuckled, suddenly finding her arm caught in a grip; seeing the blue visor slowly disappearing like vaporising bits of data, the girl’s red, feline eyes meet hers, the grip loosening.

“Why, hallo there, my pretty! To what do I owe the ho-...oh, wait a second, I’m sorry...” Narrisha said smilingly, suddenly realizing her mess; excusing herself, the quickly put down the suit along with the visor, shoke her head and brushed the bed sheets as clean of her climax as she could, patting it in a gesture for the red-haired girl to sit down.

“So you’re that Narrisha girl my moms’ been telling me about??” the red-haired girl asked, Narrisha looking suddenly perplexed.

“Your...I’m sorry, your ‘moms’??” she asked bewildered.

“Yeah, Jiraz and Shica; geez, incredible what magic does these days, huh?” the red-haired girl smirked at Narrisha, folding her legs and putting her head to rest on her knees; “I think that makes you my aunt, since you’re such good friends with them and stuff.”

“So...Jiraz and Shica...used get a kid? Why haven’t they told me??” Narrisha asked, more in amusement than shock.

“They wanted to keep it a surprise, I guess, but that’s OK; I’m proud of what I am!” the red-haired girl chuckled, flexing her muscles.

“So, what’s your name, then?” Narrisha asked, telling herself mentally to talk to Jiraz and Shica first thing in the morning.

“My name’s Jisha, after both of my moms if it isn’t obvious” Jisha nodded, patting Narrisha’s shoulder; “and no worries, auntie; I’m as much of a girl-lover as you are.”

By that Narrisha caught herself laughing, rustling Jisha’s hair, really liking the girl.

“And who’s your little friend over there?” she asked, pointing at the black-haired girl.

“I am Dracaia, my lady” the girl curtsied, Narrisha smiling at her.

“And before you ask, she’s a girl-lover, too” Jisha joked, a mildly amused smirk coming over Dracaia’s lips.

“Still, Dracaia’s not really a common...sorry cutie, but is there a special meaning behind the name?” Narrisha asked, hoping she did not sound too rude.

“Well, there is kinda a reason, she’s a dragon” Jisha said, Narrisha catching herself snorting in attempt to hide a giggle.

“I think you mean draconoid; you know, as in dragon-born and that...” Narrisha said, stopping as she saw the black-haired girl walking towards her, her golden eyes glowing with a weak, but sharp blue light.

“Oh, but I am a dragon indeed, Lady Nightwind...” Dracaia said, smiling at the look of right out surprise in Narrisha’s face; “...I simply choose this other immortal shin’idun form to better blend in with other races.”

“And to follow me on vacation and get laid by the Nightwind girls, right?” Jisha teased, Dracaia sending her a strict look, which she giggled at.

“If you will allow it, Lady Nightwind, I prefer having a tour of the manor tomorrow; I do hope there are some available sleeping quarters around for us...?” Dracaia asked, Narrisha hearing a slight tease in her voice.

“Indeed there is; guards, escort these ladies to the empty room in the western wing; make sure they feel at home...” Narrisha said, giving the two guards a suggestive wink, both of them saluting her and doing their best to mask their smiles.

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