Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 22)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 22

Title: Chapter XXIII - The Pit Fight

[Author's notes: Continuation: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“So...this is this pit she spoke of...?” Allisia asked herself, looking at the circle of girls sitting around the edge of a large, swallow mud pit; it was apparently these Amazons’ way of fighting over either injustice or just for the fun of it.

“Mighty goddess, shall we remove Your armour? Lady Ivy will stand too great a chance to push You down with its weight on your shoulders” the white-tattooed girl asked, Allisia nodding silently.

“Thank goodness I made sure to wear something underneath...” she thought to herself, smirking at the look of the girls; even if she was to lose the duel, she would not mind even losing her honour if only the girls would still allow her to make love to them; much to her pleasant surprise as she looked up, many of the girls began whistling and smiling at her now bra and panties-covered body, Allisia allowing herself a grin at them.

“Are you trying to win favour so cheaply? I thought that was below a ‘goddess’...” Ivy now said, standing up besides her; all she had left behind on the ground was her armoured shoulder plate, gauntlet and sword; smiling evilly at Allisia, she whispered in her ear; “...although I confess, you’re not that much of a disappointment under all that armour...”

“Why thank you, Miss Ivy; should we be about our business?” Allisia asked, politely gesturing at the pit, Ivy giving a single nod and gallantly headed towards it.

“Gods...that girl should just about be put in her place!” Allisia thought to herself, finding herself irritated at Ivy’s obnoxious arrogance; “you won’t even see me from all the mud you’ll be covered in!”

“Lady Ivy! Mighty Allisia! Prepare to battle!” the white-tattooed girl yelled, a nearby girl beating a small hammer against a gong, its ringing clearly marking the beginning of the fight.

“You should save yourself the humiliation and surrender already; you have no idea how many others have challenged me...!” Ivy warned Allisia, the pale-haired woman raising her fists for battle.

“I don’t really want to hurt you, however stuck-up or arrogant you may be...” Allisia said, her arms locked in a defensive shield over her body.

“Arrogance, you say? Oh, no, my little ‘goddess’...” Ivy smirked to herself; “...I speak from experience and facts; none, and I repeat, none, has ever bested me in hand-to-hand combat before!”

“That’s a real shame, because I plan on dragging you squirming body all over this pit and have my way with you; truth is...I find you quite attractive...” Allisia said, finding herself blushing.

“I...I didn’t know you did...” Ivy now said, lowering her fists; “...well, I am bound by honour to fight, but at least we may fight as friends rather than rivals.”

“You said it, Ivy...!” Allisia smirked, nodding at Ivy as she began circling around her, careful not to slip.

“YA-A-A-ARGH!” Ivy suddenly roared, throwing herself at Allisia; however, instead of falling back, as Ivy had thought and hoped, Allisia stood fast, took the punch from Ivy’s fist in her open palms, and, concentrating her strength, tossed the older woman over her shoulders, landing with a splat on her buttocks in the pit.

“What the...!” Ivy snarled, caught off-guard as Allisia had grabbed around her shoulders, trying to force Ivy downwards.

“Not on your life, little friend!” Ivy yelled back, tossing her head backwards, nearly hitting Allisia’s chest; as it was now Allisia’s turn to be caught off-guard, Ivy’s long legs soon found their way over Ivy’s head, locking around Allisia’s neck, forcing her to stand down, as she could not remove them no matter what force she used.

“Do you surrender?? A simply nod will suffice!” Ivy taunted, Allisia feeling her breathe getting harder.

“N-...not just yet!” Allisia said, deciding to lower her standards of normal combat and instead try out something she had been pondering over:

With Ivy’s legs and lower body un-guarded, Allisia found herself mentally smiling in expectation as she leaned herself forward, sliding over Ivy’s head, through her legs, and landing her upper body right on Ivy’s lower body, the two of them now caught in a 69 position.

“Huh?! What do you think you’re doing?! Snap out of it!” Ivy yelled, although the view of a set of white panties in front of her were not at all a disappointing view.

“You forced my tongue, Miss Ivy” Allisia now both partly joked and partly warned as she dug her tongue between Ivy’s thighs, the white-haired woman moaning as she felt the moist, warm tongue run over her skimpy leather suit.

“ can’t turn me on unless I wish to be! I can’t be so attracted to a dirty little blue-haired-...!” Ivy began, suddenly feeling Allisia removing the thong of Ivy’s outfit and sticking her tongue inside her channel of innocence.

“OH! Ge-get your tongue out of there...!” Ivy at first angrily yelled, but soon began enjoying the Warrior Girl’s slow, easy rhythm as her tongue went deeper and deeper in; squirming around in the mud under Allisia, Ivy could not bring herself to push Allisia aside and ruin such a good opportunity for yet even more lady love.

“My, being a warrior really does have its benefits; you’re great at resisting it, Miss Ivy” Allisia nodded, impressed as she was.

“And that’s...that’s supposed to be a compliment?” Ivy asked.

“Indeed, although you do taste a bit...well, metallic...” Allisia shrugged, hiding a smile and continued her slurping.

“ many girls have you just made love to?? You can’t be a beginner...” Ivy asked, frustrated with how easy she felt the pleasure coursing through her body.

“Well, quite a few; they seem to be attracted to lady warriors; do not ask me why” Allisia said, this time not hiding a short, polite giggle.

“You want a warrior? I’ll show you just how much skill my own tongue has!” Ivy smirked at herself, feeling proud at the thought of many willing and cute Amazon girls she had raped with all but her talent and taste for younger girls, as well as her fiercly dominant nature.

“You really do like talking, don’t you?” Allisia slightly taunted, Ivy letting out what sounded like a chuckle, sticking her tongue into Allisia’s channel of innocence, enjoying her newest lover’s taste.

“Miss Ivy and Lady Allisia are doing well! They’re embracing in primal, passionate lovemaking!” one of the Amazon girls smiled, letting out a happy sigh.

“I...I kinda feel like we should pay our respect to them; you know, join in the fun” another said, her hands already removing her gloves and skirt.

“You say we make an orgy in honour of the goddess and Miss Ivy?” the white-tattooed girl asked, the two Amazons nodding eagerly.

“Let it be so! Sisters, share your love with the goddesses and each other!” the tattooed girl proclaimed, looking at the girl closest to her, who looked up and smiled seductively at the tattooed girl, making her return it.

“Yes! Uhm-m-m-m-m...!” two girls were already moaning , hugging each other and kissing wildly as they began kneeling down, finding themselves slowly sliding down the muddy sides of the pit, soon landing and fully submerged in it, the kiss never breaking once.

“Either my eyes deceive me...” Ivy noted, stopping her moaning a moment; “...or our little worshippers are falling down to us from above.”

“We should really love the irony; we are highly respected by them, they see us as goddesses, and then they descend upon us” Allisia found herself smiling, licking her lips free of Ivy’s cum; the white-haired woman had finally given in, and had managed to keep her orgasm at bay for almost three seconds before she gave in, Allisia not even wanting to think of how messy her face would be.

“Well, I suppose it’s my turn now, ‘Lady’ Allisia...” Ivy grinned menacingly at her, Allisia steeling herself for whatever was to come; “...I shall enjoy showing you a new dimension of pleasure!”

By that, Ivy stood up, shaking her hair and looking down at Allisia.

“How appealing you are not, lying down there before me...” Ivy snarled, but let out a small giggle; “...consider me merciful that I won’t unleash myself fully upon you.”

“I have faced dozens of skilled girls and seductresses, Miss Ivy; please...” Allisia said, leaning herself slowly back, using her fingers and opening up her channel of innocence to Ivy’s view; “ your very best to sate my lust for you.”

“As you wish, my mud-stained little vixen...!” Ivy nodded at her, Allisia just barely able to see Ivy’s shape dive down on her, her tongue already inside Allisia, the blue-haired girl finding her mouth to be breathing and moaning heavily under the mud.

“Hmm, you do love having a seductress’ tongue in between your nether lips, don’t you little goddess?” Ivy teased, now using her muddy fingers on Allisia’s g-spot, making her stiffen and hold her breath for not to allow any moans to escape.

“OH! OH, GODS, MO-O-O-O-O-ORE!” Shica were wailing out and smirking in lust as Jiraz almost hammered her tail tip into the shin’saras’ girl’s nether lips.

“Take it in deep! You really like my tail, don’t you?? It’s so good to fuck you, Shica!” Jiraz encouraged above her, feeling pressed down by Shica’s feet as she continued her lovemaking; having returned from the kitchen with a few handfuls of sweets and a few cokes, it stood waiting on their desk, as both of them had decided to have the night’s last ‘game’ before eating and turning in for real.

“UHM-M-M-M!” Shica moaned, licking her lips and letting her tongue out in ecstasy, looking lustfully at Jiraz; “you fuck me so good, Jiraz! You’ve never failed in that!”

“And I don’t plan to, sweetheart; you’re just about to go down for real!” Jiraz smiled, reaching her hands down with a primal growl over Shica’s breasts, the demon girl passionately slurping and groping on them; as Shica wailed out once again, Jiraz looked to the wall for a moment, the digital watch on it clearly lightening up that it was around one o’ clock at night.

“You know, maybe we should let Jisha visit this place; maybe she’ll like it” Jiraz suggested, Shica panting but managing a nod.

“We...we could try and ask her if she’ll come visit us...but let’s...let’s leave it for now; I’m about to cum, Jiraz!”

“Oh, you don’t say so, huh? Well, let’s get you cumming, then!” Jiraz said, chuckling at her girlfriend’s lustful ecstasy; pulling her now soaked tail out of Shica’s nether lips, Jiraz headed for them with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, slurping on the folds of Shica’s nether lips, the shin’saras girl wailing and at least giving into her orgasm.

“Umm, you taste so good no matter how and when we fuck; how can you taste so well?? Tell me, you little...!” Jiraz smiled at Shica, engaging in a playful wrestling match with her, Shica laughing and spanking Jiraz and kissing her throat.

“I just can’t describe how good you are, Jiraz! It always feels fantastic when you lick me, grope me, and...oh, great; now I’m going horny again...” Shica smiled, making a long sigh, Jiraz smiling at her and licking her lips.

“What say you about Jisha, then? Should we send her an invitation?” Jiraz asked.

“Yeah, I think this place might do her good; I mean, she’d sure love being here with all the girls, and she’s on holiday from school, after all” Shica said, Jiraz nodding at her girlfriend.

“Let’s see now; water, fanta, wine, dragongold...ah! There we go; coke!” Hiroi scanned through the kitchen fridge, picking up a small can of coke and closing the fridge door.

“I’d be really dumb to use this...!” she chuckled to herself, wildly rustling the can, hoping that when Raicha would open it, the content would pour over her.

“...You eat even more than Jisha, Jiraz!” Hiroi now heard footsteps, Shica and Jiraz’s flirty conversations not something easily overheard.

“Don’t you start there! I’m her mom as well, so I kinda need to set an example there!” Jiraz giggled, Hiroi’s mind almost snapping at the word ‘mom’.

“Holy mother of fuck! They...they’ve got a daughter!?” Hiroi caught herself thinking, hiding behind a nearby stove, needing to hear more of the conversation.

“Bah, stop being so holy, Jiraz; I carried her from birth, so I kinda know something about hunger! Hell, all those months since you fucked me I couldn’t really think of anything else!” Shica gave back, although she grinned at herself.

“Hey, it’s not my fault alone; we decided to get a nice little daughter, and when magic’s so multi-universal...heck, we did it good, I’d say...” Jiraz laughed, her and Shica now entering the kitchen.

“YOU’VE GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Hiroi now jumped from her hiding place, yelling at Jiraz and Shica in a mix of confusion and happiness for them both; “you two got a kid?! I...that’s right out wicked...!”

“Oh, I see; it’s not jealousy pounding on her doors...” Jiraz nodded at Shica, the shin’saras girl returning the nod; “...she just doesn’t think we’ve got what it takes to be parents.”

“NO! It’s not that! It’s could you get a kid?! I mean, you haven’t exactly got the genitals for it, so how-...?” Hiroi burst her question out, Shica smirking at Jiraz.

“Well, let’s just say our dear goddess Shinris would be pissed if she knew what the essence of life can do...” she smirked, Jiraz winking at her:

“We used a bit of Nature Magic when we decided to have a daughter, and manipulating it a bit with Mystic Magic...well, my tail got some other qualities...” Jiraz blushed.

“You became a dick-girl, fucked your girlfriend hard, and then had a kid?!” Hiroi asked in astonishment, trying to put two and two together.

“Yep, but I kinda discarded the spell afterwards; I prefer my own pussy any day!” Jiraz nodded, Shica sending her a challenging look.

“Are you saying mine’s not good enough??” she asked demandingly, Jiraz giggling and kissing Shica’s forehead, the shin’saras girl beaming at her; “now that’s better.”

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