Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 21)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 21

Title: Chapter XXII - Appeal and Attraction

[Author's notes: Landscape from: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
Amazons from: Fictional origin.
Gueast appearence: Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine (Soul Calibur).]

“Uhm-m-m-m...this is really Heaven, isn’t it?” Jiki asked, Kiro rubbing herself softly against her girlfriend, the two of them slowly enjoying their embrace, sometimes to tickle or nip and each other’s breasts in tease.

“It’s divine enough to be that...” Kiro sighed happily, the moonlight shining through the window, the now darkened room fully allowing the moon’s glow to dance over the two girlfriends under the bed sheets.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! UHMM, YEAH!” Chinyi shrieked out, Siriki mercilessly groping her breasts and humping herself up and down Chinyi’s back.

“C’mon! Cum for me! I wanna watch you cum!” Siriki whispered excitedly into Chinyi’s ear, the pink-haired girl’s smile broadening.

“Hihhihihih! You’re, you’re awesome, Siriki! I didn’t really know you also went for humping!” Chinyi smirked, rolling on her back, facing Siriki as the cyan-haired girl began groping her breasts once again and burrowed her head between Chinyi’s legs.

“I can be very persuasive to make such cuties like you cum...” Siriki grinned at Chinyi, who returned it.

“Phew! All those years of fighting really pays off when you make out, huh?” Narru teased, Allisia fondling her hair and smiling at her silver-haired little fangirl.

“Had I known by that time I would be spending the rest of my life alongside such fabulous and cute girls...” Allisia said, stroking Narru’s chin; “...I would really have doubled my efforts; you really take the breath out of and all this new lovemaking...”

“You’re worried about it?” Narru asked, slightly worried.

“Well, I hope I can live up to the other girls’ expectations...” Allisia said, nodding to herself.

“If you make out half as good as you fight, they’ll never know what screwed them before they’re in ecstasy!” Narru grinned, Allisia smiling at the joke.

“Thanks, Narru; I really appreciate the support...” she smirked, rising up from the bed and heading for the glasses and the bottle of drakegold; “...but I’m a little tired, so we’ll see each other again in the morning, alright?”

“Oh, OK! I’ll see if I can get some sleep!” Narru smiled at Allisia, mentally chuckling to herself that she had finally been intimate and in bed with her lifelong idol:

The famous Dragon Knight, Lady Allisia Lightblade.

“Now, how does this...suit work, anyway?” Allisia asked herself, pulling on the VRDR Suit she had borrowed earlier from Jiki and Kiro.

A smile went over her lips; the two of them had really been a joy to meet, and Allisia had clearly felt how much they were in love with each other.

“OK, let me see here...” she said to herself, looking through the options and menus appearing on the small screen at the suit’s left wrist.

“’Project X: Allisia’? What kind of trickery are they planning for me, I wonder...?” Allisia smirked, pressing the display button as the visor in her headset began loading the data.

“Let’s see about this, now” she nodded to herself, lying down on the bed, closing her eyes.

As Allisia opened her eyes, a beautiful countryside with wild fields and trees in the far distance met her; the wind blew lightly through her hair, as a golden sun were setting in the west behind majestic mountains.

“This is wondrous! They must have looked through some of their data to copy Silvarcira for me!” Allisia exclaimed in happiness, the joy of seeing her country in such beauty nearly taking away her breath.

“Hmm? W-what is this...??” Allisia asked herself, discovering herself to be wearing the exact suit of armour that her Soul-Cleaver had given her; as another surprise, the exact weapon hang in a scabbard by her side, giving off its usual aura of controlled, Dark Magic.

“Curious...oh well; not all mysteries need an answer...” she said, walking towards what appeared to be a small settlement.

“Hmmm...” Allisia said as she got closer, looking at what appeared to be large tents made of tough, hardened leather with thick ropes; “...a simple yet handy campsite; the ones living here knows their technique...”

“...And then the deer came springing into view, so I aimed my arrow right ahead, and-...” Allisia now heard a light female voice speaking; deciding to keep herself hidden, she crawled into one of the tents, finding it surprisingly roomy; the floor were covered in warm furs, and two beds, made almost out of finely polished bones, were placed in each side of the tent, the middle consisting of a tall pillar to keep the tent up.

“...So you shot it right dead? Wow! That’s one kind of achievement! Not even the chief can aim that well!” another female voice spoke, the first one now giggling.

“Well, the chief’s good for many things; I mean, you saw her in the ring yesterday? That blonde didn’t even make it to make a move before she got down and dirty!” the first one said, the two of them laughing as Allisia heard them step closer.

“Anyway, you think today’s really the day? The day that so-called ‘Dark Goddess’ will come and-...” one of them said, Allisia not hearing which because of their whispering.

“...And ravish the chief and steal her virtue? Heck, I kinda hope it; she’s so hot, but the tribe’s law forbids anyone but this ‘Dark Goddess’ to ‘violate’ her; I’ll be glad when that day happens so we can see just how good she is...!” one of them said, the two of them giggling silently.

“So you wish for a ‘Dark Goddess’, I see? Well, this is my scenario, so I’d better play my part...” Allisia thought to herself, rising up, her armour clinging loudly.

“Wha-what was that?? Someone’s in the tent??” one of the girl’s voice was heard, the other either too scared to answer or not bothering to.

As Allisia stepped out of the tent, she prepared herself to be as dramatic as she could...

However, the first she caught her eyes on was far too much for her mind to take:

Two black-haired girls, tan-skinned, sweaty and lightly covered in white, tribal tattoos and armed with hunting spears stood in front of her; their outfits consisted of thongs, bras, collars and knee-high boots of polished, brown leather, a few white feathers sitting in their hair.

Allisia right out found herself drooling, unable to live up to her dark, dramatic entre; as the girls’ confused looks turned to smiles, Allisia somehow felt the desire to throw herself over them, tear of their clothes and make animalistic, passionate love to them.

“Well, if ‘goddess’ means as in dark, tall and looking good, I think she’s the one!” one of the girls said, her friend nodding, approaching Allisia.

“My, how’d fit in all that armour? Can you even move?” she asked, sounding a little worried.

Allisia never got to answer, for suddenly, her mind either went black, or the visor over her eyes faded out; nonetheless, after a brief silence, the screen flashed back to life, Allisia finding herself laying in a tent with a roaring fire in front of her.

“Uhm-m-m-m...goddess, where am I now...?” she groaned, rising up slowly, greatly challenged by her armour.

“Hey, everyone! The goddess’ awake now!” she heard outside, the familiar, light female voice making her smile; according to this Amazon tribe’s prophecies, she was apparently to make love to their chieftain; however, Allisia had no real idea who the chieftain could be, which only sparked her curiosity.

She stood up, heading out of the tent, where her menacing appearance in black armour with spikes made many of the surrounding girls either scream or back away; understanding now that she had been wearing her helmet, Allisia reached for it, removing it from her head and putting it to the ground:

Around her a couple of dozen small, yet fully grown teenage girls could be seen coming out of their tents, their hairstyles and hair colours varying like a rainbow, but all of them clad in the tight leather attire Allisia found herself tempted to rip off and ravish the girls.

“Almighty goddess; we thank You for visiting us lowly servants and blessing us with your presence!” one of them now exclaimed dramatically, two claw-like white tattoos covering her eyes.

“Bah! You still believe in your ‘divine prophecies’’? How absurd...” a cold, almost cruel female voice was heard; stepping out of a nearby tent, a woman with pale purple hair, purple leather attire and golden half-plate armour appeared, sending Allisia a surprised, if even hungry look.

“My, if this is what you make of ‘divine’, it really does this one justice...” the woman smirked to herself, stepping over to Allisia, who found the pale-haired woman not only attractive, but right out ravishing.

“So you are these little girls’ so-called ‘goddess’? Hmmm, quite a title for someone so...” the woman taunted, letting a strange longsword run over Allisia’s armoured knee; “...predictably virtuous.”

“Virtue is not a sin, and neither is lust, woman...” Allisia now spoke in her most formal tone, although she found herself unable to avert her eyes from the pale-haired woman’s enormous breasts covered very tightly and sparingly under her suit.

“Oh my, a formal one, too; and you are supposed to bring about the end of the chieftain’s virtue?” the woman now said, patting Allisia’s cheek in a tauntingly childish way; “you could hardly even touch her with all that virtuous glory you proud yourself of.”

“You very much wish to provoke me, don’t you?” Allisia sent the woman a challenging smile, making her silently chuckle.

“You’re dancing with the devil, little girl, and she’s really fond of all these loveable ladies...” the woman asked, gesturing to the surrounding girls.

“What is your name, then?” Allisia asked as formally as she could, finding it difficult to decide either to land a punch in that provoking little slut’s face, or rip apart her tight suit and molest her.

“Ivy, Ivy Valentine” the woman bowed, a strange mechanism in her sword causing it to unleash itself in a long wire of steel thread and blade parts, twirling around the woman.

“I’m Allisia, and that is about all there is to know of me...” Allisia said, switching to a rougher tone.

“Now, now; where are your manners?” Ivy taunted once again.

“They ran away alongside my view on you as a great warrior” Allisia now taunted smilingly; “were you truly as great in battle as you are in your appeal, I might even feel anything near fear.”

“Oh! Why, you...!” Ivy now found herself unprepared for that kind of compliment and insult at one time, her focus over her weapon collapsing as it fell to the ground.

“Miss Ivy, she ‘is’ the goddess! There can be no doubt...” the claw-tattooed girl said, somewhat strictly.

“She is no goddess, let alone divine! I challenge this impudent brat to a duel! She will pay for her cheap little insults with her body!” Ivy now loudly declared, the surrounding girls uniting in cheer.

“So we are to fight each other and spill our precious blood over something so little? Over do you have something else in mind...?” Allisia asked tauntingly, crossing her arms.

“Ah, not much for the lethal part, are you? Very well...” Ivy said, winking flirtingly at Allisia and turned on her heels; “...I shall see you at the pit in an hour!”

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