Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 20)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 20

Title: Chapter XXI - The Night without an End

[Author's notes: Including: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“Come in!” Vinya called, sitting by her cosmetics desk, brushing her newly white, spiky and purple dyed and tinted hair; as she had cut her normally pink-dyed, waist-long hair, she had decided it was time for her to try a new look.

“Thanks, Vinya; I’ve just got to borrow your...-“ Charlene now walked in, amazed at Vinya’s new look, as it was far more frisky and wild-looking than her old, gallant pink mane of hair.

“Goddess, Vinya! It’s wicked cool!” Charlene gasped in awe, not able to hold back an excited, happy shriek, Vinya smiling back at her.

“I’ve been thinking about getting a new look since I got here; I think I’d fit better in that way” Vinya explained, Charlene smirking at her.

“Just remember not just to change yourself because you think we’ll like it; change it to what you’d like to see in yourself” Charlene said, Vinya looking with a mix of curiosity and confusion at her.

“It’s something I’ve read about in a book of Mirinda’s” Charlene explained, blushing a little.

“You lent a book? Heh, before or after you hid a volume of Shoujo Sect in it?” Vinya teased.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of the best anime ever made!” Charlene acted as if she was angry, while she really could not hide her giggling.

“I’ve never really read it before; is it really about a school for girls only, where most of the students almost have daily sex with each other between classes?” Vinya asked as innocently as she could.

“You’ve discovered the power of the Internet, huh?” Charlene teased back, Vinya making an agreeing nod followed by a wink.

“OK! Let’s role, roses!” Narrisha grinned, Breeze all but shaking her head, opening her golden beak and yawningly falling asleep.

Laying on the bed, Narrisha had put on the VRDR Suit, using the small interface under the suit’s left wrist to determine her scenario; flickering through Narrisha’s mind from the headset she wore, she felt as if the whole bedroom turned slowly into a large, fangirl-packed wrestling arena, before her still waking eyes, two well-known wrestlers already making it worthwhile for Narrisha to watch:

Sitting atop a wildly shrieking Candy Cane, Mistress Spencer giggled as she let down spank after spank from her crop, her busty breasts bared as she had pulled down her already skimpy corset.

“That’s what you get when you’re acting like a slutty brat, Miss Welsh! You deserve all this punishment for keeping me waiting!” the dominatrix chuckled in a surprisingly playful way; “you didn’t honestly think I’d spare you this little humiliation?”

“Teach, you’re fucked up! You’re always the dominant in this! When’s it my turn?!” Candy Cane yelled out, for only to have the dominatrix step down from her, pushing her over and sitting herself down with her legs on each side of Candy Cane’s head, the mistress leaning smilingly down as she began to remove Candy Cane’s shirt.

“QUIT THE TALKING! GET TO THE FUCKING!” Narrisha was surprised, and more than mildly shocked, to see a girl beside her cheer wildly at Mistress Spencer; she was slightly gothic in her appearance, black-haired with spiky, red points sticking out, and wore a black tee-shirt and black leather pants, a hint of a white thong all too visible.

“I think I’m gonna love it here...” Narrisha smiled to herself, sitting down besides the black-haired girl, who looked pleasantly surprised to see a new girl join the crowd.

“Yo, Wassup, sis? You here to watch ‘em get beaten soft and fucked good?” she asked, Narrisha sending her a happy grin.

“Indeed I am...” she said, shaking her head and hair a bit, leaning down for a better view, as a shriek of pleasure from Candy Cane had reached the audience; “...I think I’m gonna stay for a while...”

“Uhmm...! Uhm-m-m-m...!” Vinya moaned, Charlene caressing her breasts lightly, tickling the nipples.

“Is it really true shin’sari girls are wild lovers? C’mon let me see some of the passionate fire...!” Charlene teased her, slurping on Vinya’s right nipple, making her giggle.

“I’m...I’m very new to all this...real lovemaking stuff...but yeah; just you look at Mistress Shica!” Vinya smirked, Charlene smiling at her.

“Hey, your mistress must be really good to have that loveable little demon girl as girlfriend...” Charlene caught herself laughing; “...I bet they’re neither of them are virgins anymore!”

“No, they aren’t; they took each other’s the first night they made love” Vinya said, sighing pleasantly at the thought of how sweet lovemaking with these Nightwind girls really was.

“M-m-m-m...” Shica mumbled in her sleep, Jiraz silently sneaking out of bed, finding her stomach growling.

“W...where are going, Jiraz...?” Shica yawned, Jiraz freezing on the spot; she had forgotten how good ears an elf had.

“Well, I was kinda going for a late night snack; my stomach’s killing me...” Jiraz admitted, looking innocently at Shica.

“Meh, I’m a little hungry, too; let’s go” Shica said, jumping out of bed, landing gallantly and silently besides Jiraz.

“I gotta learn that” Jiraz smirked, Shica patting her girlfriend’s shoulder smilingly.

“It’s too bad she missed out, but heck; you can’t screw when you’re unconscious” Hiroi spoke to a nurse in the hospital wing of the manor, standing over Raicha’s bed; the blonde-haired girl was slowly waking up, the nurse stating that the effects of her failed prank at Narrisha were all gone.

“Great thing...geez, my head feels like a freaking drum set...!” Raicha moaned, holding a hand to her head, looking at Hiroi; “say there, Hiroi babe; can’t you run along to the kitchen and get me a coke?”

“I’m on it; you just take it easy and get yourself together” Hiroi assured, heading for the door.

“So, is it true? Did our mighty Amazon of a Warrior Girl Allisia finally fuck a little girlie?” Raicha now asked a nearby nurse, who nodded and looked very curiously at Raicha.

“The truth is...” she said, sitting on the side of Raicha’s bed, smiling seductively; “...we weren’t really honest about there being no side-effects...”

“You’ve got to get your body in some heat, or it’ll go into a cold and you might catch a flue” another nurse said, sitting down on the other side, dropping her glasses on a nearby desk, winking at Raicha.

“Babes, the Bombshell Blonde is back...” Raicha smirked, understanding the nurses’ intentions fully as she quickly reached out, her hands groping on the nurses’ breasts through their uniforms; “...and she’s in need of a little lady love!”

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